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Reincarnated Naruto.

Naruto Phenex X Harem.

September 11th, 2000

"Naruto" Normal Speech.

'Naruto' Normal Thought.

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'Kurama' Demon/Monster/Bijuu Thought.

The Uzumaki Phenex

Arc 1: From Uzumaki to Phenex

Chapter 6

A Year Later

It had been a year since the day Kuroka became Naruto's servant, things had pretty much settled down for his one and only Bishop and she sure was enjoying the days with him more than ever.

"Nya~" Kuroka meowed softly as she laid on the longue, her head resting on her arms that were folded together on Naruto's lap, her eyes closed and enjoyed the feeling of his hand on the top of her head, running his fingers through her smooth and silk like hair. Naruto always spend two hours in the morning doing this with Kuroka, so it had become something like a hobby to him.

If you're to become a servant of Naruto Phenex, and you're a girl that was in love with him, you would have to learn to share him with others, never try to get all of his attention to yourself so the other could get some of his love as well. It was an unspoken, unshakable rule between the girls of Naruto's peerage, something they greatly respected and shared among themselves in order for them all to be happy.

At least, only among Yubelluna, Xuelan and Karlamine. It had been a year and as far as they could remember, not a single day passed without Kuroka trying to step on this rule by taking all of his attention for herself.

Kuroka made it clear that Naruto's bed was her bed, so she slept there every night, curling around his legs like a cat, making it harder for the other girls to spend private time with their master. Sometime, they could see that the black Nekoshou did all that just to annoy them.

"Again, that pussy cat…" Xuelan muttered in jealousy while gripping her hand into fist "I'm so going to rip those tails off her ass."

"Xuelan, that would be the one thousand and one times you said you was going to rip Kuroka's tails off, yet you didn't, did you." Karlamine said, putting a hand on her teammate's shoulder as if she was stopping Xuelan from doing so "Cut her some slack, she is always like that anyway." Her noble and knight-like personality helped Karlamine a lot more than Xuelan in exposing her jealousy.

"Not helping Karla." Xuelan growled dagger at Kuroka, whose tails were wagging around, showing that she was happy.

"It's Naruto's choice in which one of us he wants to spend his time around, you girls know that we have to respect that, don't you?" Yubelluna stepped into the room while carrying a stack of documents in her hands, looking at the other two with half-lifted eyes.

"We know Yubelluna." Karlamine nodded her head at the purple haired Queen's words. Yubelluna then smiled and moved passed them, walking toward Naruto and Kuroka.

"She sure is a professional," Xuelan cooed excitedly before saying blankly "if she doesn't feel threatened by Kuroka for the number one girl in Naruto-sama's heart." It was clear to both Rook and Knight that Yubelluna was just as jealous at Kuroka as any of them. The amount of sex she usually had with Naruto had been reduced greatly ever since Kuroka appeared and slept like a cat in his room. To say the Bomb Queen was furious was an understatement.

"Yep, she never held back when she was sparing with Kuroka, so you got the idea." Karlamine shrugged before both of them followed behind the Queen toward Naruto.

Naruto was enjoying yet another one of his day in peace when he heard footsteps belonged to none other than the rest of his peerage.

"Good morning Naruto-sama." Yubelluna said after bowing her head to Naruto, earning a nod and a smile from him. She then sat down to the empty seat at Naruto's left, as Kuroka literally occupied the entire right side of the longue with her voluptuous body, and put the heavy stack of documents down to the table in front of them, making a rather loud thump sound.

"Woah, what is that?" Naruto asked, looking at the stack of documents. Something he loved about after coming to this world was he would never have to do paperwork again in his life. He was no longer a leader of something bigger than his peerage, and wasn't in the next line for family head, so he wouldn't have to worry about the nightmare of every leader, paperwork.

Unless he was forced to marry Rias after not being able to do anything about their engagement when she finished university. Since Rias was the heiress of Gremory Household, marrying her would more or less make him the head of Gremory Household as well, if she chose to remain the name of Gremory and not change it Phenex.

More reason for him to avoid this force marriage engagement.

