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Summary: Ash Ketchum was betrayed by most of his friends but thankfully there are still people who believe in Ash. Ash will have 7 Girlfriends in a Harem (1 from each region).

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The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Chapter 10

Rebekah Anderson was walking towards Opelucid City she was almost across Tubeline Bridge when a strange fog surrounded her and just as quick it vanished and revealed the Shadow Triad and Burgundy had surrounded her.

"Can I help you four with anything?" asked Rebekah.

One of the Shadow Triad spoke. "Yes. You're Rebekah D'Arciola, correct?"

"Two things: first the Boss wants you taken care of, so for Lord Ghetsis you are going down, and secondly I know you have met the trainer Ash Ketchum. What is his current location?" said another of the Shadow Triad.

"You can try to take me in, but I will defeat you, and as for Ash Ketchum I haven't seen him for almost a year since he was training for the Unova League. Also, I'm Rebekah Anderson now," said Rebekah. This wasn't a cover-up. It was true.

The first Shadow Triad member sent out three Pokémon. "Go Pawniard, Pawniard and Absol."

The second Shadow Triad member sent out three Pokémon. "Go Pawniard, Pawniard and Banette."

The third Shadow Triad member sent out three Pokémon. "Go Pawniard, Pawniard and Accelgor."

The fourth person sent out four Pokémon. "Go Dewott, Sawsbuck, Stoutland and Darmanitan."

"You think that scares me? Ha I have faith in my Pokémon," said Rebekah as she pulled out 6 Pokéball's and opened them revealing her Pokémon who were 2 Feraligatr, a Houndoom, a Slowking, a Metagross and a Starmie. What didn't go unnoticed by the Triad and the other individual was the fact that one of the Feraligatr came out in sparkles, as did the Starmie.

"Spark and Tidal use Super Power, Zalam use Incinerate, Hoku use a Gyro Ice Ball, Logam use Earthquake and attack all the Pawniard!" ordered Rebekah. The Triad and the other person didn't pay too much attention to the fact that she didn't have her Slowking attack.

With that the two Feraligatr used Super Power, the Houndoom used Incinerate, the Starmie used Gyro Ball and combined that with Ice Beam, the Metagross used Earthquake and the attacks hit knocking out some of the Pawniard easily.

"Is that all you got? I will make light work of these Pokémon," said Rebekah.

"You asked for it," said the Shadow Triad all at the same time before they each grabbed an extra Pokéball and sent out the Pokémon that were inside. Out came Simisear, Simipour and Simisage and they joined the attack

"Banette, Absol and Stoutland, use Thunderbolt on the shiny Feraligatr. While they are doing that: Accelgor, Sawsbuck and Simisage use Energy Ball on the other Feraligatr at the same time Simisear and Darmanitan use Flamethrower on Metagross and finally Simipour and Dewott use Aqua Tail on Houndoom," ordered the Shadow Triad and Burgundy.

With that, the 16 Pokémon launched their attacks and they all hit their targets taking out the two Feraligatr and the Houndoom, the Metagross survived but received a very bad burn. Slowking nodded to Rebekah and awaited a command.

Rebekah -despite her confidence at the start of the fight- knew she struggled in double battles, and she had just lost 3 of her best Pokémon during the battle and had only managed to take out 6 of the Pawniard from the Shadow Triad. Tidal, Zalam and Starmie had all fainted.

"I'll ask you once again," one of the Shadow Triad said as Rebekah was starting to realise who it really was. She had faced the three people before when she was collecting her Gym badges to enter the Unova League several years ago. She hid her disgust. "Where is the Pokémon abuser known as Ash Ketchum?" She also hid her fury as she knew that Ash would do no such thing!

"I already told you that I don't know where Ash is. If you must know, the last I saw of him he vanished in a blue flash of light and I would worry about your reputation after word gets out the Shadow triad are no tough group of Trainers hand selected by Ghetsis but are the Striaton City Gym Leaders," said Rebekah with a smirk. She had at least one connection in each of the regions Ash competed in, with the exception being Alola. However, that didn't mean she didn't know anyone there.

