"Nicholas P. Wilde, I want you now!" Her voice rang in his right ear and straight into his head so fast, he could feel his brain reverberating from the force of her whisper. Her extremely loud whisper. He could feel the warmth of her breath tickling the sensitive hairs on the inside of his ear, sending the scent of carrots down the side of his snout and into his sensitive nostrils.

Nick Wilde looked down as the wide-eyed rabbit that had managed to pull his head down to one side with all of her weight on his tie. Staring upwards into his emerald eyes was his colleague and fellow police mammal Judy Hopps, the first and only rabbit officer of the Zootopia Police Department. Incidentally, she also happened to be his partner. His partner, in more ways than one, as one could deduce from the way her excited face was an inch away from his own.

"Not here, carrots!" Nick straightened back up as fast as he could and quickly looked around if anyone saw the partially scandalous scene that was playing out in a dank hallway somewhere in the bowels of the Zootopia Police Department. The narrow corridor was empty. The frosted glass window that led into the interrogation room to their right was dark. From the end of the short hallway, the faint sound of bustling activity was coming from the front lobby. The muffled voices of their fellow officers engaging in their afternoon activities bounced against the walls until they reached the two partners.

Nick swung his head towards the other end of the corridor, the one that led to Chief Bogo's auxiliary office. It was a second, more private office that the chief maintained aside from the one upstairs he used to accommodate guests. Some light filtered past the closed blinds beyond the darkened office window, indicating that the chief was right there, probably working on the details of some case.

"Nick," he felt Judy tug once more on his tie. He glanced down to see his partner giving him a rather seductive stare as she put her index finger in her mouth. Slowly, she drew it out over her extended tongue and traced a line down her chin, down her neck, ending between her tiny breasts. A sharp smile formed on her glistening lips while she unbuttoned the center of her shirt with a flick of her finger. The smile grew on one side of her voice as she pulled the opening to the side to flash him as much of her furry mound as she could.

Rabbits. Nick shook his head and sighed. She had been acting weird all morning, starting from the time they bumped into each other upon entering the station. A staunch workaholic, Judy typically arrived early, a few hours earlier than most of their colleagues in fact. She was quite the workaholic, an artifact of her being the most diminutive member of the ZPD. Nick, out of practiced habit, arrived exactly on time. Not a minute too soon and not a minute too late. Time was too precious to spend waiting for the clock to start. And definitely too important to spend after hours even for more peanuts on his paycheck. On an ordinary day, Judy would already have been at her desk when he got in.

But this morning was different. Even before he got to the front door, she skipped up to him and gave him a hug. As far as their co-workers knew, they were just extremely close friends and this behavior was nothing special to the two smallest ZPD officers. However, this hug felt different, more akin to the hugs she gave him whenever he dropped by at her apartment. It was the hug she usually gave him before she snuck him up to her room. It was the hug she gave him right before she would tear off his shirt and throw his tie in the corner. The same exact hug she gave as she bit down on his lip, her dull claws tracing lines on his bare back, shaking in the throes of ecstasy.

"Are you crazy? Not here!" Nick whispered in response. The couple was normally cautious in how they conducted themselves at work. If anyone at the station found out they were more than professional partners, more than just friends, it might jeopardize their careers. Not to mention the scandal it would inevitably cause if it were to get out beyond the confines of the ZPD. Interspecies relationships were frowned upon, quite rare even in a diverse metropolis like Zootopia. Somewhat unheard of. A relationship between predator and prey? Unthinkable. A relationship between a predator and his specific prey species? Nick didn't even want to think of the repercussions.

"Please, just once. I haven't been able to think of anything at all since last night." Judy leaned in against Nick, pressing her entire body against the whole of his right leg and some of his abdomen. He tried not to look down at her. Her huge, lavender orbs were a death trap to the fox. A few mere moments staring into her made his knees weak, his legs losing all - oh, there it goes. Nick cursed mentally as he fell into her trap.

"What is the deal with you, carrots?" He guided her farther down the corridor, away from the rest of their co-workers but dangerously close to the chief's auxiliary office. Perhaps he could just kiss this away until the day was over. Then he could properly scratch her itch back home in her apartment. Or knowing Judy, somewhere on the way home.

The bunny looked down, trying to hide a look of embarrassment on her face. "M-mating season." The grey fur on her cheeks barely hid the crimson hue that her flesh had taken on. He had only just noticed her left foot rapidly assaulting the floor, tapping vigorously while she tried to stand still.

