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As I made sure that night went smoothly and that Artemis wasn't going off the course, I also kept my unruly children in check with assistance from Aether and Hemera. Additionally, I was watching for anything interesting across the half of the world that was in my embrace. What? I get bored sometimes. The part of me watching Manhattan, where the Olympians sat on their thrones, saw something that shocked me through an apartment window.

There was a small boy, who couldn't have been more than seven, running from a fat adult who looked like a walrus and had combed over the few hairs he had on his head, who was holding a vicious-looking knife, that he had certainly not gotten from the kitchen. Lying on the ground was the corpse of a beautiful woman, with long curly brown hair and lifeless blue eyes. There was crimson blood leaking from her jugular, staining the floor.

The adult lifted the knife, and the boy cowered, before trying to run. As he put his hand on a wooden table in an effort to push off, the man's knife landed in the middle of it, impaling it to the table. The boy cried out in pain, and tears fell down his face. The man grinned ferally.

"Real men don't cry, and they keep their pain to themselves. Why. Haven't. You. Gotten. That. Through. Your. Thick. SKULL YET!" A harsh crack filled the room as the man's open hand met the boy's skinny face, causing him to whimper.

The man withdrew a switchblade from his belt. It was smaller than the previous knife, but it would still be painful. I couldn't stand to watch anymore. Just as he lifted the switchblade to strike the boy, I shadow-traveled into the apartment. The first thing I did was numb the hand the man had stabbed, before waving a hand and causing the boy to fall asleep.

"Who the fuck are you? What the fuck do you want?"

"Who I am is none of your business, mortal. As to what I want, however…" I trailed off, before sending five shadow tendrils at the man. One grabbed his throat, two restrained his arms, and the others grasped his legs.

The pathetic mortal tried to speak, but I applied pressure to his throat with the tendril. I then summoned a long, wicked knife from the shadows. I looked it over, turning it around. I had intentionally made it rusty and jagged. Just what I needed. Using this painful instrument, I proceeded to castrate the mortal, using the shadows to gag him. Following the removal of his genitalia, I summoned the arai.

Yes, mother? They all spoke together in a manner similar to a voice-over.

"Take this mortal," I filled the word with venom, "to the Mansion. Unleash upon him every curse that has ever been laid upon him. When you are finished, toss him out into Tartarus."

What has he done to incur your wrath, mother? One of the arai inquired.

"Look at the woman and the boy," I growled.

After my daughters took the pathetic excuse of a human being away, I gingerly removed the knife from the boy's hand, before laying mine over the injury. A midnight blue glow surrounded both hands as I healed his injury, before I laid my healing spell across his entire body. As I did this, I read the boy's memories to find out who he was and what that man had done.

What I found shocked and horrified me. The boy's name was Perseus Jackson. The dead woman was his mother, Sally, and the mortal was his abusive step-father Gabe Ugliano. The man had done horrible things to both the boy and his wife, forcing the other to watch. From the boy's aura, I could tell that his father was Poseidon. I growled quietly. It seemed that my maternal instincts are kicking in. I couldn't believe that the sea god would abandon his child to this torment.

Poseidon might do that, but I sure as Chaos wouldn't. I lifted the boy up carefully and brought the shadows to us, taking the both of us to a secluded manor in the Adirondack Mountains that was used by Erebus, Aether, Hemera, and I for situations like this. As I did so, I sent a mental message to those three telling them to meet me in the living room of the manor.


Meet me in the Dusklight living room, was all the mental message sent to me by my mother, Nyx, said. Confused for a second, I recovered enough to send a fragment of me to said room. What I saw was my mom sitting on a couch with a skinny seven-year-old boy that had messy black hair and was asleep on her lap. Shortly after me, Erebus and Aether arrived.

"Who is that child?" inquired Erebus.

Nyx sighed. "He is a son of Poseidon. I saw him being abused by his step-father after that pathetic mortal murdered the child's mother."

I gasped, as did Aether. "What did you do to punish him?" I inquired.

Nyx grinned. "I sicced the arai on him and told them to throw him out into Tartarus when they were done."

Erebus spoke again. "What will we do with the child?"

"Isn't it obvious, father? We raise him!" answered Aether.

"Just wanted to make sure, son," Erebus said, smiling.

Just then, the boy woke up.

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