Belle, a fourth year ravenclaw looked up from her book as her bestie Aurora prepared to show off her newest spell that she learned.

"Professor Phil taught me this one!" She pulled out the paper she received from the history of magic teacher.

She pointed her wand at her boyfriend Phillip, who was sitting across from her, and said

"Avifors!" And he turned into a little red bird.

"Wow. Uhhm but how do you change him back?" Said Belle worried about poor Phillip.

"Just wait." Said Aurora.

Then Phillip changed back into a human.

"Wow." Said a voice.

The three turned and saw Milo Thatch, a fourth year Ravenclaw who was obsessed with linguistics, and the fourth year transfer student from the magical world of Atlantis, Kida Nedkagh, and Milo and Belle's best friend Jane Porter, fellow fourth year ravenclaw.

"Impressive." Belle agreed as they sat down, she had never met Kida but her reputation proceeded her.

Milo however, along with Jane Porter were her two bffs.

"Hi I'm Belle, you're Kida right?" Said Belle, the girl just stared blankly.

"No English?"

No response.

"Okaaay... So Milo, how'd you find this one?" Belle said in an awkward attempt to change the subject.

"Oh! She was looking for the snack trolley and I gave her part of my lunch to tide her over until the lady comes back.

"Oh I forgot you did an independent study on Atlantean so you could speak to Kida before she came." Aurora said, uninterested, but trying to be nice to her bestie's friends.

"He speaks it through his nose."

Everyone turned abruptly to see that Kida had spoken at last.

"Oh you do speak?!" Said Jane in shock.

"Duh." Said Kida, rolling her eyes, Milo chuckled.

"I'm sorry about that..." Jane said, "I hope you can forgive me and we can be good friends!"

"Well maybe if you'd stop stating the obvious and assuming I am deaf dumb and mute maybe I will."Kida said, then she took a deep breath, then she said

"I've learned the basics but there are still words you Americans and Europeans say that I don't understand.

"Maybe I can tutor you sometime! I taught my boyfriend Tarzan to speak English!"

Ah yes, Belle thought, the success story of the orphan Tarzan Burroughs who was stranded in Africa his whole life, when he and Jane met in their third year, Jane was in awe that the new student didn't even speak English, but Swahili. How did he even get supplies he needed for Hogwarts?

So Jane took him under her wing and taught him English and they became fast friends, eventually lovers, starting halfway through their third year.

"Who said my name?" Said a voice and Jane's eyes brightened and she bounced up and ran to her boyfriend, leaping into his arms and kissing his cheek.

Yuck thought Belle

"Hey get a room!" Said Kida irritably, the whole car laughed.

"I'm gonna go find my owl Tanya... We're almost there." Said Belle but when she got to where the owls were kept she ran smack dab into fifth year slytherin Adam La Bete, dropping her book of magical creatures and where to find them.

Adam glared at her

"S-sorry..." Belle stammered,

The handsome boy grunted and passed through the cart, and continued on his way, Belle shuddered picked up her northern Saw-Whet owl Tanya, and headed back.

As the cart came and everyone bought candy, Belle wondered why Adam was so cold to everyone. Why he acted that way, what caused this?