OC Dimensional Journeys: World of Pokémon Chapter 5: The Center & The Rocket Trio

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Last Time

I smile wide as I walk over the last hill and path that is and was the last hurdle of Route 1 of Kanto.

The sight that greets me is one that I am relieved to see.

The same seems to be for Ash and Misty with Pikachu enjoying the sight as well.

Viridian City, The City of Evergreen.

After our encounter with Ho-Oh and my finding and acquisition of one of the feathers of said Legendary Pokémon, We had resumed our path to the city.

Ash and Misty were still a little shocked at what happened but had mostly shaken it off as we all saw our destination ahead.

Pikachu was a little quicker in coming out of his shock but that was mostly due to him being tired and needing rest, which soon reminded us of what we needed most at the moment.

A trip to the Pokémon Center.

Now, Viridian City - David's POV

The events that followed our arrival into The City of Evergreen were somewhat similar to the beginning of the first season and second episode of the Pokémon Anime.

We had just arrived in the outskirts of the City during Officer Jenny's announcement of Pokémon Thieves in the area from her small outpost nearby when she spotted and confronted us.

Luckily I was able to mitigate any misunderstanding from the Officer by explaining our encounter with the Gyarados and how Ash & I were from Pallet Town, followed by Misty saying that she was from another city and met the two as they were passing through Route 1 while she was fishing.

Officer Jenny was shocked at how we survived the encounter with a raging Pokémon like Gyarados, along with how I now apparently have that Pokémon in my possession.

After a quick verification of our I.D's, via Ash's & My Pokédex while Misty flashed a card she had on her that had the Officer raise her eyebrows at; possibly seeing Misty's last name and connection to a certain trio of sister Gym Leaders from Cerulean City.

Ash appeared to have not noticed the small moment between Jenny and Misty when the redhead had flashed her I.D. but that may just have to do with his attention and worry over Pikachu.

Officer Jenny offered to drive us to the Center but I asked her if she had a jeep or just a bike to take us, she told us she had a bike with a sidecar but she may not have enough room for all of us to ride along on.

I asked her if she could maybe ride ahead of us to notify the Center of our arrival as I assured her that we would be there soon after she got there.

After making sure that it was okay with the others, bar Officer Jenny who backed away a bit to let us talk in private, they agreed that it was fine for them to go on foot to the Pokémon Center.

After telling Officer Jenny we were ready to set off, to which the officer soon dashed into her garage beside her outpost and was on her way in a rumble and rev of her Motorcycle; we watched as the Officer's Police Bike took off at insane speeds making me have a bit of regret in not jumping in the sidecar with her for the thrill of a fast and speedy ride on a Motorbike.

Ash and Misty appeared relieved though as they must have imagined what the journey on that mode of transportation would have been like, I could gather this from their expressions that changed from shock to a paling of realisation and then a shiver of fear at possibly crashing at such speeds on the bike.

I soon snapped those two out of it by calling aloud to them both as I said, "Well we'd best make our way to the Center if we want to get there before it gets too late and dark."

I say this to them as I cast my eye to the darkening skies as the sun begins to set

Ash and Misty soon followed me as I began walking at a fast pace, those two soon matching it with a slight stumble or two as Ash kept his safe hold onto Pikachu and Misty having to stop to tie her shoelaces which had gotten loose without her knowhow.

Viridian City, Pokémon Center - Not much later: David's POV

As soon as Ash, Misty and I with our Pokémon in tow stepped through the doors of the Massive Pokémon Center we were met by Nurse Joy and a small group of Chansey.

Nurse Joy quickly took Ash and my own details along with the details of our own Pokémon and put them up on her computer before requesting us to place our Pokémon on the provided stretchers pushed by the Chansey.

I had already released Eevee halfway on our march to the Center; he was more awake and not as exhausted as before when I explained what happened and what he missed, he was seriously miffed at not getting the chance to see Ho-Oh but was content and in awe when I quickly showed him the feather that I tucked back in a safe place to not damage it or lose it during the walk.