"Enough! Now we will finish this and take you to our leader by force maybe he can extract the necessary information from you," said another of the Shadow Triad. Rebekah crossed her arms.

"Banette, Absol and Stoutland, use Thunderbolt on the Starmie, while they are doing that Accelgor, Sawsbuck and Simisage use Energy Ball on Slowking, at the same time Simisear and Darmanitan use Flamethrower on Metagross and finally Simipour and Dewott use Protect on the rest of our team," ordered the Shadow Triad and Burgundy. They missed Rebekah's eyes glow for Slowking to step up and counter.

Just then a Wobbuffet and two Dittos appeared in the road and the two Dittos transformed into the Wobbuffet. Rebekah was getting ready to recall her fainted Pokémon.

Then a voice command was heard from in the sky, "Counter".

The attacks hit the three Wobbuffet who absorbed the damage and retaliated with such force the Protect that had been ordered shattered on contact and the power of the attack knocked out Simisear, Simisage, Simipour, Absol, Dewott, Sawsbuck and Darmanitan. Rebekah knew Psychic attacks like the back of her hand and she knew that the attack had been a powerful Psybeam. Slowking stopped charging the counter-attack.

"Where did that come from?" questioned the Shadow Triad.

"Prepare for trouble," said a voice as Jessie appeared behind one Wobbuffet.

"And make it double," said another voice as James appeared behind a Wobbuffet.

"That's right," said a third voice as a woman with green hair was revealed alongside them. She smiled.

"TEAM ROCKET? What are you buffoons doing back in Unova?" asked one of the Triad.

"Stopping you from doing any more harm," came Jessie's reply as the smoke cleared from behind the Wobbuffet and it revealed the three of them were standing there in Team Rocket Executive outfits. Rebekah breathed a sigh of relief. She now had some more people backing her up and she regained her confidence.

"What's wrong Cilan, Chili, Cress too worried by Team Rocket to keep up the act?" taunted Rebekah.

"Banette, Accelgor, Stoutland, Hyper Beam!" called the Shadow Triad and Burgundy.

"Mirror Coat Wobbuffet," called Jessie as the three Wobbuffet glowed and the Hyper Beam attack was returned and wiped out the three remaining Pokémon.

"Now what to do with you four: do we take you prisoner? Do we turn you over to the police or do we blast you off?" said James threateningly.

The Triad and Burgundy were trying to form an answer. Rebekah returned her fainted Pokémon after thanking them.

"Go Dustox: use String Shot and take these four prisoners," said Jessie. Rebekah recalled her Metagross, leaving her with Slowking and Spark.

Rebekah looked at the green-haired woman and exchanged a nod in thanks. Only Jessie and James heard this. "You've been training since for a long time and know better."

"Well, to be honest, I was en route to the nearest Pokémon Center. If this were any of the other regions in the mainland, then I wouldn't have too much of a problem. Anyway, they asked me if I knew where Ash Ketchum was." The green-haired was stunned. Was this an enemy that they unknowingly defended? Rebekah noticed this. "Don't worry. I told them that it's been a while since I've seen him. I don't know him that well, but I could tell that he is a kind soul who cares about people. Thank you for helping me, though."

She nodded. "We should probably alert the boss. Jessie, are you almost done?"

James answered, "Yeah. Dustox has to recharge after a while. Agent Copy Cat, you two know each other?"

Rebekah nodded. "It's a long story," she told James. She turned her attention to the woman in front of her. "Let me know if there are any traitors I might know of." The woman told her bits and pieces.

Before Rebekah could answer, Jessie asked her a question. "If I might ask, why do you want to help our Boss' son?"

"Well, your boss funded some of my treatment when I was younger and he in fact helped me out on a few other occasions. The last time I saw him, he helped me up and told me about his son more. I've been in debt to him ever since."

The green-haired woman nodded. "She's telling the truth. So, do any names ring a bell?"

Rebekah nodded. "I wish I could tell you that I knew everyone you just listed. However, I likely know those names and am just at a block right now. I can tell you that I knew Gary and Daisy Oak's parents and I've got a few other connections that I won't disclose. If you need my husband or I to help with anything, let us know."

