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Chapter 1: Prologue

The first time I became aware of my surroundings I was 2 years old. It was a sunny day, and I had been happily sitting on my mother's lap cooing at a doll she'd held playfully before me. There wasn't anything that triggered it, not really, but one moment I had been laughing and clapping my hands and the next-

I woke up.

I don't remember much after that, but apparently I had fallen unconscious. My parents had rushed me to a nearby doctor, where I had slipped into a coma for a week.

That…that's something I do remember. Vividly.

Reliving my life, my death, over and over, a loop of never ending agony and hopelessness caught on repeat. Stuck in the stars, blackness on all sides, I had cried and screamed until I was nothing. I was remade and molded to fit into a body not my own, forced to leave the black empty space of nothingness behind until-

Again, it repeats.


"Lucy, where did you go?" a young voice calls out fearfully.

"Please…please don't leave me!"

"I don't want to be alone!"


"Don't leave me…"



"Yuta, what's wrong?"

Tearfully, the young girl whirled towards the voice, snot and tears dribbling down her face in a messy stream. Seeing the owner, she lets out a choked sob and begins to run towards them, tripping and stumbling the entire way.


"Yuta, what happened?" Lucy asks her worriedly, small hands clutching her shoulders and holding her close.

"I-I don't want to be alone…" she whimpers, more tears escaping her eyes.

"It's okay…

You're not alone-"



Magic was an amazing thing. It was beautiful, full of joy and light, and it called to her so strongly and hauntingly that it physically hurt. She could taste it everywhere, the air, the Earth, the animals, the people – it felt so powerful and tangible, always heavy and always there, like she could just reach out and grab it. Disjointed memories connect in a confusing array of sounds and visions, and she knows distantly that…before magic doesn't-didn't exist. Before what, she isn't quite sure, but it comes to her in dreams and lost memories one day at a time. One day she will know for sure.

Looking up in awe at the blue-haired spirit, she couldn't help but feel slightly thunderstruck.

"Wow…" she hears her sister mutter beside her, and she nods her head mutely.

"This," her mother says, and she leans in closely to listen, "is Aquarius, one of my Celestial Spirits."

The name sparks a memory, blue-hair and blue-eyes, a broken-broken key-

"Thank you for everything."

And then it's gone and a beautiful mermaid is staring down on her with hard eyes.

"A mermaid," Lucy squeals happily, awe and admiration in her eyes.

"Aquarius here is not a normal Celestial Spirit – she's different in many ways," her mother smiles warmly down on them, and she moves to kneel before them, unworried of ruining the beautiful dress she wears.

"Can either of you tell me why?" She asks, and Lucy immediately sits at attention, raising her hand high.

"She's one of the Golden Keys of the Zodiac! There are only twelve of them in the whole world."

"That's right!" Mother says proudly, and gives Lucy's head a fond rub. She feels jealousy bubble hotly in her stomach. Something tells her she's wrong to feel like this.

More and more Lucy rattles off answers about how the Golden Keys are different from normal Silver Keys. Mother listens patiently and nods at each one, and Aquarius watches them with cold eyes.

"Tch" she says, turning away from them, "is that all?"

"Yes, thank you Aquarius," mom says warmly, and Aquarius turns her head away from them but doesn't leave.

"Well then girls, do you have any questions?"

"You're not lonely anymore, are you…Lucy?"

Lucy immediately begins to rattle off a number of questions, all of which are answered patiently and diligently. The other girl says nothing and only listens despondently to what her mother says. All the while Aquarius watches her.

Nearly 20 minutes later they are dismissed to go play, and Lucy seems heavily reluctant to leave the beautiful mermaid behind.

As they are leaving, Lucy pulling ahead of her, she swears she can hear Aquarius say-


"That child…she is touched by death."


Her second birthday comes and go's and then-

She remembers.


"Again?" Lucy asks, eyes trained on the visage before her.


