2 years later.

Harry walked towards the cemetary carrying each flowers for the three after that he stood up and smiled to the his hands on his pockets thenhe began to stare them again.

"Hi Dad,Mom and Nyssa i mean its been a year since the war ended.I mean i'm still how am I suppose to i thank you for this Dad for loving me as your own and treated me as your son.I miss you both i really am.I just wish that you will both see this peaceful sun and beautiful gardens especially Nyssa who likes exploring gardens.(sniff) i miss you both."

"Everything was peaceful without Voldemort and his fellow men the entire Wizarding is with peace now."said Harry

It was true all along after Voldemort was indeed defeat by entire wizarding world went peace now even he exposed his identity to the Order of his Knight Hunter they separate ways and Lily couldn't believe that their son become a warrior fighting what's right and the true boy who explained to them on their headquarters which is why everything was peace saw his brother's victory,he began to apologize of his rude behavior during they're encounter but sooner his Knight Hunter wasn't over yet he was indeed needed by the whole Harry refused to negotiate with Dumbledore and The order of the Phoenix for his vigilantism they didn't care but sooner it was shut down due to Dumbledore's manipulation Ministry doesn't know who was still underneath the cowl of the Knight Hunter but sooner they never got the expanation lately instead Harry erased the other members of the Order of being his Knight Hunter with the help of Draco and Hermione by the way.

Hermione and Draco got married 1 year ago which everyone attended as Harry is Draco's best Draco and Hermione's marriage and their honeymoon Hermione became pregnant enjoying their entire family 7 months later Hermione gave birth to twins one boy and one decided to name the boy inherits his father's eyes and hair thus turning him into his replica on the other hand and the Scorpius twin sister Carina who inherits Hermione's eyes but blonde hair like her accept being their godfather lately till he spoiled them Harry gazed on the sky smiling seeing the wind passing on him,he inhaled the air and relaxed until sooner he heard a distant alarm back at the hesitation he went back waving a farewell to the has arrived yet Harry arrived on the balcony he was still in his Knight Hunter suit,he was holding his mask on his hand seeing the entire buildings afar finally he put his mask then he jumped to the building to stop the crime.

My name is Harry Wayland

After many years have passed since I'm gone.

I needed to become someone else.

Who am I?

I'm Knight Hunter.