Both Eevee and Pikachu were quickly placed on stretchers, I made sure though to hand over the Great Ball containing my newly caught Gyarados as I doubted she would want a full-grown and large Pokémon like that in her lobby.

Nurse Joy seemed to understand this as she nodded and smiled momentarily when I handed the sphere over.

I watched and listened as Nurse Joy instructed the Chansey's on where to direct the Pokémon.

"Rush this Pikachu to the Critical Care Unit and this Eevee to the Regeneration Unit."

A chorus of 'Chansey' was relayed back to Nurse Joy from the group of Pokémon which I could translate was a general reply from them all that was merely them saying 'Yes Nurse' as the teams of Chansey soon departed with their stretchers and patients in tow.

One Chansey stayed behind as it carried a tray with small medical tools to which Nurse Joy grabbed some medical gloves from it and put them on as she talked to mostly Ash and me with Misty waiting by the mural on the wall that I spied with my eye during all of this.

"I'll handle the treatment of the Gyarados after the Pikachu and Eevee have been treated enough to recover on their own with some rest, you both are lucky to come out of that encounter Officer Jenny mentioned to me without any injuries but I don't want you two to push your Pokémon like that ever again as they are still young and need more experience to even be considered safe to battle such a Pokémon of power and size without serious injury."

Nurse Joy looks at us with a stern and serious look that makes both Ash and I nervously gulp and promise aloud to not do such a thing.

Nurse Joy's expression lightens and then says to us, "Please go wait on the chair's provided and don't worry; I'll make sure to give both your Pokémon excellent care."

She soon departs with her Chansey assistant following dutifully behind her.

Ash and I soon take a seat on some benches nearby with Misty coming over and joining us.

I say to them both, "I'm gonna get some rest soon as it's best not to worry too much or we'll be too stressed out over our Pokémon plus Nurse Joy is an excellent carer and medical practitioner for Pokémon."

Misty nods in agreement as I can see she may need rest also from her tired expression but Ash remains hunched over in his seat with a worried look still on his face and hands gripping his trouser legs as he says nothing back to me.

Some time passes until about 8 O'Clock when the clock on the wall above where we sat marks the time as a green Pidgey comes out with a sound of its voice, much like a Cuckoo Clock from my world.

The Center is quiet for the most part after the clock finishes making its noise as Misty and I share an uneasy look between us at Ash's still current sullen attitude but that changes when Ash seems to look over at the videophone terminal's nearby and says aloud, "I'll call home."

Ash stands up and moves to use the machine while I am stuck on whether to do the same before Misty speaks to me saying, "Go on and call your home too; I'll keep an ear out if Nurse Joy comes back with any news."

I look at Misty with gratitude and saying to her, "Thanks Misty."

I get a smile and a nod from her in return as I then refocus my attention on the video phones where I can just see Ash chatting with his Mother.

As I slowly walk to an empty booth a little bit away from Ash's own small Video Phone Booth, I contemplate what I would say or talk about with my family; especially the recent events like the storm Ash, Misty, our Pokémon & I got caught in not to mention the rare and unbelievable sighting of Ho-Oh.

"I guess I'll have to wing it," I think with a mental shrug as I take a seat and begin dialling the number for my parent's house; they should be in considering the time and how late it is getting.

I hold the phone close to my ear as I watch the image on the medium-sized screen go through what I can guess is a connection attempt before the screen changed to show a Jigglypuff standing next to a box of words that said 'VOICE ONLY'.

Soon a voice came from the phone handset I held of which I recognised easily as the voice of my Mum.

"Hello, O'Connell residence; Mandi O'Connell speaking?"

"Hi Mum," I replied in greeting.

"David!?" I heard my mother say aloud in surprise at hearing my voice.

The screen on the video changed from its current display to soon showing the image of my Mum in what appears to be her evening lounging wear, holding the telephone part of the house's videophone; she still had a surprised expression on her face as she looked at me.