Lucy sighs and skips up to crouch beside her to stare down at what the other girl is so intent upon.

Animals, she found, were strangely attached to her. They connected to her as easily as if they themselves were humans and she tended to get along with them better than with people. Dogs, cats, fishes, birds, deer's, horses – all manner of animals enjoy gathering around her. She loves and cherishes each one of them from the moment they step into her life to the moment they leave. Mother says that she is special to them, that there is something about her that draws them in. She says it's probably her magic.

Even among all of the animals that will gather by her side, there are certain animals that are drawn to her more than most. These animals are everywhere she goes, always watching and waiting, and she can't remember a time when couldn't see them from the corner of her eye. Ravens and crows and-

The symbolism is not lost on her.

It's been a month since she's woken up. A month of feverish dreams and long gone memories, of finding herself and learning to move on. She isn't quite there yet, probably never will be, but she feels like she's slowly getting better with each passing day. In the beginning it was hard, remembering her family and friends and everyone she loves and having to cope with the fact that they are gone and she will never see them again. She could barely pull herself out of bed for weeks on end and the shadows in her parents eyes grew longer and darker with each passing day. She knows they love her, or at least the person that she was, and she knows that being stuck on the past won't change anything. She knows their loss is something she will never be able to get through, but for now she can at least…live. Survive.

Finding where she was reborn was more than just a shock. It had completely floored her. An anime – a manga.

Really, she tries not to think too hard on the logic that that makes and likes to pretend that the memories she holds are just her imagination. Maybe then she can retain what little sanity she has.

Honestly, she feels a bit overwhelmed.

Of course, that 'shock' was nothing compared to finding that she was reborn into the Heartfilia family. She is thankful, in her own way, that she was born into such a tame household in comparison to many of the other characters, but that doesn't mean that she will have an easy time of it. Being reborn into one of the most, if not the most, important characters families, and thus becoming an extremely influential player herself, is a problem all in itself. Thinking back on the series she can honestly say that Lucy is one of the most important parts of the manga. Without Lucy, Team Natsu would have probably never come to be and many, many important key roles of the story itself would change. She couldn't think of an arc where Lucy didn't play an instrumental role, and the mere thought of changing that terrifies her.

But, more than anything was the mere fact that she isn't supposed to exist. She can't even begin to fathom the changes her mere existence has caused, and she can't help but frantically wonder what caused her parent's to want another child. In the original timeline Lucy was an only child, which begs the question; what changed? Her parents wouldn't have tried to have another child without outside help – the manga is proof of that. Without any persuasion, the story should have continued on its track unhindered, unchanged. Someone was interfering. This couldn't have been mere chance. Not with the memories she has of her previous life.

Or, you know, she's just being overly paranoid.

(She somehow doubts that.)

"What's his name?" Lucy asks, bringing her mind back on track from her panicked thoughts.

"It's a girl," she replies, eyes turning downward and hand stroking the small animal's fur, soothing it "and her name is Rina."

Each animal that she meets is different and unique in their own ways. Each has habits and traits that no other animal has, and she loves and adores each of them dearly and equally. And although each one is different, and each one is unique, all of them have one certain similarity in which they are no different. Each and every animal comes to her before they die.

Right before they die.

The first time it happened, she was scared. Terrified. She didn't understand what was happening, could barely understand the images in her head, and watching an animal that she had come to adore die before her eyes was a traumatic experience. She had never looked at life the same again. She had never seen the world the same again. And so, she says-

"Lucy, go inside."

"But-" She cuts her off with a glare.

"No, this isn't something you need to see."

"You never let me stay…" Lucy grumbles, but complies anyway and heads inside after giving her a one-sided hug.

Lucy knows that this is important to her, as young as she is, and never puts up much of a fight each time it happens. Out of the corner of her eye a crow takes flight.

"Hello Rina," she whispers to the small bunny, and continues her soothing strokes.

