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Round 2- Too Clandestine

"You know," Entity said in a flat voice as he lined up his crosshairs with the head of a faraway Vandal, "I'm quite able to complete this bounty myself, you know.. on my own? I've been doing this for a good sixteen years, if you need reminding." The Exo squeezed the trigger, causing the Vandals brain matter to spread onto the ground where it had been standing. The silencer fitted on the end of his Sniper Rifle did a fine job of reducing the noise of the gunshot to that of a polite cough.

His optics never left the scope for more than a few moments, but he quickly flitted his gaze to look at the Titan laying next to him. The large Human had a bored expression under his depolarised visor. It was a look that he'd been sporting ever since they set up at this spot, scanning the environment for signs of House of Ash activity.

"Anyway, you're a Titan. A clumsy one at that. So why would you think that coming on a stealth mission would be a good idea?" The Exo questioned the Human.

The Titan glared at his comrade, but his venomous look soon turned into a smug smile.

"What about the time I snuck up to an anti-air Fallen Walker without alerting anyone?" Raz asked the Hunter, feeling triumphant that his point was proven. "I can be stealthy, thank you very much."

Entity chuckled lightly.

"Is this the same Walker that you blew sky-high with 8 packs of C4, shouting 'Murder Time' right beforehand?" Entity deadpanned. The question hung in the air for a moment before Raz turned to the Exo and raised a quizzical eyebrow.

"How the hell do you-" Raz began.

"Jo told me. Come on, let's go."

With that, the Hunter let off another shot that killed a second Vandal, quickly reloaded and set off down the hill. The Titan grumbled before following him.

"Have you given any more thought about Starr's offer yet?" Entity asked his Human friend. The Hunter had already begrudgingly taken up the female Exo's offer, realising that there were bigger things at stake than his isolation habits.

The Titan shrugged half-heartedly. He'd polarised his face from view, but Entity guessed that he was drowning in thought.

"Yeah. Still not sure, but I'll probably end up agreeing. You know, because if I don't I'll probably be put on ice again." Raz informed the Exo.

Entity knew the real reason though. He had no doubt that the Titan didn't want to go back to the Void Prison, but he also knew that Raz was one of those people that would do anything to help his friends as protect innocent people - and he'd always do the right thing, even if it meant putting himself in danger.

"You're probably right." Entity commented. They'd reached the bottom of the hill now, and the pair of them hunkered down low to the ground, trying to be as quiet as possible.

Their mission was a simple elimination assignment. They were tasked with killing a Baron of the House of Ash, a small Fallen House that thrived in the Old Chicago region. Entity had wanted to take it alone, but he'd allowed Raz to come in an effort to train him up for the mysterious mission they'd signed up for.

Entity had tracked the Baron to a small encampment of Fallen soldiers. They were resting for the night before making the last leg of their journey to reach the House's Lair. Raz was here as the 'muscle' in case things went wrong - to enact their 'Plan B', which mainly involved a lot of explosions and gunfire.

Plan A was to infiltrate the compound silently, and take on the Baron without too much trouble and slip out. Easy.

Well, as easy as fighting a Baron could be.


Getting into the encampment was simple enough, the dark of the Chicagoan night had allowed the pair of black-clad Guardians good camouflage. Any Fallen that had seen them had quickly been dispatched by a well aimed throwing knife or a silenced sniper shot from Entity before they could shout for help.

Raz just rolled his eyes from having little else to do and began to fidget more and more as they grew ever closer to the main building where their intel suggested the Baron was hiding out in. He made a quick complaint about his under armour itching to the Hunter, which the sniper quickly dismissed with a wave of his hand.

Raz's nerves were kicking in again. He hadn't fought in so long - not really. He'd just sparred with Entity or Sushi mainly. He'd gone to the firing range and he'd been grilled by Jo on multiple occasions to test his mind, to make sure it hadn't gone to slush after the years of being in containment. But he was almost sure that she was just teasing him with the difficult questions that Archivia asked her.

He was here to really just get back into the swing of things. To stretch his legs, so to speak. But this whole 'keeping as quiet as possible' thing really wasn't his style. He was the kind of Guardian that went in head-first; hard and fast. Shoot first, ask questions later. That was his style.

Crawling around in the dirt in the middle of the night? Not so much. He wouldn't complain though. After all, it was Raz that had wanted to tag along, and this was Entity's operation. So his word was final. So, this was how they were going to be going about completing the mission - which was to say; quietly.

