The others, Tennyson, the Powerpuff Girls, the Kids Next Door, Providence's goons, always made a big deal about venturing out into the Infected Zone alone. Though Mandy had no experience with the Infected areas, having rarely left DexLabs HQ since spearheading the Earth's Combined Forces initiative at the start of the war, she found them simple enough to navigate.
Avoid the slimy traces of Fusion Matter, it stung like acid if it touched your flesh and it smelled a combination of sulfur and vomit. Keep away from major spawning points, or risk being ambushed by Frightening Bugs, Rending Machines, or the like. Easy, especially when your weapon of choice causes everything it touches to wither and die.
Luckily Mandork and Brain Boy's theory was proving incorrect. With each swing of the scythe's curved blade, one of Fuse's minions burst into green ooze, sinking into the ground like it was never there. None of them reformed or got back up. Mandy was right, as usual. Maybe she was a genius after all.
Unless, of course, small, nagging voice said, maybe you're not sticking around long enough to find out. Or maybe Grim's scythe was effective on Fusion Spawn, Frightening Bugs, et cetera, but not on Fusion copies of Earth's heroes. They were stronger, faster, and more resilient than the other lifeforms Planet Fuse had unleashed upon them. Not unlike the original people they were based upon...
But she didn't have time to think about that. The other Mandy, the one with near translucent green skin and blazing, pupil-less eyes, had been spotted in the Really Twisted Forest over 27 hours ago. She wouldn't stay thee much longer. If Mandy's Fusion slime copy was even half as intelligent and ruthless as the original, she would have been prepared, and maybe she even knew Mandy was gunning for her.
The copies Fuse created were "born" with the all the skills, knowledge, and memories as those whose DNA they came from. Therefore Mandy reasoned that the (no, she needed a name for her, not just "the other Mandy") pile of sludge masquerading as her would know she didn't take kindly to imposters or anyone who destroyed what was hers.

The man couldn't let Mandy het out of his sight. He needed her to be just far away that she couldn't see him, but he could see her. Given his limited vision, it wasn't the best way to observe and report back to DexLabs' founder (from his side of things), but he knew if he got much closer, Mandy would sniff him out like a prized bloodhound. The creepy little girl had almost supernatural senses and was notoriously hard to tail.
He squinted after the preteen terror, realizing with a jolt where she was headed. Oh no. Dexter had warned him she was likely to go thee after the Fusion Mandy, but he hadn't known she was suicidal enough to enter the Really Twisted Forest by herself. The place had been treacherous enough before the war, but now it was rumored to be filled with a hodge-podge of some of the most dangerous Fusion Monsters out there.
He shuddered, his true cowardly nature showing itself. The man wished he hadn't agreed to this assignment, but as Dexter had informed him, he was "the only one crazy and stooopid enough to keep tabs on the girl who enslaved the Death himself".

Mandy had realized she was being followed about twenty minutes into the journey. Whoever it was wasn't subtle and seemed to snap every twig he, she was certain it was male, came in to contact with and attracted Fusions right and left. An idiot in heavy boots. (And a liability if she wanted to reach her destination without much incident) She knew quite a few of those. Perhaps it was even an idiot from HQ that Dexter or some other dweeb had sent after her in an effort to keep her safe. Brain Boy needn't worry.
Mandy knew all the same moves as her green counterpart and would be ready for whatever Fandy, as she decided to call until she thought of a better name, threw her way.
The girl in the pink dress stood in front of the entrance to the mutated Forest, quietly weighing her options as she looked at her reflection in the scythe's mirror shiny blade. She didn't look like much to her own eyes. Blond hair in an odd cut, black head band, bangs fanning in front of piercing gray eyes, an almost non-existent nose, a perma-frown etched onto her pale face. Before the war with Fuse, she could've been anyone in a random sea of faces, lost to the crowd completely. Anonymous. Yet now she had one of the most recognizable faces in the world as the leader of Earth's Combined Forces.
Mandy had always known one day people would know her face and run in terror, as she planned to rule the entire planet as its dictator one day, but she had never they would be the bad guys.
She took one last look at her surroundings, Grim's scythe held expertly in hand, then stepped into her copy's lair.