"Oh, sweet cheese and crackers." Nick slapped his forehead with a padded paw. He had only heard of rabbit mating season in passing. Rabbits were notorious for it. God knows how many multiplication jokes the other boys at the station made whenever they talked about Judy or her species. Being a red fox who knew no rabbits when he was growing up, he never thought it relevant to his life. Until now.

A thought crossed his mind. "Wait, how'd you deal with this before? Surely this can't your first season?" Judy was twenty four. According to his quick calculations, she should already have experienced over a dozen seasons in her entire life. Maybe more. The thought of a teenage fling with some hick rabbit from her hometown of Bunnyborrow lit a tiny flame of jealousy deep in Nick's mind. But he pushed it down, for another time to deal with. He sighed. Maybe there was a trick to this, the cunning fox thought. There had to be. He dared a glance at Chief Bogo's door. Nothing. Yet. Perhaps the boss was upstairs. Hopefully.

"I uh, you know. Fixed it myself." Judy never looked guiltier than that moment. The tiny rabbit twisted from side-to-side, feet and knees together and hands in her pockets. Her face was a bright reddish grey now, especially in the lighter fur below her tiny nose and around her mouth. Nick couldn't help but find it extremely adorable. "But it doesn't work anymore now that I have you around," she said hesitantly, her head bowed down low and foot scratching the floor.

The way she was tracing lines on the station floor with the dull claw at the tip of her big toe made him want to hug her. And there was something in the air. Something about her scent had changed. Her advances were softening him up. Nick felt a tingle of biology that he declined to respond to. A little spark in the pit of his gut. He couldn't afford to. They couldn't afford to.

"Look, I'm needed up front in ten minutes. Can't you uh, hold it?" He asked, trying hard not to make it sound like a desperate excuse. It wasn't anyway. He was indeed meeting a potential lead that he had to meet at the front of the station in around ten minutes. For all he knew, his contact was already there, waiting in the lobby. Which was not a good place for a nervous skunk to be.

"Five minutes!" Judy hungrily whispered as she leapt up and planted her mouth on his lips. She threw her arms around his neck while her strong legs wrapped around his abdomen like a vise. "We can do it in just five minutes," she repeated, some audible strain in her voice. "I'm almost there anyway."

Surprised by the kiss, Nick hesitated for a brief moment before returning the effort. Dammit, Nick cursed inside. Her distinctly hormonal rabbit scent was intoxicating. He fought his growing feral urges as he tried to set his partner back down on the ground. No good, she was clinging to him like a hungry koala. Nick glanced towards the front of the station. Thankfully, there seemed to be some sort of exchange happening in that direction. A brief check on the chief's door gave the same results. Chief Bogo was still busy. For now.

"Carrots! Hopps? Judy!" Nick tried to call her attention out through the side of his mouth but she was too far gone, sucking on his snout while clinging on to him like her life depended on it. "Ah, crap. Dammit, Judy."

The lanky fox clumsily maneuvered his four-foot frame to and through the door to the unoccupied interrogation room with a two-foot rabbit clinging to his torso. And his face. He flicked the lock on the door, knowing full well that this room was designed to be easily enterable from the outside.

"Mmnhm, Nick. Kiss me back you tease!" She flicked her tiny tongue over his moist lips. Nick hadn't realized it but he had begun salivating, a sign that his companion's advances were getting to him. His primal urges being teased awake, he found himself sucking back on her tongue involuntarily, causing Judy to moan and grind her body against him.

"No, no, no, wait..." He lost himself in her scent, kissing her frantically. Five minutes. No longer than that. His mind, the part that hadn't yet been seduced, was trying to remind him of something. Trying to get him to stop.

Ten minutes. A nagging feeling that there wasn't enough time hovered in the back of Nick's mind as he gave in completely to his lover's advances, ravaging her lips, mouth and neck with sloppy kisses. What little sentient consciousness he managed to hold on to was dedicated to keeping their noise down so as not to alert any of their colleagues.

The room was dark enough and the single pane of glass that separated them from the hallway was frosted and blurry. Things that Nick couldn't really think about as he completed what Judy had begun and fully unbuttoned her top, exposing her swollen chest.

Nick had enough sense to gently place his padded paw over his partner's mouth as he laid her down on the table, the one that was reserved for perps and suspects, and began licking her exposed breasts. He could feel her incisors digging into the soft pads on his palm as Judy moaned loudly into his cupped hand.