They eventually made their way closer and closer to the main building. As they drew nearer, and as Raz was about to complain to Entity again of the itching of his new thermal underweave for a second time, the pair of Guardians could begin to make out the tell-tale guttural grunting and rasping of the Eliksni language.

Entity looked to Raz as he drew to a stop, bringing a gloved finger up to his helmet in a gesture that suggested that the Titan stop talking. Raz nodded and the two of them began creeping closer to the building.

Moving as quietly as they could manage, Entity and Raz managed to crouch next to a crack in the brickwork of the building the voices were coming from. Peeking through, they saw the owner of one of the numerous voices inside the structure.

The Baron. Surrounded by Vandals and Captain's bearing their House's colours on their cloaks and marks.

Poking the silencer on the muzzle of his sniper rifle through the crack, Entity readied his finger as he began to squeeze down on the trigger. His scope was centred on the Baron's helmet, focusing on a weak point that would send the bullet through the Fallen's temple, killing him instantly.

But before he could take the shot, there was a quick tapping on his shoulder. Cursing inwardly, he turned to look at Raz, who made a quick succession of complicated hand signals at the Exo.

"Uh... what?" Entity asked quietly, bemused by the flurry of the Titans movements.

Raz's shoulders sagged, and he shook his head slightly. He depolarised his visor, as Entity saw the mask of concentration that had covered the Humans previously bored expression.

"What are we going to do about his back-up?" Raz asked in a whispering voice.

"Well, I just thought that I'd shoot the Baron in the head..." Entity began.

"Right." Raz said, rolling his fingers in a way that told the Exo to hurry up.

"Well, then I figured we'd just... run like hell. Escape before the Fallen have any idea what's going on." Entity said, returning to his scope.

"Hate to break it to you, Entity, but I don't think we'll be able to outrun bullets." Raz said as he shook his head slowly.

Entity sighed, already knowing that the Titan would have some crazy, outside-of-the-box solution to their problem.

"Fine," He told him after a few seconds thinking, "What do you think we should do?" Entity asked, turning to far his Human comrade.

Through the depolarised visor, Entity could clearly see the mischievous grin beginning to spread on the mans face. He held his hands up a little, and cupped them to his mouth, as if shouting something.

"Murder Time." Raz spoke softly, putting a little emphasis on his words to pantomime shouting.

Entity only rolled his optics. He already knew that this was going to be a terrible idea.


A few minutes, and a few C4 packs later - along with a hefty amount of trip mines, the trap was ready.

It was a crazy idea, Entity thought, with a very small chance of actually working. But as long as the Titan could correct things if it went wrong, he supposed it would be fun to at least try.

Whilst Raz had been setting up his trap, he'd asked Entity to return to the top of the hill that the pair had been sitting on before, ready to mop up survivors with sniper fire.

Against the Exo's better judgement, the Titan had also asked the Hunter to remove his suppressor. Entity had protested, but he'd just told the older Guardian that it was an important part of his plan for the Fallen to hear his gunfire.

Grumbling, Entity had eventually granted his friends wish, despite his grievances. Raz hadn't even informed him of what the plan actually was - but if his giddy speech through Entity's comms was anything to go by, along with his previous statement, 'Murder Time' - the Exo felt like he could make a pretty good guess.

"Okay, I think it's ready!" Raz whispered excitedly through the radio linking the two Guardians. "You know what you're doing?" He asked the Exo.

"No, Raz, I don't. I have no idea what you think I should be doing!" Entity retorted.

Raz sighed over the comms.

"You've got the easy job, Entity. All you've got to do is start shooting." Raz informed the temperamental Hunter.

"And what happens then?"

A moment of silence, quickly followed by Raz's muted giggling.


Shaking his head in defeat, Entity looked down the lens of his weapons scope, found a target - which happened to be a Dreg - and fired.

The echoing boom of his shot, which ended the Dreg's pitiful existence, seemed so loud against the previously quiet backdrop of the Chicagoan night. Akin to a crack of thunder, the sound bounced off the buildings of the derelict city, making Entity wince.

Seconds later, dozens of war-cries and hollers of bloodlust came erupting from the Fallen encampment. The Exo's optics saw the hoard of Eliksni that emerged from the buildings, searching for their target amongst them. He silently wondered how Raz was planning on handling so many at once.

"Alright, buddy. I've ruffled their feathers for you." Entity spoke as he engaged his comm channel. "Do whatever you want to do already so we can get out of here."


