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"Naruto" Normal Speech.

'Naruto' Normal Thought.

"Rasengan" Magic/Jutsu/Technique.

"Kurama" Demon/Monster/Bijuu Normal Speech.

'Kurama' Demon/Monster/Bijuu Thought.

The Uzumaki Phenex

Arc 1: From Uzumaki to Phenex

Chapter 2

New world, new things

Naruto didn't know if it was nighttime, or daytime because of the 'always purple sky' outside of his room, and the fact that his room also didn't have a clock didn't help either, but at least he knew that it had been a day since his arrival, or reincarnation, or whatever that had happened to him. Even though he had come to terms with it, Naruto was still having trouble accepting that he might have been reborned into someone else or at the very least, taken their life.

Another reason Naruto had been using to convince himself to see his current situation at a lighter view, was that the Phoenix flu's fever had made him remember his past life, the life of a shinobi. He did die, after all, when Sasuke once again shoved his Chidori through his chest, and this… Naruto Phenex was his next life. Phoenix Flu just happened to make him remember his old memories, at the same time erasing his current one, and return him to the person he had once been to be.

But in the end, it's just one of the possibilities. Naruto kinda wished that it was the case though.

Nonetheless, he felt fine. The doctor had also said this morning that his most recent blood test showed that he no longer had Phoenix Flu virus in his system but his parents, Lord and Lady Phenex as they had been called, still believed that their son had to stay a bit longer on the bed and rest up for another week.

Yubelluna, the woman who claimed to be his servant, made sure he had his pills every hour like the doctor had instructed. Xuelan, the girl in that slit dress, also lent a hand whenever she could as well, bringing him the fanciest kinds of food from the mansion's kitchen, some were made by the chef of the family, and some she made herself.

Both of them seemed to care a lot for him, but Naruto had no idea how to think about it. It's not like Naruto wasn't enjoying the attention… he would be lying to himself if he felt that way. It's just that it was the first time in his life Naruto had seen such respectful behaviors, and it was toward him too. The blond had heard from stories that rich and powerful people, like the fire Daimyo for example, had servants like them to tend to their every need, but this was really something else entirely.

"Is there something on my face?" Naruto couldn't help but ask Yubelluna, having noticed that she had been staring at him for a while now.

"Oh, no of course not Naruto-sama." Yubelluna shook her head and answered immediately, turning her full attention back to the apple in her hand and starting to peel it with a knife "It's just… I have noticed you spacing out a lot lately, that's all." She said with a small smile. Xuelan had left a few minutes ago to do her own thing, but she promised to return as soon as possible.

"I was just… thinking I guess?" Naruto answered before adding with his own question "Is it really that strange?"

"I don't think you have ever spaced out that often before, Naruto-sama."

"I see." Naruto chuckled "Can I ask you something Yubelluna?"

"Anything, Naruto-sama."

"Okay so I noticed that we have a lot of servants and maids around here, but from what I can see, you and Xuelan are closest to me, right?" Yubelluna nodded her head in confirmation with a small smile "So what makes you so special to me then?" Naruto asked, deciding that it's best for him to get to know those who were closest to him. He just couldn't play the memory loss card forever, if that was really the case. Learning about Naruto Phenex's closest people would probably help Naruto learn more about himself. Plus, Yubelluna cared about him a lot, so it was normal for him to get to know her more.

"It is because I'm your Queen, Naruto-sama." Yubelluna said proudly, making Naruto raise an eyebrow in confusion and curiosity.


"Yes, Naruto-sama." Yubelluna answered patiently as she put a hand on her chest and continued "I was once a human, a magician to be precise, but you saw the potential in me and decided to reincarnate me into your servant with the [Queen] Evil Piece. You're my master and every wish of yours is my command, fulfilling your needs is my greatest desire. You order me to jump then I will simply jump, you tell me to…"

"I think I get it, Yubelluna." Naruto held up his hands to stop her while chuckling nervously. That was kinda extreme, if he was honest to himself. "What is this [Queen] Evil Piece that you mentioned?"

