Dream Guardian King Allen: Hello my readers, and welcome to my redux of Super Smash Bros Ultra! This will be like my Mario Kart 9 story as I am taking suggestions from the readers in terms of the items, assist trophies, stages, costumes, and modes. I plan on deleting the old version soon enough but in the meantime enjoy this opening chapter as I try to develop a story with this idea fic.


Every one of the Smash Bros from the past tournaments were sitting in a giant auditorium waiting for a meeting to start. Soon the lights started to dim and a spotlight appears onto the stage where a simple podium is sitting in wait. A big white gloved hand that would fit one someone's right hand floats down above the stage.

"Welcome back everyone to another Super Smash Bros tournament. You all know who I am so I won't waste anyone's time with introductions. I am just glad that all of you were able to make it for another round of this monumental event. However, Masahiro Sakurai has sought fit to send someone new to watch over us while he sets up the tournament," said Master Hand as the fighters started to mutter in concern. "Fear not, the people at headquarters have assured me that he will only be the assistant director for the event so Sakurai will still be checking in every once and a while to make sure things are going smoothly. Please give a big round of applause for our special guest."

The crowd did a slight applause as the new guy came up to the stage, the new person was a young man wearing a black suit, red tie, and a top hat that looked like a rainbow mosaic threw up on it. "Hello everyone, I am known as Dream Guardian but you can call me Mr. S, and I will be in charge of overseeing you guys and all the newcomers for the duration of the event. I hope to be interacting and getting along with all of you," said Mr. S.

"What make you think we are going to listen to you?" said Bowser.

"Yeah, you got no right coming down here and bossing us around like you own the place," yelled King Dedede holding up his hammer ready to smack someone.

"I'm sorry if you all feel this way, but I asked to come unto this project as an assistant director in order to take some of the stress off of Sakurai as this is one of the biggest events in the universe. Sakurai is still in charge of the project but, for the most part I'll be taking most of his duties in terms of organizing the tournament," answered Mr. S.

Bowser was about to get up to roast the new guy but Ganondorf put a hand on the Koopa King's shoulder and stood up. "We appreciate your kind gesture towards Sakurai. I am sure that you will do everything in your power to make sure this event goes smoothly," said Ganondorf with a sinister smile.

"Ganondorf, I'd figured I would have to deal with you sooner or later. Just never thought it would be my first day. Now I know how you villains operate, with a new guy in charge you will try and use this as an opportunity to try and destroy the heroes. Well to bad, because one I am on to you guys and I could smell your evil form outside the room. Two: the people at headquarters gave me special permission to kick you out of this tournament and all future tournaments permanently if you try anything. Third: I have played most of your games and beat them so I know how you work, so I have my eye on you. Fourth: I have a portable blue shell launched loaded with shells with all of your names. In other words, if you even think about doing anything funny, your backside to going to get kicked to the curb. Understood?" asked Mr. S.

"Yes," answered all the villains.

"Alright then, unless there are any more interruptions, I can continue on with the meeting," said Mr. S until Samus raised her hand up. "Yes Ms. Aran?"

"Will we be holding any more interviews for potential newcomers like last time?" asked Samus.

"No, fortunately thanks to you and Link's efforts with the interviews we have more than enough potential candidates and some more that I had suggested to the roster selection board. So there will be no interviews for newcomers, we have enough on the list for a final roster of over one-hundred characters," answered Mr. S and the fighters just made their jaws drop at the mention of having one-hundred fighters in the tournament.

"That's a bit of an overkill, isn't it?" asked Luigi.

"Don't stress out too much about it, we had set up so ground rules for the newcomers that I'll be explaining about today. So we may not even have that many if things go smoothly, but before I do that, I need to address the elephant in the room," said Mr. S before looking at the clone fighters. "Roy, Lucas, Dr. Mario, Wolf, Young Link, Pichu you are all going to be coming back to the roster…" the clone fighters started to cheer before Mr. S continued, "…as DLC."

The fighters stopped cheering and looked at him, "What?!"

"You are going to become DLC, on account of the Smash community not liking clone characters so much I would have to cut you guys out of the roster to avoid clone haters, but I didn't want to cut you guys off the roster entirely so I went for the middle ground. Make you guys DLC so if people wanted you they could have you without having to deal with the fuss of having too many clone characters. Plus, this could be a very good opportunity for you guys to come up with some new moves to make you less like clones if you are interested. If you do manage to come up with some new moves come talk to me and we can discuss it more," explain Mr. S.

The clones breathed a sigh of relief knowing that they were back on the roster for the time being. "Falco, Ganondorf, and Toon Link your jobs are safe since you guys are practically game staples at this point. Ice climbers we have a team working on getting you back into the game for both the NX and the 3DS so best to start training again," said Mr. S as Popo and Nana high fived each other.

"I unfortunately have some bad news for Lucina and Dark Pit. Lucina we plan on removing you from the roster but I'm trying to see if we can make you into an alternate skin for Marth or if fans are willing to make you into a DLC character," stated Mr. S.

"What, how could they do this to me? Why even make me a character and then take me out the next year?" asked Lucina in disbelief.

"Welcome to the club sister," answered Roy.

