Harry Potter the eldest son of James and Lily Potter and the twin brother of Eric Voldemort arrived on Godrics Hollow on that time claiming Eric to be the boy who lived,his parents neglect him but he was sent to the Dursleys afterwards where he was suffered abuse by the Dursleys but he had enough of their schemes so he decided to run looked on the time it was still 9 packed his bags till he managed to unlock the cupboard under the stairs..silently the Dursleys are asleep but he climbed to the window and ran till he managed to get inside Gringotts seeing the Head Goblin Ragnok

"Excuse me sir?"said Harry staring towards the goblins

"May i help you young lad?"said Ragnok

"My name is Harry Potter son of James and Lily Potter i would like to show my inheritance lately."Harry answered

"Harry Potter why are you here?"said Griphook

"I ran away from the Dursley because they abused me even my parents neglected me."said Harry sadly until Ragnok comfort him.

"Mr Potter this is the right time but i like a blood example if you please."

"Of course Ragnok.."

Harry drop his blood to examinate on the parchment until silver letters appeared on the parchment.

Harry James Potter

Parents:James Charlus Potter and Lily Marie Potter

Inheritances: Potters vault Vault 716

Black family Vault 367

Peverell family Vault 467

Gryffindor Vault 290

Slytherin Vault 349

Daniels Vault 180

Evans Vault 890

And other Vauts.

Magical Heritage .

Magical core (75 blocked)

Elemental (Blocked)

Animangus ( Blocked)

Hidden Magical Core (Blocked)

And several magical core.


Potter Manor

Apartment on New York

Condominium on Vegas along with several properties.

Harry couldn't believe it he was richer and mostly his entire magical was blocked because he remember Dumbledore did to finally make a decision to remove the evil soul on his head until sooner his entire magical core finally was unbound and listened to Radnok voice.

"Your father never claimed the other vaults so it passed to the first born sons lately and you are the first son that claimed from these unused vaults and several properties."said Ragnok

"Thank you Ragnok for helping you be the one who can handle my vaults while i'm gone?"said Harry

"Of course seems to be that Dumbledore had blocked all of your magic lately."

"They send me to the Dursleys where they started to abuse me and now i owned a lot of unused vaults that haven't been used by my father."Harry sighed "I need to leave Ragnok can i withdrawn some of my money?"

"Of course young sir we will changed your money with a muggle debit car or a credit card so you can allowed to gain several properties therefore where will you go for now?"Ragnok asked

"I was planning to go to Asia where i can handle myself."said Harry pulling out his eyeglass on the nearest trashbin.

"Don't worry Master Harry we will always be your handler lately but you have to be careful and as a token of your gratitude we will reward you is a watch that you will always guided be."

"Thank you Ragnok."Harry bowed down

"As our friend from Goblin World Your welcome to visits us Harry Potter."

Harry booked a room to the Leaky Cauldron for the night and make plans for the new day. He needed to train himself after Dudley and his gang beat him up back at their school it was possibility to caused his magic to shit off the lights The next day Harry shopped for his clothes,trunks,undetected charm bag,books about every subjects and potions including studying the entire universe he needed to defend himself from strangers or someone encountering him until it was interrupted when he bumbed into an stood up apologizing himself to the stranger was wearing a long green cloak.

"I'm very sorry sir."Harry apologized

"Not at all dear lad what's your name?"said The stranger

"My name is Harry Potter."Harry answered

"Well Harry why are you here outside are you lost or something?"

"Well i ran away sir from my abusive relatives sir i just couldn't handle it anymore."Harry daid admittedly.

"My name is Ra's al Ghul and i'm from the League of Assassins."said Ra's al Ghul until Harry jerked his head up.

"Your assassins? Did Dumbledore payed you to get me please sir i don't want to go back i'm scared ."Harry pleaded

"No young lad i am not going to send you back to you have destined to be someone are assassins we killed the baddies join me and i'll give you immortality."said Ra's raising his finger to Harry

" I wanna fight to.I want to show them who they're messing with."said Harry agree his hand

" I will train you Harry i promise you this you'll be a great warrior for both you sure this is your final decision?"Ra's asked

"My final decision is yes."

"Very well then Harry come with me we'll be going now."

Harry accepted Ra's hand till they went to the airport seeing Ra's has a plane he boareded into the plan and saw the promised that he will take the law on his hand and this is his destiny to fulfill his dream to become a warrior or an assassin or protecting both worlds from Voldemort from causing chaos

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