"Hopps! Wilde! Just what were you thinking?" Officer Judy Hopps felt herself shrink inwards at the sound of her superior officer's voice booming in her ears. It reverberated in the caverns of her mind in the space between her temples for a while, even after he had gone back to glaring menacingly at the tiny rabbit.

Beside her, Officer Nicholas P. Wilde stammered, attempting to step up to her defense. "Chief Bogo, we uh," his voice trailed off as his words left him, leaving him standing in the path of the chief's icy glare. "I don't think. We uh. Weren't thinking with our heads?" He finally managed to finish his thought in the middle of one of the chief's angry grunts. Nick was visibly uncomfortable, shifting his weight from one padded foot to the other. He was obviously still coming off the sensual high the two were in mere minutes before. Judy hoped the chief didn't notice the wet patch on her partner's pants where he was still clearly bulging. She crossed her legs trying to hide her own throbbing soreness.

"Damn right you weren't!" Chief Bogo slammed his huge, hooved fist onto the thick, wooden tabletop. Through her large feet, Judy could feel the force of the impact carry straight through the table and into the floor. "You interrupted a crucial interrogation and jeopardized an entire investigation!" The chief was clearly pissed off.

Frankly, she couldn't blame him. They had just popped up from under the table in the interrogation room, mere seconds after Nick was soft enough to disengage from where he was buried in Judy's body, right where they were connected at the hip. Actually, he wasn't exactly soft enough when they pulled apart, the throbbing pain between Judy's thighs reminded her. She felt for lack of a better word - torn.

Nick raised his hand. "But chief, maybe it isn't that bad-"

"The suspect has lawyered up, thanks to your antics." The chief cut Nick off in mid-sentence. Judy shook her head as her ears flopped forward over her eyes. Okay, that was bad. That effectively shut down the entire interrogation.

"You do not hide under the interrogation table no matter how small you two think you are!" The enormous Cape Buffalo boomed at the tiny pair again. Judy could feel the force of his words flow over the fur on her forehead, along with just enough steam and spittle to make it uncomfortable. "You know I don't care much for your antics, but I let you have leeway out in the field. Here in the station however, we do things by the book!" He slammed his hand down on the table to further hammer his point in.

Nick seemed like he was about to say something again, but this time Judy managed to kick him in the back of the leg to interrupt. Acquiescence appeared to be the most appropriate response to the chief's tirade right now.

"Yes sir, Chief Bogo sir," she uttered her words as carefully contrite and as sincere as she could possibly muster. Nick was clearly not his usual sarcastically diplomatic self right now, completely understandable considering what had just transpired between them. He needed to calm down. She caught the tip of his long tail in between her toes and tugged downwards. Hopefully he'd get the signal.

The two small police officers stood there quietly, waiting for an additional dose of dressing down from their superior. Chief Bogo stood from his chair behind his huge desk and crossed his arms in front of his enormous barrel of a chest. The large Cape Buffalo towered several heads over the two policemammals. Not even Nick's sizable height lead over Judy seemed to matter as Bogo literally looked down at the pair. Judy steeled herself for an official sanction, maybe even a suspension. She felt her heart sinking along with her hopes and dreams. This was going to be a huge setback to making detective.

But surprisingly, the chief simply shook his head and puffed. "Just, don't do it again." His horns, each one as big as Judy herself, shook from side to side along with the rest of his massive head. "Am I clear?"

Judy nodded, speechless. Was the chief was letting them off easy? It sure felt that way. She could feel her right foot shaking, wanting to tap on the floor repeatedly. She summoned some more of her willpower in an attempt to suppress her natural rabbit instincts.

"Am I clear?" Chief Bogo repeated, in a tone that was a little bit less loud but just as firm. He squinted at the pair, hooves on his waist, waiting for their acknowledgement. He seemed less angry than just a few minutes ago.

"Yes sir," Judy managed to stammer. Internally, she breathed a sigh of relief. They were getting off. Which was ironic considering that them getting off was the cause of this whole mess in the first place. Judy would have smirked at that if they weren't in such hot water at the moment.

"Wilde?" The chief turned to her canine companion, his voice a tad more gruff than when he was addressing her. It was a tone he used with Nick often, especially when the latter was being evasively difficult. "Are we clear?"

"Yes sir Chief Bogo sir!" Nick snapped to attention, his hand going up to his brow in a misplaced salute. Realizing his mistake, it sank back down to his side along with his gaze. "I mean, yes sir." He clearly still had other things in mind, judging from the way he stole a quick sideways glance at his partner.