She soon begins speaking to me as she says, "I thought we'd all hear from you in a couple of days when you got to Viridian City?"

"We?" I ask in confusion at who else could have waited for me to call?

My mother gives me an exasperated look as she says back to me in answer, "Did you forget the family tradition already?"

It takes a few seconds for my brain to make the connection before a look of understanding and then sheepishness crosses my face at what I've forgotten when something like a big special event occurs.

This comes especially clear when I can just hear the jovial chatter and shouts of joy coming from my Mum's side of the Phone and from what I can see over her shoulder from the screen's image; which I can tell is my Granda's own somewhat sloshed voice along with my Gran and my Dad having an amicable conversation possibly about my Journey or how I am getting on.

It all relates to when a member in the family has done or achieved something noteworthy; as I can vaguely remember my sister's own celebration party night when she announced her acceptance and job of training to become a Pokémon Stylist along with having got that part-time job working in Cerulean Gym as an Aquarium Assistant.

"Sorry about that, it's been a rough day so far what with that freak storm that went over Route 1 and having to rush my own and Ash's Pokémon to the Pokémon Center after encountering a strong Pokémon about halfway through that Route."

My Mother's expression is of worry as she looks at me with a startling wide-eyed look which soon changes to slight panic as she then begins to barrage me with questions about my own health and that of my Eevee followed by demands of explanations at a rapid pace, too fast for me to answer quick enough.

After a couple of minutes of this, I've had enough and raise my voice slightly but not to the level of shouting as I do not want to piss my Mum off by being rude to her and yelling at her.

"Mum, Mum, MUM!"

She stops her barrage of questions in response to my attempts to gain her attention, with a confused yet startled expression showing on her face.

"Calm down and please let me explain first before you go any further?" I say to her in a calm yet rushed voice.

She merely nods in response as I sigh and begin to explain what occurred with Ash, myself and our Pokémon during our trip through Route 1 of The Kanto region.

Viridian City, Pokémon Center - A Short time later, David's POV

After talking and giving my Mum the basic rundown of what happened on Route 1, while giving assurances that Ash and I would be more careful next time travelling, the events that followed were somewhat of what I expected to happen based on where and when I knew we were in the Episode line-up of the original TV series.

I'd just hung up on my Mum, after promising to talk more with her the next town that I could get to when I heard the voice of Ash asking aloud to who I assume is Misty as I turned and looked over to see them both looking at the mural displayed on the wall behind the reception desk of the Pokémon Center.

"Isn't that the Pokémon we saw on the way here?" Ash says as he points to the top right mural coloured in blue.

I walk over and attempt to correct Ash on his mix up of Legendary Bird Pokémon but I am interrupted by the sound of the reception's computer blaring out a repeated voice notification of a phone call.

"Ring, ring, ring! Phone call! phone call!"

"Ring, ring, ring! Phone call! phone call!"

"Ring, ring, ring! Phone call! phone call!"

After a few more times of this Ash then moves to face the computer as he goes around and over the reception desk counter to answer it.

Misty looks a bit troubled at someone else answering a phone call probably meant to be for Nurse Joy while I am just relieved that the annoying voice of the computer is silenced as I watch and listen to the conversation to the now revealed Professor Oak who speaks mostly to Ash.

I was a bit amused at the beginning of their conversation with the whole wrong camera mess and at how part of the mural was actually a second screen for video calls.

But when it got the part of the mystery Pokémon that Ash, myself and I saw I had to interrupt the two while sending a quick mental request to Isis in having her create some diversion for Oak's Pizza delivery guy so I could have more time to speak with the Pokémon Professor.

"Excuse me, Professor Oak..."

Professor Oak jumped a bit at my voice as he then commented, "Goodness me; I am sorry for not noticing you sooner David and who is this young lady?"

Misty then introduced herself and explained that she met the two at Route 1 and about the encounter with the Gyarados.

To say that Professor Oak was concerned was putting it mildly as he rambled on for a few minutes of panic and garbled words directed to the three of us.

