AN: Guys! I am stunned at the response this fic has gotten while I have been gone. I apologize extremely for the length of time I've taken on moving forward with this fic. I have no excuses other than a lack of motivation and inspiration. Let's see how far I get before I run out of motivation shall we?

Disclaimer: I was awoken with a cold bucket of water that had been a substitute for a shower for what I would later remember to be the last day of my wretched stay in that dratted building. Anyways, as soon as I cleared my head of the last remnants of sleep I looked at Barry, the man who usually gave me my wakeup call.

"Hey Bar, good to see you back. How was the holiday?" I asked.

He smiled at me, "Pretty well actually. Good to spend some time with my family finally, it feels like it's been years since we've gone on a proper vacation together."

I rubbed my hands together and nodded at him, "Well that's good. Now its getting time for you to leave isn't it? Time for my torture to resume."

He grimaced, "Yes… well I hear that they've updated the torture should be an interesting first few times, right?" He moved towards the door and opened it. "Well I'll leave you to it."

It was at that moment when something miraculous yet slightly disturbing happened. Barry stopped suddenly, looked at me and said, "Hey Alf I don't feel so good."

I looked at him perplexedly when he started disintegrating into tiny black specks. I saw the pile on the floor. I took that as a sign from the gods and ran from the room quickly giving a silent prayer for Barry who throughout his imprisonment had kind of become his anchor.

AN: Well it seems my disclaimer travels have certainly kept up hasn't it? Well I've decided to not do the first-person thing again because I don't think it went well and as I've been gone I've been improving my writing style and I don't think that first person is for me. Anyways enough of me blathering on… Enjoy

Everyone in the room seemed some form of relieved when Clary awoke. Well, everyone except Alec. Then what she said registered into the minds of the Shadowhunters. Before they could move Harry moved forward and cast several spells on her. He smiled soon after he finished casting.

"Well it seems that you've recovered fully from your ordeal I think you're prepared to finish this little quest of yours." Harry smiled at her.

Clary looked at Jace and he gave her a nod. Clary got up with a helping hand from Harry and what neither saw was Jace glaring at the contact. He might not have liked that, but it got worse when Clary gave Harry a hug. "Thank you, Mr. Potter, for your help."

Jace coughed, "I think its time that we get a move on Clary before Valentine's men find out and get there before us."

Harry pulled away from the hug and laughed, "Yes well I do believe you are most welcome Clary. Now before you go running off perhaps you'd like to explain to your friends where you're going first? If time really is a factor, then perhaps I can help you get there faster?"

"You can do that?" Clary shook her head, "Never mind, stupid question. I, we, have to go home. They are with my neighbor, she has them."

Harry nodded, "Well I've seen your home from your mind and I think I can make a portkey to it, a sort of object that can pull you to your destination. Sort of like your portals? But… not nearly as pleasant but definitely quicker."

He conjured a rope and then cast Portus at it. "Everyone who wishes to go touch the rope." Everyone did so, and Harry let it go and said "Good now I'll leave you to it. Good luck everyone. Au revoir." With those words the portkey activated and dragged them away from his sight.

Harry looked at Magnus, "It has been an eventful night hasn't it."

Magnus glared at his old master, "Yes, well any night you choose to come out of your self-imposed exile is bound to be exciting. Why now? And don't bother giving that excuse you gave the children. You knew a thousand years ago that it wouldn't go as you hoped. So… why now?"

"I felt it Magnus, Death. They wanted me to be here tonight. I think old man upstairs has called in a favor or two as well and it felt right helping her."

With a shake of his head, Magnus left the room while looking over his shoulder, "I guess I should prepare my warlocks. They should be ready if you've come out of the woodwork."

Harry laughed at the cheeky, if accurate comment. He sat down and closed his eyes. It would be a while before he got accustomed to being out and about again. He couldn't wait for the reactions from the Underworlders and Shadowhunters alike when they heard of his return, if they even knew he existed at all.

