OC Dimensional Journeys: World of Pokémon Chapter 1: The Prologue

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Continued from Previous Fic - OC Dimensional Journeys: Prequel:-

As I looked about at the Pedestals with the glowing orbs that were hidden, barely, by the cloths covering them; I suddenly felt a weird feeling as if my body had just gone for a wild roller coaster ride.

I look at Isis in confusion as I steady myself and ask, "What was that just then?"

Isis merely smiles and then she explains to me what happened.

"What has happened is a combination of two things, the separation of your body from the 'other-selves' I mentioned earlier and the fact that I have had to change your body to accommodate for the world I believe you would pick next if you did not already go to the worlds that your 'other-selves' have done so and picked."

She gestures to now used orbs which I now notice are both uncovered and slightly dimmer than the other unselected orbs, I can guess that from this it means that they are in use.

I look at the symbols of the orb's and I smirk slightly as I can tell why I would have picked that those other ones first, but I shake my head and return to my decision of which world I should go to when I spot an orb with a series of symbols that seems familiar to me as I walk up to it and uncover it from the cloth that barely hid it.

My smile turns wide as I gaze upon the symbols that surround a red and white sphere.

A Green Leaf

A Dark Toxic Green Skull and Crossbones.

A Bright Red Flame.

A Powder Blue Feather.

A Deep Blue Water Drop.

An Olive Green Insect Face.

A Silver 6 Pointed Star.

A Golden Lightning Bolt.

A Bronze Drill.

A Redwood Coloured Fist.

A Violet Eye.

A Grey Rock Formation.

A Gun Metal Grey Screw.

An Ice Blue Snowflake.

A Dark Lavender Spectral Face.

A Bright Orange Serpentine Dragon.

A Black Vertical Facing Crescent Moon.

And a pair of Pink Wings with a Small Pink Star in between them.

I feel a growing joy and abundance of excitement fill me as I realise what world I might be just heading towards.

I turn to Isis with my happiness clearly seen within my eyes as I bet that if this was an Anime they would be like golden stars shining bright.

I ask her with awe and excitement in my voice, "Is this really going to take me where I think it's going to take me?"

She merely gives me a gentle smile and slow nod which makes my already heightened emotions reaches to an exhilarating degree.

I punch my arm into the air as I give a large 'whoop' of elation as I cheer aloud at what is going on and what may happen.

I then realise my emotions are being demonstrated in front of a goddess who merely watches with a smile and slightly tilted head as she gazes at me.

This makes me quickly compose myself as I give a short cough to hide my embarrassment as I feel my cheeks heat up with them turning slightly red.

I say to her with my emotions under control now, "Sorry about that."

She keeps her smile and shakes her head slightly side to side as she then speaks to me saying, "It's fine David; I am glad to see you happy and joyful."

My emotions calm further down in relief at her answer as I then ask her a few questions.

"What are the specifications to this world, what kind of help can you give me in this world and are you going to have to change me any further to fit into that world?"

Her smile stays fixed to its small but gentle expression as she then speaks to me in reply as she answers my questions.

"This world may appear as if it is a reality you know very well; However, it may surprise you at times with how different it may be to what you know or expect".

She continues speaking after I nod to show her that I understand what she may mean.

"My assistance can mostly be minimal seeing as to how many powerful deities live in that dimension of theirs which can hinder my powers to a degree but I can still be very useful when asked for assistance."

Her face shows a look of disappointment and resignation at possibly how limited she can be of help to me in that world.

But she refocuses her attention on the last question as her face quickly changes to a more calm and serene expression.

She says to me, "I can change you if you wish to be changed as I can make you have the powers of the few specially gifted people in that dimension of which I know you are well informed about those types of people; It all depends on the options I can give you or if you want them."

I think on this deeply as I then ask another question, "What are the options for myself?"

She says in reply as she answers me saying, "Well there are three options actually with the first option being to let you have your own adventure before coming into the main life of the young man you could/should meet; the second is for you to take that person's place in their stead and finally is to come right into that person's life straight away and possibly help them with their journey are you both learn at a similar pace to each other."

I think on the options of these choices hard as each choice has its own perks and possibilities, The first option does have great merit and usefulness as it would let myself grow and understand the world better if I experienced it on my own; first hand before I met up with that person.

The second does have its ups and downs through with many things that could go wrong or and some parts could not exactly go as they might have gone if I did not take over that persons place.

