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Summary: Ash Ketchum was betrayed by most of his friends but thankfully there are still people who believe in Ash. Ash will have 6 Girlfriends in a Harem (1 from each region).

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The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Chapter 1

Ash Ketchum was sitting in the lobby of the Pokémon center waiting for the Pokémon he had used in today's battle to be healed and sitting on his shoulder was Pikachu. Sitting to Ash's right was Serena, then sitting to Ash's left was Clemont, and sitting next to him was his sister Bonnie and on her lap was a Dedenne.

"Ash, that battle was amazing! I just know you'll do great in the championship match" said Bonnie.

"Thanks Bonnie that means a lot to me also this is my first time reaching the finals so I'm looking forward to three days from now." Ash said genuinely.

"It's a good thing they gave you three days off before the finals maybe we could hang out?" asked Serena hoping she and Ash could spend some time together.

"Yeah but first I want to research my opponent and find out what Pokémon she is likely to use and plan a strategy around that, then when I'm done training my Pokémon, the four of us can hang out."

"You know Ash, I'm definitely in for some down time so I can work on a new invention" said Clemont.

"Awesome, Clemont I can't wait to see what this one does." Ash said.

"Big brother, maybe I can find a woman to take care of you!" Bonnie said to her brother.

Clemont's facial expression changed to one of annoyance and he said. "Bonnie, cut it out, how many times do I have to warn you about this?"

"At least someone knows what love is." Serena mumbled under her breath.

Ash turned to Serena and asked "What was that, Serena?"

"Nothing." Serena replied coldly.

"Gee sorry I asked." Ash said.

Nurse Joy came out from the back and said. "Ash, your Pokémon are all healed now."

Ash got up and made his way to the counter and collected his Pokémon.

"Thank you, Nurse Joy." Ash said gratefully.

"No problem Ash." Nurse Joy said with her cheerful voice. "Good luck in the championship match."

Ash went back and joined his friends.

"Guys, I'm going to make a few phone calls." Ash said.

"Okay." Serena, Bonnie and Clemont said.

Ash went to the video phones and the other three went to go do their own thing.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

In Cerulean City Misty was sitting in the living room in front of the TV and she had a huge smile on her face after watching Ash make it to the championship match of the Kalos League. She was taken out of her thoughts when her three sisters entered the room.

"Misty, are you still staring at the TV?" Daisy stated.

Misty jolted her head up and looked at her sisters. "Um Yeah I was wondering if they were going to Interview Ash on reaching the final of the Kalos League" said Misty.

"Look Misty, we know you're happy that Ash made it to the championship match we all are after what he has done for us in the past, but wouldn't it be better for you to go see him." Violet suggested.

Misty thought about it for a few minutes before coming up with a plan she just needed to make a few calls to set everything up.

"You know you're right I will." Misty said with excitement in her voice. "I'm going to call a few people and plan a trip."

"You do that." Daisy said as Misty got up and went to the video phone to call people.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Petalburg City in the Hoenn region. May was sitting in her room she like Misty had seen Ash's progression to the final of the Kalos Championship and was really proud that Ash had made it. May had really missed Ash and had developed feelings for him during the Sea Temple incident when they helped hatch a Manaphy and the Legendary Pokémon had decided to consider them its parents. May was brought out of her day dream when a knock was heard on her door.

"Come in." said May.

The door opened and Caroline was stood there and said "May sweetie, you have a phone call."

"Okay mom I'll be there in a minute" said May as she got up and followed her mom down stairs. May was hoping that it was Ash on the phone but when May reached the phone, she was slightly disappointed when she saw Misty's face on the screen.

(Video Phone Activated.)

"Hey Misty!" May said still excited at seeing a friend.

"Hi May." Misty replied before adding "I'm calling because I was wondering if you'd want to come with me to Kalos and watch Ash in the championship."

May was happy that she would get to see Ash again and said. "Sure, in fact why don't you come to the gym and we can head over since Dad will be there as the Hoenn Gym representative." May answered.

"Cool you're lucky to be able to get a Gym Leader pass the Kanto Pass was given to Brock and I don't get to talk to him too much since he was banned from Cerulean Gym by my sisters after he tried hitting on all three of them one after the other" Misty said.