It happened moments later, as the first of the Fallen activated Raz's trap. Snagging a foot on a tripwire, a Vandal was quickly eradicated by an explosive set near an ancient car. The explosion injured a few Dreg's too, giving them shell-shock and a few broken limbs.

The surprise of the detonation caused some of the Fallen to panic and back-pedal to spread out further, causing even more tripwires to be triggered and more explosions to be caused.

Raz watched it all from an empty window overlooking the scene. Brilliant flashes of oranges disappeared as fast as they appeared. Billowing smoke began to rise from the ruins of the minefield, being swept away from the site of the area by a wind that had recently picked up. Bodies and limbs of Dreg's, Vandal's and even some Captains went twirling and circling through the air.

Suffice to say, the Baron wasn't able to make much sense of the chaos caused by the attack. He himself had been a victim to the explosives planted by Raz, and soon enough, his large group of two dozen or so Fallen had been reduced to him and three others - a Captain and two Vandals.

A mischievous smirk played across the Titans lips as he played with the lid of the C4 detonator. Taking his time to enjoy the confusion in the street below him, after a few more seconds of savouring the moment, the Human flicked the cap on the head of the detonator and gently pushed down the glowing red button with his thumb.

Suddenly, several large explosions erupted around the building the Eliksni had emerged from. The detonations culminated in a boom so loud and a shockwave so massive that it made Raz feel like he ought to hold on to his teeth.

The surviving Captain and the pair of Vandal's were completely decimated by the explosions. The Baron managed to take shelter behind some rubble, sheltering him from most of the explosions. After the dust settled, the Ash Baron emerged, his armour scorched and severely damaged.

Seeing the Baron survive the detonations, Raz stood from his position in the window, and cracked his knuckles and his neck.

"Let's do this." He muttered as he sucked in a long breath, slowly exhaling it.

Without a second thought, he leapt off the edge, activating his Fist of Havoc as he descended, landing directly next to the large Eliksni. The shockwave from the impact launched the Baron off of his feet, sending him colliding with a flaming wreck of a rusty old car.

Raz grinned as he drew his rifle, the Fallen getting up from the nearly fatal blow and shouting a war cry with the remaining energy inside him. The four armed alien drew a pair of swords from their sheathes and charged at the Titan, who released his own volley of gunfire at the Baron.

The cracked and broken armour held though, the Fallen's Arc shield absorbing most of the bullets. It roared as it brought the cutlasses down on Raz's comparatively smaller frame. The Human managed to dive to the left just in time, clear of harms way. He rolled using his momentum and ran at the Baron as soon as he was on his feet again.

The Baron braced against the tackle which landed him on the ground, multiple broken ribs showing the results of the blow. The Eliksni brought down an elbow on the Titans back, making him cry out. The Fallen pressed his advantage by drawing a dagger and embedding it in the Humans stomach, seconds before he stood up and away from the Baron.

Raz shouted in pain again, this time with a curse carried in his cry of agony. Grunting, he pulled the knife from its home in his gut, throwing it away as a trickle of blood seeped from the wound.

As the Light began to repair Raz's injured body, the Baron got up again, his swords at the ready - although Raz could see that the Fallen was tiring. Drawing his sidearm, the Titan fired the entire clip into the Captain, depleting what was left of its shields.

Huffing in what was little more than annoyance, the Baron began to run again, but Raz made no other motion to ready himself, other than hold his right arm up in the air - a thumbs-up gesture on his hand.

Suddenly, another loud boom reverberated around the buildings of Old Chicago, echoing throughout the dead city. A .308 round found its mark, ripping straight through the Barons temple, and out of the other side of his head - completely destroying the Fallen's brain.

It took a moment for the Eliksni's body to catch up with its brain, hobbling onward towards Raz before it keeled over and fell flat to the ground, a death rattle signalling the Baron's death. White luminescent blood began to seep from the hole in the Fallen's head after a few moments of silence.

Raz breathed a sigh of relief as he took a seat on the ground next to the Baron. He chuckled slightly as he turned to look at the scene of absolute chaos surrounding him. After a second, he saluted to where he supposed Entity would be and he keyed his radio to the Exo's frequency.

"Nice shot." Raz told him.

A moment of silence over the white noise of the comm channel before Entity spoke. A small chuckle coming through beforehand.

"Yeah, I am pretty good, aren't I?" Entity joked.

Raz looked at the dead Baron, gently prodding it with the barrel of his weapon. He turned his lip slightly in disgust.

"Couldn't have put it better myself..."


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