Rina twitches but otherwise does nothing, small form shuddering from the weight of disease. She had first met Rina a few weeks back, while she was playing in the gardens, and like she does with all animals she had fallen instantly in love. It pains her to see the bunny in so much pain, but she has come to accept that death was an inevitable path for all creatures.

And so, time passes like this with her huddled near the furry animal, petting and crooning it, until finally it whimpers its last breath and falls silent. She lifts her head, tears falling from her eyes, and looks towards the raven that was always there.

And, like each time before, the raven takes flight towards her. It lands with barely a thud and spends a moment before the body, beak nudging it softly, silence resounding in the yard, and she can feel her heart thudding harshly – as if to make up for the dead animals lack of beats – and then-

It leaves.

And, like each time before, she curls the body into her hands and sets to work laying it to rest.

She can see a crow out of the corner of her eye.


Heartfilia women all tend to look similar to each other. This was a fact of life. All of them – Anna and Layla and Lucy, each of them almost identical to one another – could easily be mistaken for twins. And yet, somehow, this rule did not apply to Yuta.

With dark blonde hair, slim features, and pale skin there was no doubt of her lineage. It was obvious to any who cared to look who her parents were, and yet she did not hold the eerie similarities to Layla that Lucy did. In place of warm brown eyes were an icy blue that she gained from neither her parents, nor her grandparents. What was really striking about them, however, was the fact that the pupils were formed into long, sharp slits – almost exactly like a cat. Her parents and the maids never commented on this, and it often slipped her mind that things that may seem strange to her are considered normal here. She also had elongated canines reminiscent of fangs.

Sitting before the large, full length mirror in her room, she let her fingers rest under her eye, simply staring. She's not quite used to the reflection staring back; some part of her will always expect to see long black hair and dark brown eyes set on a narrow, pointy face. She…misses her world.

This one was so strange and different, magic having warped the evolution of people and technology. Something as simple as a camera does not exist, and yet something as complex as a computer does, the culture and people all set in some parody of a Japanese setting, and yet it was also so... was so off and she wasn't sure she would ever get used to it. English and family and culture…

It was just…all gone.

She's trying her best to live on, to move past this and survive, but it was just so hard. Without Lucy, she wasn't sure if she could.

Lucy made every day so much brighter, with her happy face and passionate personality. Even if it was annoying that she liked to put her status as 'older sister' out there a little too often.

She loved all of her family – although it was hard to get along with Layla when she knows what will happen to her in the future. While she didn't know when exactly it will happen, there wasn't anything she could do to stop Layla from opening the Eclipse Gate – that would do more harm than good. She felt rotten, making decisions like this, but there really wasn't anything she could do at 3 years old.

And then there was Jude, whom she had a very hard time getting along with. Because Layla was still alive he was much kinder than she had been expecting, but his penchant for money and wealth was still there – and knowing what he will do to Lucy, to Fairy Tail, in the future made it hard. She wasn't sure how to act around him.

More than once she found herself wondering if she should simply run away. This wasn't truly her home, despite everything, and some part of her deep down wants nothing more than to stay out of the action. Running away would be so simple. She could live in some far off town where no one could find her; she knew that everything would turn out fine without her but…she wasn't sure how her leaving would affect Lucy down the road. Maybe it would convince Lucy not to run away, or maybe it would change her decision on joining Fairy Tail. The chances were just too…

That left her with only one option.

Learn magic.

Get as strong as possible


Okay, so that was easier said than done.

Magic was hard.

Like, really hard. The anime always made it look so easy!

Granted, she was 3 years old, but this was a bit ridiculous. She had the mentality of a 45 year old after all, and that's not counting however many years her soul had been stuck in the darkness of death, and casting magic was really just that – having a strong mental fortitude and a clear mind. She's been training her body tirelessly, but even that seems to be getting her nowhere.

