A next chapter of Princess Heart Aaaaaaand here comes the OCs.

"LAPIS" Steven yelled as he tried to run to his friend but stumbled "LAPIS" screamed again when he saw her fall to the stream "Oh no".

As he could he get to her and helped her up "It's okay Steven it was only a small bite" She said with a smile trying to hide the pain "I just need to rest for a moment" Lapis said before passing out.

"MOM, MOM" Steven cry as he get home carrying Lapis on his back.

"Steven Why do you cry?" Priyanka asked before seeing Steven really concerned with his friend on his back "Oh my god, What-what happened?".

Priyanka helped Steven to take Lapis to his room and laid her down on his bed "Here Steven" Priyanka quickly examined to Lapis and saw her arm a dark blue and a bite mark "She was bitten by a snake?" Steven nodded " Doug come right now is an emergency" Priyanka shouted from the room.

"What happens now?" Doug asked entering the room Steven, a little annoyed at being woken again.

"Is the innkeeper's daughter " replied Priyanka without examined the bite that had Lapis "She received a snakebite in the arm" Doug came to see better "Look at the color" she said.

"Is she ... Is she ..." Steven stuttered knowing how dangerous the snake bites can be.

Lapis awakened for a brief moment and spoke before passing out again "Steven Calm down please, everything will be fine".

"Can you tell me how all of this happen?" Priyanka asked him to keep his mind away from what was happening.

Steven took a breath and started talking about how things happened "After collecting belladonna leaves we went to the lake, I was in the water collecting leeches, Lapis was sitting on a log over the stream and then she ..." he stopped remembering the scene.

Doug turned and put a hand on his shoulder Steven, as he could he crouch to see him face to face "Son, listen, listen to me" Doug said trying to make Steven focus on him "I'll need you to return to the lake".

"But Lapis ..." Steven tried to speak but was interrupted by his father.

"She'll be fine, but we need the antidote" Doug stood up with the help of his crutch and go out the room "Come with me" he said this leaving Priyanka left alone with Lapis.

Doug took his son to his room and opened a small closet where put out a net, a glass jar with small holes in the lid and thick gloves and handed to Steven "What is this?" Steven asked curiously.

"Equipment to hunt snakes" Doug replied "In order to create an antidote we need the snake alive".

"But what if it is not there anymore?" Steven asked worriedly.

"Snakes don't attack humans unless they feel threatened or to keep safe their eggs" Doug said as the two left the house "You said your friend was attacked in a log, usually snakes have nests there".

Doug taught him quickly how he should use the equipment to capture the snake, putting it on the net and making it close using a string in the handle and then carefully put it into the bottle, Steven thought for a moment and nodded "Okay" Steven ran as fast as he could back to the lake as his mother came out the house and approaches to her husband.

"You really think she'll be fine?" Priyanka asked to Doug.

"I don't know" He replied "We have to wait for Steven comes back".

Before Doug entering the house again Priyanka took a deep breath and sighed "I'll go tell her parents, you stay with her and start the treatment, I'll be back by nightfall".

Once Steven get to the lake he picked up his backpack and flasks he had left there, put on the gloves, prepare the net and the bottle, he took a deep breath and slowly approached the log where he could see the snake "Dad was right" Steven said almost whispering as he see a snake with ocher colors on a hole in the log "Now I just need ..." he said slowly approaching the net to catch it "Gotcha".

After some time Doug was sucking the venom with glass suction cups when Steven came just when it was getting dark "Dad I'm back" Steven yelled "Here, I have the snake" Steven says giving the bottle to his father.

"Let me see" Doug said as he took the bottle with the snake "I was afraid of this, it's a red salamander and the venom of this snake is very dangerous if it isn't treated properly" he said quietly.

Steven heard this and asked "Does that mean that you can't prepare an antidote?".

"Steven" Doug put his hand on his son's shoulder "I have to be honest with you" Listen this only concern Steven more "The venom of this snake is very dangerous, all we can do now is to lessen the effects of poison to till your mother comes back"

For a long time Steven helped his father clean the wound and keep the fever down until Lapis woke "Steven ..." She said loud enough to be heard.

Steven ran to her side with tears in his eyes when his friend seemed better "La-Lapis" Carefully he took her hand and a tear fell directly into the wound "This was my fault, if I only ..." He started to speak but was interrupted by the scourge of the door.

"Where is she?" Asked a lady with some weight wearing a white cap and a beige apron over a green dress and a red colored sash as she enters the house.

"Oh my lad…" The woman cleared her throat and corrected "My little daughter" She came closer to Lapis and took away Steven "You're on fire" She said when she laid her hand on Lapis forehead.

"What happened? How did she end up like this?" Asked a thin man wearing a dark brown hat and coat and dark brown vest over a white shirt and a mustache always maintaining good posture and then turned to see Steven "You" He said pointing with his finger.

"I just ... we were ..." Steven nervous stutter.

"I knew it would be dangerous to her to be friend with you" The man said clearly angry.

Lapis trying to stand and said "Father, it was just an accident, I'll recover if I rest enough".

"We'll take her home" Said Lapis mother trying to lift her from the bed.

Doug quickly stopped "Now the best for she is stay here tonight, we are doctors" he led Lapis parents and Steven out of the room "Priyanka I need your help" She nodded and both lock themselves in the room with Lapis.

After an awkward silence broken occasionally by Lapis laments, Steven's parents came out "We did the best we could the rest depends on her" Said the Maheswaran.

Priyanka saw her worried son and approached him "Steven, I think we better leave them alone" Steven nodded sadly.

That night Steven slept in Connie's old room and Lapis spent the night with her parents in Steven's room, first thing in the morning Lapis parents took her back home, without giving them time to say goodbye, In short time Lapis arm was healed almost completely leaving only a little scar where the bite was.

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