I was able to mitigate this soon after by loudly clapping my hands and startling everyone but mainly the Professor so that I could speak.

"Professor while I am glad for the concern you are showing for us; may I need to remind you of the fact that I currently have that particular ferocious Water type as one of my own Pokémon, of whom is being seen to by The Nurse Joy in charge of this Pokémon Center."

"That is hardly what I asked for your attention either."

Professor Oak looks sheepish from his ramblings and then cleared up his expression as he soon asked what I wanted to talk with him about.

"You see although Ash is mistaken at the identity of the particular Pokémon he belives belongs to that mural above this screen; he is actually correct in that he saw a large and mysterious Pokémon flying over a Rainbow as Misty and I saw it too."

Professor Oak looks more intrigued and not so dismissive of Ash's claim at Misty and I's apparent witness to the unique Pokémon as well.

He asks with an intrigued expression, "Oh and what Pokémon did you all believe to have seen?"

I answer with as straight and serious expression can muster up on my youthful face, "Ho-Oh."

The Professor's expression is priceless as he is slack-jawed and clearly in a daze of incredibility at our or rather my claim of seeing the Legendary Fire/Flying Type Pokémon; the so-called fabled 'Guardian of the Skies'.

This does not last long as Oak is now more lucid and appears a bit more capable of thought and speech as he now weakly asks us all or rather me, "You cannot be serious?!"

I nod and say to him, "I'm dead serious and I can prove it with this..."

I proclaim as I draw out the Ho-Oh feather I have on my person and show it to Professor Oak as I say to him with finality and resolution.

"...Ho-Oh feather!"

The poor Professor looks like he is gonna faint at the sight of my slightly glowing and multicoloured feather.

I myself still cannot believe my apparent luck and fortune in getting a single feather of a Legendary Bird Pokémon just within a day of being a Pokémon Trainer.

I am brought out of my self-reflection by a now mentally recovered and eager looking Professor Oak who speaks rapidly.

"Do you know how many Pokémon Professor's, Researcher's and Elite Trainer's have spent their whole lives even trying to get a piece of or find a Legendary Pokémon and in not even a full day a young trainer like yourself gets the chance see one and to acquire one's feather not to mention it being a Ho-Oh at that?"

I can't help but be smug as I feel a proud grin stretching across my face, the Professor's excitement and awe at what I'm still holding in my left hand giving me an elated and heady feeling as it swells up in my body.

This is changed by a sound coming from the door's leading to the treatment room as I swivel my head in the direction of the doors, the light with the syringe above it flashing off as the doors start to close.

I quickly say to the Professor as I move my hand to the computer and hover over the button to hang up our video call to him.

"Sorry Professor but I believe that's our Pokémon being brought out of treatment so we'll have to cut this call short but I assure you I'll talk to you either later on tomorrow or when the three of us and our Pokémon reach the next town or city."

Professor Oak looks a bit disappointed at not being able to talk more with me about my Ho-Oh feather but gives a nod of understanding as he says back to me, "That's fine my boy; go see how your Pokémon are and I look forward to our next chat."

"Bye Professor," I say to him just as I push down on the hangup button.

"Goodbye and I look forward to hearing about Ash and yourself's tales when we all see each other again."

The image of the Professor disappears as the screen goes blank and is covered up by the mural image of what looks like Arcanine once more.

Ash and I, with a quiet Misty following behind us, make our way over to the now open door's where Nurse Joy soon comes out with a duo of Chansey nurses in tow as they each both push a gurney with two different Pokémon on them.

It's Eevee and Pikachu as they both are asleep for now with Pikachu having what looks like a wired headband with a yellow bulb attached to it that flashes on and off.

While Eevee looks more normal and did not have any bandages or signs of treatment.

Ash speaks to Pikachu first as he asks aloud, "Pikachu, are you alright?"

He then is answered by the calm and serene faced Nurse Joy who says to him.

"Your Pikachu's resting, It's a good thing you got it here so fast; the procedure went well and it should be fine."

