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Harry Potter and The Tau'ri Resistance


/time skip/

"Lieutenant General O'Neill, all units of the fleet are in position. Ready on your mark to begin phase two." reported Brigadier General Samantha Carter.

"Roger, standby. Colonels?" O'Neill asked his infantry commanders present in the Mountain HQ with him.

"Ready sir, all four hundred platoons have their teleporters and are ready on your mark to begin phase two." reported Colonel's Sumner and Serling. Along with thirty red-robed and glamoured wizards who were recruited from the British auror ranks (among others) to assist the infantry in the field, which would divide up into teams of three and go along with the muggle infantry to their ten initial regional target green zones. It wasn't an army like they hoped, but it was some help. Minister Kingsley Shacklebolt also came in person and would remain behind in the Mountain's Homeworld Command Center to coordinate with Lieutenant General O'Neill, Harry Potter who already had his people inserted with several select SR teams, and other commanders.

A few minutes later as O'Neill seemed to be lost in thought glued to the Global Joint Operations Tactical System main display, all was silent for a minute when he suddenly ordered, "Mark… execute Operation Independence Day." Around the room from various control consoles, he overheard all the main operators on the comms to remote units around the world repeat, "Mark… it's a go, execute. Go. Go. Go.!"

Suddenly in eight positions around the world, at one thousand meters above the surface, in pairs, directly over top of eight unsuspecting Ha'tak motherships resting safely on the ground; shimmered into view sixteen battle-cruisers a little less than half the length of a Galactica class Battlestar but otherwise looked very similar, and without waiting for any suspense each raised shields and opened up with full bombardment of all thirty-two of their heavy plasma cannons, twelve standard HE bunker-buster missiles, and twelve railguns firing depleted-plutonium tipped tungsten rounds, salvo after salvo.

None of the Ha'tak knew what hit them and never even had time to raise shields.

In Washington, Sokar ordered his first prime, "Raise shields. Who is attacking us? Contact the other commanders of the fleet and get me a sitrep now!"

He felt the armor of the ship buckle from the first salvo. Between the plasma cannons and the missiles, the outer hull was already compromised, systems and consoles were exploding.

"My lord, the first prime yelled back over the din. Shields are down. All controls are down. The only word I received from other commanders before comms went down was brief and garbled reports of a superior force attacking on all fronts all around the world." and the ship shuttered again as the entire top of the pyramid structure exploded above their heads.

Sokar didn't even take the time to respond, he mentally activated his personal shield, then touched a button on a control on his armband and shimmered away to his escape Al'kesh that was always cloaked and on standby whenever he was forward deployed.

Once aboard his cloaked Al'kesh he tried again to reach any of his Ha'tak commanders. No joy. So, he did the only thing he could do under the circumstances and put out a general order to any surviving forces to retreat to Delmak, and he blasted away from Earth as fast as he could to get out of atmosphere and hit hyperspace. He would have to sort out what happened and by whom, later.

At the same time, two pair of battle-cruisers, one led by Fleet Commander Brig. General Samantha Carter aboard the flagship BC-101 Texas, shimmered into view and began unloading on one of the orbiting Ha'tak. She pressed a button on her comms console and said "Remember Colonel's keep the bow of your ships on the ecliptic of the mothership, take away the ability for half of their cannons to return fire."

"Helm did you copy that?" she asked her own helmsman. "Yes, ma'am."

"Roger that." returned three voices over comms from Colonel's Pendergast, Ronson, and Emerson; commanders of the California, Florida, and New York respectively.

The target Ha'tak as well as the two pairs of Texans blazoned with shield blooms as fire exchanged across the theatre of battle. This fight was more of a real one because these were already in operational readiness with shields up when the Tau'ri attacked.

