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"Trinity"- People speaking

"Trinity"- Arata speaking

'Trinity'- People speaking

'Trinity'- Arata speaking

Trinity- Important information

Welcome everybody it is I, Imperial-sama, back for another round of beautiful harem action. This time I take on Trinity Seven. This is a tad different from what I usually do, so get ready. I hope you all enjoy this lovely show. There will be lemons, and there will be everything you usually expect. I hope we can get more people into this fascinating story. I'm gonna try to make this one a little longer and do the same with all of my stories. So get ready Trinity Seven: Rise of the Magic King.

"Wake up Arata, let's get going." A young woman with ice blue hair and olive eyes says to a sleeping young man.

"Ugh...Hijiri, come on...five more minutes." The young man whose name is Kasuga Arata says groggily. Arata is a young man about 14 years old with black hair and purple eyes. The girl who wakes him up is a girl who to everybody he knows is his cousin Hijiri. Fortunately for him, Arata knows better. Turns out Hijiri is actually a mage who was sent to investigate Arata and as a cover they became cousins. A few years ago Arata discovered the truth about her when he noticed she was wearing a mages robe. Hijiri went on to explain everything about herself and about Arata, so she taught him magic. But that's a story for another time.

"No Arata, you can't because if we're gonna be on time for class, you have to get going." Hijiri says with a strict voice to Arata's annoyance.

"Fine fine, Hijiri. I'll get going." Arata says begrudgingly as he gets in the shower and gets ready.

A few minutes later Arata walks down to the kitchen to find Hijri in her uniform nearly finishing off breakfast. "Hey Arata breakfast is almost ready so sit down and wait." Hijiri says with a smile.

Arata, who's a bit of a pervert, decides to have his own meal. He walks up to Hijiri and says "But Hijiri, there's no time for that. Plus I have a much better idea for breakfast." As Arata goes to grope the young woman, Hijiri freezes him with a magic spell.

"No Arata, we can't do this now. I know how you get when you're horny and if we get started, we won't make it on time." Hijri says to the frozen Arata. "We can do it during lunch you know you'll get the time for that." Hijiri unfreezes Arata who begrudgingly agrees and the two finish their breakfast.

After the fun during breakfast, Arata and Hijiri start walking to class and talking about everything that's happened so far. As the two make their way a young woman with red hair and a large bust says something interesting. "Wake up Kasuga Arata; otherwise I may be forced to kill you." As the woman walks away Hijiri and Arata get a disappointed look on their face.

"So it's coming to an end huh?" Arata says with a disappointed look.

"Yeah, it was only a matter of time." Hijiri says similarly disappointed.

As the two head to school they know that everything is about to change.

Later on, when the time comes for lunch break, a bored Arata sits by knowing everything is about to change. One of his classmates calls out to him. "Yo Arata! Your wife, Hijiri, is here." Hijiri appears alongside the young man and slightly blushes at the implication. As the cat calls come around, Arata sits smirking. Hijiri and Arata pretended to be the simple cousins to everyone else, but the idea that she was his wife was more appealing to Hijiri than they would ever know. With a smirk the two walk out and make their way towards the roof for their typical lunch date.

"So Arata, one more time for old times sake." Hijiri says with a slight blush.

"Yeah, why not. But let's see if our guest comes by first." Arata says smirking. True to form, the young woman who they saw earlier makes her way towards them, giving the same warning as before. The two are amused by this as they make their way towards the roof.

After sitting down to eat their lunch the two smile as they sense the presence of the young woman from before. Deciding that he should be the one to speak, the two have a mutual understanding. "Hey big breasted chick. I know you're watching, so come down." Arata says with a smirk.

The young woman comes down in her uniform, a white jacket with black pants. "Hey what do you mean big breasted chick? I have a name you know!" The young woman says with anger.

Arata smugly responds "Yeah, well I don't know it. Listen big breasted chick.."

"Lilith!" The young woman says. "My name is Azami Lilith!"

"Okay, Azami Lilith, listen I know why you're here, and I'll listen to you in a moment, but before you do mind if I do one more thing?" Arata says with a sneaky smirk. Looking to Hijiri, the two have a brutal smirk waiting for the girl's response.

"Fine. I'll give you this one request, I suppose that's fair." Lilith says a bit annoyed. "So what's the—WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" As Lilith seems to approve she notices that Arata has his zipper opened and the girl from before is sucking his penis.

"Well, my final request was one last time with my lady friend here." Arata says as his cousin Hijiri is giving him a handjob. Her soft hands working his shaft slowly and carefully.

"B-b-b-but it's the middle of the school day!" Lilith says blushing heavily.

"Yeah, UGHH! but we cast a barrier so nobody comes to see us." Arata says calmly fighting the moaning of his young mate.

"That's right, so if you wanna look away, go ahead but I've got work to do." Hijiri says as she starts to use her tongue and her partner's approval is obvious.

"AHH! Hijiri! I'm about to cum" Arata says with a smile. He notices with a massive smirk that the young woman doesn't look away. "Hijiri, come on, let me get you ready." Arata says as Hijiri turns her back to him revealing her pink panties underneath the skirt of her uniform.

Using two fingers Arata starts to finger his lover. As the thrusts continue Arata looks towards the flustered young woman. "Hey Lilith, I'm sure I can get to you shortly." The young man teases as he notices his "cousin" is nearly ready.

"Come on Arata put it into me you asshole. You'll have plenty of time to play with her." Hijiri says angrily. This shocks Lilith who gets out of her stupor.

"What do you mean plenty of time?" Lilith asks clearly annoyed.