Nick buried his snout in the grey tuft of fur below Judy's neck. He loved nibbling on her chest. Gripping her tiny nubs with his lips. Running the extremely rough part of his tongue, a structure evolved long ago in his canine ancestors for rasping meat off of bone, over her pert breasts. Judy enthusiastically responded with a wide variety of stifled yelps, shrieks and moans depending on how hard he drew it his fleshy wet pad across her chest.

Judy's scent was overwhelming. Their eyes met for a brief, fleeting moment, her purple ones clearly begging him for something she didn't need to voice out. His own gaze flickered downwards as he followed her enticing aroma, his snout following suit as his mouth salivated at the thought of tasting her tender flesh.

"N-Nick," he felt her paws grab his ears and forcefully pull him up towards her head. The red haze of arousal clouded not only his vision, but his conscious mind. Half of which was still trying to hold on his sanity, trying to remind him to stop. She shook her head, her ears swinging limply from side to side. "N-no time," she motioned to the soft spot between her legs that Nick could almost feel on the tip of his tongue. "F-five minutes, hun." Judy groaned into his ear. "I want you inside me."

Five minutes. The words rattled around in his mind as he struggled with the buckle of his belt. They shouldn't be doing this, his sentient mind reminded him. He managed to venture a glance at the window as he finally got the simple metal device unclasped. Still no one outside, no silhouettes standing just beyond that thin pane of frosted glass that separated them from the rest of the world.

The internal sigh of relief he felt was quickly overcome by a familiar scent that suddenly exploded within the confines of the tiny room. A thick and colorless aroma that sept into his nostrils and threatened to overcome all his conscious inhibitions and reprehensions. Judy.

Beneath him, his lover had somehow managed to slip off just the bottom half of her tight blue jumpsuit and was presenting herself to him quite explicitly. She had spread her legs wide open, her knees so far out that her calves hung over the edges of the table with her feet hanging curled in anticipation. His attention was drawn closer to her body however. Her legs weren't the only parts that were spread open, waiting for him.

Five minutes. Nick was fully overcome, a primal passion clouding both his vision and his judgement as he dropped his trousers far enough to free his own self, engorged and willing. A feral growl passed from his throat as he positioned himself between Judy's thighs, grasping them with his paws as he felt her wetness dripping from her body.

"Come. On. Five minutes!" She grunted out right before she took hold of both his wrists and forcefully pulled her lithe body towards him and around him. "Aah, yess..." Her words slipped from her exposed tongue as her tiny body accommodated the entirety of her lover into herself.

Nick growled again, his feral instincts fighting with his sentient sensibilities as he began pumping his hips in a rhythmic fashion, slow and steady. A part of his mind anchored him to the real world, making sure he didn't thrust too far deep into Judy. As a rabbit, she was much smaller than he was, and they discovered early in their relationship that Nick was far longer than she could physically take. Not comfortably at least.

"Ohh!" Her already large eyes were enormous now, pupils dilated and staring straight at his face beyond his snout and into his own eyes. The slight, downwards curve of her thin eyebrows seemed to be giving him an impression of disbelief, either at the intense sensations she was experiencing at the moment or the fact that they were making love in a room in the middle of the busiest police station in the entire city. This was crazy.

The more Nick thought about the danger of being caught, the tighter he felt below the waist, not that that was necessary. From the rather intense moans and yelps that managed to slip out between his palm and Judy's lips, she was most probably feeling the same thing. He could see her knuckles growing pale beneath her fur as she gripped the sides of the heavy table so she could press herself against him hard.

As he continued his gentle thrusting, Nick sensed a pressure building in his loins. Dammit. It had come much sooner than he had anticipated, way faster than he was used to. It was probably the unique situation, the overwhelming feeling of novelty and danger, or Judy's scent that was sending him careening to the crest of the hill that normally took much longer to summit.

The scent of her fur wafted upwards straight to his already overloaded sense of smell. He needed to taste her. To feel her soft fur on the surface of his tongue. Nick bent forward, assisted by Judy pulling on his tie while she yelped repeatedly into his palm. She guided him upwards until his face was directly over hers. In a single, fluid motion, he pulled his hand off her mouth and replaced it with his lips. She continued yelping her tiny little rabbit moans straight into his throat, every single thrust eliciting a high-pitched groan that tickled his neck from the inside.