Her sudden need to learn magic seems to have inspired Lucy, and she can't really see anything wrong with that. Learning magic a bit earlier than she might have in the original timeline would only help Lucy. Their mother seems to be proud, and has taken to teaching them personally, rather than hiring a tutor like their father wanted.

"A clear mind and focused mentality is what makes a wizard," mother says, standing proudly with her keys outstretched and dress billowing in the wind around her, "a strong body is not possible without a strong mind – this is the downfall of many powerful wizards."

Beside her, Lucy listens raptly, nodding every so often at what their mother says. She herself is somewhat taken in by what their mother is saying. They've been at this for over an hour now, and she had learned more from the Celestial wizard than the book in the library had ever told her. Looking at her strong mother, her back straight and proud, a vibrant glean in her eyes, it's easy to forget that the warm and caring woman she knows is also one of the most powerful Celestial Wizards in the world. The mere fact that she can summon the spirits of 3 Golden Key's at once while nearly on her death bed is testament of that.

"A balanced mind and balanced body is essential to a Celestial Wizard, and only then can your magic achieve its true height," Mom says, letting her magic fill the air and surround them, "but more than anything, without love and compassion your magic is utterly useless. The need to protect your friends and family is what marks a great wizard from a good wizard."

Mom smiles down at them, a determination to her form she had never seen before, and in that moment the woman looked truly beautiful, and truly happy. Her pink dress billowed around her ankles by some unknown force and the wisps of hair that escaped her bun flowed lazily around her face. Below her, a blue magic circle glowed beautifully. She felt humbled and awed.

"That's why; don't be surprised if you don't get it right away. Some people take days, other's years," she says, and the circle brightens "but if you're patient and if you're diligent…" she trailed off and flowers began to slowly erupt from the ground, "then there's nothing your magic can't do."

Lucy claps her hands happily, giggling all the while, and she can feel her face heating up at the beauty she just witnessed.

"Mom," she says, and the woman kneels before her, magic fading and circle disappearing.

"Yes Yuta?" she smiles.

"I…" she takes a breath and steadies herself, "I don't want to learn Celestial Magic."

Beside her Lucy gasps, obviously not understanding why she wouldn't want to learn such an amazing magic. Her mother says nothing, and she has a moment of fear that she is disappointed with her, but then she smiles and rubs her head comfortingly.

"That's okay," she says, "I had a feeling it wasn't something you were interested in."

She can't help but let a light blush settle on her cheeks and nods her head. Celestial magic was amazing, beautiful really, and it was something she would be delighted to learn but…it wasn't hers. She couldn't help but feel, deep down, that Celestial Magic was something that would always belong to Lucy and Lucy alone. It was something she loved and was passionate about, and she couldn't bring herself to intrude on such a thing.

"Is there something specific you had in mind?" Layla asks, and moves to sit properly before them. Lucy watches their interactions interestedly.

"Um…" she would be lying if she said she hadn't thought about it, but even now she wasn't exactly sure what magic she wanted to learn.

"I think I want to learn magic having to do with animals, but I'm not sure what," she tells her mother, and the woman hums for a moment before clapping her hands together sharply, a large smile overcoming her face.

"I know just the person!"


It starts like this;

She's happily eating her soup, not a care in the world, when suddenly the door to the dining hall is blown off its hinges. Lucy squeaks and throws her arms up in reaction which causes her soup to fly in the air and upend on Fathers head, and the maid, who is pouring Mothers tea, screams in fear and drops the kettle which, in turn, breaks upon impact with the ebony wood table and spills scalding tea down mothers dress, which causes motherto push away from the table sharply and accidently yank the table cloth to the floor, all of the food following it.

Mother winces in pain, pushes her and Lucy behind her, and raises her keys threateningly.

Through the dust caused by the sudden explosion, a woman stalks forth.

She lets her wide eyes fall on the figure, tilting her head around mother, and takes it in. The woman is…to put bluntly, beautiful. And intimidating.