"I'll get to that in a little bit. First I have to deal with Hijiri here." Arata says with a smirk. Hiking up the skir Arata makes sure to pull Hijiri's pink panties down and with a quick thrust slams into the young woman eliciting a massive moan. Arata's thrusts continue and although their onlooker tries to look away she can't help but watch. As Arata thrusts more and more into Hijiri, her moans fill the room.

"AHH! Arata keep going! AAHH!" For Hijiri she's nearly reached her peak and after five more minutes of thrusting the time has come. "Arata! I'm going to cum! Make sure you cum inside me!" As she screams out her final wish Arata soon approves sending a massive load into the young girl.

"Thank you Arata." Hijiri says as her satisfaction comes to an end.


As Hijiri and Arata get their clothes back on, the two have one final conversation. "So Arata this is it huh. I hope the next time I see you you're an incredible magician." Hijiri says bringing Arata into a passionate kiss and as the kiss ends the beautiful scenery around them vanishes.

Now Arata and the young woman, Lilith, appear in a new area. The once beautiful town looks like it's been completely destroyed and instead of a calm yellow sun, the sun is black. It's almost as though the town before had been an illusion.

"So Lilith, I guess I need to explain some stuff to you, huh?" Arata says with a smirk. He looks and notices that the girl who had watched him and Hijiri is soaking wet and that gaze doesn't escape the blushing Lilith.

"That would help." Lilith says blushing. She's well aware that Arata has noticed her aroused state but decides to deal with it later.

"Alright, so as you know, the black sun appeared and destroyed this area. You also no doubt noticed that the world from before was an illusion. Well that was from Hijiri's grimoire, Sora." Arata says calmly taking out a black book.

"How did she get her hands on the Astil manuscript?" Lilith says shocked as she recognizes the grimoire.

"Yeah, I don't know about all of that. I never asked her." Arata says amused. "Anyway, so the deal is this: Hijiri was sent to me because of my massive magic power reserves. She was disguised as my cousin, but eventually I learned the truth. So she worked with me on my magic." Arata says with a smile.

"So what happened to cause all of this?" Lilith says worried.

"It's kind of ironic actually because, although we had a little romance before, we tried having sex and my magic power went bonkers, activating the black sun. After a small debate, she left so she wouldn't get absorbed. She gave me Sora so I could keep mastering my powers until a magus arrived for me. As for Hijiri, I assume that she went back to her academy." Arata says with a smile.

"I see. So you've been expecting me for a little bit of time. So I'm guessing you have a request for me." Lilith says slightly concerned.

"Yes, that's right. I want to join the academy you belong to. Sora didn't recognize you when you arrived, so I know it's not her academy." Arata says with a smile.

"Yes, that's fine. I'll take you to the academy but you have to promise me something." Lilith says with a serious tone.

"That eventually I do to you what I was doing to her?" Arata says with a smirk.

Arata's last statement causes Lilith to blush heavily, "NO NO NO! I want you to promise me that you can control your power so that black sun doesn't happen again!" Lilith says still flustered.

"Yeah, I've got a good control over it now thanks to Sora."

"Alright Arata, I'll take you to where I go to school." Lilith says with some hesitation.

'I hope I don't regret this. This guy seems like the type who will be hard to control.' Lilith thinks as the two make their way towards the academy.

"Thanks Lilith." Arata says with a smile. For a moment he thinks back to the moment everything changes.


Arata and Hijiri are at the roof of their school.

"So Arata, are you sure this is the right thing to do. I mean, yes, I want to have sex too, but your power is still a bit unknown to me." Hijiri says nervously although the wetness in her pussy suggests she's nervous for a different reason.

"Yeah, Hijiri it should be fine." Arata says with a smile. As he pierces Hijiri, Arata smiles. He starts to thrust but all of the sudden feels something wrong and collapses on the ground pulling out in the process.

"Arata! Is everything okay?" Hijiri says surprised at the loss of the penis inside her. "OMG! Arata! What's wrong?" Hijiri screams now noticing what's happened to her lover.

Arata realizes what's happened and it's what he and Hijiri feared. "Hijiri, get out of here! My magic power is starting to go crazy! You have to run!" Arata screams as the black sun appears. As the world around them collapses the two share a tender moment.

"Thank you, Hijiri. But now I have to send you away." Arata says trying to focus for a moment. Finding himself unable to do so, Hijiri takes over.

Grabbing her grimoire, Hijiri says some final words "Sora, listen, I want you to take care of Arata and seal his power away. I'm gonna leave and hopefully I'll see Arata again." As the grimoire shines Hijiri vanishes. A few minutes later, Arata wakes to find the scenery from before and notices what's happened. The grimoire appears and explains what happened and Arata immediately prepares for the next phase.

Flashback end

'Hijiri, I'll see you soon.' Arata says with a smile. As he and Lilith walk towards the next step of his life. He knows that eventually he'll see Hijiri again.

That's it for the prologue. So next chapter Arata starts his time at the academy and the hijinks begin.

AN: To those who aren't familiar with my work expect lemons expect OP Arata and expect lots of hijinks. For those who are familiar welcome to yet another story. If you haven't seen my work before I encourage you all to check out my other works for something else to enjoy and an idea of what I plan to do moving forward. I encourage reviews and I'll respond to them personally if I feel the need. But rest assured I'll see them. I have a good idea of what I want to do with the story but suggestions are always allowed. Impatience about when I release my next chapter will not be allowed. Again I encourage you to read and review this as well as all of my stories. I have a beta reader named mineng101 so grammar shouldn't be a major issue.