Something Sweet, Something Sour

Bonnie had been looking for Shego for hours. Despite the fact that she had left not three minute ahead of her, the emerald enchantress had managed to get away. "So this is how Kim felt" she mused.

It was weird now that she thought about it, one second they were having a wonderful dance, and the next Shego was running away from seemingly nothing. That wasn't entirely true, as she partially knew what was bothering her.

As she rounded a corner onto the parallel alley that ran along the Banquet hall, she saw her. There she was, her dress ruined by the splotches of mud. She could notice the tears on the woman's face as they caused her mascara to run. She noticed Shego's hands, they were red to the point of bleeding. Taking all of the information in, many questions started to enter her mind, but none as prominent as the one in front of her. What happened in the Banquet Hall? And she was determined to find the answer.

Slowly, she approached the enchantress. Taking the girl into her arms, she gave her a big hug. They stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity, Shego crying into the arms of a consoling Bonnie Rockwaller. Finally gathering the courage to speak, Shego spoke into Bonnies Chest.

"I'm sorry for making your family hate you."

"What are you taking about?" replied an astonished Bonnie.

"I'm sorry for dancing with you back there. I couldn't help myself. And now because of my antics, your family is going to find out about us. They'll hate us for doing this too them. And then they'll tell their friends and they will hate us also. And it's going to be my fault. And then you're going to hate me for doing this to us, which will be…." Rambled Shego.

"You stop it right there." Bonnie stated with a firm tone.

"Look at me!" Bonnie demanded. When Shego finally looked up at her, she continued. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to me. Before you, I felt lost. I hated the world because I could never fit in. So I tried be someone I'm not. But you changed all that, you gave me a place to call my own. You gave me love, and support I craved my entire life. And you think I'll hate you, for something that's out of our control. Never!"

As the girls held each other, Bonnie couldn't help but wonder how all this could have been avoided, if they simply made their relationship public. It was starting to get to her, the seemingly endless waiting game that was 'Staying in the Closet'. Shego's words really did get her thinking. How would her friends react to this unexpected news? But more importantly how would her parents react? She fondly remembered stories of her relative's reaction when her cousin came out. Would they react the same way?

So what is she going to do, hide in this metaphorical closet the entire time, watching her life fade away without her source of joy? Watch as she became like Monique a shell of her former self, forced to marry someone she wasn't. Feelings of sadness and sorrow were thoroughly washing over her. These thoughts were blasted out of the water by another feeling. Bonnie could feel the wet lips of her lover on her lips.

After a brief moment, she too started to kiss back. Attacking the lips of her lover aggressively. As she pulled in close, she could feel two soft globs pushing up against her. Mesmerized by the feeling, she brought her hands to her lover's butt. She could feel her lover's hands on her backside. Before things got too heated, the two girls broke apart.

"Let's go find a room." Shego offered.

"Good idea." Bonnie replied with a grin

Despite the massive windows on the mansion, especially the one in his bedroom, very little sunlight actually managed to seep through the house in the early hours. Ronald Stoppable was always amazed by this feature, as it allowed him to sleep in longer without the nefarious sun god beaming down on him. However, this morning, he was rudely woken up by a beam of sunlight. As he opened his eyes he notice one big thing. He wasn't in his bedroom! Before this thought could be explored further, he was startled by a familiar burning smell. Throwing his covers off, he put on his trusted fearless ferret slippers and proceeded to head down the stairs.

Once, down the stairs he noticed smoke fill the kitchen. Panicking, he grabbed the nearest fire extinguisher he proceeded to randomly spray the substance into the room.

"AHHHHHHHH! Stop! Stop! Stop! "Someone screamed.

This startled the poor young man, as a feminine outline appeared in the smoke. Slowly as the smoke dissipated, he noticed the scorched auburn hair. As the smoke finally cleared out of the room, the figure became even more recognisable. Standing in front of him, was the scorched, battered, and shivering form of his Wife. 'It's funny to say that now. Wife. This is going to take some getting used to.' He thought. It was then he noticed her staring at him, in almost an annoyed but embarrassed manner. Many questions began to propagate his head: What are you doing in the kitchen? What were you cooking? How did this happen? But most of all he wanted to ask:

"Are you Ok?"

Looking at the ground she quietly responded. "Yes."

He noticed the tone in her voice. But as tempted as he was to be the caring best friend, his curiosity won out. "So what do you think you were doing?"

"What does it look like?" she said in an edgy tone. To emphasize her point, she pushes a finger against his chest.

Avoiding the egg shells, he proceeded with maximum caution. He had learned a long time ago never to bad mouth Kim in front of the kitchen. He was pretty sure he still had burns from the burnt hot soup she poured down his back last time he did. "No, I was just asking because you look like…your….um… hair looks nice this morning. Did you use a new conditioner?" he said with a plastered smile.