Five minutes. The voice in the back of his mind reminded him as he upped the tempo, causing Judy to suck his tongue straight out past his lips and into hers. She attacked his mouth with a certain savagery, using her upper teeth to scrape his sensitive flesh in the fashion she knew he enjoyed.

It was becoming harder to breathe. The room's air was quickly turning a hot and heavy mix of odors and scents, the aroma of two young lovers in a passionate heat. It was an atmosphere that was quickly bringing the near-feral fox to the point of no return. The pressure building up in him was threatening to explode.

"J-Judy..." He managed to growl as he pulled away from a kiss to softly bite the base of her right ear. The room was disappearing from his field of view. It was just him and Judy now. Everything else seemed like an unimportant distraction. He bit down as hard as he could while keeping his lips between his sharp teeth and the flesh of her ear. A series of high-pitched sucking noises slipped forth from Judy's lips. The ecstatic rabbit was biting down hard on her lower lip, her large teeth exposed in a half-grimace of sheer ecstasy. This was it.

Nick remembered to seal his lover's mouth with his lips as reality all but vanished from his vision, replaced by an explosion of bright flashes and colors. All sense of touch coalesced in his belly, then rushed down into his loins, on their way towards his partner's body through the fleshy crimson bridge that joined the two lovers. Judy's audible effusions had grown softer, near silent, and her tongue had ceased savaging the inside of his mouth. And then right on cue, just as Nick was reaching the apex of ecstasy, she joined him with a screaming groan straight into the back of his throat.

Beneath him, Judy's body erupted in tremors as she joined him in orgasmic bliss. Her dull claws dug into the cloth covering his back as she clung to his chest, craning her neck upwards to keep her face in line with his own. Her strong legs wrapped around his abdomen, squeezing his insides tight as she humped repeatedly, riding his body from the bottom.

Millions of years of evolution and instinct took over the two lovers, flushing them awash in passion and emotion. Nick finally gave in to his savage primal urges, thrusting in an out of Judy, helping keep her in her own slice of heaven. She was responding in kind, bucking her hips with such ferocity that even without his assistance, she was forcing him in and out of her all by herself. Deep. Deeper than he was used to. Not that Nick was conscious enough to notice. With a very stifled groan, he finally felt his lust leave his body and straight into Judy's.

It took Judy a few more seconds to finish, her pulsating tight musculature squeezing every drop of precious fluid from Nick's flesh. He never got used to her tightness, a perk of rabbits being much smaller than foxes, and she was small even for a bunny. Nick smiled as he disengaged his lips from Judy's, a single strand of crystalline saliva serving as an ephemeral bridge between their panting mouths.

A satisfied glowing grin formed from the corners of her swollen lips as her lavender eyes finally peeked from behind her eyelids. The fur on her neck was matted with saliva and sweat, her ears dropping formless under her head. The smile on her mouth took on a guilty tone as her eyes met her partner's.

"Oh my god, did we just?" Her eyes flicked around as recognition of where they were slowly settled in. Nick was simply content to hover over her and watch the slew of expressions he expected to see on her face as the reality of what they had just done sunk in. They had just made love, sweet, sweet love, in the middle of the Zootopia Police Department, surrounded by their colleagues and friends. And they had no idea.

Nick nodded with his customary smug grin. "Couldn't help it, officer. The bunny just wouldn't take no for an answer." He relished these post-coital exchanges, sometimes even more than the preceding act. The gentle ribbing over who was louder or more aggressive, teasing over the various lewd acts they had just engaged in, Nick lived for these.

Exhausted, Judy simply smiled back at him, her neck craned downwards with her back still flat on the table. "You know you love me," she lovingly teased, her left eyebrow jumping up and down playfully.

"Yes." Nick smiled back. "Yes I do." He leaned back and placed his index finger on her two exposed teeth. He then traced a path down her glistening lips, down her chin, along the midline of her neck and then to the shallow valley between the fluffy mounds on her chest. That was where his finger stopped. The rest of his palm followed suit to rest on Judy's chest, his remaining digits radiating out like rivers along the valleys formed by the base of her pert breasts.

Her exposed chest rose and fell beneath his paw, her fluff rising like a tiny forest between the raised ridges of his trembling knuckles. He could feel her tiny heart beating rapidly from within her chest. It mirrored the way his own heart was thumping below his sweaty neck.