I look at Nurse Joy as Ash thanks her for the help and treatment as I then point to Eevee and ask her, "How is Eevee as he doesn't seem to be as bad as Pikachu?"

Nurse Joy replies as she says, "Your Eevee was just exhausted and needed some rest and extra vitamins fed to it while in one of our regeneration machine's."

I raise my eyebrow as Ash asks aloud to Nurse Joy, "What's a regeneration machine?"

Nurse Joy answer's back saying, "It's just a machine that does what it's called, it heals and rejuvenates Pokémon that are exhausted or Pokémon with only minor injury's that are easily treatable."

I comment aloud as I say to mainly Ash, "I remember reading about those in a magazine article some time ago in school; they're a recent addition to Pokémon Center's around the world and are made by a joint project of Silph Co. right here in Kanto and The Devon Corporation in the Hoenn Region."

"Basically the machine copies the energies used by some Pokémon that can use healing moves like 'Heal Pulse' for example and then artificially produces them in a contained, sealed pod or large incubator that a Pokémon is placed in ready to be healed."

Ash is amazed for a short moment as is Misty while Nurse Joy looks delighted in possibly seeing someone with at least some knowledge of Pokémon Center procedures and devices.

But then the pink-haired Nurse returns her attention to all of us as she says to us but mainly Ash and I, "Now your Pokémon needs some good rest in the recovery room; you both should go in with them."

Ash and I both nod in agreement with Nurse Joy, I quickly ask Nurse Joy if I can carry Eevee to the recovery room since he is not in as bad a condition as Pikachu.

Nurse Joy soon agrees but makes me promise to be careful when carrying him.

I gently pick Eevee up and cradle him in my arms as the Pokémon seems to shuffle a bit in my hold but soon settles down and nuzzles its face into the crook of my arm as he gets comfortable.

Nurse Joy has one of the attending Chansey's with us cart the empty gurney away and then assist the other Chansey when it shortly returns a moment later.

I turn to Misty, Eevee still asleep and cradled in my arms as I ask her, "Is it okay if you wait here and we'll speak later when Ash and I get back from seeing our Pokémon to this recovery room?"

Misty looks conflicted for a moment before sighing and giving a weak smile and nod before saying to me, "Sure."

I turn to Ash and nod with him as we move to follow Nurse Joy and the Chansey's to the Recovery Room but that is suddenly halted by a noise coming from what looks like an alarm that wails on and a voice that comes either from outside or the Tannoy on the ceiling of the Pokémon Center.

This is further evident by the voice of Officer Jenny coming from the loudspeaker Tannoy as she says to us all and possibly the whole of Viridian City.

"Your attention, please. Our Viridian City radar sensors have detected an aircraft belonging to a gang of Pokémon thieves."

"If you have a Pokémon in your possession, exercise extreme caution."

I almost groan aloud as I cannot believe I almost forgot about this happening as my mind quickly comes up with a possible strategy of escape or getting out of this mess without almost blowing up the Pokémon Center and getting a certain trio of headache-inducing idiots from getting on Ash and I's radar.

I know that Misty would be of no help since she apparently had Goldeen as her only Pokémon, although she may have her Staryu on her if I am not mistaken?

It's hard to remember some details with such a stressful situation approaching very soon, especially when I also realise that Ash's Pikachu and my Eevee are in no condition to battle having just recovered from treatment.

That time is now as we all look up at the glass skylight showing the night sky and a dot floating in the air which I know is the Team Rocket Balloon.

The skylight is soon breached by what looks like two Poké Ball's as they fall through the glass and break it, the Poké Ball's open up and release the Pokémon inside.

A Koffing and Ekans appear from the Poké Ball's as they soon act without needing to, Koffing moving about and releasing a somewhat toxic and foul-smelling gas from its pointy geyser-like protrusions on its body as it floats in the air.

Ekan's just stay's where it was with a threatening posture and eyes fixed on us, showing that it means business and not the good kind as it's tail rattles with a threatening sound.