Copy Cat nodded. "We will. Jessie, James, let's move on out and go make a special call."

Jessie didn't even recall Dustox as the trio left. The Triad looked at Rebekah. The String Shot wouldn't break easily. She noticed one of the Striaton brothers/Triad members trying to do so. She turned to her Slowking. "Even if you do manage to break out of that, you're looking at two Pokémon who have moves that are potentially lethal towards humans. Send out more Pokémon and with the snap of my fingers, Malik and Spark will attack on instinct."

Rebekah sighed and kept an eye out. She didn't like the idea of the gym leaders turning against Ash. She was glad that he had allies, though. She saw the whole thing.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Meanwhile over in the Sinnoh Region Dawn and Barry were following Tobias, they thought they were being sneaky enough that Tobias didn't know they were behind him but he knew and was leading them in to a trap.

After a few minutes Tobias stopped and said "I know you are behind me so show yourselves"

Dawn and Barry walked out of there hiding place so Tobias could see them.

"Why are you following me?" asked Tobias.

"We wanted to ask you a question and that is do you remember Ash Ketchum?" asked Dawn.

"Yes I do he is one of the most skilled and gifted battlers I have ever faced, I can see him doing great things in the future and being the champion of one if not several regions" said Tobias.

"So you wouldn't be interested in joining us then and making him realise he should love me?" asked Dawn.

"Ha, you have no place deep in his heart. I could sense you have strong feelings for Ash but his feelings for you were for someone he considers a sister, he trusted you with being a part of his life and on several occasions he stopped what he was doing to help you prepare for an important contest and you stabbed him in the back, when he wanted to prepare for the most important fight of his life. Dawn you would still be back at home if it weren't for the help Ash gave you and to see what you and his other so called friends did to him you are all pathetic" said Tobias.

"You are the one who ended his dream in the Sinnoh League, if it hadn't been for you I could have been there to celebrate with him after the match and made him love me after he won the league" said Dawn.

"Please he would have gone and celebrated with his Pokémon first you know that since they put in the hard work, also I was sent to test Ash it wasn't his time or place to become Sinnoh Champion then" said Tobias.

"Who sent you to test Ash then?" asked Barry.

"None of your business" said Tobias.

"How about if we beat you in a battle you tell us?" asked Dawn.

"Ha you two think you can do what only Ash and the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia have been able to do and stop me, you are on, I shall enjoy an easy win" said Tobias.

"Dawn do you think this is a good idea?" asked Barry.

"Yes now let's go" said Dawn.

"Let's make this interesting you can both send out all your Pokémon right from the start" said Tobias.

"Go Piplup, Buneary, Pachirisu, Mamoswine, Togekiss, Quilava" called Dawn.

"Go Empoleon, Staraptor, Roserade, Heracross, Hitmonlee, Skarmory" called Barry.

"Pathetic that Heracross looks barely trained, oh well time for battle my friends" said Tobias as he pulled out two Pokéball's and out of them came Darkrai and Latios.

"Dark Void, Luster Purge" said Tobias and with just the two attacks ordered all of Dawn's and Barry's Pokémon fainted.

"You two are both pathetic" said Tobias as he returned Darkrai and then got on Latios's back and flew off.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Meanwhile in a meeting between Charles Goodshow and the regional champions minus Cynthia for obvious reasons Charles was looking through the list of possible replacements for Cynthia should they need to appoint a new Champion before the start of the Sinnoh league in three months.

"Lance both you and Cynthia gave your support to Ash after the Allegations were made and you have even given evidence to try and prove Ash is innocent of everything he has been accused of but we also need the testament of what happened in Pallet Town between your sister Clair and Professor Oak" said Charles.

"I understand Charles and I would happily have her give you that evidence but she hasn't been seen since the incident and her house has vanished from Blackthorn City I have had to leave Clair's second in command as Gym Leader"

"Could she be with Ash where ever he currently is?" asked Diantha.

"It is possible I mean the rumored sighting of Ash across the 6 regions we currently operate have brought nothing" replied Charles.

"Could he possibly be in the Alola region?" asked Steven.

"No we can say with certainty he hasn't been there" said Charles.

