okay so first of all i know that many of you are going to read this and be confused about when in the time line it takes place. Im going to clear some things up about that. It takes place during the first half of Railgun S so i am not going to go into anything that has happened before it. I am marked everything that happens in Index2 as having happened after the events of the Railgun S seasons. I will cover the majority of the events in Railgun S as well as Index 2 then branch out o my own created stories. Even through the overall events will remain similar i am making many changes to what happens during those events. The biggest changes will happen to Mikoto and Touma, but others will change as well. Im going to have there characters progress differently and Mikoto in particular will have some radical changes throughout the story. I hope you all will enjoy as this is my first ever story on this site, and only my 3rd story ever.

As the Building begins to explode around her, Mikoto Misaka, The third ranked level 5 esper in academy city, runs for her life. She wasn't running from the explosions, but instead she was running from the fourth ranked level 5 esper, Shizuri Mugino, otherwise known as Meltdowner. Normally she wouldn't be running, but she has had to use her ability so much today that it is failing her. She could no longer take on Shizuri, so that left her with the only option of running, or tricking her into walking into a trap.

Come on! There has got to be a way out of here! I can't keep running forever. Wait that bridge! It's covered in that tape I saw the other girl using. Maybe just maybe I can get her to go onto that bridge and then light the tape, if i'm lucky then that will cause the bridge to collapse and take her down with it. Yes that is my only plan. If it fails then I am as good as dead.

Mikoto runs onto the bridge, dodging another blast. She almost reaches the end when her body fails her suddenly and she collapses onto the ground. She struggles and manages to get back onto her knees but that is all she has the energy to do. She turns her head and watches as Shizuri approaches the bridge. Mikoto was sitting right next to the tape, all she needed was for Shizuri to try to approach her and finish her off. So of course that's not what happens.

Shizuri stops walking forward and looks at the bridge. She smiles as she notices the tape going around the bridge. She could already guess what the railguns plan was, and she was not going to step into that trap. Not again.

"Well smart plan, but too bad it won't work. I can see that tape that's next to you and i'm not falling for it. Now then I'm guessing that you won't have enough energy to dodge one of my blasts, let alone deflect it. This is the end for you railgun, time to die." Shizuri says with a smile as she charges up one of her blasts.

I failed. I gave it everything I had and I could still not protect my sisters. They will all die now without me being there to protect them. Hell it's not like I could protect them anyways. They are okay with their own deaths, and it's not like I could take on accelerator. I guess this is the end for me.

Mikoto looks down as the blast is fired, silently accepting her fate. She doesn't notice the shape that lands between herself and the blast. A loud bang is heard but Mikoto can't feel any pain.

Wait I should be dead! What happened? Did I deflect the blast without trying?

She looks up to find out what happened and that's when she sees him. A man was standing in front of her, his right hand extended. He had neutralized the blast.

Kamijo! How? How did he know to come here? Why did he come here? Did he know what I was doing?

"How did you manage that? You stopped my Meltdown attack like its nothing! Who are you?" Shizuri asks in shock.

"My name is not important. As for how I stopped you, my ability is known as Imagine Breaker. I can cancel out any ability. That's how I stopped you. So now that that is over, Bye." Touma says quickly. Then he turns, grabs hold of Mikoto and takes off running. As he runs he drops a match, lighting the tape and preventing Shizuri from following.

Why is he doing this? Why does he always have to be a hero? I'm not worth saving anymore, I can't protect those I want to protect the most.

"You won't get away from me! I will hunt you down Railgun! I will hunt you down!" Shizuri yells after them, as touma continues to run and carry Mikoto out of the building. He runs out the door and takes the chance to stop running and set Mikoto down.

"Why did you save me?" She manages to ask, struggling to get words out between her labored breathing.

"Because I wouldn't be able to bare it if I had let you die Zapper." Touma responds smiling at Mikoto as he catches his breath.

"If I had enough energy I would shock you for that." Mikoto replies giving Touma a look. She may be tired, and her power may be running low, but that doesn't change her attitude.

"Do you have enough energy to walk?" Touma asks, concern dancing in his eyes.

"I should be fine to walk but I am no use in a fight right now." Mikoto responds, forcing herself to her feet.

