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"This is a whole new world" -Lowell Rheinheimer

Chloe's POV

The rays of the sun have been kissing the horizon for the past fifteen minutes, giving the sky a memorable, orange look. As I inhaled deeply, the smell of last night's rain calmed me down enough to overlook my problems.

Mr. Bae and Aunt Lauren are situated at the front seats of the car. Followed by them are Derek and Simon at the two middle seats. In the back is Tori and I covered by Mr. Bae's things. Tori was not too happy about the arrangement and caused a scene, but after being chewed out(more like lectured) by Simon, she got the memo. I did not mind, though. Of course, I don't like the back, but at least we had windows.

Looking at the outside view was more interesting than hearing Simon and Tori bickering every once in a while about stupid things. Apparently, Derek agrees with me. He hasn't said a word since we left the motel and has been staring out the window the entire ride. I don't think I'm the only one to notice. After Tori's scandal, I was sure that he was the one to say something, but it was Simon instead.

The ride hasn't been a total bust. We had Mr. Bae to entertain us. What I'm saying is that a car drive is not boring with Mr. Bae. He pumps up the radio and sings along. Once songs come up that Tori or Simon like, they finally quiet down.

What I can't explain is the relationship between Mr. Bae and Aunt Lauren. Yesterday they performed fine, but today they can't seem to agree on anything. The way that he talks to her seems as if they've met before. When I asked her about it, in one of our pee stops, she said that they met more than 10 years ago, but just for a brief second. I asked where, but she told me to drop it, which surfaced more questions that I never asked.

"Are we there yet?" asked Simon, bored like the rest of us.

We've been in the car for about five hours now, but it feels like a whole day.

I'm not sure where we're heading next, and neither does Tori nor Simon. Earlier in the motel, Simon asked Derek, but he was completely blown off and Derek didn't answer him. Simon tried asking his Dad but didn't get much out of him either. Same story with my Aunt. She said I'll know once we're there.

"Nope," said Mr. Bae, " I told you, it'll take about a day to get there."

"Where are we going? The north pole?" asked Simon.


"I was kidding, Dad. But what about Canada?"


"Come on Dad. Give it up," begged Simon, sounding annoyed.

Mr. Bae gave a long sign. "We're going to your aunt's house. In Michigan," he responded.

Simon laid back into his seat and took a brief look at Derek. He didn't say another word after that.

I don't know what to assume. Simon and Derek never told me about an aunt. But then again, it was none of my business, and I never asked. What's so odd is the way Simon looked at Derek. As if Michigan was the cause of Derek's silence.

I kept thinking about going to Michigan, the new people I would meet, and my new home. I thought about those things until I fell into a deep sleep. Looking out the window.

Kit's POV

Three hours of sleep and 10 hours driving, with hardly many stops, can literally absorb a person's energy. Lauren has volunteered to drive while I get some rest, but the women has never been outside of New York. Or at least taken a road trip this long. And I'm convinced she'll get lost, which will take more time that I could spend sleeping instead of trying to figure out where we are.

Several of seconds passed before all I could see was a gray cloud in the front of the van. Great. Smoke. Just what I needed.

The following exit was a few feet away. I parked at a gas station that resembled a business that went broke years ago. My eyes met the rear view mirror and noticed everyone sleeping. I glimpsed at Lauren, who was sound asleep. I powered off the car and got out.

I opened the hood of the car. Steam coming in contact with my face, introducing unbearable heat.

"Shit," I shrieked. In a low voice, so I wouldn't wake anybody. I expeditiously masked my face with the palms of my hands.

"Here," spoke a women's voice.

I formed a petite opening from the hands on my face. Looked up to find a sky color cloth, dripping with water. My eyes adjusted to the person holding the cloth towards me.

" The cloth is soaked with ice, cold water. It'll help with the heat on your face," explained Lauren.

I reached, grasped the cloth, and covered my face with the cool fabric. Lauren mentioned the cloth being ice cold, but with the heat and cold, I sensed nothing, just felt refreshed.

Hearing metal contacting each other, I dropped my hands from my face, along with the fabric. H2O drops flowing down my face. Lauren was inspecting the hood of the car and moving objects around. I do not like people touching my car. I stood next to her and watched her do whatever she was doing.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing to my car?" I asked after a few seconds of being pissed off.

"Well, it looks like we won't be going anywhere anytime soon," she responded. She handed me a greasy, old, tube.