"Believe me I don't want to do this but after fans being upset with how much of a clone you were to Marth, it makes more sense to make you an alternate skin rather than a totally separate character. But to be honest I thought you and Robin were better choices than Chrom to be included into the roster. No offense to your old man, but the team could use more female reps and you fit the bill perfectly," said Mr. S.

"Thank you Mr. S for trying to keep me in," responded Lucina.

"No problem, until we figure it out, you are still technically on the roster. I'll let you know about our final decision on the matter. In the meantime, I got a job for you to do that could help out with some of the other tournament proceedings, talk to me in my office after the meeting and I'll fill you in on the details," said Mr. S and Lucina just nodded.

"Ok with that out of the way, Dark Pit you are being taken off the roster indefinably. Moving on to the next topic we have," started Mr. S before Dark Pit interrupted.

"What do you mean I'm cut from the roster. Lucina and all the others clones are allowed back into the roster, but I'm not? Just what kind of operation you running here?" yelled Dark Pit.

"Hopefully one that doesn't have problems. Unlike Lucina, who was a major part of her game's story, you brought nothing other than being an angsty version of Pit, so getting you off the roster was not that hard. You are just lucky Pit will have you as an alternate skin. When people found out you were going to be a playable character, the whole community was in an uproar by how much of a clone you were to Pit, especially when we all saw you have taken Zelda's final smash for yours. So with that being said you are off the roster for the duration of the tournament, sorry but there is no way of getting back in," explained Mr. S.

"Why you, I'm going to beat you down until you put me back on the roster," yelled Dark Pit as he ran towards the stage. Mr. S was calm and just pushed a button on the podium and a giant boxing glove came out of the floor and launched Dark Pit through the roof leaving nothing behind but the sound of his screaming.

Everyone listened to the screaming for a minute or two till they heard a thud. "Ah, music to my ears. Could we get a medical team to find Dark Pit?" A med unit went out to find the dark angel. "Now that you have all seen how my fighter disciplinary system works, we can get back to the meeting," said Mr. S as he got his papers in order.

"Next item on this list are the ground rules for how we are setting up the tournament. All the newcomers are going to show me, Sakurai, Reggie and Miyamoto all their moves to see if that make it into the tournament. If they don't have a complete move set or they are too much of a clone to a previous fighter, they don't get in simple as that. However, we do plan on letting any of the newcomers who don't make it a chance to be assist trophies is they wish to do so. We'll let you know who gets in accordingly," explained Mr. S and the fighters nodded in agreement at the rule.

"Next rule is that we are not doing another fighter poll, thanks to that and the interviews we have plenty of possible newcomers to join the fight. So don't worry about people asking about Goku or anyone else in some fighter ballot because we are not doing one," said Mr. S as the fighters breathed a sigh of relief of not going through one of those again.

"Third all the newcomers all have at least one game with Nintendo on their belt to be accepted so they will all have a place here with Nintendo's finest and I checked each and every one of them and they all have some history with Nintendo, so nothing to worry about," said Mr. S.

"That is all the rules pertaining to the newcomers. If you have any questions or concerns, please come see me in my office. Final item of the day is that we are still working on the roster for the assist trophies, as well as the items, stages, Mii costumes, and other stuff are still a little up in the air at this point but we plan of figuring them out and letting you know as we go. That are all the announcements for today, if there are no more questions then I will dismiss this meeting. Thank you all for coming and I look forward to an exciting fighting extravaganza, hope to see you either in my office or somewhere in the mansion. See ya," said Mr. S as he left the stage.

The fighters left the room all discussing about the recent developments brought up in the meeting. "This looks like it could be the biggest Smash Bros. Tournament we ever held," said Mario.

"I couldn't agree more, but I can't help but wonder who Mr. S exactly choose to be this year's newcomers. It puts me a little on edge not knowing who's coming," said Link with Zelda close to him.

"If it's anything like last year's roster, I'm sure we are in for a great time. I'm just worried about Dark Pit trying to attack Mr. S again," said Pit.

"Don't worry Pit as long as Viridi keeps an eye on him we won't have to worry for very long," said Palutena causing the whole group to laugh.

D.G.K.A.: And there you go, that is the first chapter of this story reboot, and like it said I have already chosen all of the potential newcomers for the game but if you want to guess who the newcomers are by sending a full move set via review or PM that is fine. I would like to thank Ability King KK for allowing me to reference his story 'New Smash Bros Interviews.' Go check out that story if you want to guess which characters I picked.

For extra clarity on the rules here they are:

1. All newcomers don't have a permanent spot on the roster. They all need full moves sets in order to stay in the tournament.

2. No suggesting of other playable characters, there is enough potential newcomers to stratify more than enough fans.

3. The newcomers must have games primarily on Nintendo consoles and are characters that can actually be obtainable, so no Master Chief or Kratos.

4. Assist Trophies, items, stages, costumes, and unlock conditions are still up for grab.

5. Any clones both new and old are going to be DLC, exempt from this is Falco, Ganondorf, and Toon Link.

6. Any newcomers that don't make it through fighter tryouts can apply for being an assist trophy.

So again thank you for reading and I hope you follow the story and give me a review and let me know what ideas you have for items, assist trophies, stages, or modes you want in the game. With that said I'll see you all later.