"One day unofficial suspension." The chief said without the customary grin he wore whenever he was dealing out deserved sanctions. Judy winced hearing those words. Sure it was unofficial, meaning it wouldn't find its way onto either of their professional records, but a sanction was still a sanction. Beside her, Nick's body language had relaxed somewhat but there was still some stiffness to his movements. The suspension wasn't what seemed to be othering him, however. Her partner wasn't as keen as she was maintaining as spotless a record as possible.

"Yes sir, thank you sir." Nick said, his arms reaching behind Judy to pat her on the small of the back. He missed by a few inches, his padded palm brushing against the tip of her tail. It made her ears perk up somewhat, hopefully not enough that the chief noticed.

"Alright, go." The chief waved them off. "Don't go back out," he ordered. "Just spend the rest of the day thinking about what you did." He turned around to face the wall, shaking his head again. "And get the wolves in here, we have to salvage what's left of our investigation." He ordered. "Thanks to you two." Bogo hastily added with a resigned puff, one hand holding one of his horns in frustration.

"Yes sir." Judy and Nick nodded at each other and slowly crept towards the door, each one trying to make as little sound as possible. Judy gulped, hoping the chief wouldn't call them back for more sanctions. Nick appeared relieved, way more than she felt. As they were about to pass through the doorway, the chief cleared his throat from behind his desk.

"Enjoy your three day weekend."

There wasn't any need to look for the wolves after all, the two discovered. Wolford and Lupez, two of their more canine compatriots in the department, were right outside the door as Judy and Nick left the chief's office.

Unlike the many other species they worked with, the wolves mostly kept to themselves even when partnered to the others. Pack instinct, Nick once told her. Something foxes obviously didn't have. Judy remembered something the sophisticated 'businessman' and gentlemouse-slash-crime lord Mr. Big had told her when they first met. Underneath it all, they were all still animals. Instinct was something each and every mammal in Zootopia had to deal with, from the smallest mice to the largest elephant. And as a rabbit, Judy could feel her instincts throbbing within her.

"Sorry about your investigation guys," the tiny police rabbit apologized pre-emptively, pulling Nick behind her as she tried to squeeze past the two wolves. The sooner they were downstairs, the better. For some strange reason, the wolves were grinning at the smaller pair in a rather weird fashion. "You probably already know, Chief wants to talk to you guys," Judy said as they passed them.

"Yeah, we heard him." Wolford said. He was leaning in a relaxed manner against the corridor wall, upper back flat against the concrete while his arms were folded above and behind his head, his elbows beside his large ears. "It's a wolf thing," he gave her a toothy smile, exposing his sharp canine teeth. "Enhanced senses."

Beside him, Lupez stood in a less-relaxed manner, feet apart, bushy tail between his legs, arms crossed in front of his chest. "Listening in on an interrogation. Not very professional, Hopps." He said with an annoyed look on his face. The taller wolf shook his head and made 'tsk tsk' sounds with his lips. Judy guessed he was the principal on this case. Essentially, it was his case they screwed up.

"Yeah. Something Wilde would pull. Not you." Wolford chimed in. They were acting a bit strangely, almost teasing. It was weird. And the wolves were never this chummy with the two small mammals. Something was up. "Hiding under the table. I mean, it's not as if you could've taped a phone or an actual bug under there if you were 'really' listening in."

Judy didn't feel right, and she suddenly had a feeling of wanting to run downstairs and hide. Something was clearly amiss. She tried to pull Nick towards the staircase but Wolford suddenly put his arm around the much smaller fox.

"Nice job Wilde," the wolf elbowed the fox in the shoulder, his eyebrows jumping up and down in a sign of approval, right before they shifted sideways towards Judy.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Nick replied in his usual deadpan manner, Judy noticing carefully hidden suspicion behind his neutral eyes. They knew something had happened. She hoped it wasn't as obvious as it felt.

"Enhanced senses, my canine brother." Lupez suddenly grinned and gave Nick a knowing look. "You have them. So do we. Sight. Hearing." The two wolves turned their teasing looks towards the rabbit. "And smell."

"I don't know what you're..." Judy said slowly as she backed away from the wolves. A dread feeling came over her as she slowly realized what they were implying. Nick was a bit slower on the uptake, looking quizzically at Wolford as he extricated himself from the former's draped arm. He still hadn't gone back to his usual self, it seemed.

"Let's just say whatever you can smell, Nicky...so can we." Lupez pointed with his snout towards Judy, his gums wrinkling as he did so. "And we smell..."

