Chapter 33 Arata's Odd Affection

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Welcome to Chapter 33 everybody last time Arata found out about the Academy's magic showcase and while the girls were curious who his partner was going to be, Arata was focused on his childhood friend and how they'd be enemies once again. His malaise continued, until Yui sent him to see his childhood friend and they worked out their previous tension. Now the time for the festival arrived and Arata's ready to go.

(Biblia Academy)

The sun shone on another day at Royal Biblia Academy and for Arata Kasuga it was another day for him to enjoy doing what he loved most. "Liese I'm cumming!" Arata roared sending his seed into the pussy of his blonde lover and partner for the upcoming showcase. Arata loved women and loved having sex and he did plenty of it.

"So good Arata" Liese mumbled as she fell onto the young man's chest and relaxed for a bit. Lieselotte Sherlock was one of the Trinity Seven at Biblia Academy and like the other members of the Trinity Seven she found herself in Arata's bed once in a while. Even Levi the teasing ninja would join Arata for the occasional coitus though it took some time for them to get to that point.

"Another morning another round with that crazy girl" Dante chuckled as he watched his charge from inside his head. Dante was the manifestation of Arata's grimoire and equally as perverted as his master.

'Hey it's just the beginning of my day.' Arata thought to himself. His fun was only beginning and he wouldn't have it any other way.

(Scene Skip)

"Okay everyone, make sure you study hard and don't enjoy the festival too much" Lilith said with a smile as she finished he lecture. As the students slowly made their way out of the classroom, Lilith noticed one of her students stay behind and when she realized who it was, she was both nervous and excited for what it meant.

"Another wonderful lecture sensei" Arata smiled as he walked up to his teacher with a lustful smile on his face. Like Liese earlier in the morning, Lilith was another member of the Trinity Seven and she was very familiar with Arata's bed despite the stigma that it would normally carry.

"I figured Liese would've drained you dry but I guess not" Lilith frowned.

"Well considering you're going to be my enemy soon, I wanna enjoy the friendly times sensei" Arata smiled as he walked behind the desk and started making out with his teacher. The exchange of tongues was brief and a smiling Lilith pulled away after around a minute.

"Just promise me you'll take it easy since we have the festival tomorrow." Lilith frowned.

"Sure" Arata smiled as he slowly undid Lilith's blouse ready to enjoy another girl.

(Scene Skip)

After his romp with Lilith a smiling, Arata made his way towards the dorms where he knew Hijiri was waiting to see him. Looking around campus, he could see that everybody was excited for the upcoming festival, but when he looked towards one of the benches he couldn't help but stop. Sitting on the bench was an attractive young woman with a modest figure and long dark hair that reaches her waist. Her hairstyle consists of a braided strand of hair on both sides each tied together with individual ribbons near the top. She was wearing a white long-sleeved cuffed blazer jacket with a dark short tie, and a dark plaid short skirt with a pair of black pantyhose and brown penny loafers completing her outfit. Arata couldn't explain it, but he was drawn to her in a way similar to what he felt for his lovers.

"Partner what's wrong." Dante asked nervously.

'I don't know Dante. That girl over there just seems to draw me to her.' Arata said calmly as he walked over. Dante of course looked at the girl and his eyes widened.

'This can't be good.' Dante thought to himself nervously. His partner's sex life was vast and the idea that this random girl could do that to him.

In an almost nervous fashion, Arata made his way towards the young girl, "Hello there" Arata said nervously. When the girl looked towards him he felt his heart stir in a way that he certainly didn't expect.

"It's nice to meet you Arata Kasuga." The girl replied in a very polite manner causing Arata's eyes to widen.

"Umm… how do you know my name?" Arata said in shock. He was positive he had never seen the girl before and the fact that she knew his name was shocking.

"Yes. My name is Anastasia-L and I'm one of the representatives for the royal Akasha Academy" the now named girl replied. Arata was stunned that this girl was his competition.

'Kid we really should get going.' Dante said sternly wanting to get his charge away from the girl. He could sense something was very wrong and he wanted out.

'Got it' Arata replied mentally before turning towards the girl. "See ya later Anna." Arata said hastily as he attempted to leave.

"Don't go." Anna called out and Arata stopped on the dot.

'Kid what's going on. I thought we were leaving.' Dante said sternly.

'I can't explain it but when she called to me I froze. I want to know why this girl that I've never met has me so confused when I have sex all the time.' Arata replied mentally before going back to sit with Anna. He couldn't explain it but he couldn't leave this girl. Was it love, was it lust? Whatever it was he needed to find out.

'Fine.' Dante shrugged.

"Thank you Arata." Anna said with a smile before shocking Arata and leaning in to kiss him on the lips. He was stunned but he felt something primal awaken in him and he kissed back hungrily.

'What's going on with me' Arata thought to himself as he made out with Anna. He couldn't explain why but he wanted to do more. He wanted to ravage this girl like he had the members of the Trinity Seven and his childhood friend and he wanted her now. As he pulled away from the kiss Arata looked at the girl with hunger in his voice, "Anna"

"I know Arata. Come with me." Anna replied in a lustful haze. As she led him away a devious smile appeared on Anna's face.