Long, white bangs reaching down past her chin frame one side of her face, hiding her eye, and the back of her white-white hair is cropped closely to her scalp. The eye that she can see is a narrow, pastel purple set on a narrow, slim face. The woman is tall, busty, and wears a long-sleeved traditional dark purple kimono which falls to the top of her thighs, intricate designs of sakura petals and light blue wind sewn into the silky fabric. A dark blue obi is brought vibrant by the dark red bow that rests upon it. Under the top fabric she can see is a white under-shirt which pokes out of the top of her sleeves, which hangs off of her shoulders. Her large bust is made obvious by the fact that her kimono hangs low on them, and between her breasts lays a complex tattoo of what appears to be a phoenix. Her legs are hidden by white bandages that end at her knees, and several sake bottles are loosely tied around her waist by a thin piece of rope, while a large python rests on her shoulders. In her hands a long, traditional Japanese red pipe rests, and the woman takes a long drag.

Cool, she can't help but think.

"Layla!" the woman shouts, and her voice is a husky breeze that sends shivers down her spine, "Where is my student?!"

"E-ehh?!" She shouts.

"Oh," mother sighs, and rests her hand on her chest in relief, "it's just you, Wynne…"

"What do you mean 'it's just you'?!" she shouts, wildly looking between the two of them and the chaos that is their dining hall.

Father seems to be KO'd at the moment, and the maid seems to be hysterically wiping the tea from the mess that is the table while babbling incoherently. The scattered remains of their meal litter the floor and table in a mush that looks disgusting. Lucy is poking father in the cheek while giggling. He doesn't react.

"M-mother, who is this..?" she asks hesitantly, slowly inching out from behind her.

"This is your new Teacher!" Mother beams happily, and she can do nothing more than stare in something akin to shock.


"You promised me a student Layla!" hollers the woman.


"First things first, brat." Her new teacher says after all of the commotion had calmed down and she had been permitted a private room to speak with her, and she immediately sits to attention at the hard note in her voice.

"Y-yes ma'am?"

"From this day forth…" she trails off, a menacing glint in her eye, and she feels a shiver go down her spine fearfully, the tension in the room palpable "you shall address me as Master!"

"That's it?!"

"Now, run a hundred laps around the yard!"



"Y-yes ma'am!"

"Call me Master!"

"Yes Master…"


Wynne was…well to put it bluntly, she was crazy. Completely and utterly insane.

She was also smart. Completely and utterly brilliant.

The woman refused to teach her magic until her body and physical strength was up to par though. She was tiny, even for her age, and it showed. It was frustrating but she didn't mind because while the physical training was exhausting, it was also rewarding.

So while Lucy was training her magical reserves and slowly learning how to summon a Silver Key's spirit, she was running laps around the Heartfilia's gardens and increasing the flexibility of her limbs. She was naturally flexible, and Wynne seemed determined to extend that flexibility to ridiculous extremes.

"I won't teach you anything else until you can do a Yoganidrasana!"

"W-what?! No!"

"Yes! Now, get to it!"

At this rate the woman would kill her.

She had been training with her for well over several months, and the results were starting to show. Whereas before she could barely lift a box filled with miscellanies items, she could now heft a small boulder with ease. It was amazing. She felt powerful in a way she could never feel in her previous life.

However…lately she noticed something.

Her mother was acting strange, sending out letters each day, and slowly collecting keys.

Soon, it was time.


"Hey mom," she ask, kicking her legs out from the edge of the balcony she was perched on.

"Yes, Yuta?"

"Next month's Lucy's birthday, right?"


"And, she's turning ten, right?"

"Yeees," she draws out, huffing a laugh.

"Well, you're gonna be here…right?"

"Of course I will, honey, why?" Mother asks, concerned, and she leans over to look her daughter in the face.