Both girls shared a laugh at Brocks antics when he's around beautiful women.

"I just hope Ash doesn't turn out like Brock" said May

"Me too I'll see you tomorrow at the gym, I have more calls to make." Misty said as the call ended.

(Video Phone Deactivated.)

May hung up the phone and she was now very cheerful. She made her way to the living room where her parents were. Norman looked in May's direction and spoke up and had a smile.

"Hey sweetie, who was that on the phone?" Norman asked.

"Misty, she wanted to invite me to go to Kalos and watch Ash in the championship match, but I said I was already going with you and asked her if she wanted to travel there with us instead" May replied.

"That's OK with me plus Max is coming with us" said Norman.

Before anyone could say anything else, the door opened and Max came running into the house with a big smile on his face.

Caroline turned towards Max and said "I take it you heard the news before opening the door."

"Yeah, It will be great to see Ash again I can show him the first Pokémon I ever caught." Max said as he opened a poke ball to reveal a Ralts.

"You don't mind staying here do you dear?" Norman asked his wife.

"It's fine, dear." Caroline replied. "Why don't you three go and pack."

With that, the three went upstairs to go pack.

Meanwhile Misty had called Dawn and Iris and the trip was set they would all meet up a Lumiose City and from there they headed off to the location of the Championship tournament.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Two Days Later at the Kalos League, Misty, Gary, Brock, Tracey, May, Norman, Iris, Cilan, Clemont and Serena were all out eating at a high end restaurant. The group seemed to be getting along quite well. The girls all seemed a bit frustrated about something. Tracey was the first to speak.

"You know, ever since we arrived yesterday, you girls seem upset about something." Tracey stated.

"Yeah, I thought you all wanted to come." Gary added.

"We did, but let's get down to the real reason we're here." Misty said before adding. "I came here to get close to Ash, but his denseness is really pissing me off"

"He's been doing that to me as well I would ask him to go for a walk, but all he would do is want to bring other people or his Pokémon" said May.

"He turned a personal shopping trip into a group thing." Dawn added.

"You guys don't know the half of it." Serena said. "I've been traveling with him all through Kalos and every time I ask him for alone time, he wants to bring our two other traveling companions. To be honest, I'm sick of it." She added.

"Let's be honest though this is probably the most pressure Ash has been under as this is the most important match of his career" said Gary.

"We understand that but he has barely said anything to us since we got here" said Misty.

"Would you not spend the three day gap researching the toughest trainer in this region if you were to face them and then prepare your team to work to her weaknesses?"

"I guess but still he could make a few minutes for us" said May.

Norman was now beginning to understand where the girls were coming from. He was getting upset now, despite everything Ash has done for his family in the past, no one makes his little girl upset.

"I propose an idea." Norman spoke.

Brock looked in Norman's direction with interest

"What do you suggest, Norman?" Brock asked.

"I suggest we take Ash down a peg or two." Norman said.

"How?" asked Cilan.

"Brock, Iris, Clemont, Cilan, Misty and I have gym leader influence from 3 regions." Norman said. "Gary is the grandson of Prof. Oak. Dawn is the daughter of a top coordinator. May is my daughter. Serena is the daughter of a famous Rhyhorn racer. Tracey works for Prof. Oak"

"What are you getting at, Norman?" Clemont asked.

"I say that before Ash's battle, we do a public announcement and we take from Ash for what he's caused my daughter and you other girls." Norman suggested.

Gary was silent he was horrified at what he had heard, these people that called themselves Ash's friends were going to ruin his big day and ruin his reputation, he had also noticed that Iris had remained silent during the entire meeting.

To Norman's surprise, everyone in the group agreed. Wicked smiles crept on their faces.

"I don't care what Ash has done for us in the past" Misty said coldly. "He will pay for tossing us aside."

"You guys just act normal until tomorrow." Norman said.

"Got it." Everyone said in unison.

The rest of the dinner went by just fine.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Unknown to the traitors sitting not far from them were three team rocket agents two of which were on their first date.

"Why dem no good traitorous beatniks" said Meowth.

"I guess we will have to make sure they Prepare for Trouble" said Jessie.