(Dorm Room)

While Arata walked away with Anna, Hijiri was waiting for Arata in his room wearing a naked apron in order to surprise her childhood friend after all this time. Next to her was Lugh in a lacy black bra and panty set. "What's taking him so long?" Hijiri pouted since she was looking forward to surprising Arata.

"Maybe he ran into one of the others on the way to the dorm. You know how they are." Lugh shrugged.

"You're right but something's bothering me?" Hijiri frowned before focusing on her two grimoire's laying on Arata's dresser. "Hey Sora can you go look for him?" Hijiri said nervously. Sora would be able to find Arata due to her connection to Arata and his grimoire Dante. Hijiri couldn't explain it, but her women's intuition was screaming that something was wrong.

"Sure" Sora replied before her grimoire lit up and her human form appeared and quickly left the room.

(Anna's room)

Anna led Arata to the room she was staying at during the tournament and once they arrived she looked at Arata with a lustful smile, "I hear you're a talented mage and lover. I want to find out about the latter right now." Anna smiled as she stood in front of the bed.

"Sounds good to me" Arata smiled lustfully ignoring most of Anna's statement. Right now he had a pretty girl who was offering herself to him. He could worry about why afterwards.


Arata pounced and slammed his lips into Anna's in a searing kiss. The young woman was a bit surprised, but then wrapped her arms around his waist and starting kissing back. A pleased Arata slid his tongue against Anna's lips wanting entrance and was quickly given it. The clash of tongues that resulted was fiercesome and lasted almost a minute and a half before Anna pulled away leaving an impressive trail of saliva in its wake. "My my, it would seem your reputation as a skilled lover is more than reputation." Anna smiled as she started undoing her blazer top.

"And how exactly do you know about my reputation." Arata smiled following suit.

"My magic allows me to talk to the spirits around the area. They mentioned that you were lovers with each of your fellow Trinity Seven members and even the two girls from Liber Academy." Anna smiled as she pulled off her blazer, revealing a black bra holding back a bust that was around the same size as Liese's but because of her smaller frame looked larger. A moment later and that was gone along with her skirt, which left her in a pair of black panties.

"Well I guess that means all my opponents will be my lovers soon. Well besides your partner." a now boxer clad Arata smiled.

Anna got onto the bed making sure to wiggle her ass for Arata to enjoy "Maybe if you're good, I'll let you meet her." Anna smiled as she got onto the bed and spread her legs for Arata to access her pussy.

"Sounds good" Arata smiled crawling onto the bed ready to make his move. With his right hand he groped Anna's breasts while tracing butterfly kisses down the left side of her body.

"Mhmm you're good." Anna moaned at the soft touch.

"Thanks but I'm just getting warmed up." Arata smiled back before switching sides making sure to skillfully avoid her breasts.

"Quit teasing me." Anna pouted as her nipples slowly perked up at Arata's skillful attention.

"Somebody's impatient." Arata smirked.

Anna couldn't help but smile at the response, "I'm more familiar with you then you know Arata." Anna teased.

Arata couldn't help but pause since that was a strange thing to say, "Seems you're hiding something from me Anna." Arata smiled.

"Yes and if you want to know what, you'll have to make me feel way better." Anna smiled back.

"Then maybe we should up the ante?" Arata smiled back enjoying a challenge

"What do you…? KYAA!" Anna yelped for the first time as Arata reached for her panties and slid the fabric to the side.

"Your breasts are beautiful Anna but it's time I appreciate your real treasure." Arata smirked as he slid his finger inside Anna's tight entrance hoping to loosen her up.

"Nghh, so good" Anna moaned as Arata started using his tongue on her nipples as his finger slid in and out of her pussy.

"How's that Anna" Arata smiled.

"Much…better." Anna moaned as Arata switched breasts every few seconds to keep the pleasure going.

"Good and there's plenty more to come." Arata smiled adding a second finger to the mix.

Anna was getting caught up in the pleasure but she wanted to do her part, "Wait a minute. Let me do something for you." Anna pleaded wanting a moment to recover. Arata was much better than she expected and she was going to give into the pleasure before too long.

"Alright" Arata replied pulling back in order to pull of his boxers revealing his 9-inch member.

"My god you're huge." Anna gasped as she blushed heavily.

"Yes and it's all for you right now." Arata smiled getting back on the bed and straddling her stomach.

Anna was a bit wide eyed but realized what Arata wanted her to do. "How's this" Anna said bashfully as she wrapped her breasts around his large prick and started moving up and down.

"You figured out what I wanted to do rather quickly Anna. I thought somebody who talked to the spirits would be a bit more pure." Arata teased grabbing her nipples in order to stimulate her even more.

"Not fairrrr." Anna moaned not expecting him to be this aggressive.

"All's fair in love and war Anna." Arata smiled.

"Then I'd better do more also." Anna replied with a frown as she added her tongue to the mix.

"Nghh, not bad but not good enough." Arata chuckled as he reached back for her pussy and slid two fingers inside.