The last option would and could be a great chance to alter or completely change things for that person's life and I could help that person become the man he should have been rather than the young man that I know of.

I agonise over the choices before I make my decision.

"I think that I will pick the last option as it seems the most useful and direct of them all so please let me pick that one and can I be of a similar age to that person as I think that it may help me relate and be understood better by the person I am supposed to meet."

She nods in agreement at my request and choice and soon asks me, "Then what of the ability you may possess that you wish to have?"

I again think deeply as I know that one of the abilities is usable to the person I will meet but is not really used much or touched up much upon in that reality, some of the people I know of who live in that dimension who have other unique abilities makes me realise that it would be useful to have an ability that is similar to them but in my own way unique.

I smile as I come to my decision as I explain what kind of ability I want and how it should work to Isis.

Isis agrees to it after listening to me and soon she gestures to my body with a wave of her hand as I feel my mind begin to tingle and feel slightly different than usual which might just mean that she is helping my body adjust to the change and my request.

I smile and thank her of which she merely replies, "It is no problem David, I am happy to be of assistance to you."

I turn as think on my recent choices and reaffirm my decision as I place my hand on the uncovered glowing sphere say the word "activate" with a thought also going through my mind as I begin to disappear into bright light as it swallows me up until I am gone from where I stood.

"Get ready, cause here I come Ash so you'd better brace yourself for what I have planned for you and the world you live in; The World of Pokémon."

Pallet Town, Kanto Region

I blearily open my eyes as I wake up from my supposed sleep or nap, I sit upon my bed as I look about with surprise and excitement at my room as I realise where exactly I am.

I am in the Pokémon world and from what I can feel and tell so far I am much younger than I once was, I am unsure by how much younger I am though but I shrug it off as I realise what might be happening soon as I gaze upon my room.

It is a typical room I would have had as a young teen or kid except it is covered in Pokémon paraphernalia with posters of the different Pokémon and a list of all the known Pokémon of Kanto and possibly other regions, there is a small TV in my room with a smattering of Game consoles attached to it with the games that I can see and appear to be similar to ones that I know of and have played in my own reality.

But I can guess they are either versions that are more suited to this one with some details changed or completely different in plot or how they are played.

I gloss over the burst of memories that goes through my head with a slightly dizzying headache, nearly making me fall back on my bed as I sit up from the bed and stretch.

I give out testing thought to the Goddess who sent me to this dimension, "Isis; Isis are you there?"

It takes a few moments before I feel her presence in my mind as she speaks to me.

"Yes David, I can hear you; I trust you are well and satisfied so far with what I have done."

I nod as I reply to her in turn while asking her a question.

"It was and thank you, Isis, What was that memory dump you had for me for?"

She replied after a moment of silence, "The Memories I gave you are just some background information about what this body has experienced in its short life of 12 years to this day when your true consciousness arrived just now."

I silently nod as I can see that this body of one of my selves has had a pretty normal life if you include the odd Pokémon here and there with nursery and Primary School also teaching about Pokémon but more basic stuff like local Pokémon, legends and fables about some of the Legendary Pokémon and occasionally the school field trip to Professor Oak's Lab and the summer camp run by the Professor himself for youngsters.

There still were other things to learn like basic math and English/grammar and all the usual classes and lessons a growing child should learn.

Strangely there were no early Sex Ed classes like in my world but I am lucky to already have that particular amount of knowledge with experience and wisdom of 21 years from my home dimension.

It also helped explain why some people like Ash were so clueless about relationships since they did not talk much about romance or other things linked to it which he could guess that the teachers and lessons were more innocent and reserved for students.

It might be different for some other schools in Kanto or other regions, I also realise that I am 12 years old which is 2 years older than I should be to become a Pokémon Trainer.

I search my memories given to me by Isis yet again as the answer comes soon after I search for the reason for this while I feel Isis leave my mind until all I can feel is out mental connection we both share.

I had apparently fallen ill a year and a half ago for some strange reason that my family in this dimension had no idea why it happened.

I was weak and sickly for most days which ruined my chance of becoming a Pokémon Trainer but I got better a few months ago and with physical therapy and regular check-ups from my Doctor I was back to perfect Health and possibly in better health than I was before I got sick.

I check the date off of the nearby Pokémon-themed calendar as it is marked with a bright red marker saying "Trainer Day!"

This makes me look at the time as I realise I will need to hurry if I want to get ready and set out for my Journey and get my Starter.

