"Now remember as a Jedi Sentinel you will not be wearing your clothes." Ragnhailt said the next morning as she gives him a rundown of what he has to do. "You are to wear these white and lavender robes until you have completed your task and returned home."

"All due respect master, but why am I not allowed to wear my regular uniform?" Kirk asks looking at the robes in utter disgust.

"It is the formal wear one must wear to impress the king and queen of Elderyn. Also, it is the uniform of a Padawan, or a Jedi in training." She says with a smile. "Once you are taken in for full training, you will receive regular robes."

Great, I'll get to look like a hippy. Should I grow out my hair and beard, too?

"If I may be so bold, a long beard would look like quite shabby on you, Captain."

Did she just?

"See through your thoughts? Yes, I did. Something you should be mindful about once you enter the kingdom of Elderyn. Also, please keep a look out for anything unusual. As a Sentinel, it is their duty to trace any forces of the dark side."

"Yes. But just so you are aware, I'm winging all of this since you still haven't explained much about the Force, Jedi, and the dark side." Kirk mockingly says the last part in an ominous voice.

She laughs. Before Ragnhailt can answer, the door to her office opens. She looks to see who it is.

"Hello, Rey. Ben." They both bow in greeting.

Rey looks straight to Kirk. "Wow, you look great. You even look better in the robes than you do in your Starfleet uniform."

"Don't joke."

Rey laughs. "I'm not!"

Kirk glares at her, then smiles. "Thank you, I know I look great in everything, but I'd have to disagree with you there. I look like a monk in these robes." He looks at Ragnhailt. "No offense."

"Non-taken." She smiles.

Ben rolls his eyes at the exchange. "Alright, looks like we are all ready. Can we go?" He says irritated.

They leave Ragnhailt's office with a bow, and exit the Starfleet Academy headquarters.

Kirk flashes his ID to the guard by the entrance. "I need a ship for three passengers."

"Right this way, Captain." The young guard leads them through the doors. "What will you be needing the ship for today, may I ask?"

"I've been asked to deliver a gift for the King and Queen of the Elderyn system. I will be representing Earth as allies."

"Here you are, sir." The man says as they stop in front of the vessel they would be using. "She's already to go. Good luck, sir."

"Home, here we come." Rey exciting says as she walks on board the ship followed by Ben.

Kirk unhooks the sword from his belt, staring at it for a few minutes.

"Are you positive you do not want to keep it for yourself?" Hakim's words cling to the back of his mind once more. Kirk shakes his head. He needs the blade to be as far away from him as he could get it. Plus, even if he had wanted to keep it, he couldn't. It didn't belong to him. He knows that presenting this blade in front of the King and Queen is the most important task right now.

"Kirk, you coming?" Rey asks, poking her head out from the door of the ship.

Kirk turns to her, and nods as he clips the weapon back onto his belt, and boards the ship.

They take their seats, and ascend out of the fleet, up to the sky, and into the atmosphere. As soon as it is clear, Kirk pushes forward on the thrusters, making the jump to light-speed.

They soon arrive near the planet's atmosphere in a matter of time after setting the coordinates. Rey and Ben look out the window as they descended to the planet's surface. Kirk looking over his shoulder sees the smiles from Rey and Ben.

They land in an open grassy field that leads to an entrance to a town. Behind the town, like a backdrop, a castle can be seen.

As they enter the town, they are greeted by smiling faces. Some even saying, "Hey Rey, off to see your family today?" or "Hello, Ben, haven't seen you in quite some time. How have you been?" The two cousins respond in kind. Some even mistook Kirk as being one of their own saying. "Hello, fellow Jedi, it is good to hear from the Skywalkers. Glad Earth has been treating the three of you so well."

Kirk just nodded and smiled, waving his hand in greeting, and even exchanging some hellos.

I guess with the robes I am mistaken for one of their own. Ben and Rey must be well known here, or at least their families are. He observes the two making conversation with those in the town. As for me, they must think I am a guard of some sorts.

Jedi, you mean, Jedi. It's the robes you are wearing.

He looks to find Rey staring at him with a gleam in her eye.

Did you just read my mind?

Did I?

Stop that!

She laughs out loud.

They kept moving until they reached the castle doors. They are met by two guards who open the door for them. "Welcome home. We were informed by the masters that the three of you were to be coming."

They are escorted down a long red carpet that leads to the thrones. Two people, a man and a woman, are sitting on the thrones. It is obvious to Kirk that they are the King and Queen of Elderyn. And from the position, it is clear that the Queen is the one in charge. Standing next to the King and Queen is a man who resembles the Queen.