Unfortunately for the Ha'tak they were unable to steer to a position where they could target the Tau'ri ships from either a full bottom or top orientation of their ship in which state they could engage with all their cannons at once, every time they maneuvered to do so, the battle-cruisers maneuvered with them like they were glued to the same axis or something. The commanders were frustrated as only about thirty of their sixty cannons could get a firing lock on their targets. Meanwhile the Tau'ri were hitting them with a combined sixty-two cannons, plus missiles and some other kind of guns. They were doomed. They tried to get some of their Al'kesh and death gliders back to help them, but it would be too late. And by the time they had a chance to second guess what they could do next, the order came in from Sokar to retreat to Delmak.

They would try, but the Tau'ri wasn't letting them get anywhere. All Sokar saw as he passed by the pair of Ha'tak engaged with the two pair of smaller but very powerful warships that he did not recognize was the two of them explode into flaming debris which he almost caught a piece of as he flew into higher orbit and engaged his hyper-drive.

Down on the surface, the four hundred platoons destroyed about two thousand death gliders between them with their N-LAWS; and a couple hundred surviving Jaffa of the second wave would report seeing men in red robes waving their hands and blocking plasma cannon fire. The order to retreat did not come soon enough for them and when it did, they all began surrendering to these new and more powerful gods.

By the time the Falcon and Owl squadrons entered Earth atmosphere looking for targets, their targets were all landing and surrendering to the platoon closest to them.

The battle for the liberation of Earth was over in one hour, just like that.

O'Neill was elated of course but stunned at their quick success. Teal'c and Martouf agreed that when Sokar lost contact with all his Ha'tak simultaneously after just losing his own, he must've assumed they were attacked by a far superior force (which they were), and immediately ordered a retreat to save his own skin and any ships he could.

"Well, I'm speechless." replied O'Neill. "We'll take it. No complaints here. I suppose we have new work to do on the ground though. We weren't actually expecting to take any prisoners, at least not as many as we are getting reports of surrendering to us."

"I'm still surprised though. Usually these guys fight fanatically to the last man. What's changed?" O'Neill asked rhetorically.

It was Harry who offered an explanation. "Remember Jack, they think the Goa'uld are their gods. They probably think that you or a more powerful god they had never seen before just destroyed ten Goa'uld Ha'tak in less than ten minutes, causing Sokar himself to run off with his tail between his legs."

"General," added Colonel Serling, "our forces are also reporting a number of captured death glider pilots talking in awe about men in red robes waving their hands and shielding plasma cannon fire. Maybe Potter's got a point."

"Hmm. Well doesn't that beat all." O'Neill observed. "Okay then, whatever it takes I guess. Let's round them all up. Any estimates on what numbers we're looking at?"

"Based on early estimates, probably around fifteen hundred death glider pilots and their intact death gliders for a bonus, and as many as ten thousand Jaffa from their ground security forces." Serling answered.

"Also, we should be capturing the two stargates they had on planet, and recovering our old spare that they took. I assume all the armor and weapons of the Jaffa including any depots they had off-line from their Ha'tak will be more bonus materials we'll capture." Serling concluded.

"Great. Teal'c, why don't you work with Colonel Serling as our resident Jaffa expert and you two go out into the field to make arrangements for proper incarceration and care of our new guests and any of their armor and light arms. Colonel Sumner, you can take charge of getting all their death gliders as well as any larger depots swept up and secured somewhere safe from prying eyes and hands."

There was a small chorus of "Yes, sir's." and they all excused themselves to get started on those assignments.

"Well, everyone, please excuse me, I'll be in my office making a call to Greenbrier to officially let them know the good news that I'm sure they already know." said General O'Neill.

Harry turned to Kingsley and said, "Thanks Kings'. I'm glad things didn't get any messier. What was up with the glamour's on all your aurors though?"

"You noticed that did you? How did you notice that? Oh, never mind, it's just you being you. Yeah, we thought it would be for the best. I just wanted my guys to protect their identities so that no specific retribution can be taken out on any of them." Kingsley replied.

"That was good thinking." Harry mused.

