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Summary: Ash Ketchum was betrayed by most of his friends but thankfully there are still people who believe in Ash. Ash will have 7 Girlfriends in a Harem (1 from each region).

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The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Chapter 11

Lance was on his private jet heading back to the Indigo Plato and decided to ring Clair and Cynthia. He asked the stewards on the plane if one of them could bring him the on board phone and he rung his sisters phone number praying she would answer.

After a few rings Clair did pick up and she said "Hello"

"Clair its Lance is Cynthia with you?" asked Lance.

"Yeah we were just having a practice match" replied Clair, who then added "Let me put you on loud speaker"

"Hey Lance" said Cynthia letting him know the loud speaker was active.

"So what's the emergency you had to ring us?" asked Clair.

"Well there are a few things but the most urgent is that I need your report of the Pallet Town incident with Professor Oak, Clair" said Lance.

"I'll have it sent to you A.S.A.P, do you think it will help?" asked Clair.

"Maybe we have had reports of other people taking sides and getting into fights to either attack Ash's name or defend his name and so far the defenders of his name appear to be winning" replied Lance.

"Ok so what else can we do for you?" asked Cynthia.

"Well even in your absence Cynthia the League Champions Meeting has been held and a few things were said and it appears we may Have Steven and Diantha now aboard that Ash is innocent after showing them all his permanent record the only stumbling block is Alder then we would have every Champion backing Ash" replied Lance.

"So what else was said?" enquired Cynthia.

"Oh Agatha retiring and Koga is the most likely replacement to take over from her and also you do know the Sinnoh league will be starting up in a few months" said Lance.

"Yeah I know of that" replied Cynthia.

"Well there is talk about naming a new Champion if you aren't going to appear as the figure head of the tournament as normal" said Lance.

"I will be there don't worry Lance" replied Cynthia.

"So you think Ash will invoke the rule?" asked Lance.

"Yes I do and I wouldn't be surprised if he tells us all soon" replied Cynthia then she added "He has been spending a lot of time with his Pokémon almost as if he is preparing them"

"Ok well I hope to see you both soon and remember Clair I need that report" said Lance.

"See you later Lance" said Cynthia.

"I'll send you my full report once Cynthia and I have finished practice match, bye" replied Clair.

"Bye" said Lance as he ended the call.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Almost an hour later and the Practice match was finally over and Clair and Cynthia headed to the Pokémon lab and handed there Pokémon to Gary and Daisy to heal and look after.

"So what are you going to do now?" asked Cynthia.

"I'm going to send the report that Lance wanted about what happened in Pallet Town" replied Clair.

"Do you know where Ash is?" asked Cynthia.

"I think he went exploring a volcano with Flannery searching for any new Fire Types" said Gary

"It's good to see that Ash is able to spread his love for all of us evenly" said Cynthia.

"Yeah he is truly something special plus he enjoys himself when he spends private time with us" said Clair.

"I can't wait to see if they comeback with anything strong I can always add something new to my team" said Cynthia.

"Your team is a beast already" said Gary laughing remembering how many times Iris had come over telling him how powerful Cynthia was.

"I agree your Garchomp alone can beat almost any Pokémon" said Clair.

"Well it would just be for the element of surprise really" said Cynthia.

"I would stay and talk but I have to go and send that report to Lance" said Clair leaving the Lab and heading to her house.

"What report is she talking about?" asked Gary.

"It's the report of what happened in Pallet Town" said Cynthia.

"Let's hope it helps clear Ash's name" said Gary.

"Yeah if I know the Champions meeting procedure they will call a meeting the minute they have the report and go through it to see if there is anything they can do to help Ash, and to also convince Alder that Ash is innocent" said Cynthia.

"Why Alder?" asked Gary.

"He's the only champion that doesn't agree Ash is innocent even after seeing his confidential record" said Cynthia.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

At Clair's house she was inside looking for her recording of the Pallet Town incident so she could send her report to her brother Lance so he could in turn show it to Mr. Goodshow. Clair grabbed her Pokégear and downloaded the entire conversation she had with Professor Oak on to her computer and sent it to her brother.

He sent a message back that he had received the report and would bring it before the Champions and Mr. Goodshow at an Emergency meeting.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

On another part of Freedom Island Ash and Flannery were exploring the Volcano and the surrounding area they had already found several fire types including Growlith's, Magby's, Slugma's, Torkoal's and Fletchling's. Flannery had even caught a Growlith to add to her team after a while they came across a cave that appeared to be heated by the Volcano and that's when they found some Pokémon that neither had seen before. Both were excited about finding new Pokémon and Flannery thought of something fun they could do while they looked at the new Pokémon.