Nick looked at the clock on the wall, wondering if they had enough time for another go. Apparently, five minutes was all they needed. One glance at his partner was all he needed. The naughty smile on her lips told him all he needed to know. Five minutes it was.

That was when they heard the sound of the doorknob turn rapidly several times. Nick barely had time to remember that he had locked it right before they shuffled in earlier. The darkened silhouette of a large mammal stood beyond the pane of frosted glass that separated the tiny room from the hallway.

Chief Bogo's voice boomed from the other side of the door. "Clawhauser! Who locked the interrogation room again?" The police chief rapped on the wooden part of the door with his hooves, and then attempted to peek inside. Thankfully, the glass was too frosted and the room too dark to be able to see inside. Nick hoped. Bogo's shadow walked off towards the lobby, muttering something about spare keys.

Judy's eyes grew wide in surprise as she quickly drew her unbuttoned top close and pushed away with her feet. Or tried to. Nick felt a rather painful tug between his legs as a grimace crossed her eyes when she did.

They were still connected.

It suddenly dawned on the horny fox what his conscious mind had been trying to remind him earlier. Nick and Judy's eyes met and together, their gazes crawled down her chest towards that vulnerable spot between her legs where the two lovers were still joined together. Apparently, in their fast and furious act of passion, she had pushed him so deep into herself she took in that all of him. Including that.

"My knot." Nick's voice trailed off as he realized what plunging the whole way into his lover entailed. He tried to pull out but couldn't. The thick, bulbous muscle that canines possessed was too deep inside her and far too engorged to take out. It probably made more sense thousands of years ago when his savage ancestors needed to make sure that they and they alone fathered their respective females' next brood. It made sure they would stay connected for some while.

"Oh my god, it won't pull out!" Judy whispered in a panicked voice. She looked desperately at her lover. It wasn't the first time they had locked together like this. But those times were usually in the safety of her place, or Nick's shack. This was in the middle of the most populous district in the entire city.

Nick tried again but to no avail. Judy's muffled grunt of pain stopped him from trying unsuccessfully to extricate himself from her pulsing self. Her tightness didn't help matters either. There was still probably some leftover arousal from their earlier lovemaking. There certainly was in his case.

Outside, the sound of jangling keys triggered a new sense of panic in the conjoined lovers. Judy leapt forward, clinging to her partner with her arms around his neck. "Hide!" She half-yelled, half-whispered into his ear. Her legs wrapped around his torso yet again.

Nick grabbed his diminutive lover and instinctively ducked underneath the large table, hoping it would provide the necessary cover until they had managed to figure this out. She wasn't that heavy, normally standing just a little bit over half his height. But their lovemaking had taken out a lot from him, and her weight bore down on his aching back as he crawled under the table on all fours with Judy hanging from him like a baby koala.

Chief Bogo's silhouette appeared once more on the other side of the frosted glass pane, this time joined by someone that looked like one of their grey wolf compatriots. Benjamin Clawhauser's rotund shadow was unmistakable, as well as his flamboyantly fabulous voice. "Chief, I swear I told the boys not to lock it this time!" He explained.

"Never mind, just open it!" Bogo replied in his stoic, stalwart manner. "And where are Hopps and Wilde? I want them listening in on this one." The chief barked. "That skunk can wait a little bit longer."

As the darkened room lit up with the light of the opened door, Nick and Judy clung to each other desperately under the large interrogation table. Judy had hastily buttoned back her top and managed to slap on as much of her jumpsuit as she could, avoiding Nick's knot with her zipper. Nick was frozen, wide-eyed, trying to stay in the center of the table as their much larger colleagues' legs came into view.

"How long? Until you can come out of me?" Judy asked, a wide-eyed look of desperation on her face. "We are so dead!" She pulled one of her ears in a moment before a grey foot could step on it as Officer Wolfowitz sat down on one side of the table. She looked on in horror as the chair on the other side pulled away from the cowering couple and the shackled feet of a feline perp, a lynx from the looks of it, hopped onto the chair. "How long?"

Nick tried to shake the fear off to remember how long it usually took. That was when the tiny little version of himself, standing in the back of his subconscious stepped out of the shadows of his mind to wave and smile at him in that smug manner. 'You should have listened,' he mouthed towards the horrified fox.

Nick gave Judy a look of terror as he mouthed out how long the conjoined couple would need to stay attached to each other, trying to keep silent while their colleagues conducted a suspect interrogation inches above their sweaty bodies.

"Five minutes."