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Inside a hut a bit away from the village were Priyanka Maheswaran and her daughter Connie eating lunch while his father, Doug Maheswaran, slept in an adjoining room.

"HE WHAT?" Priyanka yelled rising from the table abruptly.

Connie swallowed her bite and said, "He said he will become a knight".

"Not he too, first you and now your brother" Said plopping down on the chair "It's that none wants to be a doctor?"

"What about all students who supposedly you and dad have?" Connie asked curiously but was ignored.

"Your mother refers to the family" was heard a voice behind her.

Connie turned and saw his father leave his room wearing a white shirt and brown pants "Dad, you're awake."

"You know, your grandparents were doctors, their parents and grandparents were doctors too" Doug explained as he approached the table with the help of a crutch "Don't think wrong, we are proud of you two, but we would have liked to at least one of you decided to be a doctor".

"Speaking of family" Connie said as she finished eating and asked "Where is Steven? I didn't find him when I arrived" Priyanka got up from the table and headed for the kitchen.

"Well, today he was free, we asked him that to get us fresh leeches and some belladonna's leaf extract for the injures" replied Priyanka a little more relaxed as she serve a plate with some soup, Doug thanked and started eating .

"And why he didn't wait for me? I could go with him" Connie asked a little upset at being left.

Connie got up from the table and went to the door "I'll go find him, Where he was gone?".

"At the forest that is halfway to Erindor" Priyanka mentioned.

"He went with the daughter of the innkeepers" Doug continued, "What was her name?" He asked himself.

Suddenly a smile appeared on Connie's face and mutter to herself "Lapis" then she opened the door "In that case I'll return to the village".

"Aren't you going to look for Steven?" her mother asked.

"No, I do not want to ruin his date" Connie replied just before going in the village.

Meanwhile somewhere in the forest carrying a small backpack Steven was walking with her childhood friend, Lapis, who used a not very long simple blue sky dress, with a gold yellow ribbon at her waist, leather shoes and white coif that hid her hair.

"Why everyone laugh when I mention that I decided to become a knight?" Steven shouted a little embarrassed as Lapis laughed a little.

"Well it's because it really fit you" Lapis said laughingly, "You always were very friendly and protective, even with those who you don't know" Lapis looked away and blushed a little.

After a brief moment of silence Lapis asked "Do you remember how we first met?".

"If I remember correctly, at that time mom was showing me the use of some plants near the forest, then I saw you enter" Steven replied thoughtfully.

Lapis looked up at the treetops "I'll never forget, I was playing near the forest, although my mother warned me it was dangerous, you know, the girl and the wolf's story" Steven nodded.

"I went too far and get lost, out of nowhere a wolf appeared and tried to attack me" Lapis continuous history as she hugged herself with fear "I was terrified, but then you put yourself between the two and received a bite on the arm".

Steven took his left arm and squeezed listening Lapis "Somehow you managed to calm him down and made to leave, you took me by the hand and walked me to your mother worried that the wolf would have done me any harm".

"After that and for all time we spent I can affirm that you will be a good knight Steven" Lapis said with a smile.

Remembering the whole incident Steven got serious "You didn't need to come with me, this place can be dangerous".

"But I wanted" Lapis said with a deep blush "I- I mean, I like spending time with you, also I don't care if I'm in the woods, if I'm with you I feel safe" Lapis said making Steven blush "Hehehe thanks, I guess," he replied.

After walking a while Steven suddenly stops at a lovely little lake surrounded by tall trees, bathed in sunlight filtered through the branches and fed by a small stream.

"We arrived, this is the place" he said as he pulled a glass bottle from his backpack.

"It's wonderful Steven" Lapis said, amazed by the beauty of the place "Are you sure you can find leeches here?" She asked curiously.

"Yep, Connie and I used to come here with dad to collect them, but now Connie is busy with her duties as a knight, we just become squires and dad recently injured his ankle, so I have to come alone when I'm free" Steven explained as he took off his shoes and introduce to the lake with the bottle.

"Emm, and What about you?" Asked Steven to continue the conversation they had at first "I mean, what would you do? have you already decided?"

"I do not know, I think I will continue with the family business, take care of the inn, it's just ..." Lapis said as she removed her shoes and the coif revealing a beautiful short blue hair and sigh "You never have felt that you do not fit, even in your own family, there is something out there for you, something 'special' "

Steven turned and blushed seeing her over the stream with her feet in the water sitting on a log, in which a snake was.

"What do you mean?" Asked Steven flushed without seeing the danger in which his friend was.

"I don't know it's just sometimes ..." Lapis began but stopped when she heard the hissing of snake right next to her.

"LAPIS" Steven yelled, he tried to run and stop it but it was too late, Lapis had been bitten by the snake.

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