This makes me so excited that I jump up and rush to get my stuff out and set for me to wear or take with me.

I hurry out to the bathroom to clean up and do my usual bathroom rituals.

After that, I quickly head back to my room as I look at what I have to take with me.

A dark blue medium-sized Rucksack and a small attached black duffle bag connected by belts and strings that rests below the bag and a round slot on the top I can guess was for a sleeping bag, which I found in my cupboard as I had dug it out while getting my stuff ready; it was just a plain blue coloured and had a black zipper designed sleeping bag.

I also had a smaller dark blue bag to be worn around my waist that I can guess would be a better place to store my extra Pokéballs or other small items which should free up more space for clothes and other items for my larger bag.

I had a dark blue belt that had a small attached sling with several pouches which were the perfect size for placing and safely storing shrunken Pokéballs as they were deep enough to not let them fall out and it had a small string for it to tighten the whole thing together so that if I am running then the Pokéballs will not fall out so easily.

My entire outfit was Dark Blue and a deep Black with a dark grey T-Shirt underneath the blue coloured and black striped jacket, I had dark blue fingerless gloves for my hands which will probably be quite useful later on; I also had Dark Blue trainers with Dark Grey laces along with a pair of really dark black trousers.

I also spotted a Hat that was much like the hats in the Anime and Games, it had a dark blue Pokéball symbol stamped on the front with it being white and black at other parts of the headwear, I also spotted a necklace which was a choker style necklace with a silver crescent moon pendant hanging off of it.

I began getting dressed in the entire outfit with it being surprisingly comfortable and I could move quite easily in it, I put on the necklace and left the hat for last since I was still Indoor's.

I then began the task of packing my larger bag with extra clothes and other small items I would need for camping along with a few books and things that I could use to help me learn more and train as apparently I had bought the books yesterday and had not a chance to read them.

They were just books about Pokémon-related facts and other small guides to help me on my journey.

I also placed a compact first aid kit in my smaller bag along with a map and compass.

I had a feeling that I would be needing it very soon if a certain trainer was shocked by his Pokémon and in helping the trainer from being lost so much.

I then grab a small dish of herbs and other spices that I apparently prepared the other day from using ingredients from my Grandfather's garden which had an abundance of plants, vegetables and other grown foodstuffs that was helped along by his two Pokémon, A elderly Lombre and a very old Manectric.

His Lombre helped care for the plant life of his Garden while my grandfather was busy working with his Manectric on their job of being the local electricians of Pallet Town; so whenever a problem happened that dealt with electricity in the town they were the ones to call on.

My Grandmother also helped with local charities to help raise money for various needs that the town required but they cost quite a lot to get or acquire, she is also a semi-retired teacher from the Pokémon Primary School as she would occasionally act as a substitute for the school when they really needed a replacement teacher if the regular teacher was ill or unable to work for the day.

Her Pokémon were an elderly female Shiny Purugly named Jem and an Old male Persian named Willow who would act as her helpers if my grandmother was looking after really young kids as I knew how energetic and tiring they could be with so many of them to look after plus the kids just loved to play about or have a nap with the two cat-like Pokémon.

The memories of them are flowing through me as they are very much like the people I know from my home dimension, I apparently always loved staying over at theirs when I was a little kid as I really enjoyed playing games and caring for the Pokémon of my grandparents when they wanted or asked me to.

I can guess they wanted to have me learn early on about how to take care of Pokémon properly so that I would have some early experience before I possibly got my own Pokémon and choose my goals that related to the wonderful creatures that I loved so much.

From the memories of my apparent life here, it seemed that most of my family lived in Pallet Town or around Kanto and some of the other closer regions like Johto and the Orange Region/Archipelago, also we apparently all were originally from the Galar Region but about some time in our families past we all moved to other regions for some unspecified reason that most of my family today can't explain or remember.

We all did keep in touch in some ways like through letters, phone calls and quite recently through the use of Videophones which was used through the computer and camera that came with it to talk to someone face to face from a long distance.

They were expensive which was why we have not used it for very long.

My mother worked for a road safety company that helped develop and manufacture equipment and items that were used in keeping roads safe from many hazards like iced-up roads during winter or serious traffic problems caused by Pokémon.

