"Naruto" Normal Speech.

'Naruto' Normal Thought.

"Rasengan" Magic/Jutsu/Technique.

"Kurama" Demon/Monster/Bijuu Normal Speech.

'Kurama' Demon/Monster/Bijuu Thought.

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The Uzumaki Phenex

Arc 2 : Edtherios

Chapter 7

The Librarian

"You know that sometimes in Rating Game, you can't just brute force your way to victory, right?" Rias Gremory asked with an amused chuckle as she looked at Naruto, turning her eyes away from the tablet on the table between them that was currently showing the recording of Naruto's most recent and second Rating game match, a match that was played in the 'capture the flag' rule. It was a match that he and his peerage had almost lost to the opposing team. "You and your girls are strong, Naruto, but you need a better strategy if you want to win cleanly against these kinds of opponents."

""It feels like you have one, don't you, Rias?" Naruto asked with his arms crossed on his chest.

"I have several, actually. You and the girls were outnumbered, but there were so many ways to weaken the enemies before they could even make any real moves against your flags." Rias pointed out with a cheeky smile and Naruto knew that the crimson heiress was telling the truth. He also had to admit that she was right. There were other ways for them to win that capture the flag game, a special variant of the normal Rating Game where the goal of the game was to collect flags that were scattered around the battlefield. Because of it, unlike the rules in the normal Rating Game where victory was achieved by defeating the [King], this game mode's victory was determined by the number of flags that were collected during the game.

It'd been three months since Naruto had had his first rating game, which he had won quite easily with Kuroka and Yubelluna being the powerhouses that they were. Xuelan and Karlamine both performed very well during their first match, but his [Queen] and [Bishop] were on a complete level of their own.

After the match, he and his servants had been highly praised by the spectators of the game, which had been the heads of several devil households, but there had been some problems that he and Yubelluna couldn't help but notice.

These problems eventually resurfaced when they had their second game against the heir of the Furcas Devil Household, who were very known for his ruthless strategy of sacrificing his weaker servants for the stronger ones to have a better chance at achieving their goals. And considering that it was a capture the flags game where they hadn't needed to deal with his immortality and healing power, the Furcas heir had managed to do so quite effectively, giving Naruto and his peerage a lot of troubles. They would have beaten them if it weren't for Kuroka who snuck two flags away to surprise him, resulting in their victory with just a flag more than the enemies.

The mischievous Nekoshou of course had gotten a spanking that night as punishment for trying to pull that kind of prank. She of course had also gotten her reward, as those two flags had been the last ones that she had managed to capture just a few seconds before the game ended. What kind of reward had it been? Let's just say that Xuelan had had a great time making fun of the way she walked the next morning, and it hadn't been because of the spanking.

"Enough about me already. How's high school been treating you, Rias?" Naruto asked as Rias turned off the tablet and gave it back to him, letting Naruto put it away with a simple storing spell. "Having fun living among humans?"

"You bet that I am. Everything and everyone here is so nice. I can finally live the way I want." Naruto smiled when he heard that. He knew while Rias was very proud of her family's name, she did not like being seen as Rias of the Gremory Family too often, and thus, she had decided to come to live and study in the human world because there, everyone saw her as Rias, not as a devil or as the famed Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess. It was also the reason why she had been so soured on the idea of marrying him, Naruto Phenex, because he had only shown interest in her due to her being the heiress of the House of Gremory.

The high school that she was currently attending was Kuoh Academy. He had heard about it in a few conversations of his parents, and just the fact that Rias could never actually stop telling him about it was how he knew that it was originally an all-girls private school co-owned by Lord Gremory and Lord Sitri of the Sitri Devil Household, but they had both changed it into a co-ed school so devils of all genders could come and experience a school life in the human world.

"Good for you, Rias. I'm happy for you." Naruto smiled, making Rias beam brightly at him before continuing "Though, you haven't answered my first question. How's high school been treating you by the way? And I bet that you and Akeno-chan have both gotten pretty popular among the students there, haven't you?"

