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"Qwerty" Dialogue

'Qwerty' Thinking

-Qwerty- Author notes

My English is terrible and I use the Google translator to help me, so I hope you enjoy the story even with grammatical errors and misspellings.

Read, criticize, review, suggest, and speculate.

I've been thinking about this story since January and until today I could start it, this is sort of alternate medieval universe, I don't know much about the knights days but I'll investigate to do better story, I hope.

Place names were taken from common things or names that I had on hand and then modified them, moving letters, added or removed some.

King Dewey governs one of the various kingdoms that are all over the world, the kingdom is called Ceradoa, where it's used a strange system that has worked very well over the years, all without distinction (except for the royal family and nobles of course) become squires at the age of 15 and are trained and educated for a year in a place called Academy, later they choose a profession and if they decide to become a knight they'll continue their training under the tutelage of an experimented one.

Our story follows our young hero Steven, who lives in the Theradine village, with the Maheswaran, a family of doctors, who adopted him when he was only a year old and their daughter was 4 year old.

Steven has a good life with a loving family but distracted by their work, he has a crush on his childhood friend, his life start to complicate a few days after he became a squire and the arrival of a princess from a faraway kingdom.

With this small prologue we begin the story, the first chapter will be published tomorrow.

Remember that I'm not a good writer, heck I'm not even a writer, so blame me if I don't make a good story, blame me for what you want, even for global warming.