Chapter 2

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Pulled out of the room that had been my home for the past year I felt relief. Relief at the release from the torture chamber that, for the past couple of weeks consisted of a replay of whatever i say repeated mockingly back at me with an image of spongebob with a beak and the words that I say in messed up capitalization.

After a few minutes of being dragged down a maze of hallways, my captors push me inside a room and sitting inside was the same man. The same man from a year ago and he looked like he had aged decades but he could still be recognizable as the man I saw a year ago.

"Damn you look like you've been through hell in a year!" I say to him.

He just looked at me ever so calm and serious. "2016 was, a hell of a year. And not in a good way. My new boss… well let's say he's a bit inexperienced… in everything. But forget about that. Are you ready to sign over those series now?"

I shake my head, "Things haven't changed since the last time we met Bob. And I hope you don't mind if I call you Bob seeing as you have never given me a name." I sit down at a chair facing "Bob" and continue, "I still don't own those series. Or those characters. Don't you think someone would have noticed I was missing if I was?"

"Bob" chuckled, "Oh they might have but a few well placed, shall we say 'fatal illnesses' took people's' attention away. Now sign it over." He seemed to want to try another route this time, "Isn't it a shame that those women take credit for your work? That they gain fame while you rot?"

I groaned exasperatedly at him. "For god's sake man! They are wonderful women who wrote those books on their own and through no way did I participate in its creation. I don't own them and you can take that to the bank!"

He looked sadly at me, "Very well… Maybe a change of entertainment?" His phone rings and as I am being dragged away I hear him say "Yes President Tr…" and the door closed before I could hear anymore.

I found myself in my room again. Everything was black until the pink lights came on and it began… "I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World…" I screamed though I knew very very well that none would hear me.

Still At Magnus' Party/ Harry's POV

A sigh leaves my lips. I make the decision to enter back into the world, properly, and all this business begins. A day in the life of Harry Potter.

I cast my protective spell and I wonder what is so special about this girl. Looking down at her I could see her innate strength, but also the fragility in her. How close she is to breaking. Well, I certainly couldn't blame her, what with all those revelations in the last couple of days. Still, nothing particularly unique. Maybe that is yet to be seen.

Conjuring a book I began to read. Not 10 minutes passed into my reading when I decided to do something impulsive. Waving my wand around her again to make sure the girl was secure and then I called Magnus.

"Yes, Harry?" Magnus asked with a raised eyebrow.

I pointed at Clary, "Watch her, make sure she is not disturbed. If this place comes under attack, well… you know how to reach me," and with that I turned on the spot and apparated away. And after a moment in the tube I felt my feet touch the ground. As I survey the surrounding area I see that I am right on time as the Shadowhunters arrive with their weapons drawn.

"What are you doing here?" the blond shadowhunter asked, "You're supposed to be protecting Clary!"

"Relax, she is perfectly fine. I have placed her under Magnus' protection." I placated. "I am here to help, I will get you inside then I will leave." As I'm talking to him I am struck by how much he looks like a younger Gellert Grindelwald. Oh had Albus seen this boy he would have nailed him on a wall. And not in a bad way. Ooh bad image! Bad Harry! He seems to notice that I'm staring at him.

"I apologize. It's just, you remind me of somebody." I turn to look at the decrepit old building. Hotel Dumont or should I say Hotel Dumort. No proper entrance. The roof should do. It seems the girl shadowhunter has also noticed that there is not ground entrance. "Jace come on, we need his help if we want to save Simon."

I rub my hands together, "Shadowhunters, if you would like to save that rat boy I would suggest you grasp my arm." They did as I asked and I disapparated onto the roof. And we landed with a quiet whoosh. Well I landed, the rest fell.
"I apologize for that but it was the quickest way to get you here. Vomit if you must. Call me and I shall arrive to get you. OR call me if you need help. Either one is fine. And do remember that youth means nothing in this building." With that, I turned away from them and jumped off the roof. And I landed on my butt in the chair in front of Clary.

