A soft voice in the background, sheer destruction around. Pain and misery. Bodies, war, flames, corpses.


A woman is on the ground, staring up at the sky clouded in smoke from battle. A feminine figure enters her vision, accompanied by two minions. The female holds her hand out resting above the victim's head. All she hears is a hiss before darkness overtakes her.


Like a bad dream, a brown haired girl snaps out of her hypnotic state and looks around her area. A headache is ringing while she cradles a hand on the back of her head.

"Max, are you okay? You were sleeping so much, I thought you would never wake up." Another girl, blue hair, grunge attire and carrying herself with a tomboyish attitude. She looked genuinely concerned for her friend.

"Y-yeah, bad dream is all."

"Aw, cheer up, you got into Beacon, how can you not be hyped about this?" Her eyes shift elsewhere to her dreams.

"Chloe, I got in from pure luck. I don't even know my semblance."

"And? People know their semblance and never get in here. You're quick to beat yourself down."

"Because I feel as if I don't deserve to be here. I'd be more optimistic if I felt I earned my way here."

"Way to kill the hype." Chloe rolls her eyes in quick fashion and turns around. "Look, go get your stuff, the ship is about to land. And don't be a buzzkill. First day here and you want to be a pessy reject.

"It's pessimistic."

"And don't be a smart ass either!" She didn't turn around, waving her hand off as she made her point. Chloe exits, ready to pick up her belongings and leave Max with a headache. But, she works best alone, gets her thinking.

"Hmph, noted." She was clutching her personal journal, from random thoughts or snippets of her life is recorded. Opening up a zipper from her bag, she propped a pen between her fingers, ready to scribble again.

'Dear Journal, just arrived here and things are getting strange. I don't know what it is. Maybe I ate some bad pizza or something. But, other than that, I'm here. I didn't expect to pass. I'm thinking a certain friend toyed with the evaluation, but that's enough snark attitude from now. I'm here and should look forward to what's in store here. Maybe I get to have a kick-ass partner. Or a great team. Maybe...I can figure out my semblance. I don't know why I get scared when I think about it but now's the time for self-discovery and fun. And to keep Chloe out of trouble. Stay focused max.'

She returned her journal back and shuffled over to find another favorite item of hers. She finds a photograph she took before docking the flight. A little more effort and she finds what she's seeking. A beige Polaroid camera quick to capture the photos and develop in a hurry. Great for making memories and avoiding the photo booth at local pharmaceutical stores. She grasps it and raises it over head, prepping up a shot. A stoic expression is formed as she snaps the picture, a bright light hitting her eyes and the surrounding area for the photo. The photo pops up seconds later, bringing her to wave it to develop faster. A ritual she takes, capturing moments in her time that she deems necessary. Placing the items back in her bag, she looks outward at the windows, catching Beacon in the distance.

"First day here. first of many..." Her words were weary, suggesting hardships ahead. Whether it's for her introverted personality or the vision weakening her, intuition warns her of a a beaten, foreign path to come.