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Victory over Covenant of Trombli

***Inside the Castle***

The tunnel at first went straight down, then it evened out and they walked for around ten to fifteen minutes. Then it went up and up, and at the end, Virgo greeted them in a room. That was actually a sewer entrance – there was dirty water and stairs going up, presumably into the castle.

When they managed to pull themselves out of the tunnel Virgo dug up, there were no guards posted at their entry from underground.

Though Buffy's nose wrinkled.

"Interesting smell you've discovered." Happy made his wisecrack and at the same time Buffy grumbled.

"Why is it always a sewer?" Then she glared at the blue flying cat. "And you are so not watching Star Wars again; also you really do not have the right to say that, Happy." He always had a stink of fish around him, like some sort of perfume. Buffy was not particularly fond of that smell – of fish that is.

Meanwhile the warriors that Trish and Rebel Commanders picked started to pop out of the tunnel. Buffy and Natsu waited – and took look out positions until their entire party climbed out of the tunnel.

"Shush." Natsu shushed them both as he sniffed the air. Then a shift of power level beside him made him turn to see Buffy decked out in the Ox power again – war hammer held at the ready.

He smiled in anticipation of the fight to come.

"This way." He waved the men to follow and they started to advance. Their main job was to incapacitate the guards without raising the alarm and open the gate for the army to come in.

Easy right or so Trish said. Buffy would agree but part of her was a bit concerned; after all, as Murphy's Law says: what can go wrong will go wrong.

Like her dad NOT telling her what was wrong. He completely waved away the fact that he could not walk, that it was nothing Buffy should worry about.

So she scanned her father for injuries without him knowing when she hugged him goodbye. She almost winced when she discovered that both his leg bones were shattered. Worse, it was days old injury; he was probably injured within an hour of his arrival in Pylea. She could not heal old damage BUT for doctors in Earthland that should not pose a problem.

What concerned her most was that while the healers of the Furlings did a good job, there were bone fragments that could pose a problem later on for her dad. Now that she could fix with another hug, and she burned out every bone fragment, which would do until she could get her father to stay in the Crocus hospital.

Earlier she had an idea – it was a good thing that it was a full moon, and that meant that she could use a Jade Dress that enabled her to change so, so much.

It was not for battle that the Jade Spirit was the most powerful in Magic. The magic had far reaching, world changing powers. The bad side of using this Spirit, was that she would be completely useless for a while, which meant that she charged a "key" which was really a branch Buffy took from the ground and then Phe and she imbued it with magic that would enable anyone to open the riff to Earthland's capital city Crocus, where her dad could receive the much needed medical help.

Ankhseram even mentioned that the Jade Spirit in question could be considered a Goddess of the Moon and Magic.

Buffy had a feeling she would be using her Rabbit Jade Dress before this night ended. The Jade Key that held the spirit pulsed in silvery light. Buffy put her palm on the warming surface – Tùzǐ was extending her feelings; the white moon rabbit was always shy and cautious. When she was practicing with Tùzǐ and her kin magic, the rabbits warned her that they wouldn't be coming out in person if they could help it – so she could use their warren power that was at its strongest when there was a night with a full moon.

***Hank above ground***

Hank would be pacing if he could, but he could not. His legs were useless, bones shattered and lethal in the way that it would only be a matter of time before a missed bone fragment travelled through his bloodstream and into his heart.

Trish was looking through Telescope a Celestial Spirit, Buffy had said. Buffy offered it, no, him Telescope was still a spirit with feelings to help find Trish's daughter Winifred and Roger – her husband and Fred's father.

Hank meanwhile – fretted for a bit. His only daughter was in a tunnel that some sort of maid who appeared out of nowhere dug.

Hank tried to understand when Buffy explained – but it was all so surreal; Keys that summoned celestial spirits, Gods of Life and Death, and a parallel Earth?

All this sounded like crazy talk like how vampires did when Joyce and he discovered Buffy's diary one night, after Buffy was expelled from Hermy and she disappeared to God knows where with that Pike boy for months. At that time, Hank was adamant for Buffy to be put in a hospital, and he may have hinted to his wife that they'd stay together if Buffy would be better.

At the moment he said it, he had meant it. But Joyce didn't. Joyce had grown distant; she had a lot of work with her gallery and didn't have the time to host his potential clients, like Joyce's art hobby was more important to her than gaining clients – and then all of the delusions Buffy had come up with about vampires and demons, being some sort of Chosen one to fight them, and she refused to admit to or take responsibility for the fire at the school gym.

