The Uprising

I'm honestly cheap with summaries, so please give this story a chance.The story starts where The Reckoning ends. Also, it's going to have many ups and downs. It has everything a reader would want in a novel. I don't want to spoil the story, so here are some key points:

- Simon, Tori, Lauren, and Kit fall in love

- Chloe and Derek's relationship grows immensely

- Derek and Chloe find out about their families past

- Tori finds out who her father is, but not by someone she knows

- Chloe breaks up with Derek

I don't want to give too many things away, but if you give this story a chance, I promise you'll like it. This story has many things going on, so the story doesn't get too boring for some readers.

The climax of the story will be when Chloe breaks up with Derek and why.

This story is funny, happy, and sad in my opinion. Please review and I'll see if people are interested in reading this story.

In the meantime, the prologue is in the next page. THANK YOU