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Original Story Prompt:

"Upon the unleashing of the Darkness ━ (either Pestilence seeks out the Darkness or the Darkness somehow seeks Pestilence) they strive to develop a new form of disease which would affect literally everybody (the Darkness is basically tricking Pestilence) and Pestilence is forced to right his mistake, the moment he discovers demons and various other supernatural entities and beings have become afflicted by the disease, it's too late when he discovers his older brothers are also displaying symptoms ━ including Pestilence himself!"

He looked at the dark forest around him, searching for whoever it is that he's supposed to be meeting. It was in a dream last night that a voice sounded. The voice had told him to come here and wait; that it had a very important job for him. A job that would cause him to be remembered for eternity.

He knew he shouldn't be here; at least that's what his eldest brother would say. Truthfully, though, he hated being in his brothers' shadows. He wanted to make a name for himself. He wanted to be great just as they were.

"You came," a woman's voice says from behind him. It was the same voice from his dream. He turned around and saw a woman in her low thirties with dark brown hair falling over her shoulders. Her dress cut low enough to let the eyes wander but the mind left to wonder. His gray eyes met her brown ones and it took him a minute to respond.

"You said you had an important job only I could do?" he asked, watching her with a mixture of curiosity and hunger.

"I do, she responded with a quirk of her lips. "A job only you can do Pestilence."

Pestilence stayed silent as he took in the woman before him. An ominous feeling of nervousness came over him but then quickly disappeared. The woman walked around him and Pestilence turned only his head to follow her. As she came back to where she started, she stopped and looked directly at him.

"I want you to create a new disease. One that will affect everyone on this God forsaken place," she explained, only a slight sneer that was swiftly covered up giving away her anger.

"Why?" Pestilence asked with a furrow of his brow.

"Because it's the only way to get God's attention. For some reason he loved the people here," she answered with a roll of her eyes. Pestilence doesn't say anything so the woman speaks up. "Think about it. We will meet here tomorrow. Same time."

"No, I'll do it," Pestilence says quickly. The woman nods her head and smiles. Before the woman leaves, Pestilence asks one final question. "Who are you?"

"They call me Amara."


The two demons looked at each other, sharing a look after the woman left. They were hidden in the bushes and trees where Pestilence couldn't see them. They wait for Pestilence to leave before they disappear, intent on letting Famine know what they witnessed.

The two demons reappeared in an abandoned house. They walked into the dining room where Famine is sitting at the table. Famine looked up as the demons walked in. His eyes narrowed at seeing their nervousness.

"Spit it out already," Famine ordered with annoyance when the demons don't say anything.

"It's Pestilence," the first demon replied causing Famine to sit up and narrow his eyes.

"What about Pestilence?" Famine asked, barely suppressing a sigh. Sometimes watching out for his youngest brother was a job in and of itself. However, it was necessary for Death, the oldest brother, to successfully do his own job.

"He had a meeting with a woman," the second demon explained.

"Who? About what?" Famine asked with urgency as he sat forward in his chair. The demons shook their heads.

"We're not sure. We couldn't hear what they were saying," the first demon stuttered out. Famine scowled; the demons and their incompetence. The demons eyes widened as Famine waved his hand towards himself and the demons turned into smoke and were sucked down his throat. Famine turned towards the demon on his right. He wasn't going to bother Death just yet but this needed to be dealt with.

"Get me my brother. Get me War."


War looked over the battlefield before him with a smile playing on his lips. He feels someone next to him and his smile turns into a scowl. He turns to look at one of Famine's demons.

"This had better be good," War bites out, angry he is being interrupted. The demon takes a step back and War smirks slightly.

"Famine needs to speak with you," the demon said with a wary eye on the Horseman.

"Can it wait? I'm busy," War asked as he turned back to the battle.

"It's about Pestilence," the demon added with a cringe. He, as well as everyone, knew how War felt about his younger brother. Not to mention how much of a hot head War was. War's body tensed, as well as his jaw. His eyes darkened as let out what could only be described as a growl.

"Fine. Where?" War snapped out as he glared at the demon.


"What has our dear brother done this time?" War growls out in irritation as he walks into the room. Famine turns around and huffs at his younger brother's swift annoyance.

"I don't know the details but apparently he met with a woman. They're planning something big," Famine answered with a steady look at War.

"Have you told Death?" War asked after a roll of his eyes.

"No. I don't want to brother him until we know what is going on," Famine explained and War scoffed.

"Which is why I'm here," War said with a shake of his head.

"You are here to help me talk to him. And only talk. We don't need you starting a War," Famine scolded with a firm tone and leveled look at War. He chose his words purposely hoping War would understand. War rolled his eyes but nodded his head anyways. Famine nodded his head once in return. "Good."


Pestilence closed his eyes and sighed when he felt his brothers walk into the building. He turned around and forced a smile on his face. War took a step forward but Famine put a hand on his arm, affectively stopping his momentum.

"What is going on Pestilence?" Famine asked with a calm voice.

"What do you mean?" Pestilence asked with a frown causing War to huff in aggravation. Pestilence's gaze shifted to War before returning to Famine.

"Who were you meeting with earlier? What are you planning?" Famine asked again with a stern look.

"What does it matter?" Pestilence asked in indignation.

"It matters because we don't need you doing something juvenile and making a mess of things," war angrily replied as he successfully took a few steps forward. Famine sighed and moved in line with War. Before Famine could say anything, Pestilence spoke up.

"She was an old friend. We were just talking," Pestilence said in aggravation. He huffed before turning and walking out of the room. Famine and War shared a look with Famine's lips pursed and a scowl on War's face.

"He's up to something," War said with a growl in his voice. Famine heard him but didn't say anything. He looked over at a couple of his demons and nodded towards where Pestilence disappeared.


One week later found Pestilence back in the forest. The past week had been stressful; hiding from and dodging Famine and War had been difficult, but he did it. Now, finally, he had created the perfect disease. Hopefully, Amara thought the same.

Pestilence didn't have to wait long when she showed up. She stood across from him waiting patiently but Pestilence could feel the energy vibrating off her. When he didn't say anything, Amara raised an eyebrow. Seeing the eyebrow arch, Pestilence mentally shook himself and took a step forward.

"It is finished," Pestilence said with a small smile on his lips.

"Where?" Amara asked as she stared directly at him.

"East Aurora, New York," Pestilence answered and earned a smirk from Amara.

"Good," she replied before leaving abruptly, causing Pestilence to furrow his brow.

Off in the brush the two demons in charge of Pestilence shared a look before disappearing. Pestilence had done something big and they needed to find out what in order to update Famine. They didn't want to end up like the last demons who weren't thorough.

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