"They had better make it double" added James.

"Meowth that's right" said Meowth.

"It appears that there is at least one of them who still believes in Ash" said James

"Yeah and he just happens to be Ash's rival" said Jessie.

"Uhm Jessie I have a confession" said James.

"What is it?"

"Jessie I don't want this date to be a one off I love you and want to be your boyfriend" said James.

"Thanks James I feel the same I love you as well" said Jessie.

"Hey I'm glad you both finally got round to saying that now maybe we should work out what to do about dem?" said Meowth.

"Right well lets finish our date then we can return to the balloon and come up with a plan and inform the Boss" said Jessie.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Meanwhile Ash was busy training his team for his first ever championship match.

"Pikachu, use Quick Attack full speed against that boulder." Ash ordered.

The electric type nodded and sped forward, leaving streaks of white light behind him. He connected with a boulder that was three times the size of him. Upon connecting with the boulder, it cracked and shattered into pieces.

"Good job buddy!" Ash said with excitement in his voice. "You deserve a nice rest."

"Pika!" Pikachu cheered.

Ash then trained his Greninja, Charizard, Muk, Torterra and Hawlucha for tomorrow's match the training went well. After a couple of hours, Ash went to his room and went to bed.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Later that night when everyone was in their own rooms Gary rang his uncle Professor Oak.

"Grandpa something bad is happening Norman Maple and all of Ash's friends are planning on betraying him tomorrow before his final battle"

"I know" said Professor Oak sounding disinterested.

"Well you're not going to let them are you?"

"Yes if I have learnt one thing from watching Ash battle is that he will fail he always does"

Gary in frustration slammed the phone down and then for the first time he could remember Rang another number knowing that he was about to set off a small bomb in Pallet town.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

"Hello Ketchum residence" said Delia's voice.

"Delia its Gary Oak I have something to tell you" said Gary.

"Gary is something wrong with Ash?"

"No not yet but there will be tomorrow and I need your help to stop it"

"Gary what is going on?"

"Ash's other friends are planning on betraying him and are following the lead of Norman Maple, also Grandpa is in on it so please go and get Ash's Pokémon in case he does something to them"

"Ok Gary I will and I will call a family friend who will be at the stadium tomorrow so he can alert Mr. Goodshow. Gary please try and warn Ash for me, while I deal with Samuel" said Delia.

"I will do Delia" said Gary as they ended the call.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

'It is such a good thing Ash's Father and his Sister don't know about this yet' Delia thought to herself as she searched through her phone book and found the number she was after and after a few minutes to think if she should she rung it and after a few minutes it was answered.

"Hello" said the Voice.

"Lance its Delia I need a real big favor?" asked Delia.

"Delia it's been a long time since we last saw each other so what can I do to help?"

"It's Ash. As I'm sure you already know tomorrow he will fight Diantha for the title of Kalos champion and I just received word that Ash's travel companions are plotting to ruin it for him"

"Do you know how Delia?"

"No but Norman Maple is the ring leader and Samuel is involved and he looks after Ash's Pokémon when they are not being used and I'm concerned about them"

"Well firstly we need to get those Pokémon away from Oak" said Lance.

"I agree but even I cannot carry that many it would take a Gym Leader or Champion to even be allowed to remove that many Pokéball's, and if Ash's father or sister turned up Oak would suspect something" said Delia.

"Ok Delia I have an idea once we finish here I'll ring Clair and she will come straight over and then with her assistance you will collect all of Ash's Pokémon, while that is going on I will attempt to stop whatever is being planned tomorrow" said Lance.

"Thank you Lance and the next time we meet up can we talk about what happened all those years ago" said Delia.

"It would be an honor to finally sort everything out" replied Lance.

"Ok well I had better go and get ready for when Clair gets here, thank you again Lance I didn't want to ask Ash's father for help since Ash has said before he wants nothing to do with him, and if I called his sister Samuel would probably end up dead so I thought who could I trust and you were the first person I thought of"

"Goodbye Delia and I'm honored you would think of me first"

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

An hour had passed when suddenly a dark shadow covered Pallet Town as a large Pokémon was seen flying overhead before landing in front of Delia's house. The Pokémon could now be seen and it was a Salamence then off its back got a female trainer with Blue hair and she returned the Salamence and walked up to the door and knocked on it, Delia opened the door and welcomed Clair in to her house.