Misty and I cover our mouths and nose with our hand's while Ash seems momentarily unaffected by the gaseous substance filling the vicinity while Nurse Joy shows a concerned look on her face.

Ash speaks aloud with confusion as I make sure to use my other free hand to keep Eevee from breathing in the fumes surrounding us.

"What are...?" "Who are they?"

Two figures, shadowed momentarily by the green noxious fog, appear; one with what looks like really long hair and the other with short shoulder length hair.

The long haired figure speaks aloud with a smug air surrounding them as the other figure speaks too soon after with the same attitude as their counterpart.

"Don't be frightened, little boy."

"Allow us to introduce ourselves."

"Here we go." I think with a mental roll of my eyes, as the noxious fog disappears, at what is going to happen next which is the Team Rocket Motto or at least this particular trio's version of it.

"To protect the world from devastation...

To unite all peoples within our nation...

To denounce the evils of truth and love...

To extend our reach to the stars above...



Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light.

Surrender now or prepare to fight.

Meowth, That's right."

Their Motto finishes with their third member, Meowth, jumping between the posing two humans as he says the last line meant for him.

I look at the trio, bar their Pokémon, as they stand dramatically; still posing as I examine their appearance which is unchanged from what I remember of this episode.

Except for one detail, I did not expect.

"Wow, Jessie is stacked and hot!" I think with a blink and feeling of surprise at the lovely mature figure of Jessie; indeed showing how things are a little different in real life compared to seeing this woman through a TV screen and Animated Show.

I give my head and premature libido a mental shake to refocus on the current situation as the tension rises bit by bit with Ash asking aloud in a confused and stunning voice.

"What are you talking about?"

Jessie answer's with a confident posture as she moves an arm on her hip, "He just doesn't get it does he?"

Ash answer's back with a befuddled tone of voice, "How can I? You don't make any sense."

James buts and answers as he slides next to Jessie, still holding the rose held in his hand.

"We're here for the Pokémon."

Ash answers back with a fierce protectiveness as he hovers over Pikachu; announcing to the established Team Rocket Trio, "You're not getting Pikachu!"

Jessie answer's back with a droll but bored tone that has just a hint of mockery in it, "Pikachu? We're not interested in your precious electric rat."

"We seek only rare and valuable Pokémon," James says with an aloof manner as he declares his statement.

Misty answers back with and furrowed brow crossing her features, "You're wasting your time. This is a center for weak and injured Pokémon."

"Well that may be so, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if we find a few little Pokémon gems among all the junk." Jessie declares with her smug voice and confident appearance.

Ash says back to the TRT with an annoyed tone of voice, "You're starting to bug me."

Jessie and James answer back with a mocking tone.

"Isn't that cute?"

"The boy's bugged."

"Meowth. Then let's squash him." Meowth says last as Jessie and James quickly order their Pokémon to attack.

"Koffing, attack!"

"Ekan's, go!"

Koffing floats fast towards us as we all make a run for it, the Pokémon filling the air with more dark green gas; with Ash now pushing the gurney that has a still knocked out Pikachu on it as Misty, Nurse Joy and I scramble away to safety with haste.

We all manage to just duck in time to avoid a dive-bombing midair attack from Jessie's Ekan's, just passing the reception desk which ends up with the computer there being the one hit by the Pokémon instead; causing the device to combust with an explosion of electricity and wires.

I double-check my hold on the still unconscious Eevee as I run with the others away from danger, Nurse Joy assisting us in finding a safe place to hide or regroup.

We soon end up in a new room after a few turns and rushes through corridors as we all scramble inside quickly, the doors closing behind us all just in time as I hear the sounds of both Koffing and Ekan's passing the room we currently are in now.

I sigh in relief at the close shave we had with those Pokémon and our first encounter with the TRT.

That relief is cut short by the lights going out and the sound of something powering down.

"Hey, the lights," Misty announces with confusion.

"They must've cut the power." Nurse Joy guesses as she then says to us all, "But we've got our own pika power source."

