Author's Note: I'm making these one shots of drabbles of sorts. I might continue them, maybe. I'll make sure to tell you when drabbles connect though- thanks

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"I hope you don't mind when I call you..."


"Nothing," he replied back with a sweet secret smile.

Reborn looked back in confusion but his eyes were full of fondness. Oh the adorable lovesick fool, Tsuna giggled as concentrated on finishing his flower crown. His fluffy hair waved slightly in the breeze as he hummed.

He was beautiful. He was his. Reborn was utterly lucky to have him and he was overcome with the need to voice his affections.

"I love you."

Tsuna looked up in confusion as he paused his humming. His eyes gained a mischievous look.

"I love you too, Re-na-to."

He flushed in surprise and mortification. "How did you-"

Tsuna laughed as he put the put he flower crown on Reborn's head. He knew Reborn had done a lot of work to hide his name. Apparently he wasn't fond of it for some insane reason. Thankfully he wasn't made about it.

Just embarrassed.

"Tsuna!" Reborn made to pounce on him before he paused and his mind caught up to what he was doing, "Tsuna."

Tsuna laughed as avoided his halfhearted attempts to catch him.

"I love you Renato. So much."