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Harry Potter and The Tau'ri Resistance


"Shit, we're out of time." Harry exclaimed as they felt the roof shake with explosions coming from the outside. "Martouf, launch the satellite."

"Satellite launched." Neville immediately replied, looking over Martouf' shoulder.

"Alright, Mione, Neville, the lot of you, you know what to do." Harry said. Hermione threw her arms around Harry and moaned, "Oh Harry why you?"

"You know why Mione, I'm the only one he can't truly kill." he replied.

"What if this plan of the General's doesn't work out? They could all be killed and it would be for nothing!" she argued. She looked over Harry's shoulder at SG-1, realizing he was the only hope they had if they went through with this plan, if any.

"Now! Mione, you all have to go...and keep to the plan please..." he implored her, with a small kiss to her forehead and a gentle push back to the group.

Hermione touched the portkey with the rest and said, "Activate," and she and the rest who would escape to fight another day were whisked away in a temporary micro wormhole in a rainbow of flashing lights and were gone.

Harry and SG-1 waited as the secure gates to their underground bunker in the basement of Area 51 was breached by loud explosions and they were greeted by an in pouring of Jaffa soldiers...

It was March 1999, two months after the invasion and aerial bombardment by Sokar.

After a religious uprising from the Islamic world simultaneously with a Catholic uprising led by the Vatican, nearly two billion of the world's population were killed as an example to everyone else in massive bombings that had left most of the major cities of continental Europe centered on Italy which got the worst, and the entire Middle East, Northern Africa, and Indonesia in a burning ruin.

The ICW's official response since the day in January when the invasion began was not to intervene, fearing annihilation themselves. Instead, the ICW and local Ministries decided rather to rely upon and strengthen the invisibility of the wizarding world, redoubling or tripling their ward schemes and close off what little routine contact they already had with the muggle world—and hope to go unseen and undiscovered. Sokar and his forces had yet to discover the existence of magic and they aimed to keep it that way.

The only help the muggles got was when Harry led a hastily reformed vigilante Order of the Phoenix with Minister Kingsley's secret and unofficial blessing to assess the threat and see if they could help.

With their improvised assistance, the Order of the Phoenix barely saved the lives of SG-1, Dr. Frasier and the Tok'ra Martouf/Lantash, during the initial incursion at Stargate command. Where General Hammond and the rest of the SGC died, ordering them to go, they were Earth's only hope-buying them time to quickly gather what they could, wipe the database and escape with their wizard rescuers before burying the stargate underneath the mountain with their self-destruct.

After the Order rescued SG-1, Col. O'Neill and the others went to ground with them back at Grimmauld Place. After getting a crash course on the existence of magic and a heavily sanitized version of the nature of their rescuers exchanged with a crash course for the wizards on the muggle stargate program and the enemy Goa'uld, the Order began helping SG-1 to start organizing an underground resistance with parts of the military that could also quickly go to ground unnoticed. While the bulk of the military engaged in a large-scale and ultimately futile defense from a full-scale invasion of Earth from space consisting of ten fully loaded Ha'tak. This was initially all done still with only US military assets because there was no time to brief all their allies and other powers, and the wizard's involvement had to be kept secret from everyone, including all the other wizards.

Fortunately, even with those numbers it still took Sokar a month to subdue the largest entrenched military forces around the world and most of his forces would be continually tied up as security, both on the ground in platoon sized units and thousands of death glider and Al'kesh patrols around the world to maintain control of the skies. Sokar used a stargate he brought with them to begin reinforcing his ground troops, but that would take a while and his own number of Jaffa were limited on the whole.

There was plenty of time for resistance cells to organize and go underground unnoticed while that was going on.

Of course other than SG-1, their retinue, the security forces and a few scientists from Area 51 that they were able to rescue, the rest of the world including all the other militaries as well as the majority of the US's own-were getting a crash course on the existence of hostile aliens and really had no idea of Earth's prior history with them past or recent, nor any idea how to deal with them.