"My hair is a mess Ron, it got scorched when the omelets I was making exploded." She said in a defeated tone. "I can't do anything right. I can't cook, I can't get reception, I can't dance, and I couldn't even do the wedding night properly."

As he took her hair and pushing it back, he pulled her into a deep huge. One which she quickly returned. 'Just like old times' he thought, 'it's that time of the month.'

"Shhhhhh, its ok. All this will pass in a week."

"What? This awkwardness?"

"No your period." He stated with a grin.

Glaring at her…um…husband, she spoke. "What do you mean period? Ron I'm not on my period. I'm just worried, this all is so new. Will I ever be able to get used to it. I'm scared Ron, will we ever be able to act normally around one another? Will we ever truly be husband and wife? These all questions we need to face eventually. And I thought we could start right now."

In reaction, he simply smiled. On the outside she may have seemed like the strongest woman alive, but only knew who lurked right below the surface. She had faults, and worries, and even imperfections. But that's why he was here, to always have her back.

"I don't know what will happen next. But what I do know is it will all work out eventually, it always does. But we could talk about this later." He said with a beaming smile.

Taking the spatula, he proceeded to gather the burnt omelette pieces into a bowel. "But right now I want to have breakfast. Care to join me for a healthy dose of Saturday morning cartoons, I hear Fearless Ferrets on." Taking her had he proceeded to lead an astonished Kim towards the living room.

"I'm telling you Monique it's like he's completely unfazed by what just happened. I'm here I am carrying his last name, something I never thought I would ever do, and he doesn't even care. Today, when I was making lunch, he just took it and proceeded to watch cartoons the rest of the day. I mean yeah they might be fun to watch and all, but shouldn't he at least try to talk about what we just did?"

It was Saturday night and Ron was off with Felix for some "gamage time." As a counter Kim had invited Monique over.

"Omg, you guys actually did that last night" Monique stated with a predatory grin. "Good for you, ripping that band aid right off. I have one question though, How was it?"

"How was what?" ask Kim obliviously.

"You know, getting busy, playing pelvis hockey, ding dong, having coitus, rubbing the lamp in hopes of something other than a genie, you know having sex!"

Blushing heavily, Kim started to stammer. "Wh…What…..we didn't… I mean we didn't you know…do anything last night."

"Uh huh, and that look your giving me says otherwise. So spill girl, what happened last night?"

"Well, nothing like that happened last night. But." Now Kim's face got even redder. "After going into our separate rooms, I proceeded to fall asleep. However, halfway through the night something weird happened. I was rudely awakened by a thumping sound, and before I knew it I was being groped by my…err… well husband."

"You do realize that being groped by your husband sound completely normal right. Just putting it out there. I mean after all his hands are pretty big, makes you wonder if something else is big too."

"I so don't need that image right now."

"Why not? He is your husband after all, you deserve to know. Anyway, what happened next?"

"First of all I don't think of Ron that way….." stated a red Kim.

"You mean you don't think of him like that right now. You know, it actually proven that the closer you stay to somebody the higher likely hood you have of falling for that person. I mean it's the exact same reason a lot of celebrities fall in love. I know it's more complicated than that, but it is one of the driving reasons."

"Well I don't know about that, I mean look at you. You've been around your husband a long time" noticing the glare from her friend, she quickly rephrased. "OK you've been married a year. But compared to me it is a long time. As I was saying, despite all the time you spent together, you two still act like strangers to each other, how do you know I won't end up like you."

"Because Kim, you two are…" Monique caught herself from saying the "L" word. That would come later. Now she only needed to get her friend started. "Compatible. I mean William and I were strangers, and we didn't know if we were compatible. But I slowly learnt that we aren't. But that's where you have me beat, you have a long friendship with your man. He's probably closer to you then I am. So I don't see the problem. At this point I think you're just scared of how things would be. But that's the thing maybe if you actually tried you know dating or something, you would find out for yourself if you compatible or not. "

"I'm not scared!" she said quietly.

"Oh Yeah! Then prove it. Try to make your relationship work. If you can do it I'll pay you $1000." Monique challenged.

"Fine! But what if I lose."

"Then you owe me one small favour."

So what you're saying is you'll pay me if I win. But if I lose, I don't owe you anything other than one small favour." Kim asked suspiciously.

"That was the deal" Came a smug reply.



"So what happened next? You know after the groping?" asked a curious Monique

"Well, I was about the get mad at him for trying something like that. But before I could react I realised he was sleeping. Apparently he had sleep walked into my room. So instead of waking him, I just took his hand of me and fell asleep. Of course when I woke up his hand had found a way back."

This prompted laughter from chocolate beauty. But, unknown to the glaring red head, she was laughing about something else. She had already lost, and she couldn't be happier.

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