"Well, I've noticed you've been acting strange…and I thought, maybe you were going away…"

"Oh, Yuta, that's something you will never have to worry about," she says, pulling her youngest girl into a hug, "and if I ever do leave, just remember, that no matter what may happen I will always come home."


"I promise I would never leave you or your sister."

Somewhere, deep inside, she has come to see Layla as her mother. In the beginning she had been scared, scared of getting close and then losing her, and now…she couldn't imagine life without her.

So, she says nothing, and leans back into her mother's embrace.


A week before Lucy's tenth birthday mother is called away on urgent business. When she comes back, she is weak and sickly, and she is bed-bound for days.

She passes away a day before Lucy's birthday.


"W-why?" Lucy sobs, holding tight to her little sisters hand as they watch their mothers casket slowly be lowered into the ground.

"Death is…" the younger says, turning her eyes to stare up at the weeping sky, "inevitable. It comes for all of us, someday, and there is nothing we can do to stop that."

Lucy sobs harder, grip holding stronger and she can see her father's head bowed in the distance.

"But, the least we can do for those who have passed on is live. Survive."

She turns her head to look up at Lucy, and the older girl hiccups, rubbing her eyes raw.

"We will remember Mother's life, and never forget. The person she was, and how much she loved us…"

By her side, a dog she had met earlier that day rests his head on her thigh.

"Remember Lucy, there can be no joy without pain."


A crow takes flight.


Life was different after that. Father was more withdrawn and cruel; his obsession with money taking over the compassion he had before. Lucy became more determined to learn how to use magic and took on her studies almost ferociously and Yuta…

Well, she trained.


Whereas before she had run 100 laps around the gardens each day, she now ran 200, and from dawn until dusk her life was filled with push-ups, sit-ups, stretches and any form of physical exercise she could her hands on until finally, finally Wynne declared her ready to learn magic.

"I'm sure Layla taught you that those who do not hone their physical strength will never achieve true power with their magic," said her Master, taking a deep drag from her pipe. Her sake bottles clinked merrily.

"What use is powerful magic, if your body cannot handle its weight?" she asks, and takes another drag, blowing it in Yuta's face, "You are young, and so I do not expect you to understand this right now…"

On her shoulders, Ningana hisses and Wynne strokes the snakes head soothingly, "but there is a time in every wizard's life where a question is asked."

"A question?" she asks, hands braced on her crossed feet.

"Yes, you brat, a question," Wynne says irritably.

"W-what question?" she asks warily, not wanting to ignite Wynne's wrath.

"How the hell am I supposed to know?!"


"Listen here you little brat, this question is different for everyone, y'hear?!" Wynne shouts, "It's unique to everyone and each Wizard finds the answer in their own way!"

"Oh," she mutters, eyes turning downward to stare at a caterpillar slowly inching its way across the floor, "what was yours Master?"

Master is quiet for a moment, merely staring down at her with her serious light pastel eye, before opening her mouth and-

"Go run 100 laps!" she shouts before taking a large gulp from the sake bottle bound to her waist.

"E-ehh?! Why?!"

"Because I said so! And get me more sake!"

"B-but you said you'd teach me-"

"Make that 200!"

"Yes master!" she scrambles away quickly, darting past Lucy and into the gardens.

"Honestly," says Wynne, letting Ningana rub against her cheek, "what am I gonna do with that kid?"


After several more months of deep meditation and intense physical exercise she has her first moment of magic.

Wynne doesn't say so, but Yuta can tell she's proud.


Lucy begins to rely on her more, begins to feel more protective of her, and their relationship only grows at their fathers cruelty and ignorance.

She begins to introduce Lucy to her animal friends, one by one, whom she had held possessively close to her heart. Wynne begins to ease up on her training methods, and teaches her more magical theory as each day passes. Father has a tutor come to the Estate each day to teach Lucy Celestial Magic, perhaps in honor of his late wife.

He also begins to push them harder each day, expecting more from them in regards to their studies. Yuta, in particular, he pays close attention to.

