A Wedding

Peering green eyes looked at the man in front of her. She knew this was it. Sorrow clouded her mind, as it ended one of the biggest chapters of her life so far. Little did she know an even bigger one was just about to start! She spent all of yesterday crying. However, this had to be done. It was her responsibility.

It was the day she became Mrs. Ronald Adrian Stoppable.

It's really happening she thought, she was getting married. She was told her wedding day would be the happiest day of her life. For her however, it was the worst. She was marrying a man she didn't love. But it really was her duty.

Breaking out of her thoughts she turned her attention to her parents. Her dad had a glimmer of sadness in his eyes. Deep down she knew however, she knew he had no opposition to this marriage. In fact, it would appear that her father would be giving away his daughter to the only man he deemed fit, a man she did not love.

She then proceeded to turn her gaze to her mother, she looked so pale now. Looks like the Chemotherapy was working. This brought a brief smile to her face. At least her mother would be there for her wedding. Then the sadness returned, this time for another reason. Her mother was dying; she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The tumor had metastasized, spreading to her lungs and her stomach. She had been scheduled for Chemo every 3 days. Fearing the worst, her mother had asked her for a favour. A favour she had promised to fulfill. She was going to fulfill that favour today.

It really was a modest wedding. At least modest in terms of what it could have been. Her wedding would have been the biggest event in the state, maybe even the country. But for a freshly graduated college student, this was just that, modest. They truly brought out all the bells and whistles for the wedding, despite the fact that the only ones attending were friends and family.

Friends, up until 4 months ago Ron Stoppable was just that her friend. Well, that wasn't actually fair as he was her best friend, but a friend never the less. They really were two peas in a pod. But now he was going to be her husband? She just didn't get it. She really didn't know his reasons for accepting the wedding proposal, but she knew her mom was involved somehow.

As the priest recited the vows, Kim stared at Ron. This was it, the point of no return. The dreaded "I Do". Would she say 'no'? Of course she couldn't, it would break her mother's heart. There was no force on this earth that would stop her from becoming Mrs. Ronald Stoppable. She was broken from her thoughts first by a statement and then a question:

"I do" Ronald Stoppable said looking into her eyes. She could see a faint smile on his face. Despite all this, she still felt safe. His smiles had a way of doing that to her.

"And do you Kimberly Ann Possible, take this man Ronald Adrian Stoppable to be your lawfully wedded husband?" the priest asked.

Taking a quick glance at her mother, she noticed a smile spread across her mother's face. With all her worries melted away and the strength she needed, she turned back to the man in front of her.

After a moment of hesitation, a reply came. "Yes."

"Then by the power invested in me by the State of Colorado, I pronounce you Man and Wife. You may kiss the bride" He waved.

At that point their lips locked. She felt kind of strange, but a small part of her did enjoy it. It was their second kiss ever!

Just behind Kim Possible her matron of honour was smiling. To her, it really did seem like a dream come true. If only she could have said the same about her marriage. Not three years ago her family won the $60 million jackpot, which they used to create a widely successful Tech companies.

Life was good for the 2 years that followed. She and Felix lived in style as boyfriend and girlfriend, at least they did until Felix purposed. She did accept the proposal, but it wasn't meant to be. Her father who at the time seemed really happy, ended up sending her fiancé to the United Kingdom to further his studies. All the while, they had pressured her into getting married.

Despite the many talks between Felix and Herself, she was left with no choice but to break her engagement with him. In the end she ended up getting married not 2 weeks' afterwards to a man named William Shoemaker. He came from a very wealthy family, with a steel mills littered across the States. She had the exact look in her eyes as Kim did right now when she got married. However, there was a thing she knew about her friend that she didn't herself. The girl was marrying the man she loved, she was just too stubborn to see it. In Monique's case however, she had married a complete stranger.

Not too long after she got married, she created her own business, a fashion company. Today, her company was ranked among the top fashion companies out there. On top of that, she was also planning a surprise cruise, for her parent's 30th anniversary.

Overall her life was wonderful, if you consider a slightly sexist husband wonderful. He came from a supposedly "progressive" old money type family. They had even originally been against her starting her own company, but with the help of her husband she was able to get the permission for such feats. His mother still gave her the stink eye every now and again. She still gets over the fact that her life still felt incomplete. She missed smiling, she missed having fun, and she missed him.

That really wasn't fair, as the man she missed was right in front of her. He was the groom's Best man after all. However, one look at his face told her the tension that existed between themselves. It was saddening, being so close, yet so far.

Looking at her parents, she still felt a bit of tension between them and herself too. She knew that somewhere deep down, she hated her parents for doing this to her. But she was too scared to do anything, she always was. The thought of a divorce still lingered in her mind.

Not wanting to upset herself, she turned her attention back to the wedding. She watched as the groom break a glass that was placed at his feet.

She really was happy for her. Did Kim even know how good she had it?

Shego watched the two girls in front of her: the bride and the maid of honour. She still felt a bit of jealousy towards the two girls. Despite the fact that the two girls seemed really sad, at least they could get married. The two girls really didn't have it that bad, Kim was getting married to a real nice boy. She knew deep down that despite what she said, she truly did love him that way. It really seemed that everyone seemed to know about the Spark between Kim and Ron, other than the two people who were involved. Monique's problem was a little bit bigger, she was actually forced to marry a man she didn't love. Her condition was further deteriorated by the fact that the Shoemaker's downright insisted she produce an heir to their vast fortune. However, at least she got a seemingly caring if a bit conservative husband out of the mix.

She glanced over to the brown hair girl standing beside her, resisting the urge to simply turn and getting lost in those teal eyes. For the last two years they have maintained a relatively discrete relationship. The only ones that knew about them were Kim and Monique. However, due to the marriage laws in The United States, they could not get married. The thought that she couldn't marry the girl she loved, almost brought a tear to her eyes. At this point they had been engaged for roughly 5 months.

She had met Bonnie at a mixer the Watson's threw to celebrate their partnership with a local Tech giant roughly a year and a half ago. It's funny now that she thought about it, they shared so much in common. The common hatred, at least at the time, was there, however they also shared common goals and a fierce drive to success. One look, that's all it took for them to know they wanted each other. Bonnie had recently broken up with Junior, and was accompanying her father (a local car salesman). When Shego had found her, she was apparently in the corner crying about her break up. Shego proceeded to calm her down, all the while giving comforting words.

As the days progressed, they grew closer. Shego was able to help Bonnie over this specifically rough time. As the days turned into months, they grew even closer, even going various dates as friends. That all changed during a midnight screening of 'An Obnoxious Vampire Tale'. Half way through the movie, the two tightly snuggled girls found each other's lips. After that they started dating. Despite all the negative comments about their Sexual orientation, they kept at it. They were too happy to care. Despite the ban on homosexual marriage, they still purposed to each other. They were the only two people who knew about it. They didn't even tell Kim and Monique.

Now Shego was faced with a problem: immigrate to another country to get married, or continue dating and hope that one day the laws would allow their union.

Not wanting to get stressed out, she turned her attention to the wedding.

Authors Note: Tell me if this is any good. I was wondering if I should continue. Hopefully I will finish this and not get stuck. I actually have the story line for this all planed out. The envy that the girls felt towards one another is due to us feeling that others have it better then us.