My father worked as an insurance and finance worker for a Kanto based Insurance and Investment company and the department he worked for helped the farms and plantations throughout Kanto who provided his services when farmers had their equipment damaged or needed insuring against many things but the main problem was either wear and tear of old machines or damages caused by rampaging or angry Pokémon that was needed by his department.

They were always quite busy but I always managed to have time to spend with them.

They themselves did not really have their own Pokémon since most of my family had their own and we just occasionally looked after them along with my older sister.

My sister was working as a trainee Pokémon Stylist in Cerulean and also helped with the upkeep and care for many of the water type Pokémon of the Cerulean Gym since she loved those type of Pokémon almost as much as Misty of whom I did not know much personally since I did not see her much at work there since my sister came to visit us now and again from taking the bus route to and from Pallet Town and the same for the three of us when we went to visit her at Cerulean.

Her Pokémon that she had was a male shiny Squirtle and a Female Lumineon, Squirtle was her starter and Lumineon she got as an egg for her birthday when it hatched as a Finneon.

We had a large tank for Lumineon, or Luna as My sister Emily nicknamed her for the dark colours that reminded her of the moon and night sky, made and built for her in Emily's room when she and her Pokémon came to visit.

Squirtle and I got on well as we loved to play games and swim about in the small pool built in the back of the garden that I used to get a bit of exercise or just general fun to be had.

Emily sometimes joined in too when she had some downtime from work and lessons in both aquarium and water Pokémon care along with fashion.

My sister always liked designing clothes and other things like that, it was her that actually designed and helped make the jacket and outfit that I now wore.

I shake my reminiscing as I am now walking downstairs to have some breakfast and then possibly head out to get my starter.

I arrive in the kitchen soon after as I spot my mother just plating up a serving of bacon and eggs with some toast and orange juice for myself and my father who has some tea instead as he reads a newspaper and starts eating his breakfast.

I start too as I begin enjoying my meal.

I had always wondered how people in the anime got their meat and other food items and where they came from since many theories suggested that we all ate Pokémon but it turned out from my memories that there were in fact separate farms around the world that held regular animals away and out of sight from other Pokémon as they both did not get along with each other AT ALL.

I guessed that they both could sense that they were so different that they had an instant dislike for each other which I guess was something written deep down in their genetic code and their inborn instincts.

Anyway, I had just finished my breakfast when my mother spoke to me, "You'd best be heading out soon David as it will take some time to reach Professor Oak's lab from here."

I remember now as our house was near the outskirts of town so we mostly got around by car or bike to save the trouble of walking so far to get to places.

We did occasionally walk since it was good exercise and nice to do on good sunny and clear weather.

I know that Ash's house was about smack dab in the middle of town and with how long it might take me to get to the lab and since I know that Ash may sleep in then I may just arrive when Ash is also arriving at Oak's lab.

I nod to show my agreement with her as I gulp down the last of my juice as I say, "I will mum and I will make sure to see you both with my starter Pokémon first before I head out to Viridian City.

They smile at me as I get up and head to the door as my mother kisses me on the cheek and hug as I am also given a hug from my father.

I step out the door and begin walking outside saying to them, "I'll see you both later on then; bye!"

I can just hear their return calls of goodbye as I begin my long trek to get my starter and probably meet the young man I so wish to meet and help become great, Ash Ketchum.

Pallet Town, Kanto Region - A while later

I sigh as I enjoy the scenery and tranquil peace of the town as I am nearing the lab as I can just spot the windmill in the distance.

I have been walking for about more than an hour or so from my guesswork and watch as I try and count the amount of time it has taken so far to get here.

I give up as I just enjoy my time walking in peace.

Which is soon disrupted as I hear a rumbling and sound of thundering feet from somewhere behind me, I look behind me only to nearly freak out as I spot the figure of Ash Ketchum running in my direction like a madman with him wearing what appears to be his pyjamas.

I jump out of the way as he runs right past me shouting back to me, "Sorry!"

I pat myself down as I clear away some of the dirt and stuff kicked up by the crazy running of the young man I wanted to meet so badly.

I shake my head as I see him near the lab with each quick step, I then continue onwards as I do not want to hear or see the pissing match between Ash and Gary over who has or will get the best Pokémon.

I do kinda want to battle Gary though so I quicken my pace a bit from a casual walk to a quick jog as I reach the large crowd that has gathered at the lab's gates.

I soon make my through it as I reach the entrance to the gates of the lab's grounds to see that both Ash and Gary have just finished their talk with one another is when I speak up.

