They settled in the car for drive. Jensen in the passenger seat and Jared behind the wheel. Jensen couldn't help but notice that they were not anywhere in Canada. Jared and Misha were good pranksters but faking an entire country was not possible even for them.

"Hey Dean." Jared said after some time.

"Yeah." Jensen replied, trying but failing to not feel unnerved at being called 'Dean'.

"I know we've been over this but I still don't understand why dad is sending us to Black Water Ridge. I mean, I double checked those coordinates. There's nothing there. It's just woods. Why is he sending us to the middle of nowhere?"

Jensen said nothing. His heart was beating so fast, it felt unnatural. Black Water Ridge, it was second episode of season one. Sam and Dean fought a Wendigo in that episode. Jensen needed to finish this prank soon, if it was a prank. Though it was too realistic to be one. They were just outside Grand Junction for crying out loud. There was no way Jared could manage to fly them to Grand Junction while Jensen was sleeping.

He looked outside the window and to his great pleasure there was a board indicating, they were near a Gas Station.

"We need to make a stop for gas." He told Jared. Jared simply nodded.

Jensen decided to pick a newspaper from Gas Station and show the date to Jared so that they could finish this, whatever this was, soon and get back to work.

Jared parked the Impala to get a refill and Jensen hurried towards newspapers. He picked up the one from top of stash and checked the date. It still read 17 Sept 2005.

"You wanna read that, you gotta pay for it hotshot." A gruff looking old man told him from behind the counter.

Jensen put the paper back and walked out of the store in a daze. So, it was really 2005. And the guy waiting for him near the car, was real Sam Winchester not Jared. And if all of it was true, this meant Jensen was in some sort of parallel universe. Jensen was having a hard time absorbing all of this information. If it's a real Supernatural universe that means there was no Jensen Ackles, only Dean Winchester.

Jensen walked back to car and settled in passenger seat. He was still not ready to talk to Sam about what happened. Jensen hated to admit this right now, but he knew Sam Winchester damn too well, he knew Sam wouldn't react well to the news that his big brother was missing.

Jensen knew that going to Black Water Ridge would either kill him or expose him to Sam, and he was not ready for either. He was an actor not a fighter and definitely not a hunter who could hunt down supernatural entities. Facing a Wendigo was right now, the fastest route to death according to him. But then again, there was a person whose life was on stake. A guy named Tommy, and if his memory served him well there was also a hunter named Roy who would die if Dean and Sam didn't do anything.

His head felt like bursting. There was no way he could let someone die, knowing that his mere presence would save their lives but on the other hand he couldn't also ignore the fact that he was no Dean Winchester. He wouldn't stand more than a minute in front of a Wendigo on his own. If only he could talk to Danneel, she would know the right thing to do. She always does.

"D...", he whispered as another wave of realisation hit him, this time it was full of pain. Pain so sharp, it felt like he was physically hurt. He was stuck in a world where Danneel was not his wife and JJ was not his daughter. All the people he knew and loved simply didn't exist here. There was no way he would spend another minute in such universe, but he had no idea how he was supposed to go back home. Then again, there was the matter of saving innocent lives. In his show, they were just characters but in this universe, they were people. Real people with real lives and families.

'What do I do?' was the last conscious thought that he had, before drifting off to tiredness induced sleep.

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