"Well that should be fine, as we shouldn't have to do any more fight….. Shit. Rotten luck!" Touma explains, his eyes dropping in misery. Mikoto turns her eyes towards where he was looking and it doesn't take her long to identify what got him so upset. Charging towards them was about 10 security bots, probably trying to restrain them for their attack on the facility.

"Well thanks for trying to help me but I think it is best if you just leave me to this. You won't be able to fight them, and I don't have enough power to take them on. Just go and save yourself" Mikoto says, looking into touma's eyes. What she saw there surprised her, as all she saw was determination, not fear.

"Well it's good that I brought a friend then." Touma replies. A man drops down from the building next to them, landing in a crouch between Mikoto and the security bots. His outfit was a weird one at that. He was wearing what looked to be normal pants and shirt except for the fact that he had a hood pulled over his head. On his side was a very weird looking sheath that had some kind of trigger on it. He was a very well build man, his body saying that he held a lot of power. Yet he didn't look like an esper, and the fact that he has a sword would say so as well.

"Touma, Mikoto, stay out of this. I can handle the bots." The mystery man says, not looking back at them and keeping his eyes on the bots.

Who is this guy?

"Got it Raiden. Go ahead" Touma responds.

Raiden only smiles and then pulls the trigger on his sheath. The sword goes shooting out, its handle hitting one of the bots. Raiden catches up to it, grabs the sword and cuts the bot in half with one clean strike.

That Blade! What is it? It's a blood red color yet I can feel electricity coming from it. Is it powered in some way?

As Raiden continues to elegantly cut every bot into pieces, Mikoto notices something about the cuts that his sword is making. The destroyed parts of the bots glowed, as if they had been hit by an intense heat or electrical current. It doesn't take long for Raiden to finish off the last of the bots, and he resheathed his sword, walking over to Mikoto and Touma.

"Who are you?" Mikoto asks, looking the man over, trying to remember if she has seen him before.

"I'm a friend, just one you haven't met before. The name is Raiden. Now before we continue this conversation, let's get you back to your hotel, you need to rest." Raiden explains.

I guess I don't have another choice. I will ask him more questions once we are back at the hotel.

1 hour later.

Mikoto, Touma and Raiden walk into the hotel that Mikoto was staying at and make their way to her room. Once she opens the door, she immediately collapses on the closest bed. She was more exhausted than she had ever been before but she still needed some questions answered.

"So Touma, how did you know to come to my rescue?" She asks quietly. It takes Touma a little while to answer and she begins to wonder if he heard her when he responds "I didn't. Raiden did. He got ahold of me and told me that a friend of mine was in danger and to meet him at that location. Once there he told me to go inside while he guarded the outside.

"Well I'm going to have to find a way to thank you both. You really did save me this time." Mikoto responds. She then looks at Raiden who was leaning against a wall.

"So Raiden, tell me how you knew where to find me, that I was in danger and who exactly you are." Mikoto commands.

"I work in the shadows, knowing almost everything that goes on around me. Everyone in this City knows who the Railgun is, so when I saw you enter that building, and then sometime later, saw Shizuri enter with other espers, I knew something was going on. So that's why I reached out to Touma. I didn't want to get directly involved." Raiden explains. He then pulls his hood down, revealing his face. He had Silver hair and blue eyes. He looked like he was at least 21 years old.

"I'm not from academy city, in fact i'm not even from Japan. I'm an American that has been staying here for a while. I'm also a level 4 esper with a very unique ability that is hard to explain." Raiden continues.

"So what is it?" Mikoto asks, her eyes glistening with curiosity.

"I think I would rather show you then explain it. Meet Touma and Me at that vending machine you hate so much tomorrow. I'm going to go and give that last facility a check, see what I can do about it. I will update you in the morning. Goodbye Railgun." Raiden finishes, and then both of them leave, letting Mikoto sleep in peace.

If he destroys that last facility then I will finally be done with this Nightmare. Please do it Raiden!

Okay so you have made it through the first chapter. Is there anything you especially liked? Is there anything you hated? Raiden is a character im Adopting from the Metal gear universe, specifically his Rising revengeance game. So if any of you know what he is like in that game, then you know of some things he is hiding. I would love some constructive criticism so please throw it at me. I need to learn how to get better and that can only be done through feedback.