"Yeah, and just so that you know. The ICW has caught wind of what you and I have done. I suspect they will move to sanction us soon. I really don't know what to expect yet. But, that was another reason I offered more help at the last minute. If it comes down to it and they actually try to arrest or incarcerate someone over this I want them to come after me, not you, if possible. I will take full personable responsibility for it. The thirty aurors in the field today will make that believable. We still need you out there with the Order helping the Tau'ri muggles with the war." Kingsley added.

"You didn't have to do that Kings'; I'm not worried about what they would do to me." Harry replied.

"Maybe not, but can you say the same for the rest of your friends? They are not immortal or as powerful as you are. And you have sacrificed enough for this world more than once already. Merlin's sake boy, you are the bravest son of a bitch this old wizard has ever known."

"Thanks Kings', I won't forget it. I hope it doesn't come down to all that and the ICW just leaves all of us alone." Harry replied, with a firm handshake, which Kingsley returned with a strong handshake of his own and a squeeze of Harry's shoulder. "Take care of yourself Harry. I'll stay in touch." Kingsley said as he let go and apparated away.

Back in O'Neill's office after he got done talking to the President and Joint Chiefs, he comm'd Carter still up in orbit aboard the Texas, who was re-assembling the fleet in stationary orbit to maintain guard and wait for new orders.

"General Carter, good job—very, very good job. It's over. We won and as far as I know we didn't get a scratch on us. We should elect you President with that performance."

"Thank you, sir. But, these ships are amazing and the tactics were perfect. If anyone deserves the hero treatment it is Harry and his friends." Carter replied, "Without them, without him, we wouldn't have these ships."

"I agree Carter... I will see they are well rewarded for their part in in this. I just hope they are around to accept it. I'd like them to stick with us on this, we still have the next phase of the war that we know is coming. I'm afraid now that we've won they might all go back home and into hiding with the rest of them." He replied.

"I don't think so sir, at least not Harry and his friends. The only thing I'm worried about is how their own people treat them if they find out how involved they were in helping us." She said.

"Well, if it comes to it, we'll give them a new permanent home with us if they want. Those folks are heroes and I don't care what the other ones who hid and didn't lift a finger might think." O'Neill declared.


By the end of the day, public broadcasting and TV were announcing the full liberation of Earth, led by surviving American forces who had been in hiding the past year and a half and prepared a counter-offensive.

By the end of a week, part of the US government moved back to the Capitol and Pentagon, except the White House, while cleanup crews were just starting the hard work of clearing the destruction and rubble from the obliterated Ha'tak which destroyed the White House in the process. It would be some time before a new White House could be reconstructed. Similar scenes were being repeated in other capitols and major cities around the world.

The US submarine fleet began heading back to their bases while corps of engineers tried to repair enough of them to allow them to dock. Surviving military forces from other countries around the world and underground civilian militias and others who had gone to ground also began returning to their homes from their bunkers.


After conferring with surviving members of allied countries and taking the measure of the rest, the American President, Henry Hayes went on a global broadcast to all the people of the world and disclosed a sanitized and brief version of everything that happened.

"Ladies and gentlemen, children, and fellow citizens of Earth, I stand before you today with great news-to announce to you the liberation of Earth from the enemy Goa'uld aliens that invaded us a year and a half ago. They have been run off from our planet and those who didn't manage to flee have been captured. More on that at another time. There is a long story behind how the invasion came to pass, and in the coming weeks and months, we will make available many experts on the subject to interview with the media to explain what happened, including, how, and why; and how American forces with invaluable help from friendly members of a race that is unknown to our enemy, we were able to prepare and defeat them decisively in a counter-offensive using technology that could match them."

"But, right now we have a lot of other work to do too. With the loss of two billion human lives around the world and the loss of so many local government institutions, infrastructure, militaries, including all that were formerly considered enemies or threats to America. In consultation with our surviving allies, we are declaring the formation of a new world unity government in order to restore order and help everyone in the world rebuild… It is time we put our petty differences behind us and come together as a species for our common good, especially our common defense."