"Delia It's good to see you, my brother was surprised you would call after what happened the last time the two of you talked but I am glad to help any way I can" said Clair.

"Thanks Clair and as I told Lance I didn't want to call Ash's father or his sister as Ash doesn't want any help from his father and his sister would likely kill Oak, so I had nowhere else to turn and I'm sorry for the way things between myself and Lance have been he did try to warn me about Ash's father but I didn't listen" said Delia.

The two caught up before Delia explained why they needed Clair's help and the minute she found out that Ash's Pokémon might be in trouble she was ready to help. The two then left the house and walked the short distance to Professor Oak's lab and Clair knocked on the door.

Professor Oak opened the door and said "Hello how can I help you?" as he looked at who was at the door he saw Clair and then he spotted Delia.

"You are Professor Samuel Oak are you not?" asked Clair.

"Yes I am" replied Oak.

"Professor Oak you are required by direct order of the G-Men to hand over your professor's license and allow me access to the Lab and all Pokémon within"

"Ok but what is Delia doing here?"

"Delia is assisting me as she was once an assistant who worked here and is also involved in the matter I am here to investigate, now Samuel Oak please show me your accounts books and then we will inspect the Pokémon"

Delia knew Clair had to do things by the book and was enjoying watching Samuel squirm as Clair was obviously intimidating him.

Clair was looking through the accounts and found what she was after.

"Samuel please tell me what this payment of 5.000.000 poke dollars was for?" asked Clair.

"That payment was a donation from Lysandre Industries in the Kalos region"

"What was the donation for?"

"It was to allow them to come here and film the Pokémon who live here for a promotional piece to advertise their new holocaster devise"

"Professor Oak what do you know about the criminal organization of Kalos known as Team Flare?"

"I don't know anything about them why?"

"Well for a long time the G-men and the Pokémon Rangers have investigated Team Flare and recently they were also on the receiving end of a donation from Lysandre Industries, so we are investigating if there is any connection" said Clair as she returned to looking through the accounts. Then she changed tactic "So which trainer pays the most for the upkeep of their Pokémon?" asked Clair.

"That would be Ash Ketchum almost a third of his winnings come here to pay for the food to feed his Pokémon and to help with the upkeep of the grounds" said the Professor.

"And is that enough to comfortably feed and care for his Pokémon?"

"Well actually no it isn't his Snorlax takes up more than half the money Ash sends, which I guess is a reason why not many people catch Snorlax in the first place"

Just then Clair's Pokenav rang and she looked at the message that she had just been sent.

"Professor Oak could you explain why you have just had 2.500.000 poke dollars added to your account from Norman Maple?"

Oak realised the game as up and said "It was to allow Norman to use falsely made pictures of Ash's Pokémon that looked like he was neglecting them"

"Samuel how could you" said Delia as she walked to Oak and slapped him hard.

"Professor Samuel Oak under article 6 of the Pokémon code you are here by removed from being the Professor of this laboratory, a new professor will be assigned in a few months but until then Professor Ivy will take temporary charge and also I am removing the Pokémon belonging to Ash Ketchum for fear of their safety if you remain in charge. You have 5 hours to collect your belongings and vacate the lab and your accounts have now been frozen until the investigation is finished" said Clair as Ash's Pokéball's were placed in a bag and along with Delia they walked out to the reservation where the Pokémon stayed.

Bulbasaur came forward recognizing Delia as Ash's mother.

"Bulbasaur sweetie please call the rest of Ash's Pokémon we are leaving Professor Oaks Laboratory"

Bulbasaur used solar beam to call all of Ash's Pokémon and explained what was about to happen to them and they all agreed to go with Delia and Clair. After they had collected Ash's Pokémon returned to the lab and saw Oak still standing their trying to take in what happened.

"Samuel I will be staying in Pallet Town for a few days to help Professor Ivy settle in for now and if you try to interfere or sabotage her work I will have you arrested"

Clair and Delia turned and left the lab knowing that for now their work was done.

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