"...a happy bunny." Wolford completed his packmate's sentence, giving Judy a knowing look.

The fox's ears perked up and his eyes popped wide open as he realized what his partner had figured out a minute or two ago. Judy could feel her cheeks burning in embarrassment. Her throat felt dry. She wondered if Nick was feeling the same way.

"About damn time, you two." Lupez gave them a nod as he stretched his arms upwards, giving his compatriot a slap on the shoulder, gesturing towards Chief Bogo's office door.

"This is going to be our little secret," Wolford grinned, exposing way too many of his sharp canine teeth for Judy's comfort. He gave Nick several more of those eyebrow approvals. The other wolf winked at Judy as they knocked on the chief's office door.

All she could muster was a guilty grin and a weightless giggle as the odd couple slowly backed away, towards the staircase that led down to the ZPD common areas. Her partner uttered a weak laugh as the wolves entered the chief's office. Just as they reached the top of the staircase, Lupez's snout popped back out.

"Hey Hopps!" He shouted. "Be more careful next time. The bears have a much better sense of smell than we do." He said before he slipped back inside, the heavy wooden door of the chief's office closing behind him.

Nick and Judy scampered downstairs without saying a word to each the other the entire way. Clawhauser tried to call their attention as they passed within his sight but Judy ignored the portly desk officer and continued all the way into the bowels of the police station. Most of their compatriots were still out, and it was too early for the policemammals on the night shift. Thankfully, the locker room was completely empty when they got there.

It was Judy who broke first.

"Oh my god we are so dead!" She squealed, her palms bunching up her cheeks into her extremely widened eyes. Her voice reverberated against the enormous metal doors that lined the walls, and Nick gave her a quick look of panic. The locker room was still a public place, and a tiny part of her was trying to keep her voice as low as possible.

"We're dead. They know! They knoooow!" She felt the panic rise in her throat, looking at all the names emblazoned on the locker doors. If word of their tryst leaked out, and the wolves already knew, it was only a matter of time before it reached anyone that might object, like the chief. And Judy couldn't exactly remember if there were explicit rules against fraternizing with fellow officers, but she felt like Chief Bogo would definitely disapprove. She was watching her detective's shield go down the drain. Scratch that. This was her career down the drain.

She felt the warmth of her partner's furry arm drape across the back of her neck. "We'll be fine, carrots." Nick's reassuring tone somehow refused to be as contagious as it could be. "It's the wolves. We can trust them." He said. "I hope." She heard him mutter under his breath.

"Besides, they could have been smelling something else. I can barely smell you," Nick said. The fox started sniffing the air above their heads to demonstrate. He seemed fine, at least until he caught wind of a specific scent that made his pupils visibly dilate and his tail stand erect for a few brief moments. Nick quickly slipped back into his casual self, but not before Judy noticed him stealing a glance in her direction. From that momentary look on his face, she had an idea what he had detected with his canine senses. Her.

The burning in her cheeks rose in intensity. Judy could swear her face was turning a noticeably bright shade of red, even beneath her grey fur. She turned to Nick and buried her face in his side, partly so he wouldn't notice her blushing. And then partly because it felt like the right thing to do.

"Wolfowitz was in the room with us," Judy said into Nick's flank, her voice muffled by her partner's coat. "He definitely knows. And told the rest of the pack. Who knows who'll know by tomorrow?" She buried her tiny button nose deeper into Nick's side.

She felt Nick's padded paw on the back of her head. "Nah, they said they'd keep it a secret. They may be like that but we can trust them." Already, his words were having a soothing effect, dissipating her worries out like steam rising from the top of her head, in between her ears.

"Promise?" She pushed her puffy cheek against his torso to look up at him. There was just something in his deep, green eyes that just swallowed her in. She could feel the choking feeling in her throat subsiding as she delved deep into his gaze.

"Promise," Nick's paw started rubbing beyond the small of her back, up and down against her tense spine. "You bunnies. So emotional," he whispered into her ear, his sharp muzzle stroking the sensitive skin on the inside of her large, rabbit ears.

Judy felt her backbone collapse against her partner's palm. She twisted her head upwards with his nose still inside one of her ears, slowly slipping it out and then meeting it with her own nose. Instinct was boiling inside her. Still boiling.

Nick's emerald eyes threatened to swallow her once more, but she could feel her partner staring back into her own, much larger eyes. He was slipping as well, his exhaled breaths getting stronger, flushing her face in warm air that smelled like the inside of his mouth. It was a smell that reminded her that the fox whose lips were within an inch of her own was not only her partner, but her lover.

