"You wanna say that again?" I hissed loud enough that everyone could hear. He was tense and was trying to push his neck away from the blade, but I didn't let him. I saw Rick and Daryl moving around to try to get me off of him without injuring Shane. "Rick, Daryl, sit down. I wanna hear what Großmaul here has to say," I growl, ignoring the puzzled looks.

"Großmaul means loud mouth," Bambi piped up from across the fire, sipping her water as if nothing was happening. Bambi was my translator and the one who taught me English when my parents adopted me. She had always loved various languages and German was one of the first ones she learned.

"So, still think I'm defenseless?" I hissed so that only Shane could hear. "Would you like to apologise or should I carve a smile into your neck?" I spat, knowing that the others could hear this, and not caring that they would most likely think I was insane. "Sie haben drei Sekunden, um zu entschuldigen, oder erfahren Sie, wie genau meine scharfen Messer sind." I growl. The others look to Bambi for a translation.

"He said you have three seconds to apologise, or you'll learn exactly how sharp his knives are." She replied and the others blanched and hoped with all that they were worth that Shane apologised.

"Ein," I hiss and hear Bambi say 'one' so that the others know what I mean. "Zwei," I growl, and when I take a breath to say the last number and seal Shane's fate, he frantically starts apologising. "I'm sorry, I'm afreid I deedn't hear zhat?" I say, my accent thick because of my anger.

"I'm sorry I regarded you as if you were defenseless, and I'm sorry that I insulted you by saying you were incapable of killing a bunch of walkers," He ground out. I held for a second before pulling away and sheathing the knife. I looked out over the group and felt a pang in my heart as I realized they all thought that I was too dangerous.

"I'm going to sleep," I say and walk to the woods, climbing up in a tall tree and seating myself in the 'nest' that the branches formed. I pulled my cowl up over my face and snuggled into the tree, falling into a light sleep that I could snap out of at the first sign of danger. I woke slightly when I noticed that someone was behind a tree not far away, watching me. This hurt. I knew that someone was watching me because they didn't trust me. I let it go and went back to sleep. I woke up often, staying up for a while and falling back asleep. When I woke in the morning, it was to Mira at the base of my tree, yelling at me to get up because Dale wanted me. I yawned and stretched, hopping down and scooping her up, putting her on my shoulders and listening as she told me about a dream she had last night that featured a princess made out of fire.

When we reached the main camp, I walked to Dale and the others moved out of my way when I approached and everyone but my family was giving me scared looks. I looked down and kept my cowl up over my mouth and nose to hide my blush because I was ashamed of my outburst last night. When I reached him, he was talking to Rick, who mentioned that he left a bag of guns in the city and that they needed to go back and get them. While I waited for them to finish their conversation, I pulled a pair of stretchy black sleeves from one of my pockets and slid them onto my forearms. They covered from my wrists to my elbows, leaving just part of my upper arm exposed. My cowl was up, I had the same clothes from yesterday on, and I had cloth over my forearms. My hair was a mess, I needed to find a pair of electric clippers and cut it again. I brushed my fingers through it, fixing it as best as I could. A few minutes later, Rick walked away and Dale turned to me. He looked at me concerned, noticing the slight bags under my eyes because I didn't get much sleep last night. I yawn and rub one of my eyes, wondering what it is that he wanted.

"Are you feeling okay, Alicai?" He asked me softly, I glared at the ground and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Not like you would care anyways. Everyone's scared of me now. I told you that I have trouble controlling my temper and I didn't mean to go that far. I didn't even realize what I was doing until I pulled back!" I said, feeling tears of frustration start to well up in my eyes. 'For such a feared person, I sure can act like a child sometimes.' I tensed as I felt arms wrap around me and looked up to see that it was Dale who was hugging me. His hug reminded me of my father and it was like a dam broke. I wrapped my arms around Dale and let him lead me into the RV and I sat down with him. He let me cry on his shoulder until I calmed down. When I was calm enough, I pulled back and wiped my eyes.

"Thank you," I said quietly. "Do you know any way that I can get them to trust me again? I don't want them to be scared of me, I just wanted Shane to stop ridiculing me. Most of my life, I've been judged because I'm younger than the people I went to school with and they thought that I was weaker. I was never able to stand it, and I just made myself more of an outcast when I fought back." I say, looking at the floor.

"Alicai, they're just afraid of you because they don't understand you. If you want them to trust you, then spend time with them, and try to keep an open heart. Just be yourself. You seem like a wonderful person, but you won't let them see that." He said, and put a hand on my shoulder. "How old are you, Alicai?" He asked me. I looked up at him with pained eyes.

"I'm 15," I whisper. I flinch when he lets out a small gasp. I look a little older than fifteen when I have my cowl on, but with it off, I look even younger. I have more muscle than most 15 year olds, but then again, most 15 year olds don't know how to throw knives and fight.

"Just show them who you are, easy as that." He said and told me that I would be helping the ladies with the laundry today. I nodded and walked outside where I saw my sister walking with Andrea, carrying a basket of laundry. I jogged over to her, cowl still on, and smiled at her.

"I've been told to help with the laundry today," I say and offer to carry the basket for her and she hands it to me. We walk down to the lake where the washing takes place and joke and laugh, beginning to get comfortable with the women. When we get down there, the other women stop what they're doing and stare at me. I sigh as I know I've got some explaining to do.

"I'm sorry about what happened last night by the fire, sometimes I have difficulty controlling my temper, especially when someone thinks I'm weaker than them. Last night won't be happening again anytime soon." I say and look down, expecting to be rejected.

