Kirk sits up on his bed, sweating and gasping for breath. It is those dreams, again. The ones that have been torturing him for a while now. He gets up, throws on his uniform, and heads out the door. If there is one person that can explain what is going on, it is the one person that focuses in using logic.

Kirk arrives at the Starfleet Academy. He runs up the steps towards the entrance and heads through the large double doors.

He walks at a quick pace down the hall, his eye catching the time. 09:00. He stops in front of Spock's classroom. He should be getting out of his teaching session with his students right about now. Opening the door, he sees a few students are left packing their materials. Spock is facing the hologram board, moving a few slides around. Kirk swiftly moves to where he is standing.

"Hey Spock, may I speak with you?" He says from across the room.

Spock turns away from the board to face him. "Yes, captain. How may I help you?" He doesn't seem startled by his presence. It's typical for Kirk to walk into his friend's classroom unannounced, whether it is in session or not. Though, Spock has been firm about him waiting until the class has ended to not disrupt his students.

"Ok, enough with the formalities." Kirk tells him.

Spock moves his gaze behind Kirk to see the last of his students have left, then focuses his attention back to him. He nods towards the door. Kirk goes to the shut it, then takes a seat on one of the many desks facing the board.

"There is something I need to talk to you about."

"I assumed that is the reason for your presences today." Spock walks around his desk over to his friend and takes a seat next to him.

"Has anyone ever told you, you can be quite the sarcastic as -"

"Language." Spock interrupts him. "And, yes, you never cease to tell me."

"What are friends for?" Kirk says with a smug look on his face.

"What do you need to tell me?" Spock reminds him.

"Right. So, I've been having strange dreams for some time now. They're more like nightmares than dreams."

"Are you having the similar symptoms you experienced during our expedition? Are you hallucinating him, again?" His friend asks reminding him of the effects he experienced after his near death experience.

"No. Nothing like that. This is different."

"Oh, I see. Are these nightmares about you or someone in particular?" As usual, Spock's voice is blank of emotion. At least he tries, he will give him that.

"It wasn't a person, but hundreds of people and creatures alike dying by bursts of flames." Kirk speaks softly, a hint of a quiver in his voice. "The screams never seem to end. I can't tell which planet it is, but there is a possibly it takes place on Earth. My other nightmare I can see for certain that it takes place on the Enterprise. It is shot down by something or someone unknown. One moment it is suspended in space, the next, it's falling and… and…" Kirk scrunches his eyes shut as if he is in pain. With the tip of his finger and thumb, he pinches the bridge of his nose. Shaking his head, he lets out a deep sigh.

Spock leans back in his seat taking in what Kirk had said. "You must let go of everything you are afraid to lose. You don't want a repeat of last time. Keeping these emotions bottled up is not healthy." Spock says flatly.

"I know that is why I'm here. How do you do it? Discard your emotions? I figure, if I can do that, the dreams will stop, and I can focus on something else." Kirk looks up at Spock with hope, and maybe desperation.

"I am not certain if a Vulcan is capable of teaching a human to completely think logically. Much less discard all emotions. Though, I admit the part human in me does let me feel at times. It isn't always easy to ignore. I am unable to assist you. However, I can advise you to embrace them, not shut them out. I believe I know a class that you can take that may be of use." Spock stands up and begins walking towards the door.

"A class, Spock, really? I am a captain for goodness sakes. I can't be seen with a bunch of cadets." Kirk follows him out the door, and down the hallway.

"If I must remind you, you were once a cadet."

"I know, but -"

"This is not a class you have taken during your cadet years. It a new weaponry course taught by the Elderyn's masters."

Right, Elderyn. This is a new planet that was discovered during the first year of the expedition. It took four years for the planet to be part of the federation, and a year to let two of their people into the academy. It was around the same time they hired the masters; Elderyn's knights, their Planet's version of guardians.

They stop in front of an elevator at the end of the hall. Stepping inside, Spock presses the button that would take them to the roof of the school.

"Where we are going is a disciplinary training class. You will learn to fight with swords instead of phasors." Spock's hands were behind his back now as he spoke. His posture was similar to a general commanding an army.

"And how do you know about this class? Wait. Don't tell me, you've enrolled?"

"Of course not, I am a commanding officer and a teacher." Spock replies in all seriousness. That's basically what I just said seconds ago about not taking this class, Kirk mentally says. When he turns to stare at him, there is a hint of mockery in Spock's expression. Kirk lets out a groan.

"I know of this because of my students. As they go to and from my sessions, I hear them speak of this class. They seem pleased with their training."

In the beginning of their undeniable friendship, it was rare for Spock to use any adjectives such as "happy" or "pleased." Spock being half human, Kirk has been trying to teach him of the culture and mannerisms of humans. Most of which included the fact that humans don't always obey the rules given to them by society.

Kirk raises an eyebrow at Spock. What kind of weaponry training, taught by a group of dress wearing hippies, can the students find so pleasing…?

The elevator slows to a stop as it makes its way up to the final floor. At the door's opening, there is a view of what appears to be a training ground, and at the far end, a door.

"That door," Spock nods towards the direction in front of them, "Is the entrance to the classroom. There, you will be told the lesson of the day, then you will be brought out here with the rest of the class to begin the training regimen."

"I know how teachings work, Spock."

"Yes, well, it seems the lesson is about to begin. Go ahead and introduce yourself to the instructor. I have another class that I must attend to." With that, he walks back into the elevator, the doors closing behind him.

"Uh huh…" Kirk's words trail off as he continues to look at his surroundings.

Kirk walks towards the direction Spock pointed out to him. He slowly opens the door and looks inside. There is no one in the room except for three people. They turn to the opening of the door and stare at him. The man behind the desk looks up as well. He is older than the two facing him, long hair parted half up in a bun. Add long hair, dress wearing hippies.

"Um, hi," he calls out shutting the door behind him, "My name is Jim Kirk. I'm here to enroll."

"Ah, hello, Captain Kirk. I am Master Enre. I am the founder of this course here at Starfleet Academy." The man walks around his desks towards Kirk, and bows. Kirk awkwardly bows in return. Must be an Elderyn custom?

The man stands straight and gestures towards the other two in the room. "These two are my former students, Master Malik and Master Ragnhailt. They are here to assist me." Malik and Ragnhailt walk to either side of Enre, forming a trio. Two males with Ragnhailt being the only female in the group.

The two masters give a low bow. Kirk repeats the action. "It is an honor to have the captain of the USS Enterprise here with us. May I ask what brings you here to enroll?" Says Ragnhailt.

"Kirk. Just call me, Kirk. Well," Kirk begins as he rubs a hand behind his head. Why am I here? Right… Spock! "I'm here to do what I can to improve myself in becoming stronger for my crew, and any new members who wish to join, of the Enterprise. Plus, I heard the cadets are pleased with this training."

"And stronger you shall become. You are a good man, Captain, I mean, Kirk. Before you can begin your training, you must fill out some forms and see a physician."

Master Enre turns to his desks to collect a file folder. He gestures for Kirk to be seated. Once seated, Enre places the folder on the desk in front of Kirk.

After a few moments, he signs the last of the pages in the folder. He gets up and hands it to Master Enre. Kirk looks around, just realizing Malik and Ragnhailt had left. When did they-

"Alright," Catching Kirks attention, he looks back to the man, "You will begin tomorrow after you have gone to see the physician for an update on your health examination."

"Thank you." Kirk gives a low bow and leaves.

Heading out the door, he can't help the feeling that something terrible awaits him. He hopes with the help of this training, it will ease away his troubles. Spock better be right about this, or I will look like a fool taking a training course with a bunch of cadets, and hippies.