"Raven-sama has been noticing that the size of your peerage hasn't increased lately, Naruto-sama." Yubelluna informed him as she took one of the document and opened it for him "So she asked me to make a list of potential devils, or human that have connection with us devils, especially our Household, ranging from potential Knight, Rook and Pawns." Since the position of Bishop had been taken by Kuroka, there was no need for her to list out a group with magical power talent "For example, this girl is a very capable swordswoman fit to become your next Knight, her name is Kisaragi Saya and she is a…" but Naruto suddenly brought one hand out and shook his head.

"There is no need for you to do that Yubelluna." Naruto said with a smile "Turning someone into a devil, making them my servant aren't that simple, you know. A servant of mine have to be someone special, but they don't have to be strong or have a pretty face or whatever, I need them to be trustworthy, being someone that is willing to protect my back, or any of you their comrades in a life and death battle without caring about the consequence, or rules. Mutual respect is also important as well." He pointed out "Those are something that cannot be decided by a list of candidates, you know."

"I see…" Yubelluna nodded her head slowly.

"I hope that someday, when you become a high-class devil and have a peerage for yourself, you will follow these codes as well when choosing your servants." The girls all nodded their head. Even though they had never intended to have a peerage in the future, as they wanted to be around their master all the time, the girls still craved his words into their mind.

"You sound like an old man when you say it like that, nya~" Kuroka meowed cutely as she pushed her head up to look at him.

"Well? Isn't age meaningless to us?" Naruto chuckled as he scratched the back of her ears. Technically, Kuroka was right, he was an old man after all. He then turned his head back to the stack of document and noticed a slightly larger, purple in color document, separated from others "What is that? Anyway, can you put it in my room, I would like to read those profiles later." Naruto said and Yubelluna nodded her head at his request.

"I thought you're not interested?"

"Yubelluna spent her time making them for me, I should at least give them a look." Naruto told Kuroka as she was lifted from his lap, allowing Naruto to stand up.

"No no, it's alright Naruto-sama." Yubelluna shook her head "I just want to make sure that you will get the strongest..."

"I'm happy at the ones I have here." Naruto turned his head to look at his girls "You girls mean a lot to me, not just my servants but my comrades and family, never forget that." They all smiled warmly at him after hearing that. While extraordinary affections for their servants were the trait of Gremory and never a thing about Phenex, Naruto still treated them with great respect and love, making them feel like they're the luckiest women of this world.

More reason for them to be loyal to Naruto.

"Where are you going?" Kuroka asked when Naruto started leaving the room.

"Training, any of you want to join me?" the girls looked at each other before quickly stood up from their seats and followed after him.

Line Break

"One, two, three…" Kuroka counted the money she managed to save after opening the white kitty bank Naruto bought for her a couple of months after becoming his Bishop "Twenty four, twenty five…" the more the uncounted money lessened, the more Kuroka's ears dropped. Even after becoming Naruto's servant, Kuroka still needed to be punished for her crime.

The higher-ups decided to remove her bank account from existence from that day to the rest of her life, and ninety nine point nine percent of the money she earned from having her devil-jobs' contracts completed would be transferred to Naruto's account, forcing Kuroka to solely rely on Naruto to live.

She was also banned from any promotion test, meaning Kuroka would have to stay as a low-class devil forever. Not that she cared about anyway.

Naruto was more than willing to pay for whatever she wanted, just like how he did for her and Shirone. But Kuroka had her own pride as well as ego, so other than foods for herself and her familiar, necessary clothing and a sizable, white kitty bank to save her money, she asked nothing more from him. All the money she received from her completed contracts, she saved them in that kitty bank and it usually took her months just to fill half of it.

Those money were for her sister, Shirone, who was now called Koneko by the devils of Gremory Household. He heard it from Rias that Shirone refused to acknowledge other if they called her with her real name, so Rias had to give her a new name… Koneko Toujou.

Kuroka cried a lot after hearing that. One of the only time he had ever seen Kuroka in a state that clearly wasn't her usual self. It seemed she was the one who named her sister, based on her own name.

She finally understood why Naruto said she should wait till her sister old enough to understand her action, because turn out, Shirone wasn't angry at her sister because she killed that devil. Rias told him that girl managed to find a record of the trial to decide the fate of her and her sister and learnt the reason why Kuroka killed Valor.