"Here, Naruto-sama…" The Queen then stood up and walked to the drawer next to his bed and took out a medium size silver box before she walked back to his side, sitting down next to him on his bed before continuing "These are your Evil Pieces, Naruto-sama." She handed the box to him with both hands, and the moment he touched it, the lock faded away. "The box is magically locked. It can only be opened by your hands, Naruto-sama" The Queen explained.

"I see…" Naruto answered, as he opened the box and saw several golden pieces inside the box, some of which came in a full set, but there were also empty spots that made Naruto realize that he had used three of them. "So these things can be used to turn humans into devils?" Naruto asked in interest, picking up the Pawn piece. It appeared that with three empty spots missing, Yubelluna and Xuelan weren't his only servants.

"Yes Naruto-sama, not just human but even Youkai or Fallen Angels can be turned as well." Naruto became even more confused at that, but he knew he could do some research about the world later.

"Also, they are not going to be pure-blood devils like you." Yubelluna nodded her head "The rule of the Evil Pieces is just like a chess game, each piece has its own attribute. Xuelan is the [Rook], so she has enhanced physical strength and endurance. Karlamine, your [Knight], possesses superhuman speed and is heavily skilled in swordsmanship. She went to visit her parents a few days ago so she isn't here at the moment, but she will return this evening."

Yubelluna then pointed to the Bishop pieces and continued with the explanation:

"This is Bishop, devils reincarnated with Bishop pieces will gain enhanced magical abilities which they can use to conjure up a multitude of spells." Spell? Naruto believed he just learned the way this world works. "I'm the Queen, possess all the characteristics of all the pieces with the exception of the Pawn pieces, which can promote themselves into any other pieces but the Queen."

"I see…" Naruto nodded his head. That was so confusing, but Naruto believed he was able to grab the basics of it. Yubelluna's explanation was very easy to understand. "Are you satisfied with being my servant, Yubelluna?" The blond then asked the questions he had been wondering from the moment he realized that Yubelluna and Xuelan was his servant specifically "I didn't force you or anything like that, did I?"

"I was more than willing to become your servant. You made me your Queen, your woman and love me like the woman I am." Yubelluna said "I can never ask for more."

"Oh… okay then." Naruto nodded his head while chuckling nervously. It appeared that Naruto Phenex had really abused the power that he had over Yubelluna. "What about Xuelan and this Karlamine?"

"You saved Xuelan's life, Naruto-sama." The Bomb Queen answered dutifully "She came from a family of martial artists, but they were massacred by the rival dojo. Xuelan was killed as well but you brought her back with the [Rook] Evil Piece."

'Okay, so I do have some decencies.' Naruto thought sarcastically "What about Karlamine?"

"She was trained to become your Knight, Naruto-sama." The former Uzumaki nodded his head in understanding "Both of them swore to serve you with their life. She and Xuelan love you just as much as I do." So basically, he was in a four-way relationship with three girls at the same time. Who did he become? An even worse version of Sasuke?

"Is there anything I should know about?" He asked, glancing at the Queen.

"Um…" Yubelluna became deep in thought before saying "Oh, one of your dreams is to have an all-female Peerage at your personal harem." Naruto could only give her the 'what the fuck' look. He felt bad for Yubelluna, as well as Xuelan and Karlamine now.

Just how bad was Naruto Phenex as a person


"I'm so sorry for not being there for you, Naruto-sama!"

Cried a young woman with brown hair, green eyes and dressed in an armor with black accents that appeared to be a cross between an European Knight and Japanese Samurai. She wore a headband that goes across her hair and forehead and her armor was also equipped with a sword and a dagger. Naruto knew that this was Kalarmine. The third servant of his and the 'Knight' of his group.

At the moment, Karlamine was currently bowing in front of Naruto so low her forehead was touching the ground.

"I tried to return as soon as possible, but…"

"Hey hey, it's alright." Naruto said and kneeled down in front of her, lifting her body up with his hand on the shoulder "Stand up, there is no need for you to bow like that."

"Naruto-sama, I heard you have amnesia."

"Yeah, I pretty much forgot everything." He said while scratching the back of his head before he gestured his hand to Yubelluna, who had been standing at his side the whole time "But don't worry, Yubelluna has been filling me in on the details. I am sure that I will manage to catch up soon enough." He said, beaming to his Queen standing side by side with Xuelan, the qipao wearing girl "So, how did it go with your parents?"