"It will do you no good to just use your grandfather's fame and popularity to make yourself good as it will be only you and your Pokémon that can achieve such greatness and not someone else to carry the weight of what you say if you continue to be such a pompous brat and act as the very ground you walk on should worship you."

Everyone is giving me stunning looks as I speak as I see that Gary is similarly stunned by I can see his eyebrow twitching slightly as I then go in for the kill as I continue my speech

"Oh, and by the way, it is actually stated by law and the regulations given out by the Government and Pokémon League, if you actually remember your school lessons and did not just ignore the people you probably did not find worthy of teaching you, that anyone at the age of 10 can acquire a starter given out by the local Pokémon Professor of a town or city or the Pokémon Center of said town or city by the Nurse Joy in charge of said Pokémon Center as they keep some Pokémon on hand to be given out to trainers or people who wish to acquire the same can be said for Gym Leaders of some towns who breed or keep young Pokémon that can be given to said person in need of a Pokémon."

I can now see Gary's whole body shaking with possible anger and frustration at the embarrassment I have just handled him, I can also see that Ash has a confused look on his face but soon turns to a small smile as he can now see that I have just served Gary in a very big way.

I can hear some people around us also giving out small bits of laughter at how I have just shrunk the grandson of Professor Oak's swollen head.

I then speak again saying to him, "Oh and another thing is that you may want to lose the cheerleaders as it just looks sad and pathetic to have girls who are obviously way older than you cheer for a guy who has not even started his journey or puberty yet and I bet you are just paying them to do all this for you; am I, right ladies?"

I turn my attention to the now quiet cheerleaders, while Gary seems to have grown a full-grown blush at my remarks about his physical maturity of which I ignore; who all look sheepish and embarrassed at what I have possibly revealed and shown to them.

One of them timidly speaks up saying soon out loud, "You are right, he just paid us to act like this and said that since he will become super famous with his many wins that we can get all the money and fame we want in exchange for cheering for him."

I turn and give a devious smirk to Gary who looks to have lost his anger for the moment as he looks up at the group of people with a pale complexion as most of them give the boy looks and expressions of disgust or disappointment.

Gary then reacts in anger as he yells out with said feeling.


He then runs and jumps into the nearby car as he takes off with a final shout towards possibly myself or Ash.


I smirk as I turn to Ash who appears to be awed at how I handled Gary as I place my hand out in greeting, "The names David Jackson O'Connell and you are?"

He still appears to be a bit stunned but shakes it off quickly as he returns the greeting as he says to me quickly, "Ash Ketchum."

I say back to him, "A pleasure."

He soon asks me, "Are you here to get your first Pokémon too?"

I nod and say to him in kind, "I am and you actually nearly crashed into me back there when you were trying to get here."

He seems to realise this as he places his hand behind his head and scratches it nervously as he awkwardly says back to me, "Sorry about that: I was in a hurry to get here and receive my Pokémon but I slept in."

We are interrupted by a voice behind us making myself turn and startling Ash to face the person speaking.

"Is that why you are here in your pyjamas and are you really here for your Pokémon?"

It is Professor Oak who spoke as I also notice that the previous crowd has dispersed and left for their homes supposedly.

Ash replies to the Professor's question saying, "I am and I am ready for my Pokémon; so please let me have one Professor Oak."

I also speak aloud saying to the man, "I am also here for my Pokémon sir; so can we get started please?"

The older man has a troubled expression on his face as he then says to them, "Well, come on then; we'd best get started."

We both follow the professor into his lab and home as we pass through some rooms until we enter a room filled with a multitude of machines and scientific equipment.

I spy what appears to be a container or holder for the Pokémon Starters Pokéballs.

I watch as Ash goes through the motions of selecting his Pokémon but as the professor soon explains that all three of the Pokémon were taken and given to three other trainers including Gary.

I listen to Ash as he begs for a Pokémon as the Professor has the same troubled look on his face he soon mentions the other Pokémon he was keeping in the lab.

"Well, there is one more I have but..."

Ash interrupts him as he desperately and eagerly asks or demands that Pokémon.

The Professor gets even more uneasy as he warns Ash to be careful with it as he hands the now revealed Poke ball that has the symbol of a lightning bolt on its top side.

As soon as the ball is placed in Ash's hand it opens suddenly and erupts with fierce energy as it lets loose and soon takes shape on the mechanical counter where the other Pokéballs were stored.