But even after that, Shirone refused to call Kuroka her sister again. It was because of her action afterward, the action Kuroka would forever regret doing.

She left Shirone behind and ran for her own life. She was a young child, and yet Kuroka, her own sister left her with a corpse in the middle of their house. She should have contacted Naruto, or at least broke into his house to give him Shirone, but she wasn't thinking straight at that point… she was panic, and afraid.

If she at least thought about doing something like that that day, Shirone wouldn't angry at her, or give up her own name and refuse to use her Nekomata's power.

But it was all the past now, she had to move on to the future and let time fixed their relationship.

Since Naruto and Rias came to meet each other a lot lately, as their families were pressing on their marriage engagement, Kuroka was given a lot of opportunity to meet her sister. The money she saved up was all used to buy gifts for Shirone. Sometime, she afforded enough money to buy something big like a set of clothes that look nice on Shirone… but most of the time she only had enough to buy her sister a small cake.

Naruto, of course offered his help every single time, but Kuroka refused all of his offers, saying that she wanted to do that on her own.

Kuroka didn't know if Shirone accepted her gifts or not, as she always give them to Rias and ask her if she could give them to Koneko… but there was time she did (secretly) see her sister looking at herself in the mirror while holding the dress Kuroka bought for her in front of her chest.

She might have a chance to reconnect with Shirone after all.

"Ninety four, ninety nine… not even one hundred?" Kuroka stated in shock as she shook the kitty bank violently, as if she believed that there was a coin left inside. This past months she didn't get to work much, with her beauty and charms, of course she got a lot of contracts for herself but for some reason her clients didn't need her assistance lately.

"Kuroka, I can…"

"My answer is still no, Naruto-sama." Kuroka shook her head and threw a pillow at his head "I want to buy Shirone's gift by my own money."

About once a week, Naruto would make an excuse of going to the human world to visit his fiancés, so Kuroka could come to visit her sister as much as possible. While their parents were having the wrong idea about their relationship, Rias didn't mind that much, since she was just like him wanted the two sisters to love each other like before.

"Alright then, I won't say anything anymore." Naruto said as he waved his hand around a little, ending this topic, knowing it wasn't going to go anywhere with how stubborn Kuroka was "But you are sure you want to…"


After that, Kuroka when back to counting her money, to make sure that she counted the right.

Line Break

"And that's how you do it." Ravel Phenex puffed out her chest in pride and placed her hand on her hip, a perfectly baked chocolate cake on the table in front of her.

"Woah!" Kuroka said with stars in her eyes and clapped her hands together rapidly "You're so cool, Ravel-sama nya~," She then added while waving her hand at Ravel mockingly "for a bird at least, nya~" Naruto, who was standing behind Kuroka couldn't help but chuckle. Kuroka was a cat, and his family were literally birds, so basically they didn't miss with each other and Kuroka had used every, even the smallest opportunity to piss the members of Phenex Household off, even the head of the clan like his father.

Though, it seemed she had no problem with him. Might be because he wasn't exactly cat's nemesis, only his body was.

"Oi! Don't ask for help when you're going to insult me in the end, cat!" Ravel shouted as she pointed her hand at Kuroka "You should consider yourself lucky that I let you borrow the ingredients, because you won't be able to make this," She pointed at her cake "with them," She pointed at the eggs, a bottle of milk, a medium size bag of flour and some chocolate sticks on the table at Kuroka's side "at the first try."

"How mean of you Ravel-sama, nya~" Kuroka grinned while curling her fingers to her palm and moving her hand around like a cat "I know how to cook you know, but I just don't know how to bake cakes."

"I always wonder why…" Naruto said, having eaten Kuroka's cooking himself.

"Well, I have to nya~" Kuroka meowed "Since Shirone was just too cute, so I could not refuse her if she asked for cakes, eating too much sweet isn't going to be good for a child like her. So I didn't learn to bake, and strict to healthy foods."