"OH, we have."

Rias nodded her head. It was as expected that girls as beautiful and attractive at such a young age like Rias and her [Queen] Akeno Himejima would become so popular in a place like a high school in such a short time. Not only that but both of them were talented and charming. He wouldn't even feel surprised if one day they grew to become the most popular girls of Kuoh Academy. No offense to the young heiress of the Sitri Devil Household, who he knew were also attending Kuoh, but Rias and Akeno were both just on a level of themselves.

"But wait, why are you referring to my queen in such a friendly manner?" Rias suddenly asked, raising an eyebrow suspiciously at him.

"Why not? Your [queen] is just the nicest girl ever and she always treats me to the most delicious tea and cookies whenever we met." Naruto reasoned, but that did not stop Rias from staring at him with half lidded eyes.

"Hmm, you know what? I don't believe you. She's my [queen], Naruto. I won't let you put your claws on her as well." Rias said, while making grasping movements with her fingers, causing Naruto to laugh a little. He knew that Rias had gotten over the fact that he used to be a playboy just like many, but the two of them still brought it up and made jokes about it from time to time. "How's Shirone-chan by the way? Asking for Kuroka."

"You don't need to say that Naruto. I know that you care for her just as much as I do." Rias smiled at him "She has been doing well. She wants to go to Kuoh's high school too, but of course she's still too young to do that now. What about Kuroka?"

"Still working hard to prove herself to the Agares. She wishes to earn more money…" Naruto answered with a shrug of his shoulders "You know she doesn't have to, but you know how she is with stuff relating to Shirone-chan."

"I wish they would just make up already." Rias said with a sigh as she rested her head on her chin "I still remember the day back when us four could just sit down around a table and have dinner with each other like a family. It feels so nice."

"Me too, Rias." Naruto said with a small smile "Let's give the two more time. Bonds aren't something that can be formed half-heartedly, and it is even harder to mend one that has always been broken. I know that we are their families now, but the bond between Kuroka and Shirone-chan isn't something that we should interfere with if we wish for them to once again be happy with each other. are they something that outsiders should interfere with. A bond not brought about from the heart is one that is easiest to be broken after all."

"That's true." Rias smiled at him, before she noticed the waitress coming back with their food. "Ah, here we are." She announced, clapping her hands in an excited manner as the waitress put their order dishes down the table between the two of them, blushing slightly when Naruto gave her a smile, which made Rias pout but Naruto did not see it. Since he didn't know about the restaurant as well as Rias, Naruto had decided to leave the ordering to his crimson haired fiancée, so when he saw a dish of boneless fried chickens, the blond almost face palmed.

Fried chicken had been, and would always be a common insult for those who came from the Phenex devil household.

"Are you soft insulting me, Gremory?" Naruto couldn't help but ask. He wanted to ask more, but Rias just picked up a piece of chicken, soaked it in some chili sauce, and put it in his mouth before another word was made.

"It's this place's best dish." Rias told him with a smug smile as Naruto ate the piece of chicken, admitting mentally that it was delicious "And since this is your treat, of course I will order it."

"Eating too much of these fast foods won't be good for your health, you know." Naruto pointed out as Rias picked up a slice of pizza and started taking bites from it. It's not like she was eating in the most unladylike manner, but Rias didn't show the same grace and finesse as she had always had during formal parties that the two of them had attended together.

"Say the guy who prefers to have ramen at least twice every day." Rias told him while waving her hand absently at Naruto "Now eat your food before I eat them all."

"You seriously can eat them all? No wonder why you are getting fatter and fatter every time we met."

"And you are starting to become a smartass again, birdbrain."


"Ah, welcome back, Naruto!"

"Hey, Tou-san." Naruto grinned at his father, greeting him upon coming across Roland Phenex in a hallway of the Phenex Residence, having just come back from his weekly weekend meeting with Rias. "You are heading for the library?" He then asked, noticing the stack of books his Phenex father was carrying in his arms.

