The next morning Ragnhailt taught the class. Malik and Eren were nowhere to be seen nor did Ragnhailt provide an explanation. The students didn't seem to mind. Must be expected. Ragnhailt had the students pair up, again. Rey found Kirk and stood by his side as they continue to face the master. Ragnhailt wanted the class to focus on what it meant to wield a sword. "To wield a weapon like this one," She held out her own. Like, Master Eren, a light beamed out of the hilt in her hand, but instead of green, it was the color blue, "in the name of Starfleet is to mean: one who protects the peace."

The next day during practice Kirk asked Rey what those weapons were. "The weapons are from my planet, Elderyn." Oh, right. Elderyn is the planet Kirk and his team came across a year into their expedition. No one knew of this planet until Kirk and Spock step foot on it. From miles all one could see is green lands. It is a sight worth seeing.

"Knights of the King and Queen use them for protection." Because Elderyn believes in keeping the peace. It is the only reason the King and Queen even considered being a part of the Federation. To keep the peace.

Kirk asks, "So do the weapons have a name?"

She nods, "Yes, it is called a Light -"

"Today you will study offensive capability." Rey is interrupted by Master Malik's announcement to the class. She and Kirk cease talking and face the front. "Offensive is to be used on opponents only. Never, should it be use for mindless slaughtering of another being. You all have your sparing partners, but let us switch up to new partners. You may begin now." He said with the wave of his hand. Everyone looked around to find new partners. Rey gave Kirk a sheepish smile and turned to the person right of her who asked to be partners. Kirk turn to his left and notices the tall, long hair man-boy. No way. He looks around some more, but it seems everyone has already paired up. Sigh.

He turns back to the man-boy. "Got a partner?"

The man-boy just stares then says, "Let's get this over with." Wow, it speaks.

"No problem. Got a name?" Because he is not sure how long he can mentally continue calling him man-boy without it blurting out.

"Ben. My name is Ben." For whatever reason, a name like Ben is not what he expected. The name is simple and easy, nothing like this person in front of him.

"Nice name. I'm Kirk. Jim Kirk." He extends his hand towards Ben as a greeting. Ben looks at it, hesitantly, then extends his own to shake his. At that moment, Kirk has a familiar eerily feeling. It takes him about ten seconds too long to realize he is still holding Ben's hand.

"Do you mind?" He hears Ben ask.

Where has he felt this feeling before? He questions himself.

In his nightmares.

He shakes his head an attempt to shake the emotion off. Not here.

He let's go of Ben's hand. "Sorry, want me to get the long sticks?" Kirk says, referring to the wooden swords.

"Sure." There is a small smile forming on Ben.

Ha, so he isn't as serious. Kirk walks to the box of weapons with the unnervingly sensation in the back of his head trying to push its way out.

He returns to hand Ben his weapon, his at the ready.

The usual gestures are repeated, and with that the start of the training. Ben came at Kirk with such quick movement that it only fazes Kirk by a millisecond. He is fast, but not as fast as Rey, he thought.

Kirk plants his feet firmly on the ground in a defensive stance. The swords connect. Ben steps back and moves to the side of Kirk, then he takes a swing. But instead of striking Kirk, it hits air. He has ducked, moving away from Ben. In doing so, he notices something similar in Ben's movements. He then hits Ben's front legs causing him to trip, landing on his stomach. Kirk can't help, but snicker.

Ben quickly gets up, pissed off is evident in his expression. Kirk, once again, is locked with Ben. Sword on sword. This time he shoves his weight with the sword, pushing Ben back.

His opponent is now expected to shield the oncoming hits that came his way. He just kept moving his feet back, trying to stay away from his opponent as much as possible. Ben stops Kirk's sword by pushing him off with his weight, then run towards him, hard. Knocking Kirk on his back, resulting in him to lose his sword. Imagines of last night's dream come into surface. No! He turns on his side to reach for the sword, but then he is knocked on his back, again, with a shove of Ben's boot.

Kirk is now facing Ben from the ground with his hands up. The look on Ben's face told him to react otherwise, as his opponent stood tall with the sword pointed to his chest. It dawns on him the similarity in this young man's combat skills. Rey. He wonders if Ben is from the same planet. Of course, Rey wasn't as brusque.

