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Round 1: Defrosted

A single day, in reality only a few hours, that was how long it has been since the release of the Titan Raz from his prison in the Tower. The man barely believed it himself. But with each passing hour it was clearly more evident that he was no longer in the realm of the Void. The solidity of the ground reaffirmed his belief as his back slammed into it. That was a comforting wake up call, and a real bruiser too. What had his opponent been doing while he had been locked away? Benching Pikes?

"Ugghhh… Jesus. When in the Hell did you get so strong?" Raz grumbled as he rolled onto his stomach and pushed himself up with a grunt. "I mean, seriously, look how tiny you are." If Raz could read the expressions of a person, he would be good. An Exo would make him even better, but an Exo in armor? That would be a miracle.

He obviously struck a nerve he didn't notice as the Exo Hunter closed the gap and spin kicked him into what the Human thought was next week. Luckily the Titan was made of tougher stuff and with another agonizing groan pulled himself out of the wreckage of a truck.

"That's it you little shit! C'mere!" Raz roared as he charged at the Hunter.

The agile Hunter easily evaded the Titan's wild swing, and even the momentum carried through on the back swing. Impressive, but not fast enough for someone who had trained with one of the best. With a quick jab and a hard crunching sound the Exo had shattered the Human's elbow and caused the man to howl in pain. The man managed to strike him with a swift kick to the side. Dropping both in the end, but it gave Raz's Ghost time to piece the shattered joint back together.

Shaking his head and working shakily back into his stance. Raz noted that his strength was definitely lacking in what it used to be. Sixteen years locked away in stasis didn't atrophy him as much as he thought it would. It just made him sluggish. He had to speed up some how, or force the Hunter to slip up.

Right, force the Lonely Sniper, Entity, to slip up. That was a real laugh. Next thing he would do was convince Sage to go raid the rumored Vault of Glass. That would never happen.

"You opened up too much on that last swing, Raz." Entity commented as he remained in his stance. One thing that had been drilled into his head by his mentor for CQC was to stay focused and ready. None of them had called the match, so technically they were still fighting. "Take that into account, I know you have power in those swings, be disciplined."

Raz nodded as he started circling Entity, the Exo mirroring his movements. Raz stepped forward to strike with a high kick and as Entity ducked under it the Titan brought it down in with a hard collision with the ground as Entity dove to the side. The ground crumbled from the force of the strike and left him scrambling to uproot his boot. Leaving him open to the haymaker against the side of his helm and effectively giving him whiplash amongst his other injuries. If that wasn't bad enough, Entity getting carried away drew his hidden blade and jammed it into the lower ribs of the Titan.

With a furious growl Raz's head snapped back at the Hunter and the two shared a look before Entity realized what he had done. Before he could pulled the blade out his arm was almost encased by Raz's left hand. The light armor that protected him started to groan in protest, as did the natural plating that was his skin.


Starr stood in the observatory watching the fight with once was genuine interest. It was clear that the Human was still not up to standards. The man was atrociously slow by Titan standards and that was saying something. She was starting to doubt the validity of Entity's words until she saw the Exo stab the Titan. The man was emitting pure rage in waves even she could feel. She watched as Raz had gripped the Hunter and how he proceeded to in her eyes, win the match.

She flinched when she saw the man rip Entity's arm out of it's socket and stab the Exo with his own hidden blade. That was excessive, but it solidified the Human's spot on her team. She just hoped he would use that outrageous strength for something she needed, like a wall being demolished. Or maybe a Hive Knight's face caved in. She was confident this man could handle those things.

Satisfied with the spar she signaled for the two to stop and go rest while she went to go over the rest of the dossiers. She still had three more spots to fill.


The sun was now below the horizon and Raz, still in his armor was seated on a reinforced stool at the bar he had frequented when he was a Guardian the first go 'round. The place hadn't changed much, thankfully, and even the bartender was the same. Albeit the man had definitely not aged well. Raz bought the man a pity drink, and the man gave him a drink on the house for getting out of prison. Even though he refused to tell the bartender why he got out early.

"I'm just saying, I hear things and I wouldn't want people to spread the wrong rumors about you."

"Look Marty, I'm out on the Vanguard's orders, my time is up and now I am here to serve and save Humanity again." Raz raised his shot glass with the strange orange liquid again. He didn't know why he liked the drink so much after the first one that got him stuck in a tree. But he liked it, it reminded him of breakfast.

"Good to know you can keep a secret or two, Raz." The synthetic voice of Entity came up from behind the massive man. "Come over here, I need to talk with you a minute." Entity gestured to a small couch in front of the fireplace in the bar. Other Guardian's were vacating the area, apparently the Exo had gotten to them before he went to Raz.

"Alright, fine." Raz sighed as he dropped his boots to the floor. He regarded the bottle that Marty held and simply took it from the smaller man's grasp. "On my tab." Marty simply acknowledged it and moved on to other patrons.

Making his way to the couch he sat down next to the Exo, the two not saying a word as they stared into the flames. Raz held the bottle loosely in one hand as he put it between the two. The clink on the floor seemed to snap Entity out of his musings as he turned slowly to Raz. The cold blue optics reminding the Human again of Romeo back on Mars. He couldn't hold his gaze for long.

"It was a good thing today, having a… Friend come back." Entity started off awkwardly, when had he become this awful when talking to people? He'd think about it later.

"A friend?" Raz said the word as if it was foreign to him. It was a strange one to use. "Yeah, it's like a bit of normalcy back into our crazy lives. Isn't it?" Raz asked as he paused to pick up the drink and then take a drink. He offered the bottle to the Exo, who after a moment of hesitation took the bottle and poured some down the hatch.

"This drink, it tastes like. Hmmm." Entity paused to think of a proper comparison.

"Breakfast. A good breakfast after a good sleep with a long day ahead." Raz finished for the Hunter as he took the bottle back for another drink.

"Yeah, I could see that." With a nod he took his turn with the bottle. "Breakfast sounds good."

The two continued to make small talk even after they had finished the bottle, and another one after that.

"So, have you gone to see her yet?" Entity asked after a few hours of nothing but idiotic banter between him and the Titan. Raz's face screwed into a look of deep thought before a lightbulb seemed to go off above his head.

"Oh! Her. Right." He coughed a bit as he nervously chuckled. The alcohol doing wonders at loosening his tongue. "Well here is the thing Romeo." He paused and bit his lip. "I mean, Entity. I think I need some time to prepare myself." He made some gestures to accentuate his point. But Entity stopped him from going on.

"Who is Romeo?"

"Well, he was…" Raz trailed off. This was a painful memory for him, he didn't know the other Exo before he died so long ago. But it brought other memories with it. His home on Mars, his wife leaving him. His daughters. "He was an Exo I knew during the war when it had hit Mars. He was with the unit I was assigned to as well."

Raz fell silent as he stared at their latest bottle. With the silence stretching and the ambient noise not matching the mood Entity stood up slowly. Raz didn't move as he kept staring at the bottle, he didn't notice when the Exo left and even paid the tab for the Titan. He knew he shouldn't leave the man to brood in his alcohol, but the man needed a moment as his past seemed to be trudged up. Entity could understand that, his own past was a touchy subject as well.

He would let Jo know that Raz was up and about. He'd have to, since the Awoken went to see the Human in his stasis daily. Even if Raz couldn't speak to him, or he back she had been faithful to him and her timing. He would play mediator for the time being and let her know he would come to her, eventually.

With his message sent he went to go find Starr. He would help that woman with more of the work, he trusted her to an extent. But he would only work with the best.

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