"Oh, honey, it's okay." This comes from a woman named Jacqui. She smiles at me as I look at her with wide eyes, and I look around to see the others nodding in agreement.

"Really?" I ask disbelievingly. I'm sure this is a trick, there's no way they would just forgive me like that.

"Yes! Everyone loses their temper every now and then. It was probably a stressful day for you, and you saved Glenn, Andrea and T-Dog," she says and pats the ground next to her. I go and sit next to her, putting the basket where she tells me to. She hands me a washboard and I thank her and grab a shirt and hold it out in front of me not really sure what I was supposed to do. I'd only ever done laundry with a washing machine before. I look over to Jacqui when I hear her chuckle, and I blush, though I know she can't see it beneath my cowl.

"I don't know how to do this…." I say and comb a hand through my hair out of habit. She grabs a shirt from the basket and shows me how to wash it with the washboard and I listen and copy her, getting it down after a few tries. We talk and laugh for a while before they get onto the topic of things that they miss. It goes pretty smoothly until Andrea smirks evilly at me.

"I miss my vibrator," she says, smirking at me, thinking that I'm going to get embarrassed. Boy is she in for a surprise. I laugh and blush.

"Me too," I say, and they stare at me in shock. "What? Is there something in my hair?" I say and look at my reflection in the water and comb it with my fingers jokingly.

"You had a vibrator?" Andrea asks me. I nod and smile at her.

"I had a boyfriend too. He was mighty fine when armed with a vibrator," I say, blushing heavily. They laugh at me and interrogate me about him.

"What was he like?" "Was he hot?" They ask.

"He was so sweet to me, but was still good in bed. He was gorgeous, and always knew just what to say when I was down." I sigh wistfully. He was killed in front of me, taken down by a herd of walkers. He was going to come with me to find my family. They don't ask what happened to him and I'm grateful for that, but they do continue to tease me about the vibrator remark. We laugh and talk until Ed comes over and gets in our business. I pull down my cowl and keep an eye on him.

"Sounds like you're doin' more talkin' than workin'" He says and takes a puff of his cigarette. I look over my shoulder at him, noting the way that Carol immediately stops laughing.

"What's it to you?" I say, giving him a deathly glare.

"I just think that little fairies who do women's work should keep their mouths shut," He says and I stand up, positioning myself protectively in front of the others.

"Well that's funny, because I think that guys who think they're above women should open their eyes and shut the hell up, stechen." I snap and hear Bambi translate that for the others.

"He called him a prick."

Ed comes towards me and gets up into my face, sneering at me. "You'll learn your place," He says and goes past me to grab Carol, gripping her arm so hard that it's sure to leave a bruise.

"Hey! Let go of her, you bastard!" shouts Andrea. Ed back hands her and tries to storm away with Carol. I move in front of him and push the tip of one of my knives against his throat.

"One little jab, and you're gone. It that what you want, Schwein?" I say threateningly. He shakes his head. When I back off, he lunges at me and I throw him to the ground and snarling at him, baring my teeth, before beginning to punch him. Anyone who would hurt someone they promised to love is disgusting to me. Especially considering my past. Only when I feel hands pulling me off do I realize how bloodied Ed's face is. I stand up and turn around, taking a deep breath. I walk over to the water and push my cowl back up before sitting by the edge and looking at my reflection in its glassy surface. I push my cowl up again and sit back, laying down and closing my eyes, slowly calming down. I hear the ladies sit around me, returning to their work and I join a few minutes after. We're quiet for a little bit before the talk slowly resumes.

"How old are you, Alicai?" Carol asks me. Maybe she's noticed that I look a lot younger without my cowl or the way that I react strongly to nearly everything. I look at her and smile a little.

"Guess," I say, wondering how old I look.

"Take off your cowl so that I can guess accurately," she says in return. I smile and pull the cowl down off my nose and mouth.

"Hmm. 17?" She asks. I shake my head and smile, turning to Jacqui and gesturing for her to guess.

"14?" I smile at that and shake my head again.

"I'm 15," I say chuckling at their surprised looks.

"15 and you can fight that well?" Jacqui asks. I nod.

"I've been fighting for most of my life. Knives were just a hobby for me. I also do gymnastics, I can cook, clean and know how to take care of a baby." They give me shocked looks, and I realize I'm probably going to be working with them until I get the camp's trust back. I go back to washing and we go back to talking about nothing in particular until we finish. Then we go up and I watch the kids with Carol, Lori, and Bambi. They start to play hide and seek and ask me if I want to play. I agree, obviously, and they decide that Carl is going to seek while the rest of us hide. I climb up into a tree and pull my cowl back over my face. I lay down on my stomach on a branch that's easy to see and looked down at the ground, waiting to be found. I know that the ladies can see me from where they are and they laugh at me.

The branch I chose was thick and seemed pretty sturdy to me. I was about ten feet off the ground, looking down. I saw Carl get close to my position and I started quietly chuckling. Loud enough that he would hear me if he passed underneath, but he couldn't hear me unless he was directly under me. I watched him get closer, and suddenly had a feeling that something was going to happen, so I kept a close eye on our surroundings. I looked down at Carl who was looking around him, trying to find the source of the chuckling and I start to laugh louder. He looks and points triumphantly at me.

"Ha! I found you!" He says and starts walking away to find the others. I freeze when I hear a snap and a few seconds later, I'm falling. I let out a small yelp and Carl jumps back. I land hard and struggle to get air back into my lungs. We hear a loud scream echo out from the camp and I scramble to get up, though I fall back down, searing pain racing through my chest. I cough and start to stumble back to camp where a chorus of screams echo over the mountains. 'Walkers. '

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