As though you didn't know already, this will be a Rollins/Carisi story. It will include lots Declan and Jesse as well. I'm going to do what I can to do justice to the relationships of Rollins, Declan, and Jesse. I have written two chapters over my spring break and I wanted to know what people thought before I continued. If I continue, the updates will be few and far between because I am a full time student.

It started with the hang up phone calls. Then the hairs on the back of her neck would stand up when she took Jesse to the park. She never spotted anyone watching them, but her gut told her otherwise.

It was Wednesday when she got a call from her nanny, Melissa. Melissa wanted to know whether she had stopped home on lunch because she found the door ajar when she and Jesse arrived home from the park. Nothing had been disturbed or taken. Now it was Sunday night and she was home with Jesse. She had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that there was someone, somewhere, messing with her. She wanted outside her building checked out, but she didn't want to call a patrol car to the area for fear of rising red flags at the office. The last thing she wanted was to have the squad get involved.

There was a knock at the door. It was his knock.

She opened the door, "Hey, thanks for this, Carisi."

"Of course. More than happy to help," he stepped in her apartment with a package of dippers, "I'm sorry that I didn't get your message earlier... I was at evening mass so my phone was off."

"That's fine. I just appreciate that you came on such short notice."

A full week had passed and she hadn't gotten a call. She thought it was over. But as the squad was closing up the rapes of three women in Central Park, she got another call.

"Yeah, Rollins."

No reply.

It wasn't over.

She waited a beat before speaking again, "This is Detective Rollins with the NYPD. Why don't you speak you coward?!"

A cool voice came over the receiver, "Please don't be so angry with me, I was just waiting for the right time."

"Look I don't know you think you are, but I will have you arrested for harassment."

"... yes I would expect so. But this isn't personal, detective. I am calling because of Declan. You haven't been in contact with him have you?"

Her stomach dropped at the mention of Jesse's father, "That's none of your goddamn business."

"That's what I expected. We'll talk some other time."

The line went dead.

It was time for her to talk to Olivia. Not a conversation she was looking forward to.

She knocked on her lieutenant's officer door.

"Come in!"

"I'm not disturbing you boss, am I? 'Cus I can come back."

"No, no, come in. I'm just giving a last look over our DD-5's before I send them up the chain."

Rollins closed the door and stepped into the office, "Yeah, this was a big case. Wanna make sure we crossed our 't's' and dotted our 'i's'..."

Olivia took off her class and furrowed her brow at the detective, "Something like that... What's up, Amanda?"

"Guys listen up," Olivia announced as she and Rollins entered the bullpen, fresh off their conversation.

The detective intervened, "Now this isn't necessary, lieutenant."

"I say it is, Amanda. This could be serious and we're not letting it go any longer."

"Dodds I want you to talk to your friends over in vice and ask about any recent threats to a U.C. Declan Murphy."

"Okay..." the Sargent leaned up in his chair.

Olivia continued, "Carisi, I want you to dump Amanda's phone and try to trace the last incoming call. Fin, arrange for a black and white to patrol Amanda's neighborhood full-time-set up a rotation."

Dodds looked thoroughly confused, "Who is Declan Murphy? And why am I asking about him... if we are concerned about Rollins?"

"He used to be our commander here. If anyone asks, we're looking out for our own."

"And what is it really about then?" Dodds beat the others to the question

"Just that... Please, everyone, I know we're just coming off a big case but we need to start again."

Amanda sat down at her desk. No one was satisfied with their boss' reply but no one pressed the issue.

"Psst, psst," Finn whispered across their desks, "Amanda."

"It's nothing, Finn."

He angled the phone away from his mouth, "I wouldn't be ordering units to your neighborhood if it was nothin'."

She looked up. Both Dodds and Carisi were looking at her from the corner of their eyes.

Annoyed, she stood and walked to Olivia's office, "Hey, I'm due at Barba's for prep..."

"Alright. Take Finn with you."

"Are you kiddin'?! Lieutenant, I don't need a babysitter just to go the DA's office."

"Safety in numbers Rollins. Until we know more, I don't want you going out alone."

"You don't think that's an overreaction?"

"No, now that's final."

"What are you not sayin', Amanda?"

For Amanda, the ride to the DA's office was long, "There's nothing to say, Finn."

"When was the last time you spoke to him?"


"Who do ya think? Declan."

When she got pregnant, she was open to Finn about who Jesse's father was, but now she wished she had allowed herself more privacy.

"I haven't spoken to him since he came back to New York when he heard that I was pregnant."

"He hasn't seen her?!"

"Finn. That is private and has nothing to do with what is going on."

He jerked into the parking spot and turned the ignition quickly, "Well, forgive me for caring about you two."

"What's going on with Declan in Serbia?"

"You asked me out here for that?" Tucker exclaimed as pulled his coat tighter around him.

She stuck her hand out in effort to placate, "You told me last month that he got into some trouble..."

"Yes, and I told you that as a courtesy. He was your CO through a trying time. I thought you should know, but, Olivia, you shouldn't have called me out here to talk about him. I shouldn't know what I know, and we don't need to be taking about it."

"But we do need to talk about it," she took a deep breath, which visibly blew in the cold February air. "I think it has come to New York."


"Rollins is receiving anonymous threats. I think it's them."

He shifted uncomfortably, suddenly feeling exposed, "What in the hell would make you jump to that conclusion?!"

"For the last two months she has been receiving hang up phone calls... And today before they hung up, they asked about Declan."

"Why her? If they're going after him?"

It was Olivia's turn to squirm.

"Liv, talk to me."

She subconsciously inched closer to him and whispered, "They have a personal connection."

"What does that mean? Exactly?"

She glared at him, "I'm not here to cause trouble for either of them."

"Then talk. This is a 'personal connection' that a CO shouldn't have with a subordinate?"

"He's the father of her baby."

"You've got to be kidding me."

"But do the math, Ed. That had to be long after he left SVU."

"Yeah?! What about while he was at SVU?"

"Are you going to help me or not?"

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