Here I am again with a new FanFiction. This time the main character will be a Female OC, I will warn you immediately. The idea came to me all of a sudden after months without the smallest spark of inspiration where I was fearing I would not write anymore. If you know the feeling of staring at a blank page you know what I'm talking about. After it came back though, I wrote so much that my fingers hurt and I was seeing double. It will be a pretty long story I can already tell you; I'm writing chapter 68 and I still don't see the end approaching.

Anyway, if you are even bothering to read this I can tell you that you will find a lot of Malfoys, Voldemort and Dumbledore bashing. It will be a FOC/Blaise pairing and there will be a lot of original material added with a few surprises here and there.

What else I can say? Enjoy your read and I hope this little intro will interest you enough to continue on with the following chapters.

If there was one thing that Lucius Malfoy hated more than muggles, it was having to interact with them. They were rude, plebeian and all over unpleasant. The simple fact that they could not use magic made them automatically inferior to wizards in his eyes, they were basically on par with house elves, or maybe even less, elves could use their own brand of magic after all.

And just like that, muggles were useful only for menial work.

This was the only reason he lowered himself to suffer their presence, work. Or as he preferred to think about it, gold.

After becoming the Head of the Family he decided to invest in the muggle world and start a business of his own taking advantage of the stupid muggles. So while they worked themselves to the bones, he filled his vaults with gold. What had been surprising was his Lord's support to his endeavors, especially since part of his gold went to support their cause..

His word had been along the likes of 'as we work towards their eradication ,we might as well make full use of them in the meantime'.

And so he had continued, even after his Lord's fall eight years prior.

High girlish giggling cut off his musings. From the corner of his eye he could see a group of women staring at him. He knew that he always made an impression whenever he went. He was handsome with his aristocratic features, silky blond hair and dressed in high quality clothes. He could make women and men alike swoon by just passing. And mind.. that was him being modest.

He ignored the group and continued on his way, yearning for a dark alley to apparate away. He had promised his beautiful wife that he would bring her some of those fine muggle chocolates she had fallen in love with.

Inferior as they were, he had to admit muggles were useful and inventive for some things, especially when it got him on his wife's good graces. How he loved Narcissa's sweet rewards!

He was already looking forward to savoring his wife's luscious chocolate tasting lips when an invisible force slammed into him and almost made him stumble to the ground.

He gasped feeling like someone punched him in the stomach, his eyes darting all over trying to locate the source of the massive wave of magic. Whomever had emitted it must be immensely powerful. The last time he had felt something of that magnitude his Lord had been still alive, and pretty angry too, it was both awe inspiring and intimidating.

He took a deep breath and concentrated, releasing his magic in small waves trying to track back the source, something that required great control and skill that very few were able to perform. Given the density and power of the magic it was not a hard thing to do in this instance, but that also left him perturbed. A trained wizard would never release his magic in such a way in the muggle world, or at least he would make sure it was impossible to trace back. It must be a minor then. Maybe a student home for the holidays.. but it was impossible for a muggleborn to be this powerful! Absolutely preposterous!

His feet took him in front of a dilapidated building. It was pretty big with a vast courtyard and full of children running around. Lucius was honestly surprised that someone deemed the place habitable at all, what the hell were those muggles thinking?

He slowly walked inside the gates, still tracking the source, wondering why there were so many children, could it be a school? If so, he almost felt sorry for them, imagine the abysmal education they were getting.

A polite cough from his left halted his advance. A petite old woman was looking at him with a mix of curiosity and suspicion.

"How may I help you sir?"

"What is this place?" he asked, not bothering with being polite. He wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery and he was already late for lunch. Narcissa would surely yell at him, especially since by now the chocolate shop was surely closed.

The woman blinked "This is Wool's Orphanage."

"I see.." he drawled, already going back to his search.