***Castle ***

The warriors stealthy advanced through the castle proper – when they come to a forking hallway. Natsu and Buffy were in the front with Happy flying up ahead.

"Who goes there?"

And they were seen.


And the demons were unconscious in a smoking heap.

"Sound the alarm!"

Apparently they missed some of them.

"Good." Natsu smiled. Buffy could only sigh, and here she thought that they would make it – silly her.

"I hate sneaking around!" he exclaimed, his smile growing as both his hands were engulfed by flames.

After the fight broke out – and walls shattered and cracked, and stuff got caught by a stray fire and Buffy managed to duck the falling stone debris in Natsu's wake when he went all out – there was manic laughter involved. She honestly felt sorry for the poor demons. Honest.

'Dragons tend to be on the destructive side)' came Phe's sage statement.

'If at any time there was doubt. Even I didn't cause this much damage' Buffy replied while feeling the tremors that shook the walls – and the heat. 'Is it me or is Natsu's flame more powerful now?'

'He did turn into a dragon,' Phe answered, 'that would automatically up his power levels.'

'And they left me behind,' Buffy grumbled; she had ended up alone. Well as alone as she could be with the spirits.


Buffy had no idea how she found herself beside the contraption – a collared human was frantically explaining how this contraption worked.

"So the cows,"

A distasteful voice rang out from the opposite corner from the collared human man, who stepped back, his face twisted in fear.

"Dare to oppose the Covenant of Trombli," he sneered. "Well I will take The Device and put an end..."

"Oh shut up."

"Impossible!" the robed demon gasped when she kicked his pal into the wall. "Cows don't have the power."

"Didn't you know? It is unwise to insult a cow," Buffy quipped. At her side she felt the Ox Jade key pulse at her words; it appeared Niú was happy with her.

"Now I think it's time we discuss the management of this place." She threw a wide, bright smile at the demon.

"If you think you can ..." he sputtered.

"Oh I definitely will cow you into it." Buffy smiled sweetly, right before the power of the jade key wrapped around her.

***Hours later – Silas PoV***

Silas was quietly fuming as he sat in the corner while that coward Barshon how he hated this purple skinned demon now conversed with that impudent yellow haired cow. To think that the secret Trombli priests were so summarily defeated by a cow of all things. It was a good thing that the Groosalugg will come and slaughter the rebellious cows. Even if he himself was half cow.

Silas had a plan; inwardly he submitted – how that galled him. Silas was just biding his time. Oh yes, he would take back the Device and blow up every cow wearing the collar with it and that yellow haired cow … she would pay for this.

Now he just needed to get away and collect the Covenant of Trombli Holy Books, a trio of secret texts that contained the schematics of The Device, information regarding the Cursed One, the Groosalugg, and the Com-Shuck ritual that was to take place between them.

"Not the books!" came a shrill voice right after the door splintered by the force of a body colliding with wood. It was one of his fellow priests – one of the brave ones and not like Barshon, who submitted to that yellow haired cow.

"What's happening?" Barshon asked the groaning demon. Silas recognized him– that was a demon that worked in the library.

"The pink haired … umm,"

The pink? Silas thought.

"Dragon? Flames, cackles and the like? And a blue flying cat?" the cow prompted – how did she come upon him so quickly. He swung his fist – after all, cows were weak – then he remembered that she had thrown him into the wall before.

Too late.

***Buffy's PoV***

Buffy looked disappointed- this orange skinned demon, Barshon said his name was Silas, looked smarter than that. Oh well now he wouldn't bother anybody since she used Phe's flames. Silas was gone from this world in purification flames of the Phoenix.

Did that make her a "Demon Slayer" in Fiore? Does that type of Slayer even exist? She knew that a Vampire Slayer did not. Funny thing, Vampire Magic existed there but there were no vampires.

"Hey, Natsu!" she called, and sure enough he came trudging out of the library – Giles would have a heart attack if he found out that Natsu just burned down the library of all places.

"What?" He was tugging at his white, scaled scarf.

"I think we won."

"Aye," Happy piped in.

"Did your spirit – err Wolf?" At her nod that Natsu got the name of the spirit she sent to fetch Fred right, he continued, "find Fred? And what about that device we just wreaked?"

"Wolf is bringing Fred to Trish; as for the device – I think I have a solution. It will also address the power levels between demons and the human population of Pylea. You'll get to meet another one of my Jade spirits. Its sheer luck that it's a full moon though, since her power is greatest on the nights of the full moon. Also here "she handed the stick to Natsu " – after I cast this spell I won't be able to use magic for a while. This stick is sort of a key that will get us back to Earthland."