"Everything went fine, Naruto-sama. Though they told me to find a boyfriend." Karlamine pouted before smiling at him "But my heart is for you only Naruto-sama." She spoke gratefully with a hand on her left chest.

"Thank you." Naruto could only say before quickly changing the topic "Anyway girls, would you like to accompany me around the house? I kind of forgot the way around here as well."

"Of course Naruto-sama." Yubelluna nodded her head along with his Rook and Knight.

After confirming that he had fully recovered, the doctor had spoken to Lord and Lady Phenex and they had finally allowed him to come out of his room and do whatever he wanted to do. His amnesia was a constant problem but Naruto managed to convince them with the help of his servants, telling them that he would be fine with his loyal Yubelluna and the others providing him the necessary information.

There was no word to describe the beauty of Phenex Residence, which consisted of the main mansion with a tall castle-like building in the background, surrounded by multiple towers with flames protruding around and at the top. The front tower was embedded with the emblem of a phoenix, which Naruto had been told to be the symbol of their family, and the source of their fire power. There were also leafless trees that had tiny flames protruding from the tips. At the entrance was a huge golden statue of a phoenix in the middle of a fountain of fire and at the sides, there were poles with small flames coming out on top, and also archway structures similar to an aqueduct that also have flames sprouting at the top.

The interior of the castle, meanwhile, had a red color theme blended with matching colors. The entryway had a white, square tile floor with large red tiles to the sides with the phoenix emblem embedded. To the sides of the entryway floor were large gaps with huge flames sprouting out, more poles of fire, and elevated platforms with grass and goblets of fire.

To say that he was shocked when he heard how rich and powerful the Phenex was was an understatement. Considering that he used to be an orphan who lived in a rundown apartment, this was like a massive step in life.

"Onii-sama" A girl suddenly appeared from the room to his right when Naruto was walking through the corridor on the third floor. She was a cute, young girl with dark blue eyes, long blonde hair tied into twintails with large, drill-like curls and blue ribbons keeping them in place. The front of her hair had several bangs hanging over her forehead, with a V-shaped fringe hanging over the bridge of her nose. She was wearing a long, pink dress with white frills and a magenta bow in the front, as well as three feather-like extensions mimicking a bird's tail protruding from the dress.

This girl was Ravel Phenex, his younger sister who was about eleven year old. Among his siblings, she had come to visit him last after returning from school but left quickly after giving him a slice of cake, which had been very delicious and she even made it herself.

During his short interactions with her, Naruto had realized that Ravel more or less had a bossy attitude, stubborn and was very mature for her age, but she had a good heart and the most lovely sister he could have. Having grown up alone, Naruto always wished for a sibling when he was younger. Now he had two older brothers and a sister.

A good brother should never forget his own family, even with amnesia. That was what she said before leaving with a huff.

"Oh, good afternoon Ravel. How are you doing today?" Naruto greeted her with a smile.

"I'm doing fine, Onii-sama." The small girl nodded her head "What are you doing?"

"Just wandering around the house." He answered "What about you?" He immediately got his answer, when a beautiful and attractive woman with black hair and big brown eyes appeared next to Ravel. The woman was wearing a business suit that hugged her voluptuous body tightly, showing off her impressive curves.

The blond couldn't help but notice that there were a lot of beautiful and attractive women around.

Seeing Naruto, a smile appeared on her face and she then bowed her head respectfully to him.

"Good afternoon Naruto-dono."

"Hey… uh…" Yubelluna immediately came close to him and whispered a few words into his ears "Ellis-san, how are you?" Her name was Ellis and she was Ravel's personal tutor.

"I'm fine thank you Naruto-dono." Ellis nodded her head gratefully with a smile "I heard you were sick, Naruto-dono. I hope you're alright now."

"Of course." Naruto grinned.

"I'm glad." Ellis smiled brightly before turning her head to Ravel. "Ravel-sama, I hope you will do well with today's homework as well."

"Of course Ellis." Ravel nodded her head confidently before saying "You can go now."

