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Pestilence mixed the ingredients, following the directions in front of him. He coughed violently, feeling the fever radiate through him. This had better work," Pestilence thought to his self desperately. With a wheezed intake of breath, Pestilence finished mixing the ingredients. He picked up the incantation and began to read off the paper.

As he finished, Pestilence looked around. Nothing seemed to happed. He felt his panic began to make an appearance; he didn't think they had time to find anything else. Just as he was about to give in to the sinking feeling, a bright light sprouted from the mix of ingredients before disappearing. Pestilence watched, wondering if he had actually seen it or just imagined it.

The light spouted up again only this time it stayed. It flickered slightly before holding strong. Pestilence watched with wide eyes. The light suddenly got brighter before exploding. Pestilence covered his eyes and shied away from it.

The explosion sent the light out like the smoke of an atomic bomb. The ring of light flew out and across the town, then county to state, country, and then finally throughout the rest of the world.


"Well, I would like to say it's been fun, but…," Dean said with a smirk and a shrug of his shoulders.

He and Sam had passed out at the table and when they woke up, they felt increasingly better. Shortly after, Death had appeared announcing that Pestilence had performed the ritual and it had worked. Now here they were: the Winchesters, Cas, and Death standing in the middle of the bunker.

"Thank you," Death said sincerely as he held the brothers and Cas' gaze. "I own you."

"Actually, we're probably even now," Sam replied with a grimace.

"You're most likely right," Death agreed with a knowing smirk. Dean glared at Sam and Sam rolled his eyes. The amount of times they escaped death, the least they could do was help him save the world. Besides, if Amara was involved, this was technically their fault. The hunters and angel watched as Death turned to leave but then turn back around.

"Oh, one more thing. Pestilence said he wasn't sure what, but Amara is definitely up to something. This could've very well been a distraction while she did whatever she was planning," Death said and then, disappeared. Dean, Sam, and Cas turned and looked at each other.

"If Amara is planning something, it'll be big," Cas said with a grimace.

"Awesome," Dean grumbled with a scowl. "A disease to end the world isn't big enough?"

I guess we have work to do," Sam said with a sigh as he ran his hand through his hair.

"Again," Dean sighed, running a hand down his face.

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