"The enemy was driven off, but they will be back."

"The enemy king or lord otherwise styling them as gods as they like to pose themselves as, was only one of dozens of other warlords of his race as strong as him in the galaxy which together control over four hundred worlds that we know of; some sixty of which contain other populations of human slaves."

"The only reason why they don't appear stronger already is that they compete with each other in a feudal hegemony over the galaxy."

"But now that they know Earth is a threat to their power, they will return united. Not to enslave us, not to strip us of our resources and take advantage of our productivity, which is why Sokar came the first time, but as a group-to annihilate us."

"Today, we begin not only rebuilding our world and our lives, and building a new united global society that will be based on the fundamentals of representative government, checks and balances, rule of law, justice and human rights, including certain guaranteed freedoms."

"But we also begin today a new campaign of building even more space-age warships and planetary defenses that will be capable of defending us from the entire combined forces of the Goa'uld collective if need be. For if we fail to do so, the humans of Earth will someday soon disappear from history."

He paused for some effect to let that much settle in a bit, then continued.

"Now I could stand up here at this podium, in front of this camera and make speeches to you all day. But, I would likely end up just trying to restate everything I just said over and over again in slightly different words. As I said, we will have experts come on TV and radio, interviewed by the media and so forth to provide more detailed explanations and answer questions."

"I do want to tell you now so that you will not harbor any unnecessary mistrust later as we go through this process. We will not tell you everything. That is because anything we say in public, to you, unfortunately can and will be heard by the enemy. Therefore, out of pure necessity we simply won't be airing out all details of events of the past or plans for the future."

"You will see many extraordinary things. Things that you only imagined in science fiction before Sokar arrived a year and a half ago. And you will see marvelous technology and advancements that you only imagined we could do also in science fiction. And most of that was true just one and half years ago, or else Sokar would not have gotten as far as he did get."

"However, yes, we did have some extraordinary secrets back then, including knowledge of the galaxy as it really is, which we kept secret because of the old hostilities you know about as well as I do that we engaged in with some of the other major powers of Earth out of fear, territorialism and sometimes just reciprocation. But those days must now end."

"We met a variety of races in the galaxy, some friendly, some hostile, some indifferent, some far more advanced than what you've seen so far even today, and many others far less advanced than us. All of that is out there. Thanks to some friends and desperate circumstances, we managed to build on another colony world, the advanced space warships and other weapons and tactics you saw us use in the liberation of Earth last week."

"Now you will see us deploy those ships and similar technology not only in the campaign to build even more ships and capabilities to defend ourselves, but in the rebuilding of our homes, cities, businesses, and economies."

"New science and knowledge will begin making its way into all of your schools as fast as we can get it there, so that we may spread these capabilities as far and wide as fast as possible. Some of these technologies will be the answer to clean energy sources that will allow us to stop killing our ecosystem and using up our non-renewable resources. These technologies will begin to show benefits in many other important areas beside education, such as medicine, transportation, security, communications, computer power, and so on. Those things are out of my area of expertise so don't take that as a complete list. The experts that come behind me will get into all that in better detail. I am just giving you this heads up, so you understand the nature of what you are seeing and I ask you to embrace these changes and participate in them, to make a better world for all of us and a better life for you and your family."

"Now, the final piece of information I want to leave you with is what the basic structure of the new global united government will look like. You see, we don't even have a new fancy name for it yet. That is less than important than the fact that we just do it and get on with the work. I'm sure someone will want to form a commission to sort out the name. Whoever that is, I will let them worry about that."

"As for now, I want to alleviate concerns some of you may now be indulging in that I and the United States of America intend to form a dictatorship over the entire world, ruled solely by American interests. That is not the case. However, as the only nation currently capable of defending and organizing defense and security globally, America will maintain the leadership role in a new coalition government for the next four years. By then, and hopefully within two years the systems will be in place so that political campaigns can get started everywhere in advance of it, we will hold elections globally under a new system of government that I briefly described earlier."