O'Neill was field promoted by the JCS to Major General and given wide latitude to organize and lead an underground resistance with as many remote field units they could spare and trust on short notice. They leveraged as many of those that were already in remote locations forward deployed around the world on other traditional assignments to both be quickly briefed into the threat, transfer commands under himself and get established while the bulk of the military fought the losing war of attrition from the main invasion. While at the same time, the mainland forces tried to evacuate the President and working government. NORAD was now out of the question, Air Force One was nothing but a target of opportunity; so they brushed off the old Greenbrier facility in West Virginia. Hopefully it would go unnoticed for a while at least—and it was big enough and secure enough to do the job, which was the old Cold War purpose it was built for in the first place before it was turned into a resort hotel and casino for the elite rich.

They knew that eventually they would lose most ability to move easily even in secret after Sokar's forces finished taking control and the bulk of the world populations and infrastructure including local human law enforcement agencies would gradually be forced into becoming unwilling collaborators and slaves of the enemy. To work within that, they planned to infiltrate and create a fifth column within the anticipated collaborators—that became the mission of the already underground CIA operatives that were in the field when the invasion started, also nominally put under O'Neill's joint command via Pentagon Liaison Major Paul Davis. But those people would know nothing of the outside command structures other than their new Greenbrier "Pentagon" channels and certainly nothing about any wizards.

With the magic world insisting to remain out of it and to rely upon hiding, the Order was limited in what they could do. They did not even risk contacting American wizards for help because no one in the Order knew any and Shacklebolt wasn't sure he could trust the ones he did, going around the ICW the way they already were. However, with the contacts they did have and could trust on short notice, they were able to acquire and setup reasonable safe houses hidden within the magical world's wards from Sokar and the rest of the muggle world as usual and from within the magical world itself with Fidelius and unplottable charms, in London, England; Alnwick, Scotland; and Mount Kosciuszko, Australia.

They had to give up the SGC's spare stargate because as it was explained by Martouf it was too easily tracked down by Goa'uld sensors. Any attempt to conceal it on their part, even with magic was considered too risky-so it was intentionally and quickly moved from Area 51 to an abandoned warehouse in the Arizona desert where they knew it would be picked up. Which gave the rapidly organizing resistance a chance to secure everything else of importance from Area 51 and move it to their Hogsmeade safe house, under Aberforth Dumbledore's Hogshead Inn. That still had a secret tunnel back to the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts, which would only be used by the wizards of the Order to maintain the school's security, but that gave them access to that resource and the school library as well.

The command team of the Order of the Phoenix, SG-1, Dr. Frasier (with Cassandra as well), Major Davis, and Martouf who was stranded on Earth with them were home based at Harry's hidden home in London at 12 Grimmauld Place which was expanded by digging several floors more below it. While their new lab and sensitive materials depot would be housed in the Hogshead Inn safe house, and the bulk of their hastily recruited and reassigned military forces who were not dispersed on assignments, formed a Fidelius protected secret base inside an old mining complex underneath Mount Kosciuszko in the far south-eastern corner of Australia. Select others in small units (nicknamed SR teams for Stargate Resistance) were disparately located in small cells around the world who would go undercover and try to blend in with civilian collaborators.

This also had the effect of dividing the limited Order resources of just over twenty witches and wizards initially spread out among the three major locations. Some were distributed regionally to be as nearby as possible to the various remote underground cells to facilitate magical communication, maintain an ongoing real-time network, provide magical transportation, and other assistance.

This left Harry and Hermione secretly heading the magical side of the resistance and maintaining contact with Minister Shacklebolt at London to keep him in the loop; Neville and Ginny at Hogsmeade with Aberforth; and Ron and Luna in Australia with Andromeda Tonks (and baby Teddy of course). Others, working in pairs who would be constantly on the move around the world underground, covered broad territories for support including: Susan Bones/Hannah Abbott in mainland Europe, Cho Chang/Sue Li covering China and south-east Asia, Padma and Parvati Patil for India, the Middle East, and Africa. Dean Thomas/Seamus Finnegan in North America secretly with cover stories as "workers" at Greenbrier to reduce the number of government in exile officials that had a need to know what they were doing there otherwise or even that magic existed; and Dennis Creevey/Orla Quirk were in Central and South America.

