I laugh as the lithe form of my sister barrels into my chest, knocking the air out of me. I wrap my arms around her shoulders and hold her tight. I close my eyes and tuck her head under my chin and we stand there soaking in the other's presence. When she pulls back, I smile widely and raise my eyebrow when I notice she got another piercing while I was gone. She had a nose ring and monroe piercing when I left, and now she also has a little stud in her eyebrow.

"I'm diggin' the piercings, Bambi," I say, chuckling and tugging on my own lip piercings. I have shark bites, an eyebrow ring of my own, three cartilage rings on my right ear, four on my left and an industrial on my left ear as well. I also have a nose ring and surgically sharpened canines, top and bottom.

She laughed and stepped back, letting my mom take her place. I kissed her cheek and let her hold me, combing her fingers through my long-ish white hair. She pulled back not long after and smiled at me.

"I see you adopted a new hairstyle," she said, brushing my hair with her fingers. My hair was now buzzed on the sides and long on top and brushed to one side. I smiled and nodded, looking over her shoulder at my dad and brothers, each of them clad in suits. I smiled, as I knew they had taken the day off of work to come pick me up from the airport with my mom and sister. I hug my brothers and we exchange a few words, 'how are you's and other mundane greetings. I grinned widely at the little girl in my dad's arms and swooped in, pressing a kiss to my youngest sister's forehead. She squealed and pressed her hands to my cheeks and leaning in to smack a wet kiss right on the tip of my nose. I scrunched up my nose and chuckled at her. I hugged my dad, careful of the little girl in my arms and then slung my backpack over my shoulder and grabbed the handle of my suitcase, carrying my luggage and sister as we began to walk to the cars. We gained a few odd looks, we were a rather rag-tag family. My brothers and dad were all businessmen, my sister is a cosmetologist, my mom's a teacher, and I'm a musician. When we got out to the cars, I made the choice of riding with my mom and sisters instead of my dad and brothers. The whole walk out to the car, I endured my youngest sister, Mira, pulling on my lips, trying to get to my canines that still fascinated her, even at age three.

I snapped back to reality, staring out of the window of the tall office building out at the undead city of Atlanta. I frown, wondering what caused me to come back to reality when I hear the clicking of what sounds like...hooves? I cover my mouth and nose with my black 'cowl' (a large strip of fabric that forms a bandana like covering for my mouth and nose), creeping out of the room and quickly arriving on the roof of the building. I creep out onto the thick power lines that connect the city buildings, looking below me and seeing a man in a sheriff's uniform riding a horse. I nearly slap a hand to my forehead. 'How dumb can this guy be?' Rolling my red eyes and sighing, I run across the line to a neighboring building and climb down the fire escape into an abandoned alleyway and peek out, seeing the man climbing into a tank to escape a hoard of walkers. I pull out my walkie-talkie and connect it to the radio in the tank, noticing an asian man in an alleyway slightly ahead of mine, also talking into a walkie talkie, probably to the man inside.

"How much of a dumbass are you, cowboy?" I hiss into the radio, seeing the asian man jump. I sigh and shake my head. "I'm in the alleyway across from you, ballcap." He looks up at me and I raise an eyebrow at him.

"How long have you been there?" He says with wide eyes, and I hear the man in the tank gasp at my voice over the radio.

"Just a few minutes. Anyways, I can clear a way for you, cowboy, if you'll give me about..say, 45 seconds?" I say, looking towards where the tank would be.

"How're you gonna get rid of that many geeks in less than a minute?" the asian man asked incredulously.

"Watch me." At this I put away my radio and climb up the side of the building, and drop onto the top of the tank, getting out a hunting knife and chopping up any walker that comes near me, until the herd is down enough that we could make an escape. I lean down and knock on the top of the tank three times, yelling at him to get out here. A few seconds later the hatch of the tank opens and out comes the sheriff.

"Come on, we gotta go," I say and pull him behind me, to the alley the asian man is hiding in. He looks at me disbelievingly, and nods at us before starting to run and I follow him, pulling the cowboy behind me until we reach an alley with a metal door, that I presume we are going to go through. I kill the two walkers in the alley as the asian dude, 'I really need to find out his name', knock on the door in a specific pattern, before it bursts open and we run inside.

A blonde woman and a black man are staring at us as the cowboy and asian catch their breath, and I pull out a rag from my back pocket and wipe the gore off of my blade, ignoring their suspicious looks. Once my blade is sufficiently clean, I sheathe it and sigh before pulling down my cowl and brushing a hand through my hair. I look around at the others before stretching my arms above my head and yawning, exposing my canines.

I glance over at the sheriff, who has both eyebrows raised, and raise my pierced eyebrow at him. "Yes?"

"Rick Grimes," Is all he says as he sticks his hand out for a handshake. I smirk and grab his hand.

"Alicai Nox," I say, addressing all of them. They introduce themselves as T-Dog, Andrea, and Glenn. Then I turn to Rick. "What the hell were you thinking riding a horse into an undead hot spot?" I ask irritatedly. He frowns and takes a small step back.

"I'm looking for my wife and son, I thought they might be here. I thought there was a shelter here?" He says this defensively, tense and on edge.

"The shelter is nothing but a pipe dream, Rick." He frowns and then shrugs it off, though he still looks thoughtful.

"What's with the piercings and fangs?" This comes from Glenn. I raise an eyebrow at him and answer calmly, though my heart aches slightly at the memory.