"It's time for me to leave, see you tomorrow Ravel-sama" Ellis bowed her head and turned to Naruto "You as well Naruto-sama." With that said, she left.

"What a surprise! You didn't try to flirt with Ellis this time Onii-sama" The girl said with a slight mock in her tone, but she looked rather satisfied before telling him "I will see you at dinner, Onii-sama" Ravel then returned to her room and closed the door behind her without another word.

The trip continued after that, with Ravel's words bugging him along the way so Naruto couldn't help but ask his Queen.

"Hey Yubelluna, is there anything I should know about Ravel's tutor?"

"Oh, you slept with her quite often, Naruto-sama'." Naruto almost tripped over his own foot and fell on his face.

Just exactly how many differences between the two of them?


The next day, Naruto found himself standing in the garden of the Phenex Residence, looking at the orange Rasengan in his left hand and the fire around his right hand. He had come to a few conclusions, and one of them being he had not completely replaced Naruto Phenex, or he was no longer Naruto Uzumaki.

More like, he had become one with his other self. Why and how? He had no idea, but one thing he knew for sure, he still had his chakra and full control over it. Sennin Modo of course wasn't a problem, and he still had access to Kurama's chakra even without his permission, this also made him worry about Kurama's condition when he found himself completely blocked away from his mindscape.

More or less, the Uzumaki part was still there but at the same time, he was also Naruto Phenex, or else his right hand wouldn't grow back right after he blew it right off of his elbow.

It was the stupidest, but easiest way to test his immortality. Last night, Naruto had found a book about his clan in the family's library and spent the next two hours reading and learning everything he needed to survive in this new world. He had learnt that the members of Phenex devil clan had inherent powers that were equivalent to that of the legendary creature, the fire bird Phoenix, but overall they were still devils.

Pureblood and high-class devils.

The most extraordinary thing he had seen so far about the Phenex was their tears, called Phoenix Tears, a liquid that can instantly heal injuries.

Naruto made the Rasengan and fire disappear walking back into his home, powers wise he was both Phenex and Uzumaki now, but in personalities… Well, it's best that he left the playboy douchebag part behind and moved on to become someone better, someone who deserved everything that had been given to him.


"Naruto-sama, what are you going to do with them?"

Yubelluna asked in confusion when she saw Naruto coming out of the storage room located behind Phenex Residence while carrying two training dummies in his arms, having decided that he needed to train hard to perfect his control over his phoenix abilities. It had been five days since the day their master had Phoenix Flue and ended up losing his memories because of the fever, and Yubelluna were currently standing with Xuelan and Karlamine, who were feeling the same thing as she was, confused by the sight of their master with training dummies, something they had never seen before since the day they became his servants.

"Training of course, what else am I going to do with them?" Naruto couldn't help but ask, making the girls look at him in absolute shock. "You girls should come train with me too. It will be fun."

"W-what? But Naruto-sama, you're already incredibly strong, we should be the one who needs to get stronger" Xuelan shook her head and stepped forward "Let me carry them for you."

"Don't worry, Xuelan." Naruto gave her a smile as he walked on ahead "And no, I think I should train too. Training is important if I want to get even stronger. Who knows, maybe the reason I got sick was because I had never trained before." From their expressions, he could immediately tell that his parallel counterpart paid little to no attention to training.


The girls could only look at each other in confusion. Never in a million year that they would expect their master Naruto Phenex to say those words to them. Like his family and the other servants of the House of Phenex, they had also noticed many changes from their master.

From a top notch player who loved to surround himself in fame, attention and women, he had become a kind and noble, humble and sometimes funny person just like his eldest brother Ruval Phenex. Over the past few days, Naruto had started to spend even more time with the three of them, and no time at all with the other women. Whenever he wasn't reading books and asking around to fill the gaps in his memories, he would talk to them and get closer to them, something he had never tried to do before.

A few minutes later, Naruto stood in a training area not far from his home, and began to go through with the basics of training. So far, his shinobi powers were mostly the same, but as it had been stated, the blond believed that he needed to work on his new powers as well as raw strength. Devils' physical strength was impressive, but Naruto Phenex's strength and stamina was nowhere near his level.