"So that's how it's gonna be huh?" Anna smiled aware that the pair were having a small fight, but in the bed instead of the arena.

"Yep" Arata smiled as he slid his fingers in and out of Anna's pussy while he moved his rod between Anna's breasts. The miniature competition lasted for around five minutes as Arata enjoyed Anna's titfuck while Anna enjoyed Arata's stimulation.

"Not bad Arata I think I'm gonna cum soon." Anna smiled trying to hold off her orgasm.

"Well then let it rip. There's no shame in losing to a magic king." Arata smiled pinching her nipples which elicited a loud moan. It was the final push and Anna knew it.

"I'm cumming!" Anna roared as her juices sprayed through her panties and onto the bed.

"Too bad, so sad, I win." Arata smiled as he slid off of Anna's body. It was time to get down to business and a smiling Arata reached for the black panties and slid them off revealing her glistening pussy.

"Just be gentle Arata." Anna blushed as her pussy was exposed. This was no longer the time for embarrassment.

"I will" Arata smiled as he grabbed her hips and slid his member into her soaked entrance passing through her hymen with no effort at all.

"KYAAA!" Anna cried out as Arata took her virginity with a powerful thrust.

"Sorry about that." Arata said bashfully. The Trinity Seven were so used to his rod that he got used to a rougher pace and that didn't apply to Anna.

"It's okay. I just need a minute." Anna said bashfully.

"Okay" Arata smiled holding his position so Anna could get used to his size. After around a minute, Anna nodded that she was ready and Arata started moving.

"So good. So big. So fast." Anna moaned.

"Looks like I'm winning our little battle Anna." Arata smiled as his movement hit all of Anna's sweet spots. She was pretty tight but thanks to her orgasm earlier, it was easy to move inside her. Granted it was nothing compared to his other lovers but considering it was her first time, Arata understood the problem.

"Yes Arata you feel so good!" Anna moaned.

"Glad you like it but I've got way more to go." Arata smiled before pulling out briefly.

"What are you?" Anna wondered before Arata grabbed her hips and flipped her onto her knees before slamming into her again.

"I'm going to enjoy you properly Anna." Arata smiled.

"My god!" Anna cried out as the new position allowed Arata to go much deeper than before.

"I prefer Magic King." Arata smiled reaching for her breasts and continuing his thrusts.

"Yes! You're so big inside me! I can't believe how good I feel" Anna yelled out. The spirits mentioned his skills in bed and they clearly undersold his skill.

Arata smiled viciously and knew that Anna was his, "So who's you're magic King." Arata smiled enjoying how easily Anna submitted.

"You are! You're my King!" Anna yelled out.

"Good and this King is about to cum inside you." Arata smiled.

"Fill me up Arata. I'm about to cum." Anna cried out.

Arata smiled at how easily Anna was giving in and it spurned him on further. "Alright Anna here we go." Arata roared as he sped up a little bit more in order to give Anna the orgasm she was waiting for.

"I'm cumming." Anna cried out her juices flying out of her pussy.

"Me too" Arata roared as his own orgasm flew inside Anna's body filling her to the brim causing her to fall onto the bed in exhaustion.

"So good" Anna said happily.

Arata could've gone for another round or two but he realized that Anna was toast and he fully expected Hijiri to help finish him off. "Glad you liked it and I hope it's not our last moment together." Arata smiled as he kissed her on the head before leaving a naked Anna behind.


(Scene Skip)

A smiling Arata returned to his room after the fun with Anna to find Hijiri and Lugh were waiting for him though each was resting over the covers. Arata couldn't help but smile at the naked apron that Hijiri was wearing and Lugh's sexy panties. "Wake up Hijiri it's time for breakfast." Arata teased before leaning down to kiss her on her exposed cheek. It was a cheeky joke, but one that Hijiri would no doubt appreciate.

Hijiri's eyes fluttered open, "You can't have breakfast at 9 PM Arata." Hijiri smiled a slight blush adorning her face.

"Yes, but you can have sex." Arata smiled.

"Pervert." Hijiri smiled as she got up from the bed in order to enjoy another moment with her childhood friend.

"Room for one more." Lugh smiled having allowed the pair to have their moment.

"Sure" Arata smiled back and his day of sexual fun ended with a threesome. As Arata reunited with the pair from Liber Academy their grimoires watched the fun with a nervous smile.

"So I take it you found Arata mid coitus huh?" Dante smiled towards Sora.

"Yeah and you and I both know you should've stopped him from sleeping with her." Sora frowned.

Dante couldn't help but chuckle since Sora was right. Anna was bad news and the spirits she. Well he could but he wanted to see what Anna had planned for the other girls, "For now we wait and see what happens." Dante shrugged.

"Yeah but for now let's watch the show. Arata is a beast in the sack." Sora smiled.

"Yes he is and I'm so proud." Dante smiled back as the pair of grimoire's watched Arata enjoy his childhood friend and her teammate. They could worry about Anastasia later on.

That's it for Chapter 33 and the start of the tournament arc. Next time Arata meets with most of the girls in a less sexual setting and the first round of the magic show case begins.