"The piercings were a kind of tradition between my sister and I. Every time I came to visit, I would get a new piercing. She only had three though. I'm looking for my family too. My parents, sisters and brothers. The fangs I got because I wanted to. And they're useful sometimes," I say, coughing to try to get rid of the ache in my chest that appears everytime I think of my family. They simply nod and start up a set of stairs. I follow them to a door that comes out into a clothing store. There are walkers pounding against the glass doors. One of them got ahold of a chunk of concrete, and was hitting it against the glass. Suddenly, a loud gunshot echoes from above us. I freeze, and watch as the others run back through the door and up another set of stairs. I follow and we come out onto the roof where a man with a sniper rifle is shooting at the walkers in the street.

Glenn and T-Dog yell at him to stop and he turns around and starts to beat on T-Dog. The others try to stop him, though nothing works until Rick finally gets him off. They chain him to a metal pipe with a pair of handcuffs that I assume came from Rick. I walk over and stand off to the side a little with my arms crossed over my chest, looking over the man they are referring to as 'Merle'. He notices me and apparently has a problem with how I look.

"What's with the get up, pretty boy?" He says with a cocky smirk on his face. I only look at him, unimpressed. I'm wearing black cargo pants tucked into black knee high combat boots with a black v neck t shirt and my black cowl. I also have a pair of fingerless black leather gloves and knives strapped all over my person.

"Oh, so you think I'm pretty, huh?" I say, flashing my fangs at him as I approach him slowly, like a predator approaching its prey. I pull a knife out of my boot and throw it up, catching it and repeating. "You might not think that if I showed you just what my knives can do." I say, catching the knife one more time before throwing it so that it pierces through his shirt, into the thick wood of the floor beneath him, hardly missing his stomach. I smile sweetly as I bend down to pull it out and sheathe it again. He looks at me, slightly wide eyed before he recovers and glares at me. I look over at the others and see their shocked and slightly scared looks. I sigh and adopt a non-threatening posture as I turn to the others.

"Sorry 'bout that. I get irritated easily." I walk over to the edge of the building and climb up to stand on the small ledge, looking out over the city, taking deep, calming breaths. I hear the other's discussion on what to do about the herd that is trying to break in, and hear Glenn mention what I did to the herd of walkers surrounding the tank. They all turn to me and I look over my shoulder at them questioningly.

"Do you think you could do what you did earlier to get Rick out of the tank?" Glenn asks me and I think for a moment before nodding and turning to start walking on the edge, doing small spins and turns out of boredom.

"I could do that. Do you have get away cars?" They shake their heads. "Someone, probably Glenn and Rick should go get a large one and a small one to distract the walkers with so that I can gank them. That way, the one with the large one can come get the others while the one in the little car can help me by distracting the walkers." They look surprised, apparently they didn't think of that. They get into a small huddle and I ignore them, doing a handstand on the slim ledge. One of them notices and gasps, drawing the attention of the others and I quickly flip off of the ledge before one of them makes me fall. Rick and Glenn leave soon after to get the cars and I wait on the top of the building while the others go down to get the supplies together and wait by the large back doors for Rick to come by and pick them up. I pull my cowl back up and wait for the signal. I make sure to lock the door so that no walkers will be able to get to Merle and perch on the edge again. He's an annoying bastard, but I wouldn't wish that fate on my worst enemies.

When I hear the loud blaring of a car alarm I climb down the building by way of fire escape and begin killing the walkers by stabbing them in the brain. When the large van goes by me I jump onto the side, grabbing the locked door handle, and killing the walkers that get too close. When we get far enough from the city, Rick stops the box truck and lets me get in. I sit and clean my blades until we get into the mountains, following the small red mustang that Glenn used to distract the walkers.

"Who's all in your guy's group?" I ask Andrea and T-Dog who're sitting in the back with all of the supplies they gathered.

"There's a couple families, just people who needed to band together to save their families." Andrea replies. I nod and sit silently, thinking about my youngest sister. She would have turned 4 today. I have a small charm that she gave me around my neck on a silver chain. It's a tiny silver microphone. I finger the ring in my eyebrow. All of my piercings are black so that they stand out, but the one in my eyebrow was a gift from my older sister. it's black with a small white stripe running down the middle.

"What were your siblings like?" I hear Andrea ask me quietly. I smile and chuckle a little bit.

"I had two brothers and two sisters. My brothers were both older than me and they were businessmen. They liked to joke around and we would wrestle when we were little. My older sister was always so sweet, but we had our fights. We were super close, we did most things together. My younger sister was close to me too. She liked to play with my piercings and was fascinated with my teeth. She would be turning four today.." I trail off with a sad smile. "I went to school in Washington state, studying music, so I wasn't home when the world went to hell. I traveled from Washington to here, just to find my family." By then we were approaching the camp, and I saw people walking around and then when we pulled up, they all stopped what they were doing and approached the vans. I got out and walked around to the front of the van, getting suspicious looks from everyone. I even saw a woman with short gray hair pull her daughter back when she took in my appearance. Rick was standing next to me, also looking around the camp when he froze and tensed. I looked where he was looking and saw a thin woman with long brown hair standing next to a young boy with short brown hair and blue eyes. He started to run towards them shouting 'Lori' and 'Carl'. I assumed this was his family and I felt happy for him, but also envious because I ached to see my brothers and sisters and parents, just to know that they were safe. I was lost in thought until I heard someone say my name. I looked up to see Glen standing in front of me with a older man in a hawaiian print shirt. I stood up straight and held out my hand. The man introduced himself as Dale. I introduced myself too and looked around camp again.

All of a sudden I saw a small girl run out from behind a tent with a lithe woman chasing after her playfully and I felt like the wind was knocked out of me.