Sigh. How is he supposed to stop the nightmares if his training continues like this? Maybe it would be wise for him to quit, and focus on moving forward with a second expedition since there is so much he and his crew have yet to explore. But since the incident… He can't give up now. He has to believe these dreams are nothing more than that. The more his focus is on training the higher chance these inklings would go away.

Class is dismissed. Right now what he needs the most is to clear his head of these worrisome thoughts. A flight into space should do the trick. He heads over to Starfleet Headquarters, practically flying up the steps. He stops in front of a guard. "I need a small ship - one to two-man." He flashes his captain's identification.

The guard nods and steps aside. "Right this way captain."

Kirk enters with the guard at his foot. He turns, in wonder, to eye the guard following him, then continues to look forward. That's new. Why is he not standing by his post? He showed his identification.

As they pass the docking bay the guard asks, "So, what will you be using the ship for today, may I ask?"

"Just a flight in space to clear my head. One of the things that makes space so wonderful is star gazing."

The guard raises an eyebrow at Kirk. "But aren't stars a bunch of dust and gas? What is wonderful about that?"

Is he serious? Kirk takes a deep breath and stops in front of the ship he wants to use. He stares at the guard. "Have you been to space?"

The guard looks away. "Uh, no."

Kirk doesn't bother to respond to that, so he dismisses the guard and enters the ship.

Kirk shakes his head. Well, that was rude of him. He needs to get his act together.

He gets on board, sits on the seat, and starts the engine. The doors slowly open as he begins to hover. Once he is able, he fires out of there – pass the bridges, tall buildings, and clouds. As he exits the Earth's atmosphere, he can see the stars.

After what seems like hours of moving around space, he set the controls to auto-pilot and lays his seat back to get some shuteye.

He awakens by the shock of his dreams. Even in space, he can't seem to escape them. What time is it? He pulls his seat up and looks around for the time. It reads 15:00. Three hours?! He has been asleep for three hours? It seems unreal since the dream felt like thirty seconds. Thirty long painful seconds. A loud beeping startles him – It is coming from the part of the data computer that alerts of a dangerous planet.

"OK. Weird." He says out loud to himself as he leans closer to get a better look of the readings. He looks around, he is nowhere near a danger-

"Mustafar, class M. Known suns, one. Climate searing. Native species, Mustafarian. Primary terrain, volcano, and lava rivers. Proceed with caution. Warning, proceed with caution." The intercom voice beeps.

"Since when is a class M considered dangerous?!" He says aloud.

Once again he takes a look outside the whole planet looks like one big sun all on its own. It didn't really need a sun to support it, now, did it? He looks at the readings, again. Known suns, one.

He holds his head down in worry. Should he go back to Earth to get his crew ready to come asset the problem or is it a malfunction in the computer's data? What if there isn't much time to get his crew if there is something wrong with this planet? Then, again, it is a class M planet, at least it should be, so it wouldn't hurt to survey it himself.

Kirk sits up. He's overthinking this way too much. Since when has he ever thought things through. It has always been act first, then think of the consequences; which has never failed him, really. He decides to go forth on his own.

Besides, there is no reason to waste his crew's time with nothing nor have them endangered. He engages to manual controls, allowing him to go straight towards Mustafar.

As he came in for a landing on a dirt ground, away from the lava, he gets this odd feeling – like a feeling one gets when experiencing deja vu. The ship's door open as he steps out.

To his left he can see springs of lava shooting up towards the sky, showers of the lava falling around itself. He continues onward until he comes across a stairwell that seems to be leading underground. Without hesitation, he goes in. Serval steps down, Kirk sees a light at the end. Once he appears upon the entrance, he notices a round table in the middle of the room with five chairs surrounding it. On the right, towards the far wall, there are large computers, some of the monitors cracked or slashed in half. The keyboards are destroyed to bits on the ground. He walks to the left of the destroyed monitors to the only one still intact. He gets a closer look what seems to appear as readings similar to the one's on the ship. The protection shields are offline.

Then, all of a sudden, the ground begins to shake.