This is evident by the sight at the other end of the small room behind a clear glass screen, a ceiling lamp like device with a rotating round treadmill below it that has a spiked ball on a pole in the middle of the treadmill that is being blasted by electricity by what is evidently a mischief of Chu's running on the treadmill as they chant and speak as one; generating a lot of electrical energy that soon appears to work with the lights turning on and sound of something powering up.

Misty remarks with a bit of surprise and awe at the sight of all those electric mouse Pokémon.

"Oh, look at all the Pikachu."

I ignore this for now as I move towards Nurse Joy who is sitting at what appears to be a backup computer as she starts to activate a program, possibly one to save all the Poké Balls with Pokémon inside them from being stolen.

I quickly speak to Nurse Joy as I attempt to enact one of my back up plan's, "Nurse Joy I know you have priorities to save all these Pokémon stored in this room but I have to ask if you are carrying any Pokémon with you on hand that can battle or at least protect us from Team Rocket's own Pokémon if they find us?"

Nurse Joy seems to blink at me in confusion as the program starts up with its artificial voice sounding out of which I ignore as the Pokémon Medical Professional asks me, "What do you mean?"

I almost sigh and roll my eyes at the ignorance of the Nurse Joy I am facing but I resist it and answer back with a rush and need for urgency as I ask her.

"What about all the Chansey you have on hand as staff as I'm pretty sure there were a few with us when Team Rocket made that entrance of theirs?"

"Where did they go as I'm sure a couple are capable of battle or know a few moves that can help us since my Eevee is unable to battle in its current condition and Ash's Pikachu is in the same boat plus I can bet my newly caught Gyarados is still in need of treatment, am I right?"

Nurse Joy seems to have an epiphany as she answers back, "Most of the Chansey on staff are either resting or are in special Pokémon Center Poké Ball's in the staff room which is locked as I have the only key to it and the other ones I think had barricaded themselves in one of the main treatment rooms to protect themselves."

I am confused as to why those Chansey did that but I ignore that in favour of asking Nurse Joy again, "So do you have any Pokémon on hand or with you?"

Nurse Joy ruffles through her pockets of the uniform she wore before withdrawing what looks like a shrunken Heal Ball styled Poké Ball.

She answers my apparent question as she says to me, "This is my own Pokémon as I was going to use her to help me in treating your Gyarados; luckily I kept her with me."

She stands and calls out with urgency and resolution as she throws and releases the Pokémon inside the Heal Ball.

"Come on out Blissey, the Center and Pokémon are in danger."

I am momentarily surprised at this Nurse Joy having the final evolved form of the Happiny/Chansey line but I put that to the side as the energy from the Poké Ball solidified into the form of said Pokémon.

"Blissey/Greetings." I heard from the Pokémon as my powers translated her words to be understood by me.

I can just see Ash & Misty's surprised expression at the Pokémon, possibly because they have never seen the final evolution in the line of this Pokémon.

Nurse Joy quickly explained the situation to her Pokémon as I watched the machine that Nurse Joy had set up from the computer program running that would apparently transport the Poké Ball's with the Pokémon inside them digitally to the Pewter City Pokémon Center.

One Blissey understood the situation she situated herself in front of the doors to act as a defence for us as she declared into the air of which I understood with my powers but the others did not.

"Bliss Bli Blis Blissey!/I will protect all the patients & Pokémon from these deplorable thieves with every fibre of my being!"

I took a step back from the determination and power flowing around this Pokémon as I realise that a certain TRT may have bitten off more than they can chew if the angry and tenacious look in eyes of the usually cheerful Pokémon.

"Those poor numbskulls don't know what they'll be dealing with when they get here." I think with a grimace but hidden glee at seeing what kind of smackdown is gonna happen.

This is proven true as the doors, now leaking that noxious dark green gas, that Blissey is guarding are blown open by James's Koffing.