"I see." Naruto nodded his head "So, you should try making the delicious cake you want to give Shirone-chan, Yubelluna and the others are going to return in a couple of hours, we'll go to the human world to visit Rias and your sister." Naruto then added "Your sister, mostly." Since she didn't get enough money to buy something expensive for her sister, Kuroka decided to buy baking ingredients and made her own cake. Luckily for her, his sister was a quite good baker, so she decided to ask Ravel for help.

"Alright!" Kuroka said as she rolled the sleeves of her kimono up confidently "Here I come, Shirone!"

Line Break

"Is that thing eatable?" Xuelan asked as she looked at the poorly made vanilla cake in Kuroka's hands. Naruto, meanwhile, was sure that it was eatable because he had tried her first cake before she made that one with her own ingredients, and it was quite good. It was because Kuroka didn't have any sense for art and know how to decorate things, so she made the cake look horrible enough to be considered a leftover.

"Kuroka tried her hardest and placed a lot of love in the cake," Karlamine said with a noble-like tone as Kuroka put it into a box, before casting a spell to lower the temparture a little bit "so I'm sure that the cake is eatable, and absolutely delicious."

"What is wrong with you today?" The Chinese girl asked suspiciously. Little did the Rook know that it was Karlamine's intention to get on Kuroka's good side, since from the look of it, she was adored by their master just as much as he to the Queen, Yubelluna.

"I have prepared the magic circle Naruto-sama." Yubelluna informed him as on the floor in front of her was the teleportation magic circle, bearing the golden crest of Phenex Household

"Thank you Yubelluna." Naruto nodded with a smile before looking at the rest "It's time to go everyone."

In a flash, Naruto and his peerage were teleported to the human world and straight into Rias Gremory's Clubhouse at Kuoh Academy, the school which Rias, her Queen and her Knight were currently attending. His fiancés went to the human world about a year ago, to experience the life of a normal teenager girl, the place where everyone looked at her as Rias Gremory, not the heiress of Gremory Household. She, and her Queen were currently attending second year at the academy while Kiba Yuuto, her Knight was a first year student. From what he heard from Yubelluna, those three were quite popular around the time.

Shirone, or Koneko, however still not at the age yet so she was studying at Kuoh Academy for middle scholar. However, Rias called her over every time he arrived with Kuroka, making a perfect opportunity for the two Nekoshou sisters to meet again, maybe even reform their bond.

Her clubhouse was a three story building, with the third story serving as a clock-tower. It had been painted white with a black roof with vines creeping up to the second story. The club room interior was a wood-paneled room with Victorian-style couches and chairs along the walls. One side was set up to be able to be used as a bath, and the large Gremory Family magic circle was drawn on the floor and where Naruto and his group appeared from, in a bust of Phenex Flame.

"Welcome, Naruto, everyone." Rias greeted them with a bright smile as Akeno and Kiba bowed their heads at Naruto's present.

"Good morning, Rias-sama." His girls also showed the same respectful greeting.

"YO Rias." Naruto grinned at her before turning his eyes to Shirone "Hello, Shirone-chan."

"Onii-chan." Koneko bowed her head to him, her face still blanked from any emotions, even Naruto wasn't spared from emotionless personality "Onee-sama." She greeted her sister with an even colder tone.


"Shirone!" Kuroka cried out as she launched herself forward and wrapped her arms around her sister's neck, rubbing her cheek against Koneko's smaller one with a smile on her face "You have grown taller again, Shirone. Onee-sama missed you a lot!"

Always so cheerful and playful, easy going and simple minded even in the worst situation. The only time Naruto had seen Kuroka's tears were the day he stopped her from becoming a criminal, and the day she learnt that Shirone despite her and refused to accept her Nekoshou's nature. It was actually heartbroken to see a beautiful thing sad and cried.

"Let go off me, onee-sama." Koneko said it blankly.

"Neh neh, Onee-sama got a gift for you." Kuroka said excitedly as she brought the box out "It's a cake I baked myself." She said with stars in her eyes.

"I will leave the two of you alone then." Naruto said cheerily and pointed his finger to the door. Rias noticed this and nodded her head with a smile.

"Time to go back to class everyone." Rias informed all of them and left the room with everyone else, leaving a blank face Koneko and an extremely excited Kuroka alone in the clubroom. Akeno and Kiba too their leave and returned to their classes.

