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Round 3- Place your Bets.

In the slow recovery of the Last City on Earth, it had called upon the skills and abilities of one of the last gifts of the Traveler.

The Guardians.

They were noble, proud, honorable and occasionally they were drunken idiots. The Guardians had several bars and clubs they frequented within the Tower. An order given out by the Speaker as to not tarnish the name of these warriors of the Light. What populace would have faith in those that couldn't make it up a flight of stairs? Let alone leave their own barstools?

The Guardians complied with this mandate and would frequent these establishments for varying reasons. For one pair tonight it was to celebrate a mission well done. Bottles of pretty much two of everything the bar had to offer was strewn about the pair's table. A Frame soon came by to collect a few of the empty bottles to keep the two of them from knocking any over.

"So that's why it worked! You should never have doubted me in the first place." The larger of the two, the Titan Raz exclaimed to his drinking partner Entity.

"What…?" Entity paused with a glass half raised as he tried to remember what they were even talking about. When it finally clicked he continued. "Right, well that's because you did have camouflage and the time of day. But a true master of stealth could do that in even the brightest of colors in any time frame." The Exo countered the Human's earlier claims.

Raz paused with a bottle raised halfway to his lips, his face scrunched together in deep thought. Blue eyes narrowed as they slowly attempted to focus on his drinking partner. Entity could have sworn he could hear the gears grinding together in the Human's head. Than the man's face brightened as a light bulb went off.

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's go get us some more colorful shaders!" The Titan stood abruptly and upended a few of the bottles. Sending a few tumbling to the floor with cracks and a few broken. "You get to pick mine and I'll pick yours!"

The Titan was far too enthusiastic for this, but in the moment of good comradery, Entity agreed. He would later come to regret this decision, but right now he was intoxicated and he didn't care, he knew just what to pick for his loud friend. He wordlessly stood and followed the Titan out.

Entity and Raz quickly returned to the table to grab their drinks and pay their tabs. With that taken care of the two of them left for where miss Levante kept her goods. They knew she wouldn't be there at this hour, but they could still access everything from the nearby terminal.

When the two were in front of the terminal Raz insisted on going first. The Titan numbly pushed at the icons on the screen before his face lifted into a smile. He pressed a few more tabs, and a few more after that when he realized he actually hadn't done anything. A small coding packet slipped out of the bottom for Raz to take and hand to Entity. The Ghost would take care of the rest.

"My turn…" Entity slurred towards his friend who was more stumbling than backing away. "Let's see…" It was on the third page, and when he spotted it, he wished he could smile. Pushing the right sequence of buttons and a similar packet dumped out of the bottom. "Lemme see it." Entity commanded.

Raz took the packet and called out Twinkles to get the packet scanned and applied. When it changed the color scheme of the Titan, Entity knew it was worth the glimmer.


High in the Titan tower Jo was laying in bed trying to sleep when something very solid slammed into the door and waking her. Not the bedroom door, but the one for the apartment. She let out a sigh as she turned over to look at the clock. Another solid crashing sound followed by a series of cursing let her know that it was Raz and he had made it inside.

"Ghost, open the bedroom door for him please." Jo spoke tiredly. It was three in the damn morning, luckily she didn't have anything planned. Raz had that fireteam of his to go and train with at seven, but that was his problem now. Considering how drunk he seemed to be. "Also can you guide him in here? I don't want him getting lost again."

Her Ghost had let off a chirp of acknowledgement before drifting off into the other room to somehow surprise the other Titan. Jo could make out the Ghost trying to guide the man into the other room, and the man arguing as he heavily stumbled into the room. How were the man's steps so loud?

All other thoughts were interrupted as the man's heavy frame crashed onto the bed and nearly launched her tiny body out of it.

"Christ!" That was the term he used, right? The word felt weird coming out of her mouth, but it was far faster than cursing the Queen's title or name.

She went to yell at the man before she felt a large hand touch her chest and go from probing to full on copping a feel. She let out a moan despite her earlier agitation and smiled. She started scooting closer to the now very hands on man she loved to allow him and her easier access.

If the man didn't want to sleep tonight that was fine by her.

She paused in her thoughts, why did his hand feel so different than normal? Sure his hands were rough, but not patterned in a grip…

"Ghost! Lights!"

When the lights flared to life she saw Raz laying on the bed with her. He was also fully armored and the clashing colors on his armor hurt her eyes at first. The bright yellows and greens coming together in a painful symphony of something that should never have happened.

"What the fuck happened to you?!" She yelled right before kicking his ass out of bed and on to the floor where he promptly passed out.


Starr leaned against the railing where the team was supposed to meet at seven this morning. So far most of the team had shown up, Entity was a bit late, and in the ugliest pink armor shader she had seen. But the Exo only grumbled about his aching head and he wasn't sure why he couldn't get his Ghost to switch it back.

Folding her arms under her chest she was about to tell everyone to take off when the telltale signs of Titan boots came nearly tumbling down the stairs. When she looked up she did a double take. There was Raz, in Cytherian Bloom, the early rays of the sun made the yellows and greens stand out even more. She opened her mouth to say something, but stopped and shook her head.

"I don't understand either of you. Fuck it, let's go." Starr stated before transmatting to her jumpship.

Raz and Entity shared slightly confused looks before following suit with one final thought each.

The fuck happened to him?

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