The energy solidifies as it takes the shape of a creature and character I know very well, Pikachu.

It opens its eyes as it looks up at the three of us as it then speaks, "Pikachu."

To Ash and the Professor, it sounds like the Mouse Pokémon is just saying its name but to my ears and special ability, I can understand him even more.

It actually said, "Hello there."

I wave gently to the small Pokémon as it looks about as I watch Ash stare at the Pokémon in awe as the Professor begins to explain a little about him.

"Its name is Pikachu,"

Ash comments on the Mouse Pokémon as he says aloud, still in awe, "Aw it's so cute and it's the best of all."

He goes to pick it up as The Professor comments calmly, "You'll see?"

Ash greets the Pokémon as he starts to hug it making me take a step back as I see it's showing an annoyed look as it simply says, "Pika."

What Pikachu really said was, "Let Go."

I watch with a small amount sympathy but repressed humour at Ash's electrifying predicament as Pikachu shows its displeasure of being held like a soft toy.

I try to hide a snort at The Professor's attempt at humour as he quips to Ash who is still being shocked by Pikachu.

"It's known sometimes as the Electric Mouse, it's usually shy but sometimes can have an electrifying personality."

Pikachu soon stops his attack as Ash dazedly and in possible great pain weakly remarks back to the professor, "I see what you mean."

I try to hide a snort again as the professor again jokes to Ash saying, "Shocking isn't it?"

But he moves on from the current situation as he then takes out a set of Pokéballs and what appears to be a Pokédex from his lab coat pocket and gives them out to Ash in each hand.

"This is your Pokédex and your Pokéballs."

Ash weakly stretches out to take them as he is still dazed from his electrifying first meeting with Pikachu.

I jump in and take them saying to the confused people as I grab them, "I'll carry them for him as he looks like he is about to keel over from Pikachu's electric attack."

Professor Oak nods as he accepts my answer as I then quickly tell Ash, "You might also want to put him down as he looks like he is about to shock you again."

Ash soon jumps to attention and quickly places Pikachu on the floor as the Pokémon seems to be much calmer as he is no longer annoyed at being held any more.

I crouch down to look at Pikachu as I speak to him with my gift.

"Pika pika, pika kachu: Pika pi pi pika Pika."

The Mouse Pokémon is startled as I speak to him as he replies in kind saying, "PIKA, Pika pikaka Pikachupi."

What we really said was, "You did not need to shock him so much as he was just excited at meeting you, why were you so mad at being held as he just wanted to be your friend; give him a chance."

Pikachu replied to my words as he said to me.

"HUH, you can speak to me like another of my kind."

I nod as I explain to him of my ability to understand and speak to Pokémon in their own tongue.

Pikachu is in awe as he soon says back to me in his own language which I translate to what he is really saying which is, "That's amazing; are there others like you who can do that, can he do it too?"

Pikachu is pointing at myself and Ash as he says these things to me in question.

I answer back in his own tongue of which I said to him in translation, "Yes there are people who can speak to Pokémon but they all use different ways of doing it as some read their minds, others can understand the emotions of a Pokémon and there are those who can connect with the very soul of a Pokémon to understand them."

Pikachu is still shocked and awed by what I am telling him as I answer his last question, "He might have the power to do so but for a lot of people it can take a lot of hard work and focus to learn how to understand and speak to Pokémon."

The Mouse Pokémon appears disappointed but I cheer him up by saying to him, "It's okay, it just means that you will have to just work hard and be with the other boy long enough so that you can understand one another as good friends can."

We are interrupted in our conversations by Ash and the Professor as they appear to have been in shocked and stunned silence at what I am apparently doing.

That is until Ash comments loudly, "What The Heck?!"

We jump in surprise, Pikachu and I, as the Professor then speaks to us.

"I'd heard rumours of a boy able to speak to Pokémon in town but I thought it was just a local myth or made-up story."

I sheepishly stand as I rub my neck nervously and say to the professor, "My family kind of wanted to keep it a secret but since I will probably be meeting lots of people and Pokémon then I decided to let my secret out; please don't overreact Professor?"

They both appear to have calmed down from their surprising emotions as I say to Ash after he had calmed down enough, "It appears that Pikachu was just annoyed and scared as he seems to have been caught quite recently; he appears to be very stubborn and distrustful of you Ash at first but if you just take it slow and don't just pick him up as you did before then I think you two will get on fine."