"Hey Ash do you fancy a friendly competition?" asked Flannery.

"What is it?" responded Ash.

"Whoever catches the most Pokémon gets to decide what we do the rest of the day" said Flannery.

"Ok are we talking the amount of Pokémon or different Pokémon?" inquired Ash.

"Different Pokémon so you can't catch a lot of the same ones like you once did with Tauros" said Flannery smirking before adding "anyway how does one person catch 30 Tauros?"

"Well it was back when I travelled through Kanto and Brock, Misty and I found the Safari zone near Fuchsia city and they allow you to spend sometime in the Safari Zone and give you 30 special Pokéball's. Every time I found a Pokémon that I wanted to catch I would through one of the special Pokéball's, but each time I did a rampaging group of Tauros would get in the way and that's how I ended up with 30 of the things I only use one of them for battling the other 29 are really just taking up space and costing me a fortune in feed. As a group they eat about the same as Snorlax alone so I might need to trade some of them away" said Ash.

"Wow that is seriously unlucky" said Flannery.

"Yeah but this time I can't catch 30 of the same Pokémon since there aren't that many Pokémon around here" said Ash.

"So you ready to lose this challenge Ash?" asked Flannery with a smirk.

"We'll see, either way I have a feeling I know how the rest of the day will go" replied Ash.

Flannery smirked and said "That's just what I'm thinking as well" then the two of them headed off to catch some new Pokémon.

Flannery's first capture was a Female Salandit she hadn't realised how lucky she had got with it being Female since only the females evolve, her second encounter was something she easily recognised it was a Houndour and she had always wanted one since her uncle had used to own one so she caught it to add to her team, she smiled knowing that she had 2 new Pokémon and that Ash would at least need to catch 3 Pokémon to beat her made her happy since Ash didn't really specialize in specific types he was a well-rounded trainer but he could also do type battles if needed.

Ash was a little way from Flannery looking inside a cave and found something new his Pokédex identified the Pokémon as a Turtonator

"Alright let's start by capturing a Turtonator" said Ash as he grabbed a Pokéball and sent out his Wartortle and instantly attacked the Turtonator with Bubble beam and after a few minutes Ash tossed a Pokéball at the Turtonator and caught it.

"Alright I have one new Pokémon now I've got to find more" said Ash to himself but look as much as he did he couldn't find any more new Pokémon he wanted to capture.

Flannery meanwhile had found more Pokémon to catch and add to her team there in front of her were two cat like Pokémon fighting off a Fletchling. Flannery could tell one of the two was a shiny since it was a different colour to the other but they both seemed to be struggling with the Fletchling so Flannery grabbed a Pokéball from her waist that contained her Talonflame and sent it out to help the two struggling Pokémon.

Flannery's Talonflame soon had the situation sorted and the Fletching was only mad as the two Litten's had disturbed its nest when they were playing around the two soon apologized for their actions and turned to Flannery and noticed she had Pokéball's and must have been a trainer. They had had difficult experiences with trainers in the past since every trainer they had come across before had only wanted to catch the shiny Litten and leave the other one so they instantly took fighting possess ready to fight off the trainer.

Flannery saw this and recognised that both didn't want to be separated so she knelt down to them and said "Do the both of you want to come with me as members of my team and my larger family?" she was of course responding to Ash and the other 5 girls and all there Pokémon.

Both Litten looked to each other and appeared to consider the offer and finally they both came over to Flannery and tapped their heads on the Pokéball's capturing themselves.

Ash was about to admit defeat he saw lots of Pokémon but none that he really wanted to catch until a rustling in the bushes caught his attention and as he went to investigate what had caused them he found the culprit was a Victini.

"Victini what are you doing here?" asked Ash.

Just then one of Ash's Pokéball's broke open revealing Mew "Ash Victini would like to join you on your adventures Arceus had revealed several other legendries will join either you or your friends and help you through your journeys"

Victini then nodded showing that Mew had been telling the truth.

"Ok Victini if that is what you want then here is a special Pokéball it's called a Premier ball and the advantage of me using this ball is that you will be the only Pokémon in this ball so I will always know which Pokémon I'm using" said Ash.