And so, for the next two hours, Naruto started training his body with some serious workouts. It was pretty normal at the first hour, he did all of the regular exercises, like push-ups, sit-ups, crunches, pull-ups, squats and the like… doing over and over until he reached his limit and then more. Even though he was breathing hard and shirt became wet with sweat, he still kept on going.

"Naruto-sama…" Karlamine called out and was about to stand up to stop him but Yubelluna grabbed her hand, stopping the Knight with a shake of her head. The brown haired swordswoman bit her lips and returned to her spot.

After Naruto was done with his exercises, he headed to the training dummies and started testing his punches and kicks on them. It was rather boring, so Naruto decided to move on.

"Xuelan." Naruto turned around and called for his Rook, who was surprised when he called her name "Would you like to spare with me?" He offered with a wide grin. If he remembered correctly, Xuelan was a strong melee fighter so having her spar with him would be a good idea.

"I… I'm not sure I can…" the Rook said, unsure of how to respond.

"C'mon, don't be shy." Naruto took the towel from Yubelluna's hands and wiped the sweats away, removing his wetted shirt and changing it with something more comfortable, motioning his hand for Xuelan to come over.

Without any other choice, the girl stood up and walked to stand a few feet in front of him.

"Please, take it easy on me" She said and bowed her head to Naruto.

"Shouldn't I be the one who makes that request?" Naruto asked with a smile and got in a normal stance with his fists raise "You can start now."

"Hai!" and with that, Xuelan charged at him and when she was close enough, she leaped forward into the air and shot down with her right foot aiming at his abdomen. Naruto smiled and moved his body out of the way to dodge, grabbing her ankle when it was at his chest level and pulled her down to the ground faster than she intended to. Naruto made his first attack by thrusting his elbow to the left side of her face, but Xuelan blocked it with her palm before turning around and delivered a very fast kick to his shoulder.

Which, once again he caught easily.

"You're amazing Naruto-sama" Xuelan said in amazement.

Naruto, however, noticed something and almost flinched because of it.

"Woah… why aren't you wearing underwear?" The blond couldn't help but ask as he released Xuelan's ankle and let her lower her foot down. The navy blue dress, the white sash, black shoes and arm guards were the only things she was wearing on her body. It was easy to tell she wasn't wearing a bra, but thanks to the wide slit of her dress, he had seen that she also wasn't wearing panties.

"But you were the one who told me to not wear them, Naruto-sama?" Xuelan answered him, in a very casual manner.

"Uh… let's forget that order, shall we?" Naruto told her, and Xuelan lowered her head to him before her other leg shot up and aimed for his head again.

And so for the next few minutes, Naruto sparred with Xuelan, noticing that her fighting style revolved around kicking more than punching, but she did know how to use her fists for the surprise moment. He was no Guy or Lee, some of the best Taijutsu fighters he had ever known, but Xuelan could be on a league of her own with her great techniques and flexibility.

"You are quite amazing Xuelan." Naruto said as he blocked her kick and returned with one of his own, making the Rook smile radiantly at the praise he had given her "But let's kick this up to another level. Let's get strong together."

"Hai!" Xuelan nodded her head and used all of her strength to free herself from his lock and push Naruto back "Please take good care of me from now on."

"You bet I will." Naruto gave her a smile before turning to Yubelluna and Karlamine "Are you two just going to sit there forever?"

The two looked at each other before smiling at him. They were, after all, waiting for their master to ask them that.

Later that day

"I'm glad that you can join us, Naruto." Lady Phenex, Raven Phenex said with a smile when she saw her son Naruto entering the room with his servants following closely behind him. Lord Phenex, as usual, was sitting at the top of the table with his wife on his right and Ruval, Naruto's eldest brother and also the next heir of Phenex Household, on his left. There was an empty seat between Ravel and their mother. It belonged to the second oldest child of the Phenex Clan, Ren.

"I take that Ren-nii san isn't going to have dinner with us tonight as well." It had already become a normal thing so Naruto didn't ask too much about it. His second older brother was one of the bosses of a very large media company at the Underworld, so he's busy almost all the time.