'Who knew teenagers could be so incompetent that they couldn't even deal with a demon.' Was Harry's thought process as he summoned his wand and summoned his armor to himself, leather from a great demon's carcass in the form of a cassock. He then twisted in place and arrived in front of the demon Abaddon in the Sanctuary shielding Clary.

Harry grinned savagely, "My dear Abaddon! Its been centuries."

That stopped Abaddon in his tracks. "Potter? What are you doing here!? You've stopped interfering. It does not matter. You too will fall." With that Abaddon advanced on Harry causing Jace to miss the stab he had been aiming while Abaddon seemed distracted by the arrival of Harry. The Shadowhunters were stunned at the magic showcased.

With a flourish of his wand and a jab a Reducto was flying towards the demon. The demon, with surprising speed belying his size dodged the spell and the many others that followed it.

"Do you recognize my outfit Abaddon?" Harry taunted the Great Demon whose skin made up his cassock. Abaddon growled and rushed at Harry who hadn't moved since he arrived, still protecting Clary with his body. With an open palm push to the front harry summoned a great shield that stopped Abaddon in his tracks.

Harry tutted at the demon. "Have you forgotten how susceptible you are to my magic?" With an aggressive twirl as if encircling of his wand the demon was tied together by bands of light.

The demon screamed as his skin was burned by the bands of pure magic. Harry pulled an ornate glaive with runes running along the pole and blade and made to cut off Abaddon's head, but the demon broke the bands with his talons.

"I have strengthened since our last meeting Potter." Abaddon growled as he tensed his muscles readying for an attack. He struck at Harry, but Harry blocked with his glaive and spun out of his reach.

With a smile harry replied, "Well a little more effort will be needed then. He moved forward and swung the blade at Abaddon who parried with his own talons, surprisingly strong enough to resist the enchanted steel."

A raised eyebrow from Harry showed his surprise at their withstanding his swing. That had not happened last time, Harry distinctly remembered. He decided on another course of action to end this quickly before the boy who was bleeding perished. He struck with a clenched fist empowered with a bludgeoner curse forcing the demon back.

He summoned his wand and with a whisper cast his favorite charm, "Expecto Patronum." And his brilliant light stag moved forward and without any prompt from harry, Prongs advanced and gored Abaddon with the horns he had been named for. The others around the room felt lightened at the aura and with a unanimous gasp as Abaddon disintegrated before their eyes.

With a congenial smile that made it hard to equate his strength and ease that destroyed a great demon, Harry looked at all of them. His smile did not last when he saw the black-haired girl cradling the black-haired boy's head. Alec and Isabelle if he remembered correctly. He moved towards them and kneeled over him and waved his wand around his body using diagnostic spells.

"The poison from the scratch is spreading. I can stop it, but I must have permission." Harry looked at Isabelle.

Isabelle could only nod.

"Very well." Harry held his wand in hand and performed several arm movements that left a string of fire. Soon the fire started to form the image of a lightning bolt. He used his wand to cut his palm open and held Alec's jaw open. He dribbled in some of his blood into Alec's mouth.

Alec gave a deep groan of pain and struggled against his sister's hold but soon relaxed, his pain fading as the poison in his blood was removed.

Shaking his head Harry regarded them, children, barely out of their diapers and yet here they were fighting demons and trying to save the world. But then again, they were older than he was when he first fought, killed even. Shaking his head again, this time to clear his thoughts he stood up.

"Return to the institute. The boy is not yet free from the poison and I have a feeling much will be revealed there. I cannot aid you inside the institute as I require permission to enter private abodes." Harry told them. "Go now. I will send Magnus to help the boy more. The poison is still within him. It seems my blood was not as effective for him as it had been for others."

Clary moved towards Alec with guilt in her eyes, "Couldn't you transport us? So we can get there quicker?"

Harry shook his head, "I'm not a delivery service Clary. I cannot take you to the Institute with my magic. The protections at the Institute have not been tested by my magic and I would not know the effect they have on a portkey or apparition. Drive there and you will be safe."

Harry made to leave but a call stopped him.

"Harry… thank you." Clary said in a shy voice, "Thank you for saving us, for helping us."

With a smile he simply said, "It was my pleasure." And he was gone.