"Err Buffy,« Natsu started, unsure. She looked up at him, but his eyes were fixated somewhere below her waist... what the hell!


"One of your keys is glowing."

Buffy blinked and looked down – ohh. Around the Moon Goddess Jade Key was a silvery glow. "Well now, how about that? Tùzǐ decided that it's time to use her power right this instant."

She unchained the glowing key; unlike the others it wasn't pleasantly warm, but cold, reassuring and flooding with power.

She held it up and intoned in a cool, even tone. "Jade Dress: Tùzǐ! Open the Jade Zodiac: RABBIT!"

She felt the silvery light – moonbeams envelop her; she could feel the Jade dress materialising around her, a silver semi fitted gown with pearly pink undertones, flowing, wide sleeves, with embroidered rabbits with red eyes. Then a weight on her head signalled the headdress - that completely hid her hair that turned silvery white. It was in the shape of a large half moon with two silver textured arching bands with a twisted loop pattern, studded with white moonstones and amethyst rhinestones on both sides, and two gold flanking half-moon shapes wrapped over the ears, each with a silver textured inner half-moon inset with a moon symbol. Streaming from the base were dozens of multi-length strands of blue, pink, red, and purple beads with crescent silver moons at the end. And at last her skin turned porcelain white, with red lips and eyes.

Opening her eyes, she was greeted by a blinking Natsu and Happy.

"Ne, ne, Buffy?"

"What is it, Happy?"

"You do not look like a Rabbit," Happy said, and Natsu nodded.

"Nope. And before you ask, Tùzǐ doesn't look like a rabbit either – but she does have rabbit ears. She is also shy, so you probably won't meet her in person for a while."

Then she picked up the Killer Console. "Now I must hurry; since the moon is bright and full tonight, anything is possible – and I know what to do."

She then walked out onto the balcony and held up the Killer Console – that looked like something that came from Star Trek. The moon started to shine more brightly, bathing her in moonbeams and making her glow like a white sun.

Her beaded ribbons tipped with silver crescent moons chimed as she moved. She knew how she looked – she could hear mutterings in the crowd. But there was silence in the night, under the full moon above her. Unbidden, the voice of Tùzǐ sang the chant. She knew what she wanted to do with the magic her Jade Rabbit Dress granted her under the power of the full moon.

"Provide me with your protection and power,
Grant me peace and strength,"

She could see silver beams coming from the moon hitting the machine, lighting it in an ethereal glow. Power lit from within her; she was sure she was emitting a silvery glow herself at this point – the silence around her was deafening. She could hear every heartbeat connected to this machine – no wonder Silas thought he could just press the button and every human head would explode.

Well she would use this to make sure that every human with a collar could have the power to stand and live free.

88 stars of heavens
Impart to me, that which I seek,
make now mighty what is weak.

So I say so I will to be.

Then Buffy laced Phe's fire through the spell of the Moon Rabbit. And the Phoenix's song joined and strengthened the spell. So that every human and half human would forever be able to stand on equal ground with any other Pylean.

Fire, I appeal to your heat,
To help me in this magical feat,
Bring me what I ask,
As will be seen, as can be!

What I write here,
Please take my dream and bring about,
What I want is what you should get,
That all my dreams come true now.

When the last syllable left her mouth the spell was cast and the glow intensified before dying down.

***With Hank and Trish***

Trish was ecstatic; her daughter Fred had been found. There was still no sign of her Roger; that worried her because well, anything could have happened to him, and she'd never know.

That was the worst part – not knowing what happened to him.

****Elsewhere at the same time***

***Law firm Wolfram & Hart***

In a large room in a prestigious office of a Law Firm that catered to a very specific clientele, Holland Manners, the executive high ranking lawyer at the W&H LA Branch, entered and all the women and men – his lawyers stood up.

"We lost Pylea," he stated without descending into pleasantries. It was a huge blow to their plans, and they needed to revaluate and make adjustments.

"How? Why?" asked Lee Mercer, a promising young lawyer, who, along with Mr McDonald and Miss Morgan, was directly under Holland's supervision.

"It is unknown," Holland answered.

"Not so," a little girl's voice interrupted; they all turned to see a girl in a red dress. She was smiling.

"Who is the little girl?" Lilah Morgan asked.

"Lilah Morgan, this is the Conduit to the Senior Partners." Holland introduced the girl, who curtsied. "Tell me you know something."

"I know something, yes; it was the Fairies with Tails." And with that she dispersed.

"What do fairy tales have to do with this?" Lilah asked the room; nobody answered.