It was a busy week, they were near the end of season 11 and everyone was excited for the grand ending of Supernatural. Their audience was expecting something big out of this 'Darkness' and 'Casifer' plot and team Supernatural never disappointed their fans. They were working day and night to make an astounding end and a full night sleep was a luxury that they could not afford these days. So Jensen grabbed the first opportunity that he got and retired for the night hoping to get his much needed rest.

He stretched in his bed trying to get comfortable. But something felt out of place as he was forced awake by some sort of weird noise and a sharp pain in his neck resulting from sleeping in a strange angle. Someone was mumbling somewhere close. Unwilling to open his eyes, Jensen tried to search his phone on the bedside table only to find that there was no table to begin with. He rolled over and almost fell off his bed. Startled he sat up and looked around, after a moment or two he realized he was not sleeping in his bed. Instead, he was in a car, a 67 Chevy impala, to be precise.

'What the -?' He thought.

He listened carefully for the source of noise. It was coming from backseat. He peeked and found Jared sleeping there, his face covered with his jacket. 'Covered with Sam's jacket', he corrected himself mentally. He sat straight, fully awake now. There were too many things wrong with his current situation. First, he was sleeping in 'Dean's Impala'. And he was absolutely sure that he had last seen it on the set, whereas he remembered going to sleep in his own room. Second, he was fully dressed, more than that he was fully dressed like Dean from season two. Third, he was in the middle of nowhere. Though it was difficult to tell their exact location at this time of night, it was sure as hell not anywhere in Canada. And last, Jared was mumbling nonsense in his sleep. 'This is too much elaborate a prank.' He mused. Deciding to get over with whatever it was that Jared and Misha were doing he shook Jared awake. Jared sat bolt upright and as his jacket fell from his face Jensen could feel his own jaw dropping to the floor.

A/N: This is the first time I have written any Supernatural fanfiction, I don't know if its good or bad, I just know that we all need more of Jensen. So, here I am with this story. I will try my best to keep my Jensen as close to real one as possible and your suggestions are always welcome. Please review and let me know if I am doing it right or not!