"Yes Naruto, he will be having dinner with a business partner tonight." Lord Phenex nodded his head.

Soon, dinner was served and the food was absolutely delicious. As always, Naruto would prefer ramen, and he was actually really glad that the love for ramen was something he and Naruto Phenex had in common, but unfortunately, his mother didn't want him to eat it too often and had told the kitchen not to listen to him whenever he came to demand a bowl of ramen.

"So Naruto." Ruval suddenly asked, looking interested, "What have you been doing today?"

"Oh, just training." His answer made Ruval choke on his food, forcing him to grab a cup of water to force it down "What?" Naruto then asked, around the table everyone was looking at him with the same expression the girls gave him this morning. They were all shocked.

"Training? Are you serious?" Ruval turned to his brother's Queen "Yubelluna, is he telling the truth?"

"Yes Ruval-sama, Naruto-sama has been training all day with the two of us." The Queen said with a respectful tone.

"But you hated training Naruto-onii sama." Ravel asked in disbelief befores he turned over to her brother.

"Not anymore, Ravel." Naruto grinned, giving his sister a thumbs-up and a nice guy grin.

"Wow, I mean… that's quite shocking, little brother. Shocking… but not unwelcoming." Ruval finally said, making Naruto smile at him. "Don't get me wrong, bro, but now I really hope that you will lose your memories forever. I really like you as you are now. If I didn't know any better, I would ask who you are and what have you done to my... poor attitude brother." Ruval looked like he wanted to use a bolder word, but seeing that their mother was listening to their conversation, he decided to use lesser ones instead.

"Ruval, I don't think it's because of amnesia." Lord Phenex spoke up with a warm tone as he smiled proudly at his son. Like his wife, he had noticed the changes in Naruto, and he couldn't help but like it just like Ruval did "I believe it's because of maturity. Our Naruto's finally growing up like how we used to want him to. Isn't that right, dear?"

"Yes, Rias will love the man that you are now, Naruto." Raven smiled warmly at him before she continued "Oh, speaking of whom, I have something to tell you too, Naruto. We're going to have dinner with the Gremory tomorrow, so make sure to settle your personal issue before six, alright?" Naruto nodded his head in understanding, having learnt that the Gremory was the house that produced the current Lucifer, one of the current Four Great Maou of Devil Faction.

"Alright mom, I will make sure to be there on time." Naruto nodded with a smile.

"Will Rias-sama be there as well, Kaa-sama?" Ravel asked.

"Yes Ravel, the dinner's main purpose is to bring Naruto and Rias closer after all." Naruto couldn't help but look at his mother in surprise, but decided to keep his mouth shut for the rest of the meal. He could ask Yubelluna later.

After dinner

"Okay Yubelluna," Naruto turned to his Queen when the two of them entered his room. "What is this whole deal of bringing me and Rias Gremory closer?" He removed his shoes and sat down on his bed.

"Oh, Rias-sama is your fiancé, Naruto-sama." Yubelluna explained and Naruto dropped his jaw in surprise. He knew what the word fiance meant. "You two were engaged by your families a few years ago."

"But… isn't that forced marriage?" Naruto asked in disbelief.

"You're okay with the marriage."

"Why am I not surprised?" Naruto replied sarcastically.

"You really love the idea of marrying Rias Gremory. You are the one who said the two of you are going to get married when she is eighteen year old." Naruto stared at Yubelluna for a moment before asking again.

"What about Rias?"

"Unlike you, it seems she has been opposing it, rather openly as well." Yubelluna answered him in a calm tone, before adding after a pause as if she didn't want him to know "And she really hates you."

"I think I can understand why." Naruto scoffed. Who wouldn't hate him, a douchebag womanizer playboy who only cared for himself and little to the others, looking down on the weaker and the lower class devils, especially the girl who was supposed to be his wife in the future? Rias had every right to oppose this marriage.

"It is also for the sake of uniting Gremory and Phenex together Naruto-sama." Yubelluna explained.

"What about you girls?"

"As long as you're happy, we're happy." Yubelluna said with a smile and a hand on her chest

More problems to think about, just great.

End of Chapter 2