"While this is somewhat unconventional. What we are doing is forming a temporary governing Council that automatically disbands four years from today in favor of the new one that will be established by then."

"The head of this World Security Council, serving as President of a United Earth (hey that's not bad, maybe we could use that)," Hayes chuckled hoping his little joke would loosen up some of the tension everyone had to be feeling right about now— "will be yours truly."

"Serving with me on this Council will be the recognized chief leaders of every other country on Earth."

"Simple right?"

"I know. As you can imagine, I was advised by many people with ideas far more complicated than that. I said, this is just temporary, and I need to make sure we can win the next phase of the war that is surely coming to us; as well as lead the world in rebuilding and healing until a new government system can be put into place."

"So, to me it is simple. Every country has its own laws or means of choosing its leaders, some very different than ours. Today is not the time to try to change that, two and four years from now when we're all ready, yes. For now, to do the job the world needs me to do, I need the advice, consent, and help of all the other governments on Earth, regardless of how little might remain of some of them right now. There are people hurt, homeless, starving, and feeling hopeless everywhere in the world right now, and we need everyone's help just figuring out where all those problems are and what help they need. And we need everyone's help figuring out who still has resources that can be pooled with other resources to help this effort or that effort. So, it's all hands on deck and who would know better or have the better means to marshal the necessary information and resources in every country, than their own chiefs of state."

"So, I apologize if that is too simple. But, that is what I've elected to do to start with. For now, we will make the Capitol of this new United Earth government in transition, the General Assembly of the United Nations building in New York City. For one, it's still standing unmolested somehow and two, it was built for this purpose and has the tools and infrastructure already built-in to get this done. So, fellow world leaders, those whom I haven't already spoken to about this, send us an advance letting us know you're coming and we'll make the necessary accommodations and security arrangements for you. We will be convening the full Council for the first time in NYC two weeks from today."

"That is it for this announcement. Thank you for listening, for your patience, your understanding, and your help in the coming weeks and years. I want to send a special thanks out to the brave men and women of the US Armed Forces who led and conducted the safe liberation of our planet. And I want to thank all our other secret friends, all of whom shall remain nameless at this time—but you know who you are—Thank you, and well done. Goodnight, and God bless all the people of Earth." Concluded President Henry Hayes.

The End. There might be a sequel.


Here is the list of the full fleet as built by Tollana for the Tau'ri, with commanders named.

BC-101 Texas (command flagship), Brigadier General Samantha Carter, BC-102 California, Colonel Lionel Pendergast, BC-103 Florida, Colonel William Ronson, BC-104 New York, Colonel Paul Emerson, BC-105 Illinois, Colonel Albert Reynolds (former CO of SG-3), BC-106 Pennsylvania, Colonel Even Lorne, BC-107 Ohio, Colonel Louis Ferretti, BC-108 Georgia, Colonel Cameron Mitchell, BC-109 North Carolina, Colonel Harper, BC-110 Michigan, Colonel Barnes, BC-111 New Jersey, Colonel Benton, BC-112 Virginia, Colonel Hadden, BC-113 Washington, Colonel Graham, BC-114 Arizona, Colonel Pierce, BC-115 Massachusetts, Colonel Mansfield, BC-116 Indiana, Colonel Henry "Hank" Boyd, BC-117 Tennessee, Colonel Edwards, BC-118 Missouri, Colonel Dave Dixon, BC-119 Maryland, Colonel Steven Caldwell, BC-120 Wisconsin, Colonel Abraham Ellis, and the CS-101 Los Angeles (cargo ship), Colonel Robert Samuels.

160 HX-101 Falcon (air and space superiority fighter/interceptor)

40 HS-101 Owl (air and space combat shuttle/bomber/transport)