"Rey and Ben, welcome home." Says the Queen. Rey and Ben bow.

"Captain Kirk, we have heard so much about you. Welcome."

Kirk copies Rey and Ben. The three stand. Kirk looks at all five members in the room. Then it clicks to him.

"Hello, father and mother. It is good to see you. Uncle Luke. It is good to see you as well." Ben says.

They are family. That explains the many greetings from the town.

"Aunt Leia, Uncle Han, and father, I have missed you all during my time on Earth." Rey tells them.

"We missed you as well." Says the man standing near the Queen, who was referred to as Luke and Rey's father.

Kirk is standing there in shock of the revelation.

Rey senses it and turns to Kirk. "I'm sorry we never mentioned it. It was part of the rule not to say, so we can join the academy. Also, I didn't want my training mates to treat me any different."

"I understand." Kirk gives her a smile. "So, should I start calling you princess now?"

Rey laughs. "Unnecessary. Ben is more of the royal than I. You may refer to him as prince if you like."

Kirk looks at Ben, who is glaring at Rey. Prince of gloom more like it.

Suddenly, Ben's glare is directed at him.

ARE YOU ALL MIND READERS? Kirk mentally shouts at them.

Rey continues to laugh. Ben just looks away without saying a word.

"Why don't you and Rey go visit with your friends – I am sure they would be delighted to know you are back from your training."

The two cousins leave the room. "My name is Leia. I am the queen of Elderyn. This is my husband Han." She says looking at the man sitting next to her. Then she directs her attention to man standing. "And this is my brother Luke. He runs the Jedi temple here on Elderyn." Luke nods as Kirk bows in return

"Nice to meet you all. I've been sent by Hakim to deliver this." He says as he unhooks the sword from his belt and lays it before the throne, kneeling. "As Captain of the USS Enterprise I come here today to give you this blade as a gift. Earth appreciates your alliance. Thank you for becoming a part of the Federation."

Leia gets up and slowly picks up the blade activating it. Han and Luke stare at the gold beam in awe. After a few moments, Luke speaks.

"Well, this weapon certainly is rare."

Leia turns off the beam. "It is. What an interesting design."

Luke continues. "In all honesty, I have never seen a lightsaber like this one before."

"Looks like gun beam and laser fused together. It's something one would find in the black market. Kid, did you buy this blade from someone or did you find it?" Han asks.

"I found it on planet Mustafar."

"You found it. Right." Clearly, more of a question in his statement. Like he doesn't believe Kirk.

"Yes." Replies Kirk not liking the tone in Han's voice. Is he suggesting something? Well, technically, he took it without permission.

"Interesting." He hears Luke comment.

"Finding this blade must mean it has called to you. Rare objects do not come along every day." Luke tells him as Leia hands him the sword to study it.

"My brother is right, Kirk. There is a reason why you found this weapon. We will not be accepting the gift." Leia declares.

Kirk is confused. "Wait, why not?"

"We appreciate the sentiment, but we want you to keep it." She assures him with a smile.

"You want me to keep it? I came all of this way to represent Earth and gift you the blade as a sign of respect. I can't keep it for myself. I can't." Kirk slightly turns his head away as the sound of distress leaves his mouth on those last words. Thoughts from the past couple days come flooding in.

He feels a hand on his shoulder and he looks up to see Luke kneeling eye level with him. "Your thoughts dwell on the events that happened after you found the blade. Be mindful of your emotions or such feeling can lead someone to a dark path."

Kirk is stunned by his words. Is the agony and conflict within that obvious?

"I will try."

"Do or do not. There is no try." Luke replies.

Uh. Sure, whatever that means.


"I will inform the masters on Earth of today's discussion." Luke stands from the kneeling position as Kirk does. "Thank you for coming today, Kirk, it was a pleasure to meet you."

"Thank you for having me her today." Kirk says looking at all three. He takes a bow. Just before he leaves the room Han speaks.

"Oh, Captain."

Kirk turns to face them once more.

"Chewy." Han calls.

Kirk is in awe, and a bit worried, as a giant like bear steps out from behind the long backdrop curtains and stands next to Han.

"Why not show the Captain here around the castle?" Han tells the bear.

It known as Chewy lets out a growl in agreement.

"Kid, just a bit of information before you go. It's not wise to upset a Wookie." Han says giving Kirk a smirk.

Kirk nods and turns to leave with the bear following him a few feet behind him. The only emotions he is feeling now are mixed. He doesn't know what to think or feel about having this weapon by his side. The idea almost scares him.