"Yes, I am heading there to return these books." Roland nodded his head in confirmation before he asked with a somewhat teasing smile "How was your date with Rias? Did you two have a good time."

"For the last time, Tou-san, it's not a date." Naruto groaned with a roll of his eyes, making his father laugh "It's just a casual meeting between friends, that's all."

"Right, keep convincing yourself that, son." Roland said before he continued to point out with a smile "Just so you know, I heard from Lord Gremory that it's been a month since the last time Rias demanded her parents to cancel you two's engagement whenever you were brought up in their conversations."

"I am pretty sure it's because she's now living away from her family in the human world, Tou-san. Plus, she will turn sixteen very soon. It's not like she can keep whining about it to her parents and expect a result from her old childish behaviors." Naruto reasoned absently, folding his hands behind his head.

"But what about you then, son? Are you sure that you are still against the idea of marrying her now, Naruto?"

His father's words caught Naruto completely off guard, and the blond found himself unable to find a proper answer or reason to give his father.

"Both families are very happy with the way you two's relationship has turned out after you changed for the better." Roland then spoke in a fatherly tone, smiling at his son as he placed a hand on his shoulder "That is why we have decided to allow you and Rias to sort it out on your own and not press the matter further ourselves. I know that you two are good friends now, and who to say that one day you are not falling in love with each other, with how close you both have become. I know that you love Yubelluna and the others, but since losing your memories you have yet to take another girlfriend. Don't you think that Rias deserves to be that girl that you actually date for real for the first time ever?"

"Ugh… when you put it that way…" Naruto said, before he looked down at the stack of book his father's arm and grabbed it from his arms while saying "Here, let me help you with returning these books to our library. I have some books I want to borrow too so why not let me do it for you. Go back to your boring clan leader's jobs, Tou-san."

Roland laughed, "Sure son, but keep in mind that when you and Rias-chan are officially a couple, you will have to take care of these boring clan leader's jobs too with her. Don't forget that she's also the heiress of the Gremory."

"Sure sure, whatever you say, Tou-san." With that said, Naruto walked away from his father, not wanting to be teased by him anymore as he made his way to the family's library, which was located in the building not too far away from the main residence. It might be a parents' thing, but Naruto had actually never managed to win an argument with any of his Phenex father and mother, especially his mother, who could put him in his place with just a firm glare of her and a few wise words. Roland wasn't as good as his wife, but he could be just as bad when it came down to teasing.

It did not take it long for Naruto to arrive at the Phenex Library, and no matter how many times he had seen it, the place had never ceased to amaze him. It had been confirmed by many that it was the largest library, and said to hold every recorded knowledge in the entire world. The place was built thousands of years ago by the very first head of the House of Phenex, who wished to build the greatest library in the history of Earth. Although he died in the Great War between the Three Factions due to an unknown cause, his will lived on in each and every member of the devil household, allowing the place to keep on expanding with each and every passing day.

Because the place was said to hold all the knowledge in the world, without a doubt the library became the targets of many who wished to obtain that knowledge to themselves, and thus the duty of protecting it fell into the hands of the devils of the Phenex Household, as well as its librarian, who was also in charge of taking care of the books and many artifacts and objects that had been collected over the years.

Upon walking into the library, and being once again greeted by the glorious sight of the ever expanding interior of the largest library in the entire world, Naruto immediately came across the librarian of his family's library, who sat in a comfortable chair behind her desk at usual with one leg crossing over the other and a blank look on her face, reading one of the books she had handpicked for the day.

"Good evening, Naruto-sama." The librarian greeted him without even looking up from her book, her fingers gracefully and gently flipping to another page. Most prideful devils would take this as an act of disrespectfulness, but most devils of the Phenex Household didn't mind it at all, knowing that it was normal for her to ignore them. Though, he heard from his sister that the old him didn't like that from her one bit and tried to make her pay for her 'disrespectfulness' toward him once, but she merely flicked her hand and threw him out of the library before slamming the doors shut without even saying a single word. The only one she seemed to tolerate and had ever shown a friendlier side to was his mother and sister, Ravel.

