Just a short little drabble I decided to type up real quick. Sorry about my other stories. School is killer.

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He thought he'd be the first to go.

He was always the first in after all.

First in. Last out. That's how he liked it. For years that had been his system.

He had thought it out carefully. Long before they were finally permitted to go to the surface without their Sensei. Their Father.

He figured, all those years ago, if he was the first one in and the last one out, he would be able to take the brunt of any attack.

First in, he could take down the most immediate, most dangerous threat before they had a chance to get to his brothers.

Last out, he could make sure they didn't miss anything. Nothing could sneak up on them and take any of his brothers out from behind, while they were leaving, their guard down, if he was at their backs to prevent it.

It had worked. For years it had worked. The scars on his body that seemed to far outnumber those on the others' were proof to that. First in. Last out. It worked flawlessly.

Until it didn't.

I hope this is satisfying. Well, for a drabble. It is quite short though... Oh well.

You can make your own inferences about who this is referring to. I had my own idea of who it is while typing it up *cough*Raph*coughcough*, but you can take it how you want it. :)

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