One brief moment passed and the synchronicity of fate took over the two mammals once more, with both fox and rabbit reaching for the other while bringing their lips together in a ravenous open-mouthed kiss.

Almost instantly, all of Judy's worries and problems evaporated just like that, replaced by a continuation of the same feelings she had been feeling earlier – when they had been so rudely interrupted by the inconvenience of reality. As it had been less than an hour ago, they were in each other's arms again, mouths locked together like two unique pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly against each other's contours and crevasses.

"Round two, sly fox!" Judy whispered loudly into Nick's ear moments before she bit down on it with her upper incisors. She made sure to press down hard enough for her lower lips to feel her teeth but not enough to hurt Nick, not that he would admit it if he were. Not that he would notice anyway.

"Carrots." Nick uttered as he tried to push her away gently. "Not here," he said reluctantly, his tongue wiping some spittle away from Judy's lips. Outside, the sounds of the police department barely filtered in this deep into the station, but he may be hearing something well beyond the range of her rabbit senses.

The rabbit sighed. He was right. They were already in trouble as it were. If anyone were to catch them here, out in the open, it would be a scandal. She glanced up at the clock on the wall above the open doorway that led to the general hallway. It was still some time before they could leave, and hopefully continue what they were doing somewhere else. No good.

Nick was looking at her, having just figured out what she was thinking. The two looked around, heads flicking to-and-fro, searching for the same thing. Their gazes converged on it at the same time. There in the far corner, was an unused locker. Its large door, much larger than either of them, swinging open by rusty metal hinges that had been left alone for too long. It was the one nobody wanted to take – the one too large for anyone's gear with the exception of their elephant compatriots and the chief himself.

A naughty grin crept onto Judy's face, racing the one that was slowly forming on her lover's mouth. Nick winked and nodded, grabbing Judy's wrist as they headed for the inside of the locker. Despite its size, it was still a tight squeeze for the two. Judy could feel Nick's bushy tail bent at what must have been an uncomfortable angle, circling around into her left cheek. And it was dark. There was barely enough illumination to see the end of her nose as Nick eased the heavy metal door shut, leaving them in what little light passed through the horizontal slits conveniently at Judy's face level on the bottom of the door.

None of that mattered.

Judy took Nick's paw and gently brought it up to her mouth. Her eyelid dropped halfway down her large eyes as a naughty smile formed on her lips. Her gaze drifted beyond his arm onto his surprised face. He was clearly not expecting this, and yet she could see the excitement behind his eyes. She winked at him right before she brought her face closer to his outstretched hand and slipped his index finger into her mouth.

In and out, in and out, Nick's stubby finger tickled Judy's stretched lips. Her hairless, wet skin formed a slippery seal around his furry digit. It slid into her mouth with little resistance, sliding back out with a bit more effort as Judy kept sucking even on the way out. Her tongue found the dull claw at the tip of his finger, letting it dig into the meat of her flesh as she let it reach the back of her throat.

Somewhere between his third and fourth fingers, Nick had started panting. He looked longingly at her, almost looking like he was about to jump her at any second. Only Judy holding up her other hand, wagging her finger in front of his snout presumably stopped him from pouncing.

Judy could feel her own body reacting to her teasing. Her chest felt swollen and sensitive. If not for the protective vest she wore over her torso, she felt like her nipples would have been poking through the thin neoprene jumpsuit she wore as part of her daily work attire. She could already feel the rough under mesh of her vest scraping against her sensitive nubs, only slightly mitigated by the thin membranous fabric of her jumpsuit. Judy let out an unplanned moan as the sensations building up in her body came to an explosive head.

"Carrots, are you ok?" Nick managed to ask through his heavy panting. His tongue was hanging partially out of his mouth and the fur around it was visibly matted with his sweat and saliva. He pulled his hand, the one that whose fingers Judy's mouth was still clamped around, bringing her face closer to his snout.

"Uh uh," Judy half-mumbled as her hands went up to Nick's belt buckle. "Need. You. Inside." She said between heavy breaths while her fingers fumbled with the metal clasp. She could already feel Nick's hands squeezing her breasts over her uniform. That was coming off right after this, she thought.

"Are we really doing this again?" Nick asked, one of her ears in his salivating mouth.

His words said one thing but he clearly already had an answer to his own question. Judging from the frantic way his hands went down to help her unbuckle his belt, Judy didn't feel the need to reply.

Besides, Chief's orders. They were definitely going to enjoy their three day weekend.

Starting now.