Victini was excited and aloud itself to be captured in the Premier Ball. And just as that was done Flannery approached and said "So Ash how many did you catch?"

"I got 2, how about you?" he said.

"I got 3, which means I win" said Flannery as she jumped on Ash and started to kiss him.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Meanwhile at the Indigo Plateau Lance was sitting in his Kanto office looking through Clair's report of what had happened in Pallet Town, when Charles Goodshow knocked on his door and entered the room.

"So do you have the report from Clair?" asked Charles.

"Yeah I do I'm just looking through it before calling an emergency meeting" replied Lance.

"Well let me take a quick look and see what we have" said Charles.

And with that said the two of them began looking through the report and finding the evidence that would be needed to bring before the rest of the Champions.

After an hour Lance and Charles had finished and had decided they had enough evidence to call an emergency champions meeting.

Charles made the arrangements and the meeting was scheduled for a few days' time.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

In the Hall of Origins a blueish white light flashed and Melody appeared standing in front of Arceus.

"Are you Arceus?" asked Melody.

"Yes I am Melody you are here for several reasons, mainly I wish to thank you for the test you assisted with when the Chosen One traveled the Orange Islands. Lugia has recommended that I bring you here" said Arceus.

"Arceus I must ask why did Ash get betrayed by his friends?" asked Melody.

"The girls thought Ash should have chosen one of them to settle down with but he never liked them in that way. So Norman seeing the hurt in his daughter decided to come up with the plan to sabotage the Kalos league final" replied Arceus

"I wish I could see him again I need to tell him something" said Melody.

"You have feelings for him don't you Melody?" asked Arceus.

"Yes I just hope he would feel the same after all I think it was all one sided when I met him" said Melody.

"I am unsure of the feeling the chosen one has for you, I do know he has feelings for 6 ladies who are already with him. It is up to Ash if he has the space in his heart for a 7th lady or not" said Arceus.

"I would still like to tell Ash the feelings I have for him, I would have told him back then but that interfering orange haired thing with a Mallet had threatened to me with the mallet" said Melody.

"I will send you to the island that Ash is currently on with the rest of his true friends" said Arceus.

"Thank you Arceus I appreciate the chance to tell him my true feelings and weather her feels the same or not I don't care I just need to let him know" said Melody.

Arceus nodded and with that Melody was surrounded with a flash of Light and left the Hall of Origins.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Meanwhile in Kanto Brock and Lucy were just entering Saffron City, and Brock visibly shook as they came into the City.

"Brock what's wrong?" asked Lucy.

"Something feels very off" replied Brock

"Like how?" asked Lucy.

"I think we should turn back, Sabrina is mad at something look" said Brock.

In the distance they could see the Saffron City Gym and surrounding it was a mass of purple psychic energy.

"We should go and see if we can help it might help our cause and get her on our side" said Lucy and with Brock still not thinking it was a good idea they headed towards the Gym.

Outside the gym stood a man who brock recognised as the Pokémon league official that stood at the entrance to every gym.

"Thank god you are here Brock, Sabrina has suddenly had a relapse we need you to find Ash he was the one to calm her down last time" said the man.

Unknown to everyone Sabrina was perfectly fine in the gym she had put on the display to try and warn off Brock but had been impressed that Lucy had forced him to come with her she couldn't work out what to make of Lucy she knew she was the Pike Queen of the Battle Frontier but that had been about it so she decided to try and read Lucy's memory and work out who she was on the inside and the answers shocked her.

All of a sudden the Psychic energy surrounding the Gym vanished and the door opened inviting the three inside.

Before Lucy could step into the Gym here Pokénav rung, she looked at the caller I.D to see who it was and frowned as the number was that of her mother who only ever rung in an emergency.

"Wait a minute I have to take this its family" said Lucy answering her Pokénav.

"Mom what is going on is everything ok?" asked Lucy.

"No something is terribly wrong your sister is missing and her house has vanished" came the response.

"What do you mean there must be some trace of her, it's impossible for her to vanish with no trace" said Lucy.

"Please Lucy we need you to come to Virbank city and help with the search for your sister"

"Ok Brock and I will be there as soon as possible" replied Lucy.

"Brock would only get in the way this is a family matter" came the reply.

"Ok, ok I will come alone I'll leave immediately" said Lucy and then ended the call.

"Sorry Brock I have to go to Virbank City in the Unova region my little sister has gone missing along with her house" said Lucy after she had turned to her boyfriend.