She was still asleep. There was a little bit more than an hour left in her nap. She looked more peaceful now, less confused, as if the memories were coming together. Her memories were tricky things, they would have to stitch themselves back together. The mundane with the fantastical. Well, it would be best to let her sleep, so again I pull out my book and start reading. It was 30 minutes later that i felt a call. Someone was calling my name and it felt urgent.

Getting up, I vanish the book and disapparate. I appear in front of a mass of Vampires surrounding the Shadowhunters who, I assume, are the ones who called my name.

"My… my… what do we have here? A mass of young vampires about to consume three shadowhunters? The Covenant Accords will be quite a mess this time around I see." I say rather loudly so that everyone's attention is on me.

A young latino boy, or someone who appears to be a young latino boy, moves forward. "Who are you?"

"I am no one of real concern. Yet." I slap my hands together and a red wave emanates from them and a moment after, every vampire in the room is on the floor, stunned.

The Shadowhunters look around the room as stunned as the vampires on the floor. The black haired boy was the one who spoke first. "How did you do that? I have never seen a warlock do that before!"

I grin at him. "Wizard magic. If you would like me to say anything further I suggest you wait until we arrive back at Magnus's place. Where's the rat?"

The girl holds up a wiggling brown rat and it looks a bit like scabbers actually. Hmm. Enough of those thoughts.

"You know what to do everyone. Hold onto my arm." Once they had, we were gone with a pop.

We landed back in the room where Clary was resting. Magnus standing beside her bed, a watchful guardian. Or so it appeared. With a wave of my hand the illusion dissipated. Sighing i call for Magnus. That child. When he finally appeared I smacked him on his head. "I leave you to protect her and you leave an illusion in your place?"

He looks at me with not a sign of regret for his actions. "Like anyone could have broken through that shield of yours. It's not of this world."

I sighed. Honestly he wasn't wrong. With a shake of my head I clear it. I looked down at her. It looked as if she was ready to come out. Only a few memories left. The most recent. I draw my wand and remove the shield.

Turning to the Shadowhunters I spoke. "She will be awake soon. Now before I answer any questions you may have, would you like to introduce yourselves so that I do not have to call you blond shadowhunter or black haired male shadowhunter or black haired female shadowhunter?"

The girl went first. "I am Isabelle Lightwood."

Then the black haired boy. "I'm Alec Lightwood."

And finally the blond one. "I'm Jace… Jace Wayland."

I looked at him intently, scanning his features for the second time that night. "You do not look like a Wayland."

"Yeah? Well you don't look like a wizard." Jace snapped back.

I smile, "And how would you think a wizard dresses? In robes and a pointy hat?" A snap of my fingers later and I am not clad in robes and my old pointy hat. I grew a long white beard with it. "Yes I could dress this way but why would I?" And with a gesture I was back in my normal clothes.

"I am a wizard. Fully human, no demon blood in me whatsoever. Some venom from a poisonous snake and tears from an immortal firebird, but no demon blood… or angel blood for that matter. I just don't happen to be from this dimension, or universe, whatever you want to call it."

Jace looked intrigued, "When did you arrive here? How old are you?"

"I arrived when the first humans were created. Adam and Eve. I witnessed there banishment, their procreation. I was there when everybody suddenly didn't speak the same language. I was there for the flood. There when the wars started. There when the crusaders needed heavenly help after demons crossed into this world. I created the ritual to summon raziel. At the beginning of the 19th century however, I began to draw back from the world. To see if some of the recent historical events I know did happen on my world would." I close my eyes as the memories of my nearly forgotten world surfaced. I open my eyes and put a smile on my face. "I tinkered a bit. Saved those who I thought worthy. Today I made the choice to come back and what a day it has been. ANyway that's enough about my story. Your friend should be waking up just about now."

And true to my word Clary's eyes opened and with a gasp she awoke. Her first words however were quite surprising to them, "I know where the Mortal Cup is."