"No offense, but I don't appreciate you taking my car apart."

Pointing her finger at my chest, she half-whispered half-yelled, "Your car came apart all by itself."

I yanked her finger away from me and told her in the same tone of voice that she talked to me with,"My car is fine. Thank you very much..." I turned to observe the hood of the car,"Plus... what do you know about automobiles?"

"I know enough and more. Trust me, this car isn't going anywhere," she pointed towards the tube still in my hand, "not without that."

(I don't know much about cars, so I did my best with writing this part. I did research about what can stop a car, but couldn't come up with anything. Just pretend something happened to the car that it's difficult to fix because they don't have the right equipment. Thanks and sorry if you think I should've been more specific. Or maybe is good the way it is and I'm worrying about nothing.)

After inspecting the car, I cursed myself for saying this, but Lauren was right. The car will remain here. I don't have the materials to repair it, and even then I don't know if it will run.

"What now?" questioned Lauren. Her right hand was over her eyebrows, blocking sunlight.

I looked at the ground and began to think. After a few seconds, I said, "I can call my brother-in-law to pick us up, but we'll have to wait a couple of hours."

I looked up at Lauren and met with the back of her. She was lost in thought, "Did you hear me?"

Turning around, she asked,"Do you have a phone?"

I handed her the phone from my right back pocket, "why?"

"You're not the only one who has people to can call when there's an emergency." She began dialing.

I snatched the phone away from her hands, "No offense, but I don't trust you. Much less your friends."

"You know? By saying 'no offense' doesn't make it less offensive! And you know what else? I don't trust you either, but I have to put up with you because of my niece. So the least you can do is show me some respect!"

Once I handed the phone back and she began dialing again, she said," I don't know if I should trust the women either."

"What do you mean? She's your friend."

" No, I said this is someone in case of an emergency."

"Why do you think she won't help you?"

"Because I stopped talking to her."

"How long was this?"

"10 years ago. And it ended on a sour note."

She stopped playing with the numbers and brought the phone to her ear.

"H-H-Hello? Holly?" her voice broke. She looked like a kid who just got busted for doing something wrong. "I-It's me. L-Lauren." At least now I know where the stuttering problem originated.

Lauren walked away from me, so I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation. I took advantage of the situation and went to wake up hell. I'm kidding. I meant the kids. Same thing.

"Kids wake up!" I announced, pounding on Simon's window. I went to the back of the car and opened the trunk.

"No. Not the sun, please not the sun," complained Tori, pulling the blanket up to cover her face.

"What's going on Dad?" asked Simon. He was out of the car and stretching his back.

"The car failed."

"Where's my aunt, Mr. Bae?" asked Chloe. She was also stretching.

"She's on the phone with our ride. Hopefully."

Chloe looked over my shoulder and began to walk towards her aunt, but I caught her arm before she went too far.

"Two things. Your aunt is over there because she wants privacy. I think you should stay here and help unload the car."

"Of course. What's the other thing?"

"You can call me Kit."

"O-okay. It'll take some time to get used to it, though."

"Of course."

Jumping out of the van, Tori commented, "Well, you don't have to worry about me, I would gladly call you Kit. 'Mr. Bae' just sounds too formal. And there is nothing formal about being on the run."

I chuckled at her comment and began to unload my things. I don't mind Tori calling me Kit, 'Dad' would be better, though. I guess I'm going to have to wait a bit longer.

Once the kids and I finished unloading the car, I walked over Lauren. Her back was facing me, but I could still hear her sniffing as if she was crying.

"Everything good?" I asked.

She brought her hands up to her face. To dry her tears, I'm guessing.

When she finally turned around, her eyes and nose were rose pink. She definitely was crying. " She'll be here in fifteen minutes," she said.

"That's not what I meant," I told her.

A tear ran down her cheek and I made an effort to reach up and clean it away, but before my hand could reach her cheek, she snatched my hand away and lectured me with a cold voice, " That's none of your business. Go tell the kids to be ready and leave me alone."

I walked backwards towards the car while telling her, " We're going to be together for a long time. I just thought I could try to be nice. I wouldn't want a broken bitch ruining our chances of staying out of the radar."

I turned around with a smirk on my face, leaving Lauren mouth open.

" You're such a dick!" Lauren yelled, but I ignored her.

Point: Kit.

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