"Excuse me, Mr. but we do not allow adults to walk around as they please here" the small matron said stepping in front of him "If you are looking into adopting one of our children I will be glad to show you around after you've shown me the forms"


"The papers from the Child Services deeming you a fit parent"

"Of course, how silly of me.. I have them just here" he assured her removing something from the inside pocket of his coat "Confundus"

A lazy wave of his wand later the woman was following him like a lost puppy, prattling on and on about some brat or other, while he kept searching for his target.

He made his way inside the building despite his reluctance, once the courtyard didn't show any result, he kept telling himself that he could disapparate at the first sign of collapse of the structure.

"What did you DO?" a voice screeched from behind a closed door "You're a freak! Satan's spawn!"

Narrowing his eyes, he hurried forward recognizing that the source of the magic was in fact behind that door.

He practically burst the door off its hinges in his haste to enter the room, stopping all the screaming and movement inside.

What he saw as he surveilled his surroundings made his blood boil in his veins. That… That.. was the reason he despised muggles. They feared and slowly destroyed everything that was different from them and didn't understand. The day his Lord came back to life and obliterated all of them could not come soon enough.

Inside the dirty and dusty room there were two female figures. One was an orphanage worker, she looked as old as the one still following him, around sixty or so, in her hands was a bloodied and splintered cane, her hair were ruffled and escaping from the confined of the tight bun on her head. But her eyes... Her eyes were bloodshot and bright, making her look possessed in her anger.

At her feet there was that he was looking for.

A small girl lay curled on the cracked and dirty flood boards. She looked no older than six and was covered in bruises, wounds and blood.

Lucius took a deep stuttering breath, trying to reign in all the anger and bloodlust he was currently feeling.

"You" he ordered to the first woman he met "Go and fetch me this girl's folder and all her belongings"

"Just what do you think you are doing? You're not allowed in here…"


The second woman shut up immediately, losing color all of a sudden. In his anger Lucius couldn't help but leak some of his own restless magic, making the woman cower in fear.

He was so focused on not losing it and blowing up all the place that he failed to notice the child's reaction.

Her eyes lit up with recognition and a small gasp left her lips.

"You're like me.." She whispered.

It was only because of the deafening silence following his shout that he was able to hear the awed statement.

"That I am, little one." He answered her with a nod of his head.

"Another one?! Freaks the lot of you! You should burn in hell!" the woman started screaming again at the knowledge that the handsome man was just like that demonic child.

"You are the one that will burn in hell, woman!" Lucius stated, his voice cutting through her like a knife through butter "You call us monsters, while you are the one who hit and abused such a young child! You disgust me"

The first woman came back just then handling him a folder of papers and a small trash bag with what he supposed were the girl's belongings.

He took them with a sneer before taking hold of his wand once again.

"I think I will take care of you personally…" He murmured a spell pointing towards the second woman before speaking "You are going to feel all the pain you inflicted on this young child, I think it will be a fitting punishment. And to make sure you don't make the same mistakes again… Imperio… Once the curse has run his course you are going to kill yourself"

The child looked at the woman amazed, what had first been a look of horror became a sort of glazed stare. Like the man was mind controlling her. It intrigued her and she wondered if she would be able to replicate such a feat.

"As for you" he addressed the second one "Obliviate"

Pocketing his wand one again he walked slowly to the child, making sure not to scare her.

"I would like to take you with me, to our world, little one"

"Our world?" she whispered, her voice hoarse and broken from the screaming and what he assumed was dehydration.

"The wizarding world. I will explain more later, but now we really need to leave before these two filthy muggles wake up"

"All right"

She tried to get up, but her shaking limbs refused to hold her light weight.

"Here, let me carry you" Lucius offered, his heart hurting at the sight of his small child

"Thank you sir" she said wrapping her bony arms around his neck, while his arms supported her body.

"This will be uncomfortable, but it is the quickest way to get to our destination. Just close your eyes and take a deep breath" he advised. Then with a sharp turn they were gone. Just in time for the second woman to start screaming in pain from invisible lashes and hits.

Well? What do you think of this little prologue? Who is the little girl Lucius saved? What will happen to her?

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