Being younger than Lucy by six years, he tries to keep rigid control of her. Lucy is strong willed, and strong minded, and will not so easily bend to his wishes; while Yuta herself seems to be colder and more indifferent. Perhaps he thinks he can marry her off one day, and make a fortune.

Her father has changed.

Wynne doesn't say anything in regards to his attitude towards the girls, but does try to keep their mind off of him.

"Go ask your sister if she wants a cup of cocoa," says her Master, pulling a red scarf around her neck. Yuta doesn't know how this will help seeing as she never changes her kimono, which bares much skin.

"Yes Master!" she calls before darting through the halls to where she knows Lucy is.

And, like always, she finds Lucy sitting amongst a pile of books in the Heartfilia library, mouthing the words with barely a sigh.

"Hey Lucy-nee," she calls from the door, and Lucy looks up, pigtails bobbing with her movements, "wanna get some cocoa with Master?"

Lucy beams immediately and scrambles away from the shaky tower of books and towards her. Linking arms, they both make their way towards where Master is waiting and when she sees them she bops them both on the head for keeping her waiting.

"Should I call a maid, Master?" Yuta asks, and Lucy hides behind her, having always been intimidated by the busty woman.

"A maid?" Wynne snorts derisively and heads in the direction of the kitchens, "The best cocoa is made by hand!"

Yuta and Lucy glance at each other before Lucy lets out a giggle and pulls the younger girl by her arm in the direction Wynne disappeared to, smoke from her pipe drifting about the manor lazily.

"This'll be fun!"

Outside, snow gently falls upon a horde of ravens and crows, all of which watch the house intently.


Many years pass like this, one, two, three, something like peace settling over the Heartfilia household, and before she knows it she's 7 years old.

Lucy can now summon Aquarius without too much strain on her magical reserves, and Yuta's own magic has grown.

She's also barely physically grown, and only nearly comes up to the chest of Lucy's own 13 year old body. Which she likes to rub in a little too much.

Her training has only become more intense, and her bond with Wynne has also grown. The woman continues to be downright crazy, but they've somehow settled into a routine. Wynne has become something of an older sister to her, to them both, and there's something about the older woman that tells her she just understands.

"Hey, Master?" she asks one day, Ningana curled in her lap.

"What, brat?"

"Why'd you want to take on a student?" it's something that's been bothering her for years, ever since she first heard Wynne yelling on that fateful day 3 years ago. Wynne is silent and glances at her from the corner of her eye.

"Well the truth is," she says, and Yuta leans forward in anticipation of an actual straight answer, "I always liked the idea of having a little minion to do my errands for me!"

"That's the reason?!" she shouts, and a crow caws at her irritably.

"Well, you are basically my slave."

"The hell I am!"

Wynne snorts a laugh and takes Ningana from her, letting the snake curl around her shoulders and settle there. She stands up and begins to stalk away, letting her hand rise in a parody of a wave goodbye.

"See ya later brat," she says, and Ningana hisses before curling under Wynne's clothes.

That's the last time Yuta sees her.


More years pass, one, two-

And then,

"Let's run away."

They're lying in the gardens, back to back, and staring at the sky when she says it. It's a sunny day, a small cat is settled on her stomach, and, like always, she can see a raven out of the corner of her eye.

Lucy has been on edge lately. Father has been hard on her, on them both, and their roles as young Heartfilia Lady's is becoming more prominent and more confining with each passing day. And so, she says-



I hope you liked it! I had a lot of fun writing it. It actually took me forever to write it – I like to let the anime/show/whatever play in the background as I write and I've made it up to episode 70 lmao.

I am also specifically not giving any details on Yuta's magic. I kind of want it to be a surprise, if you will – for further down the road. Give me your thoughts! What do you think her magic will be?

No one said learning magic was easy~

Do you like her? Is there anything you don't like about her?

Please, tell me!