Naruto only hoped that her coldness toward him wasn't because she's still holding it against him.

Nonetheless, Naruto gave her a friendly smile as he walked over to her desk and greeted her, "Good afternoon, Seilah."

Seilah's appearance was that of a young and beautiful and incredibly voluptuous woman, with large breasts and her most noticeable feature being the two large gold-looking horns protruding from the sides of her head and pointing upwards. Upon her head was a white band which separates her hair, framing her bangs from her hair below the band, while tied around her neck is a small white-colored strap. Meanwhile, Seilah's attire consisted of a very revealing light colored kimono with gold borders. The kimono was also wrapped around her torso with a thick, decorative white ribbon that tied behind her back, and her outfit was complemented by thigh-high socks that reveal her heels and toes.

Unlike him, Seilah was not a devil. She was a special demon that was created by the first leader of the House of Phenex to watch over his library for him, thus giving her full access to the entire library and every recorded knowledge on Earth, which she had spent her time reading from the moment she was born. It was also the reason why she was highly sought after by many high class devils, even his father, for their own peerage, but she had turned them all down and continued to perform her duty to the Phenex Library tirelessly and without question. Though her loyalty was with them, the members of the Phenex Devil Household, Seilah had never had to answer to any of them in matters that did not involve the Library.

"How may I help you today?" She once again asked, before finally glancing up from her book when he put the books his father had borrowed from the library down her desk.

"I'm here to return the books my father borrowed a few days ago." He answered her and it was then that Seilah fully turned her attention away from the book she had been reading and gave the ones he had put on her desk an examining look.

"It appears that everything is in order." Saying that, Seilah then raised her hand and made the books levitate in the air for a second before flying away, returning to their exact positions on the bookshelves.

"Is there anything else I can help you with, Naruto-sama?" Seilah asked after leaning back on her seat.

"I'd like to borrow a couple of books about Rating game strategies, if possible." Seilah nodded her head, and then three books floated down from the shelves on the second floor and laid down on the desk in front of him.

"You are in luck, Naruto-sama. These three just came in this morning." Naruto smiled as he picked up the book and gave it a short read while Seilah was informing him "As always, please treat these books with special care…"

"… or you will come after my head, gotcha." Naruto grinned, but Seilah merely replied to him with a blank look "I was just joking, relax."

"I do not find your attempt to humor me very successful, Naruto-sama." Seilah stated calmly as she picked up her own book and returned to reading for a few seconds until she noticed that Naruto had not left, standing there while smiling rather nervously. With a sigh, she asked "Is there anything else?" This was normally the part where they asked her to join their peerage, but as always Seilah had only had one single answer for them.

"Uhm, this might sound a bit weird, and I also would like you to keep it a secret to everyone…" Naruto said while laughing bashfully "But do you have a love manual or something like that around here?"

It was after a five second stare, making Naruto feel even more awkward that Seilah finally decided to ask him.

"You don't look like someone who has problems with his love life to me, Naruto-sama."

Naruto couldn't stop himself from chuckling while saying, "I wouldn't say that it's a problem but… do you have one that I can borrow for some time?"

"I don't, but this library does." was the simple answer Seilah gave him before she called down another book, which awkwardly reminded him of the Icha Icha paradise series written by the late Pervy Sage because of its orange cover.

"This book is written by a human author. I hope that you will find it useful, Naruto-sama, cause I don't." Seilah told him without even looking at the book she had put before Naruto, though he had no doubt that she wanted him to treat it with special care.

"Thanks Seilah. Really appreciate it." Naruto flashed her a bright grin as he put the love manual book away and picked up the ones about Rating Game and its strategies before taking his leave, returning home with the door the Phenex Library closing behind him.

End of Chapter 7

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