The Koffing rushes to smash into the storage shelves, containing the Poké Ball's needed for transportation, for some reason but Blissey is already there with a jump and rush of her small feet past us she meets Koffing head-on with a strong attack of what looks like Double Edge that sends the Poison Gas Pokémon flying back with a slam and crash into it's Pokémon partner in crime Ekans.

This ends up with Ekans sent flying too and with Koffing in tow, they both go through the air to smash into the TRT whose former smug and superior air is replaced by panic and cries of pain as Jessie and James are sent flying out of the room and back into the hallway in a daze where they all end up in a heap after receiving their short flight courtesy of Blissey.

Meowth however seems to have better instincts as he apparently ducked the airborne assault in time to be safe but that is not fine with me as I quickly ask Nurse Joy, "Could you order your Blissey to knock out or disable that Meowth of their's as I'm sure we don't want him to cause any trouble either."

Nurse Joy apparently agrees with me as she soon orders her Pokémon, "Blissey use Double Slap on that Meowth."

Before Meowth can react or even utter a word of confusion he is set upon by the much larger and bulkier Pokémon who needlessly to say slaps him silly with a round of strong Double Slap attacks, with each she slaps being followed by a word from her of which I translate for myself to understand.





Seeing my chance to contribute, as Blissey backs off and stands near Nurse Joy with a huff and last words from the Pokémon towards a dizzy and now semi incapacitated Meowth of which I translate to myself as her saying "Degenerate!", I hand Eevee over to Misty who takes him gently from my arms.

I rush towards the near senseless and unsteady footed Meowth, going around Nurse Joy and her Blissey, of whom just as I near him I begin to slow down enough to lift my right leg and put all my minor Football/Soccer training into this kick I give the talking Pokémon.

"Punt!" I call out as my foot and leg crash into Meowth and sends the yelping and busted faced Pokémon flying backwards until it crashes into the opposite yellow wall of the corridor outside the room where it nearly is flattened into a pancake with how much force the Pokémon had just received.

The Meowth then starts to peel off the wall and lands atop the pile of dizzy Team Rocket members and their Pokémon.

I breathe in and out with a heady and adrenaline-fueled feeling coursing through me at one of my ideas and plan's going according to what I needed.

I turn around to the shocked group of Misty, Ash, Nurse Joy and the Pokémon within that included Eevee and Pikachu along with Blissey.

I speak with urgency, as I attempt one of my plans to stop Team Rocket further from causing any chaos, directing my question to Nurse Joy and her Blissey.

"Nurse Joy quick question, does your Blissey know the move Sing at all?"

Nurse Joy and her Pokémon each answer.

"Yes she does, why?" "Blis-sey/Of course I do."

I nearly grin at the good luck of this as I speak again with a request and order.

"Have Blissey use it on those thieves as I'm sure it will knock them all out for long enough to contact Officer Jenny so she can arrest these crooks."

Nurse Joy understands my idea as with a look and nod from her towards Blissey, the Pokémon then quickly moves towards the group of Team Rocket who are all starting to come around enough from what I can see as I stand next to the Pokémon with my fingers in my ears; having directed Ash and Misty to do so beforehand so we are not out to sleep by the lullaby styled Attack.

I look at Team Rocket as their vision appears to clear enough to look at me and then Blissey, who is just about to start her attack, but back to me as I mockingly say to them with fervour.

"Pleasant Dreams Team Rocket, when you wake up next it'll be in a jail cell and I hope you'll stay there for the rest of your days; night-night.

I finish with a gleam of sadism and malice shining in my eyes towards them as they just begin to realise what is going on.

But it is too late for them to react as Blissey is already singing her attack as they each begin to drop off and go to sleep one by one.

As soon as they are unconscious I turn to Nurse Joy and say with a casual air.

"So how about we call Officer Jenny now and we can all return everything to normal with you and Blissey seeing to your patients once this is all over and us having our Pokémon treated once the main power is back on of course."

That is it for this chapter, I will work on the next chapter very soon as I am eager to see what I can change or improve for future episodes.

So with a farewell and thank you to all my readers and fans, I bid you all a good day.

As the journey continues...