Unassigned runners and reserves/recruiting staff included: George, Bill/Fleur, and Charlie Weasley who maintained their day jobs as well as served as points of contacts, eyes and ears in their areas. And all of that was organized in less than a month. SG-1 was flabbergasted with how much the wizards could do in such a short time, not only because of the magic that took some getting used to. But the apparent battle-hardened and strategic experience of a bunch of eighteen through twenty-year old's knowing how to set up and run an underground resistance movement. It seemed like they had done something similar before. So, the kids gave SG-1 and company a sanitized version of why they had so much experience. They were still, under Shacklebolt's oversight, trying to minimize how much of the magical world they actually exposed to the muggles. They didn't even yet know that Hogwarts existed for instance or even how big their "Ministry" and "ICW" were and they were counseled on telling them just what they needed to know and only enough otherwise to gain their confidence, and nothing else.

Bill and Fleur worked with Gen. O'Neill, Major Davis, and the US Treasurer under emergency executive order of the President in hiding to get a large amount of US gold reserves transferred to Galleons in a Gringotts account, which they would use to wash money into any currencies around the world as needed and ensure funding of their operations. Fleur became their money-mover and accountant for the operation along with a trusted member of senior staff from the US Treasury department who happened to be a squib. Without anyone knowing how long Sokar would allow that part or any part of the government to officially function, they were moving fast to ensure they could operate if he successfully shut all that down or cut off all their access to it. At the moment Sokar seemed happy enough leveraging existing institutional collaborators and infrastructure to maintain a semblance of order from what little business as usual he could tolerate and trust. But at the moment he was still just consolidating his power and positions. Which had all been anticipated by General O'Neill from his past military experience with enemy occupations.

Martouf believed that Sokar intended for most Tau'ri to survive so that he could best Lord Yu among Goa'uld System Lords at having the largest and most productive human populated slave world. The current record held by Lord Yu was one world with three billion.

All Order operatives were laden with secure communication mirrors and emergency portkeys, and since all secret locations were protected by Fidelius, if they were Merlin forbid captured even mind-reading couldn't reveal those secrets.

The main resources they escaped with from the SGC and later Area 51, that were mostly secured in Hogsmeade, included several Jaffa staff weapons, a half dozen captured Zat'Nik'Tels, the quantum mirror which they would destroy before letting fall into his hands. They had a back-up copy of the SGC/Area 51 database and a crate full of laptops. Plus, Martouf still had his Tollan inverted phase communicator which they intended to come in real handy to get some off-world help, so far they had at least been able to get word to off world parties the news of what happened and Martouf was authorized to stay there on the ground as their contact and assist. Captain Carter still had her own Kara-kesh and Healing Device. When they could attempt to contact them, they could contact the Nox via the Tollan, and also hopefully through that circuitous route, the Asgard. They had android duplicates of SG-1 on Harlan's world they were planning to try to contact as part of the current op as well. At the time, Jacob/Selmak was still off-world on a Tok'ra mission but was being recalled back to their headquarters ASAP to organize off-world support for the Tau'ri, and serve as their off-world liaison for those affairs.

A complete resistance network on and off-world was beginning to take shape.

Meanwhile two billion had already died and four billion more were in the process of losing much if not everything with an ultimate destiny of being enslaved and losing most of their way of life—if the resistance failed.

When the team escaping Area 51 arrived in their London headquarters by portkey, Hermione was still arguing with what was left of their team.

"I still don't see how letting them get captured is worth the risk." Hermione argued.

"Miss Granger, General O'Neill believes and I agree that we need to let Sokar think he's captured what is left of the SGC and he should hope that with them the leadership of any would be serious resistance." answered Martouf.

"I wish Harry hadn't volunteered to stay with them though. He is the heart of our leadership" and Hermione thought, "the whole of my heart as well."

The others knew what she meant.

"Mr. Potter seems confident that whatever they do they cannot truly kill him and they all believe that with whatever magic he worked on all of us that even the best Goa'uld and Tok'ra devices will not be able to read their minds." Martouf added.

"That is true, all of it. Harry is unique among wizards, his power cannot be matched and he can never truly die now. But he can be hurt, they can all be hurt, over and over again." she sobbed.

"And I still don't agree that Harry had to be captured too. The plan doesn't even call for him breaking them out of there for a long time. This is a terrible idea." she vented.

"Hermione," began Neville. "The plan also calls for Harry keeping track of them and healing them as needed and just being there for them overall."

"I know. But you know as well as I do that all we had to do was take a bit of blood from each of them and we could've kept a permanent track on them anyway." she countered.

"I know, but that wouldn't help if they took them off world, besides you know Harry wants to be there to help them with anything. It's his people saving thing, remember." Neville replied.

