Grim was enjoying a solitary evening in his DexLabs issued apartment, watching a telenovella, El Amor De La Pasion El Amor, that that Rex Salazar kid had recommended. It was a bit overly dramatic for the Grim Reaper's taste and he suspected that Rex only tuned in because he found the two lead actresses attractive. Grim persevered only because it meant that he could have "me time" away from all the snot nosed brats swarming the building's lobby. Especially after a few KND operatives had confused his skeletal frame for a coat rack, realizing their mistake only when he'd brandished his freshly sharpened scythe at them.
He was about to doze off during the soap opera's season eight finale, when a series of piercing, impatient knocks sounded at his door.
"What now? Can't I ever have any piece and quiet around dis joint?" Grim exclaimed.
"Grim, open up or I'll make Tennyson do it for you." said an irritatingly familiar voice.
Grim groaned, pulling on his robe. That voice never failed to make his old bones rattle. Years of forced servitude will do that to a person.
He reluctantly opened the door and faced his old friend straight on.
When you first saw Mandy, a little preteen girl with short blond hair and wearing a pink dress with a flower on it's front, you might think she was sweet, cute, pretty, charming, polite. (She was none of those things) Until you saw the permanent scowl etched into her face and heard her speak.
She was currently standing on Grim's door step, arms crossed, tapping her foot impatiently.
"Oh, you're still here. You've been in your room for so long that I thought you'd flown the coop."
"I take it dis isn't a social call." Grim said. It was not a question.
"Of course not, Grim, you know me better than that. I need a...favor." Mandy said the last word as though it physically pained her to utter it.
"Oh, really, what favor? I'm busy right now." the robed figure said crossly.
"Doing what, watching El Amor De La Pasion El Amor?" Mandy snorted.
"And how could you possible you possibly know anyting of da sort?" Grim replied.
"Either I've gained psychic powers or, option number two, you left your TV on."
If Grim would've had skin, muscle, and blood on top of his skull, he would've blushed crimson.
"Fine, c'min, but don't you dare tell anyone I've been watchin' it. That Salazar kid put me up to it."

"What is it tat was so urgent you couldn't wait until me show was over?" the Reaper demanded as soon as the door swung shut.
Mandy, never one for small talk or tact said " Brain Boy and Mandork seem to have located my Fusion copy."
"You're kidding! Da one dat destroyed half of Endsville?" Grim exclaimed.
"I don't kid, actually. It's the one and the same," the blond said wearily. "This time, I have personal matters to attend to. No one goes around wrecking my city, wearing my face, and gets away with it. Ever. That's my job."
"I see," the skeleton said, stroking his large, bony chin. He hadn't realized until then that Mandy really did care about her city after all. "And what exactly do you want me to do about it?"
"I want your scythe. I need to insure that Fuse's copy stays down."
"No, and dat's me final answer."
"Oh, and why's that?" Mandy sneered, mock inquiry in her voice.
"Let me tink about it, let's see here. How about, every time you rotten children get anywhere near me scythe you cause chaos and mass hysteria, you nearly got me fired from me cushy job as Grim Reaper, you forced me to be your best friend forever, and I just plain don't like you." Grim said, crossing his skinny arms beneath his robes, head held high.
"Gee, Grim, I guess it's time you finally grew a spine. I shouldn't try to budge you in your convictions in any way, because that's what friends do. Or, how about, if you don't hand over your scythe right now, I'll tell every KND operative, dork, dweeb, nerd, alien, idiot extra-dimensional being, and their grandmas that you've been copped up in your room all day, on your day off, watching that Spanish soap opera."
The Grim Reaper opened his mouth for a second, as if to reply, then closed it. He sighed a moment, closed his eye sockets, then said. "Fine, you got yourself a deal."