"Virbank City I saw a news report about a house disappearing from there just after everything happened in Kalos, if I remember correctly it was Roxie the Virbank City Gym Leader whose house disappeared in a similar style to those who stood with Ash" said Brock.

"You knew and never said anything?" asked Lucy.

"Knew what?" replied Brock confused.


"I didn't even know Roxie was your sister" said Brock.

"How long have we been together Brock and you never once asked about my family, I know everything about you but you never took the time to ask about me" said Lucy.

"But you always told me you didn't want to talk about your family" protested Brock.

"You should of at least told me about the missing house's in Unova you only told me about the ones in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh" said Lucy.

"I'm sorry I didn't think they were connected since Ash never really mentioned much about Unova he did say several of the Gym leaders were very strong" said Brock.

"You think she's with Ash don't you?" asked Lucy.

"It's possible but it could also be Iris or both since both Roxie's and Iris's house have vanished from the Unova Region" said Brock.

"I still have to go family is important" said Lucy as both she and Brock turned ready to leave Saffron City Gym.

"Let me walk you to the nearest airport" said Brock.

"That's not necessary my Kadabra can teleport me there" said Lucy as she pulled out a Pokéball and released her Kadabra and teleported away.

The betrayal of Ash Ketchum

Flannery and Ash were rolling in the grass and the kissing was getting heated after a while there hands both began to roam over each-others bodies as Ash broke the kiss and moved to sucking on Flannery's neck causing her to let out a light but erotic moan. Flannery had one hand wrapped in Ash's hair holding his head to her neck so he would continue what he was doing and the other was rubbing over Ash's growing boner in his pants. Ash meanwhile had one had rubbing Flannery's pants over her pussy and the other had snuck its way under her crop top and despite not being able to get under her bra he was still gently massaging one of her breasts. Not to show favoritism as would randomly change which breast he was massaging causing Flannery to start moaning louder.

Eventually she had had enough and pulled Ash away from her neck and pulled her top off and started to undress Ash as well.

"Please Ash I can't take it anymore I need you" she said.

Ash smirked and smashed his moth back against her lips and began feeling up her back and undone Flannery's bra and began to massage both breasts at the same time.

Flannery had undone Ash's pants and was trying to free his cock when she moaned from the job Ash was doing on her breasts.

"Ash please no more play time I am in desperate need of you to fuck me now" said Flannery.

This was just what Ash had wanted to hear and he stopped massaging her breasts and unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down along with a bright red thong exposing her pussy. Flannery smirked as she stroked Ash's cock and saw he was getting into it but she still wanted him inside her and forced herself down his body rubbing her pussy against his cock hoping Ash would understand what she wanted him to do.

Ash knowing what Flannery wanted started to gently insert himself in to her until he felt a barrier and he looked Flannery in the eyes and saw that she was ready for him so he pulled back and with a slightly rougher thrust broke through the Barrier causing her to wince in pain.

"Are you ok?" asked Ash after a few seconds.

"Yeah it just hurt a little bit when you broke through but I don't mind now please continue Ash" said Flannery.

The two of them continued to move against each other and the pace was increasing both of them were so deep in their need for each other that they were both approaching there Orgasm.

"Where do you" said Ash before he was cut off.

"In side please" begged Flannery as she wrapped her legs round Ash keeping him from pulling out.

After a few more minutes they both came at the same time with Ash filling Flannery with his sperm. Flannery also came and both of them just laid there holding each other catching their breath.

"That was better than I hoped." She said with a contented smile.

"Flannery I'm glad we came here together I can think of anything more perfect for you and I to have some time alone" said Ash as they kissed each other again.

After a while they both finally got dressed and with a kiss they walked hand in hand back towards their small civilization on Freedom Island.

On the way back Ash decided to ask something that had been bothering him for a while now.

"Hey Flannery when I saw Arceus he said that he had given you a legendary Pokémon, I was wondering what Pokémon you were given?" asked Ash.

"Oh that well I guess I can show you since I know you have a few Legendries yourself" said Flannery grabbing the Ultra Ball off her waist and looking at it for a second before realizing the Pokémon that was inside.

Out of the Ultra Ball came a Heatran roaring loudly showing its strength and power.

"That is one impressive Pokémon" said Ash as the Heatran stood beside her trainer ready to defend her if needed. Then from a premier ball out came Victini and it began talking to the Heatran sharing news from Arceus that Heatran may have missed since he had joined Flannery.

The two Trainers and the two Legendries made their way home.