Hermione flashed back to the memory of Harry saving her from the troll in first year and began to deflate at that and just said, "I know." and let it drop. She just had to vent and air out her anxieties.

"Let's change subjects to something more productive then." she said. "Martouf, did your cloaked satellite launch properly? Is it working?"

Martouf plugged his Tollan inverted phase communicator into the long-range communications laptop that he and Captain Carter customized.

"Yes, it's working perfectly. We have global surveillance of Earth and a back-door plug-in to any surviving Earth based satellites and ground communications."

"Alright, let's get all the remote sites on the line in the command center and update everyone with what's happened." Hermione said. She was nominally in command of the Order of the Phoenix now with Harry missing in action so to speak. Pentagon liaison, Major Paul Davis, was also then nominally in command of the SGC in exile with General O'Neill also 'incommunicado-out in the field'. It was his job to maintain command and logistical comms. with the government in exile at Greenbrier and the hastily semi-detached and remote global command structures put in place under O'Neill to support the SGC's resistance efforts. He could only do so with a lot of magical help at that point as traditional communications could not be trusted.

After their meeting with the remote commands, Martouf and Major Davis tried to contact Harlan via the Tok'ra as per plan…


Meanwhile, back aboard Sokar's command Ha'tak, which he symbolically parked on the White House front lawn, crushing and straddling the large fence surrounding the compound and over top of Pennsylvania avenue itself... illustrating for all, as he learned quickly from the first batch of local collaborators led by Senator Kinsey... that this would show the world who now ruled over them all-and conveniently positioned Kinsey as Sokar's puppet Governor over the formerly independent once great nation of America and would be his human mouthpiece to the world—to calm and subdue the masses.

While Kinsey was looking out for his own self-interest and playing his usual games. He also was not about to reveal the true location of the real government in exile nor anything he knew about an official resistance (which was little anyway because he was intentionally kept out of the loop for the wide range of obvious reasons). He was a dick, and he knew it. But, he was Earth's dick. His job, as he saw it was to stay alive, help his cronies stay alive, and keep as much order as they could while O'Neill and his rabble did whatever they were going to do to get them out of this mess. He didn't like SG-1 and he trusted them even less, but it was all on their shoulders now and he would for the time being, stay out of their way and help them if he could. All attempts of his to get Maybourne or any other NID operatives on the inside of the real resistance was shut down, they simply would not be trusted not only by SG-1, but with the secret of the wizarding world and their involvement, which even he was unaware of. He honestly couldn't even blame them all things considered, but he had to try.

Apophis with Sokar in attendance tortured the four members of SG-1 and the theretofore unheard of Major James Harrison dressed in civilian lab coat, playing the part of government lead scientist, while the real Doctor Lee was off at the Hogsmeade lab doing whatever he could do to further the effort.

Apophis had already killed and resurrected the Shol'va Teal'c three times and tortured each of the other members of the team with his Hara-kesh, but none of them would talk.

Harry kept recasting pain and nausea suppressing and healing charms wordlessly and wandlessly on everyone to spare them the worst of it. Fortunately, at his current power level thanks to his status as the immortal master of death, he didn't even need to gesture to cast those kind of spells anymore.

"Kree, Apophis. Hol. Use the memory recalling device on them, before you render them vegetables." ordered Sokar.

The order annoyed Apophis because that was precisely what he had intended the outcome to be for vengeance sake, then heal them one more time before killing them all. Then maybe do it all again, if he still wasn't satisfied.

Five hours later, Sokar ordered them imprisoned in cells aboard his Ha'tak, explaining to Apophis: "I don't know what kind of power keeps their minds closed to even our best technology. But, whatever they did it was important enough to go to such drastic measures to conceal the secrets they hold... No, we will not kill them yet, they are too valuable. We will still pull the secrets from their minds."

If O'Neill's lips could form a smirk, he would have at least tried to grin after overhearing that. The ultimate key to his plans success (and their survival) worked. The next thing he heard made him sick to his stomach though.

"I will order five mature symbiotes to be sent here from Delmak, and we will learn their secrets that way." Sokar added.

"No, my Lord, you must not. These Hasshak's do not deserve such an honor." Apophis argued.

"Silence!" yelled Sokar as he banished him across the room with a blast from his Kara-kesh. "Do not question me again lest you make me question why I continue to allow you to live."