As Naruto and Rias left the room with each other, it was a rather awkward situation for Rias, as the past few years their relationship had improved rather nicely, with the crimson haired ruin princess no longer considered Naruto the worst man to marry possible and a douchebag playboy, secretly at least as her pride would never allow her to admit that right in front of him. Now with Kuroka and Shirone/Koneko issue, the two had met each other weekly and had become very close to each other, in Rias' opinion she would say they had become good friends with each other.

"Was that an excuse to be alone with me, then charm me afterward?"

"Ah, as paranoid as always." Naruto grinned slyly as he patted Rias' head "I thought you've already grown up, little brat." She had grown a lot (which was not just her height though), but she was a lot shorter than he was, who was standing at six foot two while Rias was only five feet eight.

"Stop doing that, I'm not little anymore." Rias cried while waving her arms around. Oh, he could see that very well.

"How is your life here, Rias?" Naruto asked as he took his hand back "Enjoyable I hope."

"Yeah, this is the place that I can feel like myself more than anywhere else." Rias nodded her head as she stared at the new school building from the window "here, everyone sees me as Rias, not as a Devil or as the Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess."

"Good for you." Naruto smiled.

"Thank you." Rias winked before hearing the school belt "Oh my, I bet that is my call." Rias instantly summoned her bag and ran off "See you later Naruto, make sure Kuroka and Shirone don't fight." She waved her hand at him and disappeared behind a hallway.

"Well, we're still engaged to each other though." Naruto released a sigh while talking, particularly to no one but himself. The blond then turned on his shoes and returned to the clubroom, opening the door slightly and motioning his hand for Yubelluna and the other two, who were patiently waiting for him to return.

"So, how's it going?" Naruto asked, pointing his hands into Rias' clubroom after he closed door again.

"Kuroka is very happy to meet her sister again, but Koneko-san is still acting a little cold to her sister." his Queen said and Naruto couldn't help but chuckle a little at that. A little cold was a huge understatement "But she accepted Kuroka's handmade cake, so you can say there are some great improvement in their relationship."

"I see." Naruto nodded his head with a smile "What are they talking about anyway?" He could use his hearing to eardrop their conversation, but he respected Kuroka's privacy so he wouldn't do that.

"Kuroka is trying to convince Koneko-san into taking her to her house."

"Ah, as expected." Naruto nodded his head again before saying "Better leave those two alone for some more time, who know maybe Kuroka will success this time."

"What are we going to do now Naruto-sama?" Xuelan couldn't help but ask.

"Well, it's not every day that we get to visit the human world," Naruto replied "So how about I take you girls out to have fun?"

"Are you sure?" Yubelluna asked, looking unsure "We don't want to trouble you or anything…"

"Why do you keep saying that anyway?" Naruto flicked his Queen's forehead with a grin "Of course it's nothing, I would love to take any of you out for a date every day. All you need to do is ask me and I will find some free time to take you girls out. Remember that okay?"

""We will Naruto-sama"" The girls bowed their head and smiled warmly at him. Even after all this time, he never ceased to amaze them of how much he had changed.

"So, we shouldn't waste anymore time." Naruto pumped his fist into the air and said with a large smile "Let's go girls."

Line Break

"How about this one?"

"No, I think this is more delicious."

"How about we order both of them?"

Unlike Yubelluna, both Xuelan and Karlamine both had a really big sweet tooth, so the only thing that had paid attention to from the moment they stepped into the restaurant was its Desert Menu.

It was two in the afternoon and after spending nearly half the morning taking his girls shopping at every shop available at the town, the blond had decided to stop at a local restaurant for lunch. Since money wasn't a problem for him, Naruto could buy almost anything for the girls, which explained the mountain of bags on the chair next to him. There were also some new clothes for Kuroka among them as well.

"Naruto-sama, Amoll-sama of Berith Household just sent you another Rating Game challenge." Yubelluna informed him as she gave him the laptop she was using to check his email. Naruto, who was sipping on a glass of orange juice, turned his eyes to the screen and saw a rather simple email with the crest of Berith Household on it.

"I accept" Naruto told his Queen, who smiled and nodded her head.

It's about time.

End of chapter 6

I hope you enjoy this chapter!