"How can you be so sure?" asked Lance.

"His Pokédex if he had been in any new region it would send a homing signal, Ash must be somewhere where it is being mask" said Steven.

"Why wouldn't he have just turned the tracker off?" asked Alder.

"Simple he would need to take most of the Pokédex apart to even find it, and he needs the Pokédex to register for any tournament in the future" replied Steven.

"Which league will he try to register for? All his trainer rights have been suspended?" asked Diantha.

"Kanto" said Lance and Charles at the same time.

"What do you two know that we don't?" asked Steven.

"Have any of you read the full list of Pokémon league rules?" asked Lance.

"Yes but I don't remember reading anything that Ash could use after all he is just an average trainer?" questioned Alder.

Charles loaded up Ash's trainer page and accessed his accomplishments and waited to see who if any would work it out.

"Wait are you serious that's the same Ash Ketchum who was accused of Pokémon abuse?" asked Diantha reading everything about Ash.

"Yes this is the same Ash" said Charles.

"Why was he even suspended his record alone disproves it" said Alder.

"No one but Champions are supposed to see these records if his accomplishment got out Ash would be the favorite for every league tournament he enters let alone being the strongest of the Battle frontier trainers" said Lance.

"So you mean Ash will use the rule?" asked Steven having studied everything and realizing what was going to happen.

"Yes and you may or may not know no one has ever successfully used the rule" said Charles.

"What makes you think he will use the rule and win the Kanto league?" asked Alder.

"I gave a piece of paper to Cynthia with the rule number on it for her to give to Ash, plus as we all know the Kanto and Johto league has been ruled by Lance for so long he actually want to once again separate the leagues" said Charles.

"Surely there better and stronger options within Kanto?" asked Diantha.

"None that fit the criteria like it or not the strongest champion Kanto could have is Ash Ketchum" said Charles.

"So what do we do about it?" asked Alder.

"We wait for Ash to make his move" said Lance.

"Now we should talk about the other issue what do we do about the Sinnoh League it currently doesn't have a Champion and the Sinnoh league starts up in 3 months for trainers to go and win the gym badges" said Charles.

"Well unless someone actually wins the league and then successfully challenges the elite four we do nothing" said Steven.

"Agreed" said Lance and Diantha.

"Alder?" asked Charles.

"I think we should approach a trainer and offer them the position so that if Cynthia doesn't return in time there is a face at the tournament that the challengers can aim for" said Alder.

"Anyone in mind?" asked Charles.

"Well we could always promote one of the elite four but personally I would recommend Tobias"

"I agree he has been one of the strongest contestants in recent years and only two people have been able to stop his Darkrai and Latios" said Charles.

"Should we contact Cynthia and let her know about the meeting?" asked Alder.

"Do you know where she is?" asked Charles.

"Good point" said Alder.

Lance and Charles both new where Cynthia was but kept quiet knowing they couldn't let the other Champions know in case any of them had been swayed to the other side and thought Ash guilty.

"Ok so any other news we need to discuss while we are here?" asked Charles.

"I would like to talk about new trainers joining the elite four when someone wants to leave and if a new champion has the right to replace the existing elite four when they become champion" said Diantha.

"I second the topic as Agatha has made it known she would like to retire" said Lance.

"Well currently you would need to replace a retiring member with someone that uses the same type of Pokémon and as for a champion replacing the entire elite four I have only ever heard of the champion making small changes it would be at the champion discretion how they would reorganize the Elite four" said Charles.

"Should we allow the Champion such freedom?" asked Alder.

"Depending on the circumstances I would say yes" replied Charles.

"I'll need to go and look up some Ghost and poison trainers to possibly replace Agatha" said Lance.

"Well if that is all let's end this for now and we shall reconvene in six months for the next meeting" said Charles.

Everyone except Charles and Lance left the room. "Ok contact Cynthia and let her know what happened and also try to convince Clair to send us her report and any evidence she has remaining, I'm not sure we can do anything with it but let's have it ready just incase"

Lance nodded and left the meeting going to his private room as the Johto champion where he contacted both Cynthia and Clair to tell them what was going on.