Pikachu gives me a surprised look as he seems shocked that I would know this as I make a gesture that tells him that we can talk later of with the Mouse Pokémon nods.

The professor speaks to me as he asks me and says, "How could you know that and tell from just being with him in such a short time?"

I smile and explain to the Pokémon Professor, "It was from how violently he came out of his Pokéball and his reaction towards Ash that gave me evidence to prove it; also I can tell from my conversation with him as to how he feels at being captured which I am guessing that you were the one to catch him?"

The Professor nods as he explains of his encounter with Pikachu as he found the Pokémon chewing and nibbling on electrical cables that lead to some of the machines in his lab so he caught the Pokémon to perhaps study and find out more about the species in general and see if he could discover anything new about the Pokémon and its particular species like its evolution and it pre-evolution.

Ash is surprised at this as he asks Professor astonished, "You mean that Pikachu has a previous evolved form and evolution.

The professor nods as I take over the explanation as I speak to Ash.

"Yes they do Ash and not many know of it because most Pichu, that's the pre-evolved form of Pikachu by the way, evolve into their second stage evolved form after being cared enough by its parents or pack which is known a mischief of Chu's; there are rare occasions of Pichu's not evolving until much later on in life but that is only if they leave early from their group if they feel that they see themselves strong enough to survive on their own."

I continue my explanation after a short breath, "Along with the fact that most Pichu's live in Johto and not Kanto, however, some groups of Pichu's and Pikachu's do migrate to Kanto once in a while so this Pikachu must have been a part of that group; It's Evolved form is called Raichu which is larger than a Pikachu and is normally orange coloured and having its tail be thin like an electrical cord but having a lightning bolt-shaped end to its tail and other very unique features that separate it from its previous evolved forms but you will need a Thunderstone to evolve Pikachu to become a Raichu if he wants to evolve."

Ash is astonished at my explanation as he says to me, "That's amazing."

The professor appears to be very impressed as he says to me, "That was simply wonderful; I can see that you were a diligent student at School with how much you appear to remember from your Pokémon specific classes."

I smile as I feel a faint blush on my cheeks as I say back, "I just love to study and know about Pokémon so I pretty much absorbed as much knowledge as possible so that I could be ready or at least prepared to become a Pokémon Trainer or whatever I choose to be."

The professor appears very happy with my reply as he soon says to me, "Well I would love to give you a Pokémon from this lab, unfortunately, I have none that I can give you at the moment."

I feel disappointment creep through me as I hang my head in said feeling.

Which soon turns back to happiness as the Professor says to me with a cheerful tone in his voice.

"However, I can make a call and have some of the other Professors or Nurse Joys in this region or another region send a Pokémon they may have on hand to give you like your first Pokémon, please wait here for a moment?"

I nod with an eager feeling rushing through me as my excitement builds at the chance to possibly get my own unique Starter in this Region.

Ash soon distracts me asking, "What you said about that place called Johto then does that mean that there are regions other than Kanto?"

I give Ash a look that clearly says 'are you for real?' as Ash appears to be embarrassed at my sarcastically exasperated look as I then explain with said feeling.

"Of course there are other regions, did you think that Kanto was really the only one in the entire world?"

Ash nods with a sheepish and further embarrassed expression on his face as I explain further for him.

"There are many Regions in the world, some small and others huge but the main recognised and known ones besides Kanto are Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos and Galar; along with other smaller regions like the Alola or The Orange Archipelago's which are more like a whole number of islands grouped together rather than one small continent much like the large landmasses of the main regions and in fact, Johto is connected to Kanto as well."

Ash blinks rapidly as he appears astonished as he asks, "Really?"

I nod and say to him, "Yes; the Kanto/Johto border are connected together mainly by the number of hills and mountains to the west of Kanto as that is the direction of Johto, with it being just west of the Indigo Plateau which is where the Pokémon League Championships for Kanto are held."

We are cut off from out conversion by Professor Oak who has arrived with a regular Pokéball as he hands me it saying to me, "Well it took some time but I believe I have found the perfect Pokémon for you to have; go on and say hello to your new partner in training."

I nod as I feel so fired up at the chance to have my own Starter as I throw the ball up into the air saying aloud with excitement.

"Come on out!"

The Pokéball opens up with a click and a flash of bright energy as I catch the ball and wait eagerly as the energy turns sold and lands on the floor as it soon takes shape and becomes...

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